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- Young Learner drivers could be forced to wait a year before they can sit their test. - GCUSA Stand up to the government in London - New Chancellor is announced: Nobel Prize winner Professor Yunus

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- The Killers. SECC. 26 October 2012 - Thank You America: The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Artists - Fun. Review

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- Waving the flag for American fashion - Blacked Out Animals Wearing Coloured Headphones... - Hidden gem for Glasgow’s fashion forward men. - Rehab Clothing is for Glasgow

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- GCU Basketball Team looking to emulate the heat - Live from the Big Apple - Major League Soccer find its legs

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- Martin Scorsese: The True Vision Of America - The Anime Review - Diasporic Dashain - Good morning, USA! - SOUTH PARK – America in a pill

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pr manager Katie O’Hara

Peanut Butter-Jell-O Sandwiches, Friends and my IPhone are just a few of the things that I am thankful for from our state side friends. But do we realise just how much of an influence America has had on British culture? It is seen in the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the films we watch and even the language we use. America really has had an awesome impact on everyday British life. Because of this and since we are in the aftermath of the recent American elections, The Edit team thought we should finally give thanks to the country that has brought us everything from Maccy D’s to the first man on the moon. So in Issue 3 you can expect to get the lowdown on American baseball and soccer, read up on your American style must haves (and have a peek at our ‘Americana Shoot’!). Plus short stories, reviews on your favourite American bands and films, news on your new university chancellor and all the usual’s (Caley Campus Style, What are you Saying and The Gallery) too! It has come around fast and seems frightfully early to say but since this will be the last issue of trimester one: Good luck with exams, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for when it all comes around! And remember you always have the faithful Edit Issues and blog to get you through the gloomy winter months…

Siobhan The Editor

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What are you saying? What is your favourite American food?

burger and chips Dominic Lorimer 4th year Accountancy

Pop tarts Niamh Watson 1st year Sociology

marshmalow fluff Gregor Campbell 2nd year Business 06 The Edit

What do you think the best thing to come out of America is?

Cultural Diversity Tehruem Aqsa Post Graduate Marketing

starbucks Gary McCue 1st year Microbiology

mc donalds Alice Xu 3rd year Optometry photography: christopher mackay

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the young learner driver line Laura Cotton

Young learner drivers could be forced to wait a year before they can sit their test. The Association of British Insurers have recommended that Provisional drivers should spend at least a year as learners before being allowed to take their test and also the age at which people can learn to drive should be dropped from 17 to 16 and a half years old. Another recommendation is a graduate driver license (used in countries such as USA and Canada) to include a restriction on the number of young passengers that can be carried by a young driver and a restriction on their driving during night-time hours. However there are concerns over the 12 month wait before learner drivers can sit a test due to the cost of lessons over that time and the vagueness in the ABI’s report.

For example the report mentions the driving restrictions during the night but drivers would be exempt from this if they were travelling to work. A spokesperson for the AA said: “We can see the logic but can’t work our way round the practicalities of it. How would they be able to prove that they [learner drivers] were travelling to work or keep tabs on young learners doing so? It was talked about at the Road Safety Conference

09 The Edit

last year and I believe it’s been looked at through a road safety view, not practically or politically. There are a lot of unanswered questions and this is a reason why many of these things fall apart.” The report also states “The key to lowering the cost of car insurance for young people is to make them better, safer drivers…” but the majority of car insurance companies that the ABI represent, such as Direct Line, offer no discount for young drivers

photography: Christopher Mackay

Stand up to

o the government photography: christopher mackay

GCU SA Stand up to the government in London Hannah Thomson

Glasgow Caledonian are heading to the streets of London to speak out against the government and their appalling plans for students. GCUSA will join a fleet of protesters as they march through the streets of London to speak out against the lack of employment for graduates, the increase of tuition fees and the cuts to teaching staff. On November 21st the elected officers, and a group of students will be joining the National Union of Students march, along with people from Strathclyde and Glasgow University, to speak out for students across the country. With only a handful of graduates getting jobs related to their degree, the universities want answers to how the government plan on helping, because the more people there are graduating, the bigger the problem is going to become. The NUS march will last two hours, going through the city centre of London, ending outside the House of Lords, where there will be a rally. The demonstration is planned specifically to coincide with PM David Cameron’s arrival at the house, where he will be taking part in Question Time. This timing means he will have to face the angry students and will hopefully take notice of what they are saying. Student President, Carla Fyffe said: “We are very excited to go to London and join the march to stand up for our students. If we got a group of 20 that would be amazing, and then when we joined with the other universities there would be lots of us from Scotland. The rally will force the government to see how angry students are and hopefully they will take notice of the problems.” The GCU Student Association would like to take as many students as possible to the event, however there are limited places because of finance constraints. If you would like to put your name forward to attend the demo, and represent your fellow students at this massive event, please fill out the form at http://www. education_campaigns/national_demo_2012/.

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photography: christopher mackay

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New Chancellor is announced Nobel Prize winner Professor

History was made at Glasgow Caledonian University when Nobel Prize winner, antipoverty campaigner and world thought leader Professor Muhammed Yunus, was installed as our Chancellor.

welcomed to the university with the traditional playing of bagpipes and music from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. And the Principle, Pamela Gilles and our Student President, Carla Fyffe, gave official welcome speeches.

The 83-year-old is the first international figure, and the second Nobel Peace Prize winner to be Chancellor at a Scottish university. And as a winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama, a friend of Bill Clinton and the founder of the Grameen Back, he is set to bring wonderful things to GCU and Glasgow.

The new Chancellor made everyone laugh as he spoke about the academic robes he was wearing, and spoke of how he found big ceremonies like this funny because he was usually so casual. The light-hearted comments allowed the ceremony to flow without feeling too structured, making it feel like Professor Yunus had been part of the GCU team for years. His award winning soprano daughter Monica Yunus gave beautiful renditions of Scottish song ‘Ye Banks and Braes’ by Robert

The installation ceremony was a sophisticated and academic event, where Professor Yunus was

d: r Yunus

Mandy Thomson

Burn and Bangladesh song ‘Ei Padda Ei Maghna’ by Danny Felsenfeld. She said: In March this year, Professor “He will bring leadership, in terms of his value and Yunus endorsed the Grameen his moral compass and its very important for the Scotland Foundation, and its Chancellor of a university to inspire his students. initial funding of £1million. The Grameen Bank charity was “I was blown away when I saw the model in action established in 1983, however in Bangladesh. It has got to be a good idea for work started on the concepts Glasgow. For the women who are really struggling behind it in 1976 when to get their independence back, get off welfare, Professor Yunus was studying have their own dignity, and explore their talents. It at Chittagong University. The seems a big leap from Bangladesh to Glasgow, charity approaches the least but I am confident it can work here.” fortunate in society, and lends them money to set up their They work mainly with women because when it own business. started in Bangladesh, women were the least fortunate, and many didn’t even have bank Those borrowing money work accounts, so this was one of the few ways out of in groups of five to encourage poverty for them. However, the charity aims to help each other and work together anyone in poverty and hopes to change things for to get themselves out of the next generation in the UK. poverty. Today, the bank, which primarily focuses on Student President Carla Fyffe attended the One lending to groups of women, World Conference in America last month, to operates in 38 countries and hear Professor Yunus speaking. This is just one its model has been adopted of the many new doors that have been open to in more than 60 others. The our students, as his work with the United Nations lending system has helped to establish a common Foundation, the Bill Clinton Foundation and Antibond between communities as diverse and Poverty Campaigns will bring many opportunities Bangladesh and New York, and now Glasgow. to our young people. Principle and Vice Chancellor, Pamela Gilles said she hopes his moral compass and the connections Professor Yunus will bring will empower the GCU students and give them the confidence they need to achieve anything they want.

photography: christopher mackay

The Grameen Bank Scotland Foundation will be a long process but it is the first solution to tackling Glasgow’s poverty to be released in a long time. Health Economist Professor Donaldson, head of the Yunus Centre for Research and Social Business and Health at Glasgow Caledonian University will be working to develop the impact the foundation will have on Scotland, and hopefully help maximize the good it can do.

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Fifty Stars

photography: christopher mackay

Even now, 20 years later, he still has dreams of those stars. People went past him, talking, laughing. He could see how joyous they were. There was a time when that was enough for him, when others’ happiness was enough. “Not anymore,” he thought. “I want what they have. I want peace with myself. I want a second chance.”

Fifty Stars

Looking at the stars always calmed him down. When something bothered him or when his spirits were low, when he was angry or misunderstood, they were always there, shining for him. And ever since he was a boy, he dreamt of those beautiful stars. He longed to touch them, to shine by the side of them.

He longed for a place he could call home. A place where who you wanted to be and what you wanted to achieve was more important than who you were and what you had done. Because truth is, everybody deserves a second chance. No one is perfect, no one is sinless. He knew he wasn’t., they were. He could see them every time he closed his eyes. They always calmed him down. Fifty stars on a blue horizon.

“Passengers for flight 9702 to New York can now proceed to boarding gate 9.”

“This is it.”

He stood up, took his bag and walked at a brisk pace. They were so close to him now he could almost touch them. He was going to start a new life. He was going to make his dream come true. His American Dream.

20 The Edit

Martina Stefanova

The Dream of a Young Man Grigory Pechurin

Tom was sitting at school. It was boring and not inspiring at all. However there was something great Tom was waiting for. He had nearly finished writing his first guitar song. Tom had a dream, even though it was a major one for teenagers. He wanted to become a famous musician, but he had never told anyone about it as he was sure no one would understand, or even worse everyone would just laugh. Tom knew that every teenager could say that they wanted to be famous, but he really wanted it and was trying hard. Every morning he was exercising to get fit, practicing his guitar skills, learning to play songs by his favourite band—The Next Day. Even though he was trying hard, he lacked self-confidence, which is typical for people of his age. "As you are all about to finish school, your homework is to prepare a short presentation about your future plans. It could be anything, for example you could tell the class about your university, a career you possibly want to choose or any other things you find interesting," the teacher said. "That’s it!" Tom imagined himself talking about his dream, while others would be talking about all these boring things about choosing a university, getting a good job and routine and routine. Such a life felt so depressing; Tom wanted a bright life, not an endless routine. He knew that telling everyone his true plans, even if they did laugh, would be the right step to increase his self-confidence. He knew he should do it, but was not sure if he was capable of doing it. photography: christopher mackay

The Edit 21

When Tom got home, he told his parents about his homework during dinner.

"Well...actually I have something I want to do in the future, I...I mean it is a dream, but…" "Go on Tom, tell me."

"So, do you have an idea of what you want to talk about?" his father asked. He had a certain influence on "Oh, well, let me show you…” Tom; he was persuasive and autocratic but caring at the same time. Tom turned on his computer and played a live performance of The Next Day. "Look Dad, this is my "Well, I think I have something in my mind, but eh...I am favourite band, I think it's kinda cool, well music I mean, not really..." I know it's a hard way, but I'm ready for this…" "I can write a good speech for you then, it will be simple, "Hang on kid; are you saying that you want to be a easy to learn and worth a good mark for sure." musician?" "But dad, it's supposed to…"

"Well, kind of, yes, I know it's not easy and... but ..."

"It's fine, you are not in uni yet, so use my help while you "Tom, is that what you think you want?" still can." "Yes." Tom felt as his heart rate increased, his face went The next day Tom had spent the whole day trying to red again. write the last two parts of his song, but it was all a failure. Tom was just about to start his workout, as "Let me tell you something son, just listen till the end he was not fit enough to be a front man - in his own before interrupting, just think about later, you are a opinion, when his dad entered the room. young person and yet, you have no idea what the world is like, it is a cruel world, when you are young you "Here is your homework, make sure you remember the want to be famous and rich, it is normal, everyone is text well, don't forget about eye contact, and speak like that, but as you get to know this life better, you will clearly, this will make it a good speech and you will get understand that most of our dreams are not realistic.” a good mark, that's for sure." "But dad, I want it, look at these guys, they are cool, "Well dad, I am not sure I want to talk about that…it they made it, they are famous now, should be my work, about my dream." and...” "Tom, your teacher will have the whole class talking about the same thing, it will be easier to compare and mark, why would you want special attention?"

"It almost never happens son, these guys were just lucky or they may know people in the industry, you know today music is not about talent anymore, it is about production, and only one out of a hundred can get into "Well, because I could say something special, something that industry." different than being a good student and getting a good job." "Maybe I can be that one; I'm trying really hard for this." Tom was very upset with what he was hearing, but he "Well, what is it then?" could not give up. Tom blushed. He regretted starting this.

"Son, one day you will understand and maybe, you will have to tell your son the same thing, it takes time to

understand, and now make sure that you know the text well by Monday." Tom never replied. He was too upset; all he wanted was just called a waste of time. It is not fair, but he could do nothing about it. Tom had even more doubts now; pressure gave him a desire to prove everyone wrong. That night Tom had a strange dream. He was standing in a dark room, surrounded by people, part of a crowd had lights in their hearts; Tom could see the light through their clothes. Those hearts were the only sources of light in the room. But another part of crowd was dark; there was no light in their hearts. It was also very noisy, because the dark part of the crowd was shouting at the light and it seemed that it is getting darker in the room. Tom concentrated and finally understood what the noise was. "Impossible!" This is what the dark part of the crowd were shouting. And the light were slowly going away from the hearts of those who had it. That is why it was getting darker. The dark crowd was taking the light away from the hearts of the others. Tom suddenly understood that he had light in his heart as well, so the dark crowd was after too, soon, he understood, that there were only a few lights left in the room. Tom panicked, he tried to run, but he was not able, because someone blocked his way, Tom glanced up. It was his father. "Impossible, it just doesn't happen," He just kept saying. Tom tried another direction, but again one would stand in his way. "Leave me alone, leave me..." Tom didn't know what he should do. But it was a light hearted this time. Tom recognised him, Billy, the front man of The Next Day. "They want to steal it, steal it from me, Billy, what should I...." Tom could not finish. "Just don't let them," Billy was calm, no one could take his light from him.

23 The Edit

"But... what should....?" Billy never said another word. At this moment there was almost complete darkness in the room, with the exception of Tom and Billy. The next moment Tom woke up. "What does that even mean, don't let them"? On Monday morning Tom was packing his school bag and he took the sheet of paper that his father had written for him. When he was asked to come to the front of the class, his heart went mad. He knew he had more doubts than ever. Should he work for a mark, or say what he really wanted to say. He had a piece of paper in his hand, he could just read it, but he didn’t need a plan to talk about his dream. He could just say it all, without a plan. "Tom, you may start now" his teacher said. "Just a second...I...need to concentrate" Tom blushed. Should it be what I want? Can I actually achieve it? Or, as his Dad said, a dream will remain a dream. Should I believe him, or believe in myself? What should I do? What should I do? "Tom, please could you start now, just calm down, we know you are nervous, but as soon as you start you will feel better" "Yes, I think I am ready now, just one last thing before I start..." With these words Tom went towards a trash bin and put the sheet of paper in there.

Unique Summer Adventure Kirsty Flett

When I first moved away to university I was so excited to get away from the tiny village I was from, I had never lived in a city or even near a city so the closer it got to the moving date the more nervous I got. However I soon learnt to love Glasgow, I met so many people and loved the city life that came with my move to University. After first year I came home and worked at a job all summer to save money, however having to stay at home while your mum spends 6 weeks travelling round Australia is not ideal. After that I knew my next summer had to be different, I came back to Glasgow for my second year and heard about ‘Bunac,’ intrigued I went along to an information evening after hearing about all the adventures people had, I knew that this was the programme for me! There did seem like a lot of steps that had to be taken but when it came to doing them Bunac literally took you through each process with so much help, from helping you get your interview at the Embassy to helping you claim your tax back once you were home

24 The Edit

and back to (sadly) reality! I went to America without a job (miss when I arrived in New York I simply phoned up the Bunac office and asked which companies from the ‘job zone’ were looking for summer staff. Trimpers was one of the names that came up, I got on the phone to them straight away and found myself speaking to Johnnie Jett (who was to be my American ‘mom’) who almost straight away offered me a job WITH accommodation. I googled the area I was going to and as soon as I found out I was going to be living on the beach and working in a theme park I was straight on the phone to my Mum to brag! On my way to Ocean City on the Grey Hound I got chatting to a girl also from Scotland, it IS a small world she was also going to Trimpers to work! We found our way there together and were in the same apartment all summer. Trimpers was way more fun than I could have ever of imagined I ended up waitressing in a very old school

American diner, I soon learnt on my job that Americans I can’t recommend doing the work America programme are very friendly and at times very demanding but enough, so much so that I went back and did the you are definitely working for your tips there! Trimpers same programme for a second year running, I couldn’t employed a lot of international students, including a wait to get my old uniform on and back waitressing lot of Bunac participants and so we were all housed for all the friendly Americans – I travelled out for my in their own accommodation above the park. This can second year with the girl I had met on my way there the only be described as being very similar to student ‘halls’ previous year! the corridor was divided up into separate apartments Over my two summers in America I have managed with between 3 and 6 people to an apartment with their to fit in a few must see spots including The Grand own living area, kitchen and bathroom. We were also Canyon, Niagara Falls and The Golden Gate Bridge. I provided with kitchen crockery, utensils and bedding. crossed the border into Mexico and also at Canada (so Even though I worked six days a week it didn’t feel like another couple of things ticked off) as well as visiting work…I never knew I could enjoy a job so much! On Boston, Chicago, Washington, Las Vegas, New York, my days off my friends and I had plenty to do from jet and Miami and even managed a 3 day break in the skiing, to crossing state borders for tax free shopping in Bahamas. the outlets in Delaware, to hopping on the bus to go to To find out more about the Work America Programme the cinema and one week we even went sky diving!! and to take part while you still can (while you are After all the work was over it was time to explore the a student) simply have a look at state… I couldn’t wait to get started, as sad as I was to wapglasgow leave everyone at Trimpers I was off!

photography: jonathan louis

The Edit 25

Why American Television Is So Addictive... Keira Murray

I know I’m really really late but I just started watching 24 at the start of this summer. Bad right? But I have to admit, that I seriously regret this decision. It is by far the best TV series I have ever watched. I compare this to British shows like Little Britain, The Office and Fawlty Towers which I watched religiously as a teenager but still don’t seem to step up to the mark of the high impact US drama. For example, Big Bang Theory dominates my television at dinner times and before this was on our screens Friends or Scrubs would be shown repeatedly. But do we always get to watch what people in America watch? To put it simply: no. Our favourite shows are shown on crazy channels at crazy times of the day or night or in some cases not at all. Is it worth staying up till three in the morning to cach up on your favourite episode of the US Office? Probably. But as I gush over how great American television is the reality is that the majority of these

26 The Edit

shows are based on British exports. Dawn French’s ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ gained massive success in the UK that a pilot episode was confirmed by a US channel starring American star, Kirstie Alley. Will it be as good as the UK version – probably not – but this idea was taken from British influence all the same. However, with the massive budget that America brings, it’s not hard to make a ‘hit’ show. When I look at all the boxsets or films that I own as well as my friends and family, 90% of them are American drama. I go into a DVD shop and American music, films and television series’ dominate the aisles. It is simply impossible to look at something that does not have some sort of US influence. I can’t help but get gripped on 24 and wonder what lies in store for Jack Bauer. The actors, the plot, the stunts and the special effects are what make programmes like this stand out from the crowd. So, the question is ‘I’m addicted, are you?’

photography: lewis boron

A Day In the Life of a Foreign Exchange Student rachel baird

Every year GCU welcomes more than 1000 foreign students from all corners of the globe. These are students who have chosen to undertake an exchange period in a foreign country. Participating in a foreign exchange programme allows those who take part, the opportunity to discover a different culture, meet new friends, gain an international perspective and travel, but most importantly – have fun! The ERASMUS scheme allows GCU students to study abroad in their third year for either one academic trimester or one full year. GCU has a wealth of connections in several European countries such as Spain, France, Finland, Holland, Czech Republic and many more – the world is your oyster! GCU ensures foreign students are supported and also organise events all year round to ensure both foreign students and home students interact and integrate with one another, through the Erasmus Student Network (ESN GCU) In keeping with the Americana theme of this edition; I caught up with one of GCU’s American students to find out how they are settling in to their new life in Glasgow. Introduction Name - Declan O'Neill Hometown – Gurnee, Illinois, USA (30 min North of Chicago) photography: Declan O'Neil

The Edit 27

Home University - Illinois State University Duration of Study – 1 semester Why did you choose Scotland? I was really enthusiastic to do an exchange period but my school did not offer many opportunities. GCU was the only school my home university would allow me to take my upper level courses elsewhere. It has always been a goal of mine to see Scotland, so it wasn't a hard decision to come to GCU.  What has been the best thing that has happened to you in Scotland so far? Getting off the plane. Since then it’s been a crazy ride consisting of, meeting people from all over the world, Glasgow pubs and clubs, sightseeing with Student Tours Scotland, Hiking Ben Nevis to the top, learning Glaswegian and much more.  What do you like about GCU? I like the compact campus and that it's located so close to the City Centre. It makes it easy to get from class to the shops, stores and pubs. Thank you Declan for giving us an insight in to your experience as a foreign student and we hope you enjoy the rest of your time here with us!

If you would like to find out more about how you can study abroad then visit the GCU Study Abroad team website: www. To find out more about ESN GCU and their upcoming events please visit:

arts & culture

Martin Scorsese:

The true vision of america Sean o'hare

One of the most influential directors’ in movie history with a career spanning over five decades, Martin Scorsese is a living legend and a man with a clear and unflinching view of people and American culture. His portfolio is simply bursting with films that are now considered to be icons of the modern age of cinema, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Colour of Money, Goodfellas and Casino to name a few. What his films offer is an in depth insight into every character. We experience the same emotions and feel as if we know the characters so intimately that we don’t simply watch what is happening, we are actually integrated into the movie. It is this immersion technique that drives every plot forward to such an extent that you are glued the screen. Even when tackling the more extreme topics Scorsese still manages to engross and captivate us. Criticised upon its release for being too graphic and brutal, Raging Bull (1980) is a no holds barred portrait of Jake La Motta’s life inside and outside the boxing ring. We are spared nothing in terms of how barbaric, visceral and animalistic in nature La Motta was, not only in the ring, but also in his personal life. A true masterpiece of cinema in all its gory glory. When capturing the ideals of the American dream in Goodfellas (1990) we see an insightful depiction of the struggle to fulfil that dubious ambition. As Henry Hill, a small time crook and his partners in crime, do everything within their power to climb the corrupting hierarchy of the “mob”. As the movie progresses, the relentless onslaught of murder, drugs and paranoia seems a far greater price than Henry is willing to pay. It is a movie to be marvelled at with incredibly engrossing performances and is a vividly convincing snapshot of the criminal sub-culture of the era. In such a long and illustrious career is it hard to imagine that Scorsese has only won a best director Oscar once, for his 2006 gritty cat and mouse gangster thriller The Departed. Set in Boston where the police force is waging war against the IrishAmerican crime organisations, Billy Costigan, a young cop, is sent undercover to infiltrate the crew of gangland chief Frank Costello in an attempt to root out a mole inside the force who keeps Costello one step ahead of the law. As Costigan and the mole’s double lives begin to consume them they each find themselves in great danger of being discovered. Can they escape the clutches of the forces out to get them? A tale of deception and duplicity intricately woven together with an intelligent and yet easy to follow narrative that holds an air of suspense from beginning to end, it is a culmination of years of honing and sharpening the skills which are evident throughout Scorseses’ extensive body of work all coming together to form this perfectly crafted piece of directorial vision. His work never shies away from showing us the real humanity even in the most unlikable people and situations, with a view into the “real” America of the everyday and yet extraordinary characters he brings to life on our screens. His films show the forever changing dynamics of American culture over time, and yet they will remain timeless among the pantheon of the greatest movies ever made.

30 The Edit

photography: Hajnalka Szanto

photography: robert wilson

The Anime Review Richard Jones

Title: Gunslinger Girl -Il TeatrinoYear: 2008 Studio: Artland Tag line: Every weapon has a limit. Synopsis: Set in a fictional future Italy, Gunslinger Girl revolves around a covert anti-terrorist organisation known as the Social Welfare Agency (SWA) and their efforts against a Northern Italian separatist movement known as the Five Republics Faction (FRF). The agents for the SWA are young children who are augmented with cybernetic bodies, brainwashed, then trained in assassination and anti-terrorist techniques by their 'handlers', ex-servicemen and women, to become attack dogs for the Italian Government. The FRF are a rag-tag collection of revolutionaries and dissidents dissatisfied with southern Italy's exploitation of the north. Organized by a wealthy elite, they co-ordinate assassination and terrorist bombings to enforce their desire of state independence based on the personal motivations of justice, revenge, loyalty and purpose. The main story arc revolves around the SWA protagonist Triela and her bitter rivalry with the FRF assassin, Pinocchio. Review: A warm, soothing slow burner ideal for Sunday

32 The Edit

afternoons. A strong emphasis is placed on the emotional makeup and development of the characters and their motivations for their actions and allegiances. The guardianship bond between

handlers and cyborgs is also a predominant theme throughout as the psychology and trauma of past events influences their behavior and attitudes to one another. The emotional tension is broken up by occasional action scenes which serve as an efficient transition device from character to character and their past to present. Saying that, the

action scenes are robust and gritty with a wide arsenal on display, delighting modern gun enthusiasts, as well as some fast paced martial arts and knife fighting. For all Gunslinger Girl's emphasis on childhood innocence and the healing of emotional trauma, there are a good few mature shocks in store in both past and present tense. The girls, although treated as siblings or daughters, have a digital switch of playful wonder to ruthless killing to which their supposed guardians show no real emotional objection to, demonstrating the cold reality of their daily lives. They are an antiterrorism unit carrying a vendetta and the girls are merely tools to complete that mission. All in all this is a pleasant production with good flow and a nice balance of drama and action boosted by an un-skippable opening theme song.

Overall Grade: 4/5

photography: tawfik hafiz ibrahim

Diasporic Dashain Roshan Shiwakoti

It’s been three years since I have been in Scotland. Back home, my folks are celebrating Dashain and I am already missing it. I am missing the great phenomenon of this celebration. The celebration of good versus evil. Hindu mythology has it that Goddesses Durga defeated evil lord Mahisashur during this time some thousand years ago. Goddesses Durga fought for 9 days and on the tenth day, she finally managed to defeat Mahisasur. This day is also called Bijaya Dashami. As a kid, I waited for this day as I would often get Dakshina (monetary gifts) from elders. Elders would then put Tika (a mixture of rice grain, yoghurt, and red vermilion powder) on my forehead with a Jamara (young barley shoots grown dark for 10 days) in my ear. My dad would then fire a local handmade rifle thrice, to announce that the Tika and Jamara session had officially begun. Early in the morning elders would sing Malashree (A version of Hindu Classical song) and on the way to the Durga temple nearby. The lads would start singing and dancing or install rotating wheel. I particularly enjoyed them as a kid. The schools would be off and the nice weather compelled me to be romantic. Fast forward my life 15 years and now I am in Edinburgh, alone, missing all of them. I am missing everything the family reunion would bring. I am missing the blessing that the elders would give after putting on Tika and Jamara. I am missing them all. But he ho, I still have the memories to dwell upon. Not this time but maybe next year I can go back home to celebrate Dashain. Dashain is also celebrated to forget all the misunderstandings and forgive each other for misdeeds if any. This is a practical concept of conflict resolution and enhancing brotherhood.

photography: echo sun

Good morning, USA!

Martina Stefanova

If you love a good show, if you are a Seth Macfarlane fan or if you simply look for something to watch, let me introduce you to one extraordinary family… Meet the Smiths from American Dad! Stan Smith is a husband, a father and a CIA agent, who works from 9 to 5. His wife, Francine, stays at home and takes care of the household. Stan and Francine have a daughter, Hayley, who goes to a Community College, and their son, Steve is still in High school. Sound like a perfect and normal family, don’t they?

34 The Edit

But there is something missing – a pet. Of course the Smiths have a pet – a talking fish named Klaus, who is not-so-secretly in love with Francine. Oh, did I mention Roger – the alien that Stan rescued from Area 51? Seth Macfarlane sure knows how to build his characters. American Dad is a humorous representation of the typical American values and nationalism. And the only thing Stan loves more than his country is his family, though he is too tough to admit it. Because truth is, Francine was once a drug addict and a groupie, Hayley is a feminist activist and Steve has

problems with puberty. In every episode Stan’s beliefs are challenged. Incapable of understanding other’s ideas, he jumps to wrong conclusions and puts his family through hell before he finally learns his lesson. The show revolves around political issues and satires of pop culture. It is offensive, hilarious, political and entertaining. Every episode comes with new jokes and great humour American Dad is without doubt the best show Seth Macfarlane has ever done!


Joanna Chloptek

America in a pill

SOUTH PARK photography: yi yi Qi

It seems nowadays that everyof laughter its viewers may not thing is about the USA. It is the notice the deeper message, but most powerful country in the it is there! The role of the poworld not only politically and lice, guns, the media, parenting, economically, but in terms of cul- education, politics, religion are ture as well. We experience the only a few examples of the issues powerful phenomenon of Ameri- addressed by the show. canisation everywhere. Whether in fashion, television, the movSouth Park may be crude and ies, architecture or even certain disrespectful in many ways, but ideologies and lifestyle – the USA it also seems to contain some is simply in. moral lessons and values as But what are the US really like? examples of behaviour to look Does the reality match the ideol- up to. It reveals a clear world ogy? Does everybody live the view by mocking reality in order dream there? Well, there is one to outline its drawbacks (and that very special show which shows us not only America’s, but some the exact opposite: South Park. of the topics can be related to South Park is an American carworld-wide problems). Behind toon created by Matt Stone and violent and vulgar behaviour we Trey Parker for Comedy Central, can see the smuggled messages, released in 1997, showing the lessons to be learned. The audicrazy adventures of Stan Marsh, ence is presented with the task of Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman finding the moral values, hidden and Kenny McCormick. South within the show. Park remains Comedy Central's highest-rated and longestOne of the reasons for the running programme. The show show's effectiveness in moralis well known for its very dark izing is the fact that the main humour, coarse language and plot concerns children. It is the lampooning of a wide range eight-year-old kids who outrun of topics. the adults in almost every aspect of life. The fact that the world in Stone and Parker have underSouth Park is perceived by chiltaken the mission to show what dren contributes to discovering America is really like and about. its faults. Children see more and Although strongly overdone, their perceive things more strongly. show illustrates the many probSo kids, next time you watch lems of USA’s society and system. South Park make sure you notice The creators are not afraid of the hidden messages and appreexpressing their opinions, even ciate it not only as a comedy, but if they have to break established also as a effective satire! taboos in order to do so. However, South Park’s main point is to entertain and through fits

The killers secc. 26 october Shelley Queen

The Killers put on an explosive performance – and no, I'm not even including all the nights pyrotechnics in that statement.

It's been a while since we've seen the Las Vegas natives, with four years having passed since the release of their last album Day & Age. But boy are they back to doing what they do best. With singer Brandon Flowers commenting that “it'd been too long Glasgow” the band rather aptly kicked off the night with foot stomping and fist pumping track A Matter Of Time. The set saw a lot from new album Battle Born, but they didn't fail to pay tribute to the big tracks that make tickets to their gigs like gold dust. The first (of many) times the crowd really got wild was during the wonderfully weird Spaceman, that saw a collective bunch of Glaswegians jumping up and down singing that catchy little “oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh” - something we are quite suited to really.

I'll put my hand up and wholeheartedly admit to singing along to every word and yes, I am currently sitting writing this with a throat so sore it's hard to drink/eat. That to me is just a sign of a damn good gig. An emotional tribute was paid to Flower's mother before the start of A Dustland Fairytale, who the song was based on. In a night filled with anthemic, jumping around songs, it was a wonderful moment to see so many people taking a minute just to stand and listen to him perform a song close to his heart. But it was back to business as usual right after, working through the big Hot Fuss hits including the infamous Mr Brightside and Somebody Told Me. The band powered right through the night, and a short break near the end gave the audience a gasp of breath that was to be taken right away with to the on stage fireworks.

Throughout the night you saw Flowers being quite taken aback by the sheer volume of everyone singing The concert ended with the along to the songs he penned – in triumphant Battle Born - with fact there were a few times the singer confetti cascading from the roof was actually drowned out by the and the ringing of Flowers singing crowd. “Remember what I said/Boy you was battle born” left in your ears, it was a great way to finish the night. It makes you wonder if there is anything more beautiful to hear than The band comes from a place where absolutely everybody in the SECC they like to do things bigger and singing along to All These Things better, and boy do they take that That I've Done? Because I've yet to to heart when it comes to their live hear it. performances.

photography: shelley queen

The Edit 39

thank You America: The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Artists

Lauren Simpson

America, the great vast land, they have brought us many things over the years but probably the most prominent would be that in the 1940s America brought us the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll. There are various claims by people owning the very first Rock ‘n’ Roll record across the world but I think we can all bow our heads to America being the frontier of pushing rock music into the mainstream, and since then have gone on to provide us with some of the greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll artists of all time. Elvis Presley, the King himself, pioneered Rock ‘n’ Roll in the 1950s from his swinging hips and jiving hits. He pushed Rock ‘n’ Roll into mainstream in America and created a bit of a legendary status for himself. Despite his early exit in life he is still to this day a cultural icon and an important figure in bringing Rock ‘n’ Roll music to our generations. Elvis ruled rock for many years but in the 1970s The Ramones brought their punk-rock to America and across the world. Along with The Sex Pistols and The Clash in Britain, The Ramones pioneered punk rock music in America with their debut album ‘Ramones’ which was hailed by critics as sounding like nothing else out there. In 2002 they were awarded their rightful place in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. In the 1980s in America Guns ‘n’ Roses debut album ‘Appetite For Destruction’ became the biggest selling debut album selling over 18 million copies. Axl Rose and his ever changing band line-up re-wrote the rules of rock ‘n’ roll with their sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll antics but are still one of the greatest rock bands to come out of America and are still touring in 2012. The 1990s saw Nirvana crash on to the Seattle grunge scene in America where lead singer Kurt Cobain created a name for himself both as much for his troubles at home as for his revolutionary music pushing grunge into the mainstream. Nirvana released 3 albums during their short but influential career before the

40 The Edit

tragic death of Kurt Cobain in 1994. They still stand as one of the greatest grunge bands influencing musicians of all ages. America has brought us some of the greatest and most influential Rock artists of all time and to this day American artists are still pushing the boundaries in music and show no sign of slowing down.

photography: christopher mackay

Fun . Review

Rhainn Fowlds

Fun. is truly one of those bands Dost and Jack Antonoff, along hope of meeting band members you cannot fully appreciate until with touring members, played a and I was one of the people you see them live. They permixture of songs from their 2009 lucky enough to meet their lead formed at the O2 ABC on Mon- album ‘Aim and Ignite’ and their guitarist Jack Antonoff. day the 8th of October – and put 2012 album ‘Some Nights’. They on a gig that I’ll remember for a played all their crowd pleasing long time. songs including ‘We Are Young,’ You can buy Fun.’s album ‘Some Their support band, Walk the ‘All the Pretty Girls’ and for their Nights’ from iTunes now. Moon, started the night on a encore their newest single ‘Some high. The four piece band from Nights’. Ohio played a collection of Their stage presence along with their indie rock songs from their their interaction with the audialbums: ‘The Other Side, I Want! ence helped their performance I Want!’ and ‘Walk the Moon’. become a memorable one. The bands strong harmonies, Afterwards, a crowd gathered great stage presence (and lets outside chanting their songs in not lie to ourselves – the guitarist in general) meant the crowd was in high spirits for Fun coming on stage. Fun. are an American indie pop band based in New York, and have just recently become well known after the release of their hit single ‘We Are Young’ featuring Janelle Monáe. The single became the first alternative rock song to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart since Coldplay’s ‘Viva la Vida’ in 2008. The band have been releasing music together since 2008 and were seen by many supporting Paramore in their headline tour in 2010. The band managed to step out of the supporting role and become the headliners with ease. Glasgow crowds lived up to their reputation and the band was met with an ear shattering applause from the audience. The band, which consists of members Nate Ruess, Andrew

photography: crhiann fowlds

The Edit 41

The Grand Ole Opry -

Glasgow's best- kept secret ! Chris McKay

When my flat mate asked me “What’s the Grand Ole Opry?” I have to admit my heart did sink a little. I grew up in Ireland surrounded by Country Western music, with Garth Brooks blaring throughout the house on a daily basis. I have a line dancing mother and a stable full of horses in the back yard. So when I moved to Glasgow for university, I started to yearn for just a taste of that life over here, but for years was unsuccessful. Last August, I got invited to The Opry by my friend who plays in a folk band, and thought “The Grand Ole Opry?? In Glasgow? What?”. For those of you unfamiliar, The Opry as its known, is in Nashville, and is a venue that each week showcases all the big names in country music you can imagine, which over the years has literally become the universal home for the genre. When I got invited to the Glasgow one, I was initially skeptical, but boy was I in for a treat! You are instantly greeted by neon signs, confederate flags hanging on the wall, and an army of devotees dressed from top to tail in full on cowboy getup. No half measures here! It literally is a world of its own, hosting gun slinging contests, line dancing evenings, along with live music every other night of the week. One thing I have to say that I loved about it was the bar! Firstly, you queue up in an orderly fashion to get served, and then your drinks are presented on a tray to take with you! As if that wasn’t enough to separate it from other Glasgow pubs – as its seen as a “social club” in the eyes of the government, bar prices are subsidised meaning its ridiculously cheap. Amazing! The music was nothing short of incredible too, showcasing a plethora of local country music talent, and what was nice is there were ears there to hear it. At most gigs these days, the audience talks during 99% of it - not here. If you weren’t sitting intently listening, you were on the floor givin ‘er dixie! In short, I fell in love with this place instantly! It’s nice to have somewhere close that makes you feel this welcome, and for a night, you can throw on your best plaid shirt and get down to some good ole knee hitchin’ music! Check it out!

42 The Edit

photography: rob ross

Trivium Interview

Iain Burleigh

A time not too long ago, I was lucky enough to interview American Band Trivium, more specifically Corey Beaulieu, one of the two lead/rhythm guitarists from Trivium. During our chat, we talked about their latest UK tour and the work on their latest album aiming to be released next year. We jump straight into talking about the amount of touring they have done to support their latest album, ‘In Waves’.

Iain: Speaking about the next album, I quote that it is supposed to be ‘’heavier and more aggressive’’, is this true? Corey: We have a lot of material written and were stockpiling the material. It’s pretty aggressive but it’s obviously it’s got all the elements that makes the sound of ‘’Trivium’’. Mostly right now it’s just music, but it’s got heavy stuff, melodic parts, the choruses; it’s got all the ingredients that define our sound but it’s got its own unique vibe which every record has. We’ve got more material written than what will fit on the album so I guess it will all come down to which songs we will want to put on the record then the actually direction of the record will come out because there is a lot of variety in the material, but it all fits together so it all just depends on what becomes the best songs. Iain: So does the material written lean towards one genre or style? Corey: We have never just been one thing. We are focusing more on groove instead of playing at 100 Mph speed wise all the time; we really want stuff that can suck people in and head bang ‘n’ stuff. We kind of touched on it a bit with ’In Waves’ (album) with the guitars and drums really locking in and creating a

photography: ian burleigh

The Edit 43

really good grove with songs like ‘Black’ and ‘In Waves’. So there is that element of making songs catchier and hooky, we’re not just playing fast all the time but when we do play fast, we make sure it has that impact and has a purpose instead of just playing fast. Were always trying to progress our song writing instead of writing the same s*** all the time. We’re looking forward to making this record very unique and interesting to listen to because a lot of the new “ trendy” heavy music out there is complete s***, lacking creativity, it’s all just breakdowns ‘n’ chords. The bands

to me that are making good music these days are the ones that are doing it for a while like Machine Head, Lamb of God and In Flames. So we went ‘’we need those riffs’’ and just went f***ing riff crazy with our new stuff. Were just trying to keep what metal is to us with our own twist. Iain: ‘In waves’ has a varied amount of artistic media influencing it compared to previous albums ,will this trend continue? Corey: ‘In Waves’ is kind of a reset in terms of how we used to be,

how everything looked and how the videos looked and the next album will be different too. We have ideas of what we’re going to go with, everything is going to fit together obviously like the last record but it’s going to be a different look that we haven’t really talked about and can’t really talk about yet. Nut what we do for this record will be a different twist from the last record being its own thing, each album will be like its own chapter with a different story. Once were done touring we can sit down we can actually talk and develop the ideas we have, it should be a lot of fun.

Trivium are currently on their European tour in support of their album, In Waves. The tour ends November 20.

44 The Edit

photography: ian burleigh

Bacchanal Party Katie O'Hara

Three former Caley students turned failing a uni tempting. module into the best career move they’ve made “We definitely want to try and tour America!” says yet. Scott P, “But I don’t know how possible that will be The Edit caught up with two of the members of any time soon! It’s great to know that people like Bacchanal Party on their way to play a gig in Aber- us over there but our main priority just now is tourdeen. ing here.” Scott Peden, Lyle Scougall and Scott Wohlgemuth This year the boys beat hundreds of other hopeful had to re-sit a semester of their third year, when bands to secure a place on the T Break stage at they decided to form the band. the summer’s festival. Bacchanal Party’s experience “I came up with the brilliant idea of starting the of playing to the 2000-strong crowd still seems a band. We released an EP and started to think that bit surreal to the guys. we were sounding good so it just kicked off from “It was weird. I can’t remember playing it to be honthere!” says drummer, Lyle. est!” says Lyle. Fast forward two years and the boys’ have gigged “Yeah that’s cause you and the other Scott spewed up and down the country, played T in the Park, had before we even got on the stage!” laughs Scott P. an album out and now their music is being played So it seems that the band live up to their name! in an advert on American tv. The boys will be heading back to the studio in DeThe boys sent out a demo to American PR comcember to start recording their next EP. pany, Danger Village, and a short while later they Bacchanal Party are also playing at Bath Street’s were contacted saying that their music was being Flat 0/1 on December 15th as part of a mini music used to promote ski resort, Vail Mountain. festival, A Quiet Night In. If you can’t wait that long Having their music on American television must to check out the boys then head to their Facebook make the prospect of touring America all the more page: Bacchanal Party have an album available to download on iTunes and Amazon. It's called You Can Be As Orange As You Like But There's Nothing Sweet About You

photography: phonogenic label photography: richard gaston


American fashion photography: lewis boron

American culture has seen itself seep into British life – and the country has certainly set the fashion stakes for us on various occasions. The swinging skirts and high ponytails of the 1950's, the fitness gear of the 1980's and the flannel shirts and shorts of 90's grunge are all examples of how our neighbours across the pond have made a big impact on how we dress. Which is why for our Americana issue we wanted to pay tribute to the kinds of things we've seen in the States that have changed the way we dress. Culture playing a major part in this, the USA has impacted our image - from dressing like characters on American TV shows to copying the style of big American bands.

48 The Edit 42

Rebel clothing gave us the opportunity to showcase some of the most notable American fashion trends from double denim and outlandish shirts to baseball caps and dip dyed jumpers. In fact one of our models loved the tartan trousers featured in the shoot so much that she bought them right there and then! So thanks America for some of your more fashionable influences – for all the denim, the checked shirts, the converse and everything in between. Heck, I'm even willing to look past the garish 80's neon phase... photography: Lewis Boron models: Jennifer O'Neil Myra Booth Cockcroft Clothes: Rehab Clothing Make up Artist: Taarna Swanson

Shelley Queen

The Edit 49

Blacked Out Animals Wearing Coloured Headphones........... Alison Bathgate

Andrew Grech, the designer and founder of awesome new brand Animinimal talks to us here about the brand and his clothing range and tells us his exciting plans for the future. How and why did you start Animinimal? Andrew: Earlier this year my friend and I were planning our trip to the Ibiza Closing Parties and made a decision to stay for a bit longer than usual - 5 weeks. She came up with the plan to sell jewellery and sunglasses on Borra Borra Beach to make a bit of money - Ibiza is an expensive place if you want to enjoy yourself. So, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to put into use one of the design ideas that had been floating about my head for a while. I’d wanted to get a tattoo of a pair of antlers on my wrist, and I decided to develop this idea into a T-shirt design. Me and my friend were chatting about fitting Ibiza into the designs somewhere and agreed that bringing music into the equation was a good idea. It all merged together into the very first design - a blacked out stag wearing headphones! I showed the design to a few friends and they liked it, so I decided to run with the idea back in April and since then have added seven more animals to choose from. What is the key inspiration for your clothes and AW collection? Andrew: Since I started the brand my main focus has been t-shirt design. I’ve had a great response and people really like the animal

44 The Edit

designs, so I’ve decided to branch out to other items of clothing and have just launched a hooded jumper series, supplied by American Apparel. I guess my inspiration for the animal design was to create a design people would find interesting and could relate to in a way. Everyone has a favourite animal, everyone has a favourite colour and everyone has a favourite tune… why not mix them all together and see what happens? Tell us why you decided to showcase them at Nightwalk? Andrew: I have a good history with Nightwalk from modelling at the show in the past. When asked if I would be modelling this time round I decided against it because I’m no spring chicken anymore and thought fresh meat would be more appropriate for the show! The organisers still wanted me to be involved so they asked if I would organise an Interactive Entrance. I was really happy to be asked and I, of course, agreed! I know how much hard work and effort goes into putting on such an event, and they do so well to give local designers and models great exposure. It is such an amazing pleasure to be given the opportunity to showcase my collection at Nightwalk! What is your background? Andrew: In school I studied all aspects of hospitality and worked in the industry before moving onto a sales based job in an electrical retailer. In 2008 I moved from Australia (Melbourne) to the UK (Glasgow) and found myself working in a call centre before heading back to the back to the hospitality industry, managing bars and organising events. So, in terms of fashion and design, I am completely self-taught. I have been doing web design & graphic design in my spare time since I was 14 and have really built on my skills. I’m now 27 and with over 10 years of messing around with Photoshop I have my own brand! Where can we buy your clothes? Andrew: Currently the only way you can order a tee or a hood is from the Animinimal website – All you need to do is navigate your way to the Shop and select your item or you can fire an email to to arrange a pick up. What are your plans for the future? Andrew: I will be looking to expand the brand by moving towards a wider range of different products. I am also looking to experiment with different ways to print on fabrics as well as designing other collections with different themes. This is just the beginning and I have so many more ideas in the pipeline, so keep your eyes open for fresh Animinimal designs in the near future!

For the latest updates, just ‘Like’ the Facebook page! photography: Michael Long

The Edit 45

Hidden gem for Glasgow's fashion forward men.

Alicia Drummond

Glasgow’s West End area is the home to a number of exclusive and unique fashion coves. W2 is a compact store hidden away in Ruthven Lane just off Byres Road. Along with its particular location, the store offers a set range of brands of clothing, footwear, parfum and accessories to satisfy the ever

photography: yi yi qi

changing demands of fashion aware men in and around Glasgow. The birth of the retailer emerged from the end of the Comme des Garons Guerrilla Store Project in 2009 – leaving a gap in the market for men seeking vintage and antique everyday clothing. The owner, David Mullane snapped up this opportunity and brought his centuries of experience in both Scottish sale in store. One thing I picked up on was the and British fashion to the store. offering of rails of neutral coloured clothes to The historical location of the shop allows customers adhere to the criteria of autumn colour schemes. to come in to a comfortable aura in which they Brands include Margaret Howell and Adam can not only focus on fishing out the most suited Kimmel, both designers produce lines which stick garment to them – they can also visit the store to to the minimalist look while obtaining formal discuss factors which heavily influence fashion. esque collections. The ranges tend to have a Music, culture and literature. relaxed, lived-in, natural look to them. Upon visiting W2 first impressions included the feel of a clean cut, modern shop. Similarly, the ranges available held the presence of a unique, fresh look. You can visit W2 between 11am and 6pm Mullane has managed to preserve the element of Tuesday-Saturday, and from 12-5pm on Scottish fashion with a few tartan items also for

52 The Edit

Sunday. Monday's are appointment only.

Rehab Cloth i ng is for Glasgow Mandy Thomson

Rehab Clothing is a new vintage inspired clothing line, set up by two fashion conscious Glasgow guys, Steven Gilliland and Steven Dick. They had their first pre-launch event at GCU in October and are looking to do a few more around the city centre before they launch the brand officially in December. The clothes come from all over the world, and fit in with Glasgow student style perfectly. A mix of patterns and materials make up shirts, jumpers and old denim items, that give the perfect, ‘no effort, just put together look’, that the fashion conscious love to rock. A business graduate of GCU, Steven Dick, told us about his interest in entrepreneurship and how being a student helped photography: shelley queen

him to develop their target market. We spoke to the creators of Rehab Clothing to find out more about their range and what we could expect from the latest Glasgow line… When did you start the business? Steven G: We have actually yet to launch our brand officially. We have been heavily marketing the brand in preparation for several pre-launch events, the first of which was at Glasgow Caledonian University on October 16th&17th. We are aiming to have several further pre-launch events before we actually launch our brand.

What do you sell? SG: A selection of vintage clothing that we have sourced from around the UK, Reworked pieces we have customized, and our “One’ Range- a selection of one-off pieces we have designed. And we have a selection of designed dresses sourced from Singapore. Additionally, we are in discussion with the Singapore boutique to become our strategic partner. Who are your clothes aimed at? SG: We have seen a gap in the market in Glasgow for affordable vintage styling.

The Edit 53

being a stylish city highlighted by the fashion courses at GCU and Glasgow School of Art. Our specific target market is men and women, student and non-student, however we would say our ranges are aimed at the style conscious vintage and high street fashion shopper. Do you look at trends when you look at what to buy in? SD:Yes, we look at both the current trends and the up and coming trends for the next seasons couture designs on the runway that will ultimately hit our target market. Being on point with trends is essential to capture and maintain satisfaction of our customers. What are you hoping to achieve when you launch? SG: Ultimately, we are looking to achieve as much success as possible. Our main focus is on building a relationship within the community in Glasgow, our recent focus being on the student population. We want to create a brand that people talk about in town, and ultimately transform the styles that people want to wear into styles they do wear. Â You can have a look at Rehabs clothing line in our Americana photo shoot.

photography: shelly queen

54 The Edit

Caley Campus Style A selection of Caledonian's most stylish students ' welcome to Campus Style ! Be sure to look out for The Edit team as they snap pictures of the most fashion forward outfits and you too can be featured in the next issue! photography: Megan Casci

The Edit 55

Name: Melissa Chalmers

Course Studying: Fashion Marketing Year of Study: 4th year

What are you wearing?

Jacket - vintage Jeans and t-shirt - both H&M Bag and boots - both Topshop

Name: Victoria Kerr

Course Studying: Fashion Business Year of Study: 1st year

What are you wearing? Jacket - ASOS Shirt & jumper - both Topshop Bag - Vintage Guru Shorts - vintage Levi's

The Edit 57

Name: Sophie Davis

Course Studying: Fashion Business Year of Study: 4th year

What are you wearing?

Jacket - Primark Jumper and scarf - both Warehouse Shoes - Topshop

Name: Joel Nkhoma

Course Studying: Social Science Year of Study: 3rd year

What are you wearing? Jacket and shirt - both Topman Jeans - Zara Shoes - Size

The Edit 59

Name: Craig Dunn

Course Studying: Psychology Year of Study: 4th year

What are you wearing? Jacket - Debenhams T-shirt - French Connection Chinos - Topman Brogues - Dune Bag - Aramis Scarf - H&M

Name: Grant Coull

Course Studying: Business Studies Year of Study: 4th year

What are you wearing? Checked shirt - Animal T-shirt - Jack Wills Jeans - Hollister Bag - Fred Perry Shoes - Vans

The Edit 61


GCU Basketball Team lookin At last the 2012-2013 NBA Bryant in their team means that season is set to start, and unlike the Heat, Lakers games will be last year and the NFL this year, something special this season. there won’t be any more strikes The Glasgow Caledonian or lockouts to worry about. We basketball team will be looking hope. to emulate the Heat’s success Members of our own Glasgow by winning their division of Caledonian basketball team are the BUCS league after they tipping the Miami Heat to retain came painfully close last their title. season against Robert Gordon Caley player Kieran Lynch University, when they lost their backed the Heat to win the title last game costing them the top again saying: “They are the best spot. team in the league and they’re With the 2012-2013 season getting stronger.” underway for the GCU He said: “They have an basketball team things are incredible defence and attack, already going well with Captain they also run the ball very well Calum Bryson delighted at his and they have LeBron James teams start to the season. who is just a freak. The way he He said: “It’s been great, we’ve plays is just incredible, and he’s had a really strong start. We’ve so versatile.” won all of our games and in our Last year, LeBron James finally last game, we beat Stirling by got his first championship ring, 45 points”. leading the Miami Heat to their “We’re top of the table, although second NBA championship by we have played two games beating the Oklahoma City more than some of the other Thunder, with performances teams, but we hope we can that won him the MVP award continue our great start to the for both the whole year and the season”. finals. “We play a lot more as a team But things might not turn out now and we have more depth so well for the Heat this year than we used to.” with some of the other teams The men’s GCU basketball significantly bulking up their team also have the second squads. annual exhibition match Chief among their rivals for against Strathclyde at the the title this year has to be the Commonwealth Arena on 4th Los Angeles Lakers, who put November. together their own version of the Bryson said: “Although it’s not Heat’s ‘dream team’ by bringing a league game, it would still be star players Dwight Howard and great to get a win and put on a Steve Nash into the fold during great performance.” the draft. The match is set to start at Coming up against a side that 12.45pm and the tickets will has Nash, Howard and Kobe

cost £5.

64 The Edit

photography: GCUSA basketball team

ng to emulate the heat

Alistair Bennett and Daniyall Qazi

The Edit 65

Live from the

e Big Apple photography: hayley parr

Live from the Big Apple

Hayley Parr

America does everything big: portion sizes, musicals, hamburgers, fair parks, trucks, movies they are not a nation to go half hearted, and they treat their sports no different. With a stigma of obesity and unhealthy culture you wouldn’t think sports are a big part of life in the USA but this place sure knows how to put on a good sporting event (of course with half time scran). During my study abroad exchange in New York I have had the chance to watch a Major League Baseball game, university American football; I have even watched quiddich practice! For a girl who is only semi-interested in sport, I sure could get used to the sporting culture here. For me, baseball was a little difficult to get into but the stadium, lights and music were amazing. Even the guys who went up and down the stands shouting “hot dawgs, hot dawgs, root beer, root beer.” The experience and atmosphere is what made it worth it. There are sport politics, everywhere and in every sport. For example, The New York Giants and The

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New England Patriots are two team names which hate to be even in the same sentence as one another. However, there is a family orientated and collective feel to these games, one which I haven’t really felt at home. I would never dream of going to a football (or soccer as they call it here) game at home as I would feel out of depth and awkward around the hard-core fans but here I can enjoy the game, the crowd, and even some half time entertainment not to mention a hot dog and some candy floss! I bought the t-shirt, snap back cap and face transfers but knew nothing about the rules and was accepted like maple syrup is on any food here. Secretly, I think most people don’t fully understand what is going on in an American football game, with what has to be like 80 players on each team. Stony Brook University in New York, where I am studying for 4 months, has its very own 10,000 seater stadium just 10 minutes walk from the dorms on campus. Games are every Saturdays and families, students and fans flock to the centre of campus every week to cheer on the Seawolves, the university team.

“What’s a Seawolf? I’m a Seawolf woof woof wooooof!” The crowd chants. Most of the players on the team come on a football scholarship to the university – it is serious out here. It’s not just a matter of if you are a good player; players are hand selected from around the country. University football makes big money and that makes it big business – one which rivals even the National Football League. The atmosphere at the games is something else. The band is always in full swing and dressed up to the nines playing Jay-Z, One Direction and Rihanna tunes. The cheerleaders and dance team are pumped up with pom poms and little skirts, flying their legs around everywhere, building pyramids and jumping to great heights. The crowd goes crazy with foam fingers, horns, chants, banners, and other merchandise, there’s even one committed fan who is always half naked with his whole upper half painted red- the Stony Brook colour. They even have a mascot, Wolfie, who never misses a game and likes to get the Seawolf crowd hyped up running up and down the pitch with every touchdown. Everything you have seen about American sports on TV and in the movies is true – the atmosphere, the people, the music, the band, the chants, the mascots, the food, the kiss-o-grams on the big screens at half time - it is all real. Maybe High School Musical and Grease aren’t so far-fetched after all. To read more about Hayleys state side adventures log onto The Edit blog:

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Major League Soccer find its legs Marc Donnelly

Major League Soccer (MLS) is the top-flight professional football, or soccer if you’re into that kind of thing, league in the United States and was founded in 1993 as part of the USA’s bid to host the 1994 World Cup, with the first season being played in 1996. Now in its 16th season, the MLS has elevated itself to the point where it is able to attract some of the best players in the world to play the beautiful game stateside. With lots of investors pumping cash into the MLS ‘brand’, money is never an object, allowing them to reach out to a larger fan base through big TV deals and the construction of bigger capacity stadiums, which are often used for glamour friendly’s between top European sides in pre-season. The MLS itself works a little bit differently to that of the European leagues. Their season runs from March to October with the 19 competing teams, 16 from America and three from Canada) playing 34 games. At the end of the season, the team sitting top of the table wins the Supporters’ Shield, then the top 10 teams go into the MLS Cup playoffs, ending in the MLS Cup championship final. Such has been the progress of the MLS in the last 10 years, that they now have their own Champions League style completion called the CONCACAF Champions League, with teams from across North

America, South America and the Caribbean regions competing in it. However, despite the recent success of American soccer, it hasn’t always been taken seriously. It gained a reputation to be a ‘feeder’ league where they would coach and develop young players then sell them on to play in Europe. Some pundits still call the MLS a league to go to if your career is over and want one last big pay check. But the MLS has in fact produced its own set of great players who have gone onto play in arguably the best league in the world: the English Premier league. Players such as Landon Donovan, Brian McBride, Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard and Brad Friedel are just a few names in a long list of players who have or still are playing at the top level.

The fact these players all started in the MLS, proves that there is a great infrastructure and coaching programme that is set up to develop quality players, one that we here in the UK perhaps need to seriously consider looking at. In the past few years the MLS has managed to shed some of these stereotypes and has attracted some of the biggest names in football to American shores. David Beckham was one of the first to make the trip to the US and although he was highly criticised for going to the MLS, with many accusing him of going solely for the paycheck, he was adamant that he was there to improve the standard of football and its popularity worldwide. And, to some extent, you have to admire him because he has actually managed to do it. After he took the plunge and signed for the L.A. Galaxy, other top level talent has followed him across the Atlantic, bringing more money, quality and exposure to the American league. In a recent interview, the Manchester United legend said: “The level of play has gone up in the last five years. The fact that Thierry Henry, Rafa Marquez and Robbie Keane are coming into this league shows there is more of a competitive edge coming into this game in this part of the world.” The success of Major League Soccer has had a knock on effect on the national team, with the USA punching well above their weight in the last few World Cup tournaments, drawing against England in the group stages of the 2010 World Cup. USA also beat Italy 1-0 in a recent friendly, showing that the surge of quality and enthusiasm in their domestic league is pivotal in helping them ditch the old stereotypes that they once had as a footballing nation. And with this trend, the rise in popularity of the MLS is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

photography: Hajnalka Szanto

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