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JENNIFER MILLIKAN design portfolio

GARMENT DESIGN AND PRODUCTION CENTER: DETROIT, MI (in progress) This work-in-progress is a proposal for a center of garment design and production which could spur the development of a garment district in Detroit as well as stimulating the revitalization of the riverfront. Along with providing a premier workplace for the city’s budding fashion industry, the atrium space would serve as a prime event space.

The building makes a bold statement in its iconic form standing proudly on the riverfront. Its curvilinear forms reflect imagery of the fashion industry and its fluid nature. Multiple facets also echo a runway, including the continuous ramps connecting the building’s floors and the strong axis, which connects the streetfront through the building and out to the river culminating in an observation deck.

HAYDEN ISLAND MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT: PORTLAND, OR Hayden Island currently serves primarily as a big-box retail center with small residential communities at its edges. The area is receiving a lot of attention because of an anticipated redesign the interstate bridge that passes over and connects to the island. Hayden Island could have a vibrant future with the creation of a mixed-use neighborhood and new connections to central Portland by way of a multi-use path.

ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING STATION: SEASIDE, OR The design of this electric vehicle quick-charge station was envisioned as a prototype. The roof is used as shelter as well as an element that harnesses wind and solar energy as well as managing stormwater. Services are distributed through the structural elements that support the roof, while the remainder of the ground plane is flexible to be developed based on the given site.

GRESHAM CITY HALL: GRESHAM, OR The public spaces of city hall, both inside and out, tie the design together. The focal point of the design is the council chambers space, which sits like a jewel box on the second level. The inside of the chambers reveal a rich space clad in wood. Meanwhile, the atrium, another primary public space is light and airy with views to the outdoors and a small courtyard where an existing tree on the site is preserved.

The city of Gresham is investigating options for a new city hall. This possible site holds a wealth of opportunities as a new civic center for the city. While handling the day-to-day functions of city business, it can also demonstrate sustainable strategies and set a new tone for building in Gresham.

3rd Avenue Glisan Street

OLD TOWN CHINATOWN CENTER FOR THE ARTS: PORTLAND, OR This arts center would serve as a catalyst for the Old Town Chinatown revitalization. The addition of a restaurant/bar and artist housing creates a site that is used 24 hours per day and encourages mixed-use development in surrounding sites slated for redevelopment.

An interior street along the central axis of the building connects to both 3rd Avenue and the Glisan Street ramp. The interior street is a multistory space that ties the multifarious uses of the building together and also facilitates passive systems.

BALL STATE CENTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: MUNCIE, IN As Ball State’s newest building, this project would house facilities related to sustainable design studies while demonstrating sustainable principles on campus. Also, the building connects to the two beside it to complete an interior street running through campus.



STRAW BALE ECO-CENTER: MUNCIE, IN The Straw Bale Eco-Center is a project built by Ball State students to demonstrate an off-the-grid classroom building. While I was not part of the design and construction team, I worked with a group of students to submit documents for LEED certiďŹ cation. I was in charge of the Indoor Air Quality LEED credits.


FIELD STUDY AND WORKSHOP: BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA I had the opportunity to study in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay in the summer of 2007. While in Argentina my classmates and I participated in a workshop with students from the Universidad de Palermo in Buenos Aires designing a new use for the cranes that line the old port.

Design Portfolio, 2011  

Design Portfolio by Jennifer Millikan

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