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Connecting Harbour; A doubble laced journey. Medellin and Nature

Water collectors with wooden structure arround. Inspiration from the spanish pavilion in Brussels by Corrales and Molezun Concrete slabs shaped according to the designed grid Steel H tree-shaped columns supporting above concrete slabs Prefabricated small swimmingpools to be used as enclosed dining ‘pots’ growing different environments. Held by a wooden structure inspired from old bird cages, allowing below space to be divided yet being penetrable. Concrete main structure holding building. A series of crossed concrete beams and columns to hold the main concrete floor from which the rest of structures grow

Corraler and Molezun. Spanish Pavilion Brussels

The Tote. Serie Architects

Bird Cage Structure

Micro environment; The dinning area

Steel tree-shapes structure Water purification, Water collection

Concrete columns, beams and slabs

Structure Jose Ignacio Ortiz  

Harbour Structure

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