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TYPOGRAPHY; 888 888 88 Here 88 88 I am I'm 88 88 sitting alone88 888again I'm staring 88 888 up at the sky which 88 888at this lonely moment 888 888is my only friend suddenly 888 8888 as I gaze upon the night I 8888 888 notice the stars began to shake 8888 8888888888 and dance and fall into the darkness 8888 8888888888 They exploded down. I knew what I had to do. I ran up to the 88888888 888top of the hill and took a hold for you. The sweetest star that fell and yes I held on to it close 888888 8888to the numbness in my heart. And I kissed a star. I wrapped it up inside a golden bow and I ran 88 88888The galaxy that lived inside your eyes was in need of a brand new shining light. I wished to 888 888the dark sky up above that all I had was to be captured and willingly turned over to you. 88 888I know you better now and at this I smile. I simply gave to you the symbol of 88 8888what you are to me. You are the star that shines and explodes with light 88 8888 and I love and embrace all that I can. Take this blindness away from 88 8888me and let me bask inside your golden sea. I never ever knew 88 88 such simple astronomy could ever come to me by ways 88 8888of the heart. Call me to be one of those strangely 88 888dressed wise men who follow the stars to their love 88 88You are such a perfect star to wish upon and I love you88 88 and yes I'm hopeful Of what this lonely night may lead 88 888 me into. I'm wishing upon you now. Free me and let me 88 888 indulge in my view a most beautiful you. 888888888888888 8888 A keeper of starlight... 888888898888888888888888888888 888 I've no room for sorrow 888 888 and I feel lit inside. It's 888 888 something I cannot 888 8888 hide. Oh maybe I've 88 888 never felt this 888 8888 way before. Not 88 888 for real. 888 8888 Finally I 888 888feel 888 8888 free. 888 88888 888 888

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Jasmine portfolio  

i learned how to use these programs

Jasmine portfolio  

i learned how to use these programs