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Questions 1 &2 As you can see from these results the majority of my target audience are aged 18/19 . However as age 16/17 was the second highest I have decided to include that age for my target audience, therefore I will gain a wider target audience age range of 16-19.

These results turned out to be fairly close in numbers. 19 females answered this survey, however only one less male answered. This I believe gives me the opportunity to have a wider target audience that includes both males and females.

Questions 3 &4

This question was very helpful as I think it is important to know when or how often your target audience are willing to buy magazines. These results show that the majority of my target audience would buy a music magazine 1-2 times a month. Therefore I will now know that I can issue my magazine fortnightly for the best selling opportunity.

The response to this question was fairly varied. A total of 6 people skipped it and some answered with magazines such as, ‘More’ ‘Look’ and ‘Art review.’ However NME, Q and Kerrang came out the most popular, therefore I am, going to look at these magazines for inspiration, and this will help me achieve the right magazine for my target audience.

Questions 5 & 6

I wanted to add this question into my survey as often things like these will attract the attention of a new buyer. It is not practical to add all of these into one magazine so I decided to ask people to rate them in order of importance. As you can see 36.4% rated free iTunes downloads as the most important, and running close behind was a free CD so I will know to include these added selling points into my magazine more often than posters and competitions. Again the response to this question was close, only one more person said they wouldn’t rather access a music magazine online than those that would. Therefore although I will now create a hard copy of my magazine I would also add an aspect of it online, so the audience that would like to have access to online material will have the brand identity of the music magazine that I will create on the internet as opposed to a hard copy.

Question 7 & 8 I decided to add this question in as I wanted to know what brands would be best advertised in my magazine for my target audience. HMV came out as the most popular with 41.7% therefore I will know to add this brand to my reader profile and also advertise it in my magazine. This question when compared to the one above seems to contradict itself as more than half of my target audience said they spend most of their money on clothes, whereas in question 7 nearly half said they shop at HMV the most, therefore I would have expected CD’s and PlayStation games to have the highest percentage in question 8. However as shown, clothes are what the highest percentage of my target audience spend most of their money on. I have noticed that this does work out as there are 3 clothes shops in question 7 and that percentage adds up to more than that of HMV. Therefore it would make sense to also advertise clothes labels in my magazine.

Questions 9 & 10 The results to this question were again pretty varied. But as you can see, again Topshop and new Look are the most popular with Schuh being the third most popular. I will know to advertise these in my magazine and add them to my reader profile.

Finally I wanted to know what my target audience’s favourite genre of music was, I am creating a music magazine, so obviously the genre of music that I include in my magazine is very important. Indie and Rock came out as the most popular, with Folk being second. I am now clear on what type of music is needed in my magazine and what will sell best to my target audience.

Music Magazine Survey Results  

Survey Results

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