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Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Present day

1. INT: AMBULANCE Close. A young woman, ANYA, 20’s stares vacantly downward. Her expression is panicked. Her face is drawn and tired. (no sound) Pull back. She’s sitting on an ambulance benchseat. Her hands are rubbing neurotically together. The stretcher is at her knees. She brings her hands up to her mouth and blows in them as if warming. Eye contact does not deviate from her downward stare. Sound returns (blaring of the ambulance siren and a voice –female) CORBIN Anya?


She snaps her head up toward the voice. Another young woman, CORBIN, 20’s looking concerned, leaning forward in her seat. Corbin, while the same age as Anya looks markedly different. ANYA appears run down and disheveled compared to the prim and proper Corbin. Corbin is dressed professionally. Her seatbelt prevents her from leaning too far forward. The two women make eye contact. CORBIN You okay? Anya nods and returns her gaze to the floor. The siren wails on. A man, JOHN, who had been leaning between the space that separates the cab from the back talking to the driver turns toward the women. JOHN (yelling over the sirens) Helluva first call. Anya doesn’t lift her gaze, CORBIN Why? What do you mean? JOHN Traumatic DOA


3 CORBIN DOA? JOHN Dead On Arrival. Industrial accident. A 70-pound forklift pole detached from the truck and fell 25 feet onto some poor bastard’s head. Anya slowly looks at John, who’s holding eye contact with Corbin, who’s now looking more panicked than Anya. JOHN (To Anya) You gonna’ be all right with this? She nods slowly. JOHN (Looking at Corbin) You don’t have to come in. You can wait outside. JOHN (Looking at ANYA) You, I’m afraid, aren’t waiting outside. CORBIN Are you sure you need her along? this is her first time.

I mean, Jesus,

JOHN The program requires she be on-site with every call AND I don’t have a partner. CORBIN What about the driver? JOHN Driver’s just a driver. He doesn’t get out of the rig. CORBIN What about the medics? Aren’t they coming? cops?

Or the



JOHN Cops just got a shots fired call and our medics are on another call. They’re not going to call in another medic unit for a DOA anyway. John looks at Anya, who’s since returned her gaze to the floor. Just you and me kid.


Anya lifts her head slowly and gives a half-hearted smile. JOHN Don’t worry, you did fine with the training. Gotta start somehow. Just remember the basics. Scene safety and your ABC’s. Anya says something but it’s inaudible. JOHN Gotta speak up, can’t hear ya! ANYA (yelling) If they’re dead, what good are the ABC’s going to do? Gotta make sure.


Anya mouths an expletive. The sirens cut off suddenly. Both Anya and Corbin synchronously look at John. He turns and looks out the front window through the space between compartments. We’re here.


Corbin and Anya exchange nervous glances. JOHN If you’re coming you’ll need helmets. He opens a compartment, removes several fire helmets and hands one to Corbin and Anya and leaving one on the


5 stretcher for himself. JOHN As soon as we stop, you (motioning to Corbin) need to get out. You can come along, just keep out of the way. Anya, you grab the first-in bag and follow me. Make sure you put gloves on. Whatever you do, don’t talk to anyone. If they ask what you’re doing or why you’re here tell them to speak to me. The ambulance lurches to a stop. seatbelt.

Corbin reaches for her

JOHN Wait. The backup beeper begins to sound as the ambulance reverses toward its destination. It comes to a stop again. John nods. Corbin unbuckles her seatbelt, opens the rear door and hops out. ANYA opens a compartment, removes a bag, slings it over her shoulder and follows John out the side door. Cut to:



2. EXT: WAREHOUSE -DAY John, carrying an AED, approaches three people clustered together by an open garage door. A man points inside, says something inaudible. John proceeds inside with Anya in tow. One of the three people is visibly crying, another has reddened eyes. None in the group follow. John continues into the warehouse. Cut to:



3. INT: WAREHOUSE A man, DAN, is standing on the far side. He waves at John. They meet and begin heading toward the scene. JOHN What’s the scoop? DAN 43 year old male standing under a forklift when one of the forks came loose and struck him in the head. Massive head trauma blood loss and signs of dura matter. AED reads asystolic. No pulse, no respirations. CPR just kept pumping more blood onto the floor. DOA As he speaks Dan leads them to the back of the warehouse. Anya slows as they get closer to a second doorway. John looks back. JOHN It’s okay. I wont leave you alone. Anya slowly catches up. The trio round the corner and come upon the patient lying motionless on the floor. A pool of blood surrounds his head. A metal fork is lying on the floor nearby. Corbin gasps. JOHN ABC’s. ANYA sets down the bag, takes a deep breath and moves slowly toward the patient. Gloves.


Anya stops, reaches into her pocket and removes a pair of gloves. After putting them on (hands shaking the entire time), she approaches the patient. Camera never shows injury, just Anya. She steps into the puddle of blood and crouches by his head. She carefully places her hand on his forehead and leans her ear over his mouth to check for breathing. After a beat the patient, who was previously


8 motionless begins coughing. Anya stands in horror, the side of her face covered in blood. She’s frozen with fear.

My head…

Victim (close, whisper) DAN

What the…? Camera closes on Anya amid the panicked chatter of the other two quickly going to work. Anya steps back from the patient with a look of shock on her face. She backs into the forklift. The brim of her helmet hits the frame causing it to fall to the floor. DAN Your girl’s gonna go down. JOHN (to Corbin) Get her out of here! Corbin, still standing in the doorway, snaps out of her trance and moves to Anya. She grasps her under her elbow and tries to pull her away from the scene. Anya doesn’t budge. Corbin pulls again, hard, and yells her name. Finally Anya gives and is lead through the doorway into the other warehouse. Corbin sits Anya on a stack of plywood. Corbin runs back into the other warehouse. Camera stays on Anya, who has the same look she did driving to the call. Corbin runs past the camera heading toward where they came in. –maybe sound fades or music? Camera zooms in on Anya. Tears roll down her face. CUT TO: [FLASHBACK]



4. INT: CASE MANAGER’S OFFICE A small office, cluttered. Two chairs facing a desk. A woman, CASE MANAGER, sits behind the desk. Anya and Corbin sit opposite her. CASE MANAGER First I’d like to congratulate you, Anya for completing the first responders course. I was told you scored the highest in your class. Anya smiles briefly. CASE MANAGER I also wanted to review the conditions of your sentencing. The court has offered you complete expungement of your record. In exchange, you have agreed to take part in our RAMER program. Additionally, you have agreed to the documentation of your time in the program, without restriction, by Ms. Hammond (nodding toward Corbin). If you agree to these conditions I need you to sign here. She slides a paper across the desk. breath and signs.

Anya takes a deep

CASE MANAGER Everything’s been arranged with the company you’ll be doing your tour with. Orientation is tomorrow at eleven. For the next six weeks, you’ll be staying at the Redemption House, which is in walking distance of the station. You will be working four, twelvehour shifts with three days off per week. These are the detailed conditions of your agreement. (hands her a packet) If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call. My number is at the bottom of this (pointing) page. You’re also required to check in with your assigned counselor once every week. Your first appointment is tomorrow after your orientation. Do you have any questions at the moment? Anya shakes her head. her hand.

The Case Manager stands and extends


10 CASE MANAGER (shaking hands with Anya as she stands) Don’t worry honey, you’ll do fine. You’re the most promising candidate we’ve put through this program. I’ll be personally overseeing your tour to make sure everything goes smoothly. Corbin shakes the case managers hand and follows Anya out the door. CUT TO:


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Chosen pages 1-1-10  

Chosen is a screenplay that I've written and hope to one day film myself.