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Forward Welcome to the Library of the American University of Rome located in Evans Hall. The AUR Library collection includes materials in various formats, printed, audiovisual and electronic. The materials are selected in close collaboration with faculty members or using acknowledged collection development tools. The Library aims to provide substantial academic material to support the curriculum of the university. Consequently, the Library's collection reflects the collective cultural and educational needs of the students.

Guide to the Library of the American University of Rome In Evans Hall

The Library also relies on sending students to other libraries in Rome, which houses some of the greatest libraries in the world. AUR undergraduate students are not permitted to use all of these libraries, but they can use the vast majority of them. The Library uses other available resource access paths such as inter-library loan, and document delivery to serve the individuals whose needs are outside the scope of the Library's collection. The information world is changing before our eyes, and many tasks are easier today

than ever before, but often what seems at first glance to be simple is actually very confusing and difficult. AUR and the Library have created many tools that are designed to help you in your studies. These include the AUR Library catalog, the electronic resources, guides to research, and so on, but also, there are knowledgeable staff trained to help you find reliable materials in the most efficient ways. As technology allows people to use the library from afar, the Library has responded by creating tools such as instant messaging, a library blog, Facebook pages, as well as a wiki to help users navigate the vast and growing amount of information resources available today. James Weinheimer Director of Library and Information Services

View of the Acqua Paolo, just down the road from the AUR Library. Engraving from: Opere di Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1835-1839)

Finding Materials in the AUR Library The Library Catalog contains records for all the materials everything held in the AUR Library collection, plus it includes a large number of records for many electronic materials. The Library Catalog has been designed as a central point for your research and provides help in searching the catalogs of other libraries in Rome, as well as finding materials on the Internet. For more information, see the Help Section of the catalog. See also: How to Find Books in a Library at: oksinalibrary AUR Library maps at: f+AUR+Library

Electronic materials

Physical Arrangement


There are records for many electronic books and journals in the catalog. Some of these are available only on campus, others are available only by using a username and password, and others are available to everyone. Materials available only on campus: Humanities E-Book Project Artstor (Trial database) Username & password Ebrary Electronic Books CSI materials Other electronic materials available through the Extend Search function of the AUR Library Catalog.

There are two arrangements of the books in the library: everything cataloged until July 2006 is in an abbreviated Dewey Decimal classification, while everything cataloged after July 2006 is in the Library of Congress classification. The way to tell the difference is: when a the classification starts with a number, e.g. 813.54 SIO, the number is a Dewey Decimal number when the classification starts with a letter, e.g. HQ503.C66 2005, it is a Library of Congress number. For a map of the library and more information, see: Map of AUR Library. To find books in the AUR Collection, you must know how the books are arranged. For a short discussions, see: How to Find Books in the Dewey Decimal Classification How to Find Books in the Library of Congress Classification

But, if you are going to use other collections, they very well may have completely different classifications. For example, the following book is held in several libraries in Rome: La monarchia meridionale : istituzioni e dottrina giuridica dai Normanni ai Borboni / Mario Caravale. -Roma : Laterza, 1998. -- 330 p. ; 21 cm. (Collana di fonti e studi ; 6) (Fonti e studi (Centro europeo di studi normanni) ; 6)

But the numbers that each library assigns is quite different: Biblioteca del Storia del diritto B. Senato 74 American 722.2.Cara.Mon Academy in Rome British School at 515.C.4 Rome LUMSA DM.III.720 Biblioteca G. Petrocchi LUMSA Biblioteca M. Var.2 Colonna This same book also has the following numbers: KKH246 .C37 Library of Congress 1998 340.550945 Dewey Decimal C176m

If AUR would get this book today, we would assign the Library of Congress number. It is important to realize that different libraries arrange their materials in different ways. When you do research, you are expected to manage any and all classification systems you may come across, but you almost always will have to ask librarians for help to find an item the first time.

Audio visual materials A substantial collection of videos and DVDs are available for viewing on campus. All of these materials can be found in the catalog. To search for these materials, go to the Advanced Search page and limit your search by the correct format. See also: a list of DVDs and Videocassettes. Request these items at the Reference Desk. Currently, audio-visual materials can be viewed only in the Library.

Electronic resources There are a huge number of electronic resources available to AUR students. The catalog is designed to help users find electronic resources more easily. Electronic resources can be divided into two parts: Paid and Free. Paid electronic resources means that users need either to log-in with a name and password, or they need to be on campus to access them.

register as a borrower and provide their AUR ID card and current contact details in Rome. ID cards are required to borrow books, view videos and DVDs, and consult books from the reserve collection.

Reserve Reserve Readings

Computers, Printers, Scanners, Video Screen, Photocopiers

Free electronic resources do not need a log-in and can be accessed anywhere. Circulation, Using other collections There are many other electronic materials available to AUR students. See also: Catalog Exhibitions

Study abroad Student? See Electronic Resources for Study Abroad Students Access All AUR students, staff and faculty are entitled to use the AUR Library. New borrowers should complete an application form (which can be found in the Library) to

We are located at: Viale 30 Aprile, 27 in Rome, Italy (See where we are in Google Maps) Maps Catalogs of other Libraries in Rome

through the Extend Search function and selecting Biblioteca Digitale Italiana. This will search for materials in a large number of Italian digital projects. There are others, however. Here are links to some of them:

Catalogs of Other Libraries in Rome •

The Senate Library, or the Biblioteca del Senato della Repubblica "Giovanni Spadolini", and the Library of the Chamber of Deputies, or the Biblioteca della Camera dei deputati are major collections that focus primarily on politics.

See the Senate library's homepage and the Chamber of Deputies library's homepage for more information. o There are still two catalogs that must be searched separately for materials acquired before the above dates. These consist ofdigitized images of their card catalog: Senate Library   Chamber of Deputies Library o You will probably need help to search these catalogs. Pleaseask a librarian. • Edit16,an Italian catalog of printed books published in Italian from 1501-1600 o

Digitized Italian Resources You can search digitized Italian resources

OPAL - libri antichi. This site concentrates on books before 1900, but there are some newer books as well. Liber liber This site includes biographical information on authors, plus there are several audio files for download as well. Biblioteca Italiana This site concentrates primarily from medieval to the 1900s. Many catalogs can be searched through the Extend Search function of the AUR Library Catalog. Click here for more information. RESEARCH GUIDES

AUR Library Code of Conduct Library users are expected to: •

Adhere to the Student Code of Conduct as written in the AUR Student Handbook (see p. 22+).

• •

Respect legally established policies and procedures for using library services. Respect the rights and privacy of other students, faculty, staff and other library patrons. Be considerate of others -- no loud talking, singing, whistling; using profane language; disruptive behavior. Do not disrupt the Library with noisy or disorderly conduct. Turn off or set ringer to silence for all cell phones and pagers prior to entering the library. Take and make all cell phone calls outside of the library. If you want to eat while in the library, please either go outside or eat next to the vending machines. This way we can keep the library cleaner, and keep bugs and molds away. If you want to drink water or soft drinks, you may do so but the bottle top must be secure when you are not drinking it.

All alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden in the library. Always clean up after yourself. The library lounge is supposed to be a clean, comfortable place to study and the Study Room

downstairs is a place where people may converse quietly. It is not a restaurant or bar. Remember, everything is recorded on video!

Credit: Cover image from: Punch, vol. XCIV 1888. amgoog 01089_9.jpg

Guide to the Library of the American University of Rome in Evans Hall  

A guide to the library

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