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Extending the Search

Extending the Search The library catalog at AUR has been specially designed to allow you to search the most important materials, catalogs, and databases in the quickest and most efficient manner. Many libraries, publishers, organizations and individuals are putting highly worthwhile materials online, but it can be difficult to know where to go. The AUR Library Catalog attempts to solve this problem through the Extend Search. Many people simply want to use Google or Yahoo. With this tool, you will still be searching Google and Yahoo, but you will see that they are only a tiny part of everything you can search. Therefore, you may see more clearly what you may be missing.

There are several ways you can invoke the extend search function. The easiest is from any page of the catalog. With your mouse, simply select or highlight the text that is interesting, and a box will pop up.

Selecting/Highlighting the subject: Stock exchanges

Click on the box that appears that says: Extend Search

A New Page Will Appear Now you can decide where you want to search the text you selected. The different databases and catalogs are arranged in various ways. When you click on one of the groups, you will get additional information. Let’s suppose that you click on Articles and Open Archives.

Some basic information will appear and you can click on the Search link

Select the database or catalog that interests you and a box will open. Here, we have chosen Scirus. If you want more information about what you are searching, you can click on the 2-Minute Tutorial made specially for each database group.

In the box, the computer will have performed your search, and you can continue to work, looking at records and downloading articles. You will normally revise your search in each database. If you don’t know the database, you can get more information in the special 2-Minute Tutorial. You can then close the box and select another database.

When you are done, you can go to another database group, or go back to the library catalog.

Another function is to find information from a database, and then search it in other places. Let’s say for example, that we search Google Scholar, and we would like the third article here, and we want to see if we have access to it. Click on

A box will appear where you can put in the title of the journal, and you can select Electronic Journals List. For more information, see Accessing Articles.

You may find out we have it.

Another interesting possibility is how to search Google Books in the Electronic Books Projects. Although you can search these books by keyword, many are unavailable for reading online because they are still under copyright. You may be able to get it however. In this case, there is the book The Roman mistress, ancient and modern representations. Click

The box will appear as before, but this time, put in the name of the book and select AUR Library Catalog.

You may find out we have it.

You can also search text that you come across directly through another Extend Search.

Finally, you can do the Extend Search when you find nothing in the AUR catalog and you can try your search in other collections.

Also, you can do the Extend Search directly with your own terms, by selecting Search Other Collections.

Don’t forget the millions of scanned books in the section labeled Electronic Book Projects, where you will find some fabulous materials, often complete and downloadable.

Scanned book from the Internet Archive

Please talk to a librarian before printing an entire book. There are several ways to save paper.

If the physical book is not in the library, you can Extend the Search into Other Roman Libraries, and it may be available locally. Rome has some of the greatest and most beautiful libraries in the world!

Please talk with a librarian before you go to one of these libraries

the first time. Some libraries cannot be accessed by undergraduates; in other libraries, you may need permission.

In any case, we can make sure that someone is there to meet you and that the book is available.

Two Minute Tutorials (or less)

Extending the Search Go to: List of Two-Minute Tutorials

Extending the Search  

A tutorial on how to extend your search over the entire World Wide Web using the AUR Library Catalog.

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