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Editor’s letter Explosion makes us think of loud noises, a big change or a stand still event, and since Bonfire Night has just passed and Christmas is fast approaching, we thought this was an appropriate theme for our printed issue this semester. The Christmas parties are starting, the shopping began weeks ago and before we know it we’ll be opening door one of our advent calendars. This issue’s fashion pages are full of bright and bold colours and give style tips for this holiday season. Our Arts and Culture Editor caught up with Filth’s leading lady, Pollyanna McIntosh, to talk about her new movie and our Music Editor was lucky enough to have a chat with Great Plain Sundance. The features section looks at the Daily Mail’s response to the death of Ed Milliband’s father, comments on Miley Cyrus’ latest antics (can we call it a breakdown yet?) and gives some tips to anyone feeling nervous at Uni. Our Sports Editor has written an eye-opening article about the strain flyweights put their bodies through in order to win a fight, and one of our contributors gets us excited about the home advantage Scotland will hopefully have in the Commonwealth Games next summer. Also, check out our Healthy Autumn Food Tips on the back page – eating right is so hard at uni, especially at this time of year, but these tips should offer some guidance. And have you met the new GCU SABBS yet? We have given them free reign to introduce themselves in this issue. Check out the news pages to read all about what they have planned for you students, and how to get in touch.

mandy the editor

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If you could create a cocktail called explosion – what ingredients would u put in it?

What are you saying?

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Louise Scott, 21

I would go for chambor, dash of lemon, dash of lime, vodka, gin, bacardi, lemonade and haribo tangfastics for some fizz.

Rebecca Root, 22

I would put 25mls passoa, 25mls vodka, raspberry puree, lemon jucie and a dash of orange and cranberry juice in mine.

Courtney Cameron, 20

I would go for smarties (crushed), strawberry milk, baileys, raspberry puree, banana and a sparkler on top.

If there had just been an explosion, what three items would you make sure u had with you?

Connar McGregor, 18

Phone, water, heavy jacket.

John Miller, 19

Phone, earphones, wallet (hopefully with money in it).

Scott Gladstone, 28

Phone, water bottle, notepad and pen.

Photography: Christopher MacKay

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Ne ws

Meet your new SABBS By Caroline Armour

Have a look at GCU’s new Full Time Officers. Usually spotted around the Students Association, they are here to help and lobby on behalf of students here at Caley as well as getting us all involved in what the social side of the university can offer. Here they are introducing themselves to you.

more than just a degree from GCU. I want you to think about your journey through University. I want you to think ‘how can I make myself different?’

I want to ensure there are activities that you want to see happening. If there is something you want and it’s not already happening, then come and see me and we can discuss what you want

Matt Lamb Student President: two words which are very important to me; two words that I am very proud of and two words that for 363 days (excluding two days off) I am. Before graduating I took part in everything I could and made sure my university experience was the best it could be. By getting involved in various activities I ensured that I gave my all to the activities I was involved in, and got the most out of them. I want you to think about the type of activities that will give you the most from University and give you

Photography: Student Association

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to see happen in YOUR Students’ Association. The Students’ Association is run FOR the students, run BY the students. I want you to have the best experience possible and this year I know as your Student President we can make this happen! Good luck and pop in and see me, Matt. Sinead Wylie Where have you all been? I’ve missed you so much! Can you tell I’m glad there are students on campus even if you’re not glad to be here! Whilst you’ve been away, hopefully having a superb summer, I’ve been working as Vice President for Wellbeing on my plans for this year, on how the Students’ Association and the university can better support you. I am focusing on lobbying to get you cheaper travel to university, working with the university to have a sexual health clinic on campus and working on equality and diversity around campus. I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible and making sure that you have the best possible experience here at GCU. See you around, Sinead x Monika MacDonald Hey everyone! I’m proud to be the Vice President of Activities for 2013/14. It’s been a fantastic few weeks welcoming old and new students back to GCU! The team are so excited for what we have planned for this year and we have so many activities for everyone to get involved in!

Photography: Student Association

I hope this year to get as many people as possible involved in activities at GCU, whether it be through sport, societies or even going to one Active Lifestyles class for the year. We have a diverse range of events and aim to have something for everyone. As my role involves responsibility for sports clubs, societies, media and events I really hope to work with students to develop these areas of activities so they have an amazing experience at university. These are all ways to meet people, gain skills and have a great social life which is a vital part of uni life! Say hello if you see me! Monika (gcusa_vpa) x Neill Clark Hello there! I’m Neill and I’m the Vice President Education of the Students’ Association for 2013-14. My priorities for the year ahead are to increase students’ political awareness in the run up to the independence referendum next year, establish school-specific student learning experience events to give students a forum to discuss their course and experience at GCU, and finally to conduct a wide ranging consultation on how students are taught at GCU, including the ‘portfolio refresh’ exercise currently taking place in each school. I will also be working on my election manifesto commitments and ensuring all students are represented effectively to the University and externally. If you have any questions or suggestions, I can be found in room NH212 in the Students’ Association or on twitter (@gcusa_vpe) and facebook (gcusa_vpe).

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fe at ur es

Daily Mail

By Holly Lennon

The Daily Mail has been busy these past few weeks. Between writing damning articles about the dead and attending, shall we say a ‘distant’ family funeral I wonder if they have had the chance to read what the public have been saying about their behaviour, or if they even care? It all started when the newspaper published a story branding Ed Miliband’s late father, Ralph, as a ‘Man Who Hated Britain’. The story went on to detail entries from his journal from when he was a young man exploring mixed feelings about the country, which at the time was at war. Jumping to defence of his dead father, the Labour leader asked for an apology explaining he was urged to speak out not as a politician but as a son. Miliband explained “It’s about defending the honour of my dad, because the Daily Mail said that my father hated the country, and my father served in the Royal Navy, he loved Britain, he fought for our country and I’m afraid there’s a moment when a paper crosses a line and when I felt, as a son, that I had to speak out on behalf of my dad.” Instead of offering an apology for the upset caused, the story was re-printed.

In my opinion the question isn’t if the line has been crossed, it was why. It is a known fact that the paper is ‘bold’ in its actions but targeting a dead man in the name of politics? Unacceptable. Regardless of whether you believe the story was justified or not it was completely irrelevant. Political journalist Mehdi Hasan summed up the situation by saying: “Let’s have the debate about who hates Britain more. It isn’t a dead Jewish refugee from Belgium who served in the Royal Navy, it’s the immigrant-bashing, woman-hating, Muslim-smearing, NHSundermining, gay-baiting Daily Mail.” And he’s right – so why aren’t we getting behind him? Although the episode has caused significant upset for the Miliband family, the once forgotten brother Ed has managed to gain himself some good publicity - helped along, of course, by Alastair Campbell’s appearance on BBC Newsnight. In standing up for himself and his family values, Ed is finally showing signs of a prime minister. While all eyes should have been on the Conservative party conference, we were too busy scanning the Mail Online’s side bar of shame, and talking about their ethics. So who is the real winner here?

Photography: Christopher MacKay

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she came in like a

wrecking ball By Amy McDonald

I can think back to a better time where Miley Cyrus’ innocence was still intact and young girls would look up to the Disney star as a role model who had the ‘best of both worlds’ - a perfectly balanced normal and celebrity lifestyle as the famous Hannah Montana. Nowadays the name Miley Cyrus can bring a whole range of connotations to your mind. Twerking? Licking Sledgehammers? And more recently fighting with other singers such as Sinead O’Connor? Over the past few weeks the star has been the main focus of the media’s attention as the world has watched her downfall.

Like me, many are thinking what triggered Miley to steer off the rails and take a wrong turn into rebellion? I believe her reason was to re-brand herself publically as more than Hannah Montana. Well Miley, you have certainly achieved that, Hannah Montana is well and truly gone! The release of her new single ‘We Can’t Stop’ saw Miley take to the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards in August with

14 The Edit

singer Robin Thicke. There was an online explosion as she strutted onto the stage in a nude bikini grinding (or ‘twerking’ as her moves are better known) against Robin Thicke. It was just awkward.

Many played down the star’s routine as ‘just a laugh’ or ‘just a performance’. And as if she hadn’t stamped all over her innocent reputation enough, she followed the performance with the release of ‘Wrecking Ball’. The video pictures her swinging naked on a wrecking ball and provocatively licking a sledgehammer - of course. So why are we all so shocked about Miley’s outburst of mutiny? It’s not like we haven’t had our fair share of half-naked celebrities and eruptions of rebellion from people that we once looked up to. The cause may be that Miley Cyrus was the one Disney star that we all thought would never change. I mean I think we all saw Lindsay Lohan’s and Amanda Bynes’ antics coming but Miley! We all lived in hope that she would be the proof that not all child stars go crazy. Photography: Mark Donachie

Getting Into the swing of uni By Gemma Clark

For the less gregarious students and more nervous university freshers, the unknown entity of Uni and exams can be terrifying. Below are some tips on how to boost your confidence, maximise your Uni experience and master those nerves!

Organise Your Living Space A tidy environment can rejuvenate you like a breath of fresh air and increase your creativity and productivity. It can give you a motivational zing to get through those late night study sessions – that and gallons of coffee.

Eat Well Pizza for dinner every night may seem like “student living” but it has more impact on you than just an expanding waistline. Fill the cupboards with tasty, healthy snacks. No one is Photography: Robert Wilson

suggesting skipping every post night out chippy but try and limit them.

Be Prepared and Stay That Way - Get A Diary Noting down important dates such as exams or meetings in a diary will help keep you organised and calm your nerves – if you see it coming, you’ll be prepared.

Remember Where You Are It is easy to forget how hard you’ve worked to be in that class. If you didn’t deserve to be there, they would have chosen someone else. Take confidence from that.

Everyone Is In The Same Boat There will be that odd older student/mature student who

has been in this position before, but for the majority of you, this is your first experience of Uni. You are not alone in your insecurities.

Make Use of the Resources Universities are kitted out with all sorts of resources to make your life easier, including advice on nutrition, mental, physical and sexual health. Use the support of academic tutors for advice on anything to do with your course.

Dip Your Toe in The Local Cuisine Socialise Inviting those people in your Thursday afternoon seminar out for a couple of drinks is a great start. By making the suggestion you are showing openness, a gesture that will be remembered.

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Arts a n d Cult u r e

Interview with‌ Pollyanna McIntosh By Rhiann Fowlds

Pollyanna McIntosh is an extremely talented Scottish actress. Appearing in the likes of Exam, Burke and Hare, The Acid House and most recently FLITH, I was in no doubt that her latest film, Prevertere, was going to be a great watch and it did not disappoint. Prevertere follows Templeton, a man attempting to find love in the midst of three very complicated and passionate relationships. His drug and sex-fuelled journey is both frustrating and hilarious and despite my better instincts I ended up liking his twisted character just a little bit. McIntosh plays Irene, the middle ground between Templeton’s obsessive Italian fling and long term on-off girlfriend. She is the only woman that he does not have to lie to. Instead they exchange life stories inbetween sex games. 18 The Edit

I was lucky enough to ask McIntosh about the movie, her character and sex scenes. What is it about this film that you think will draw viewers in? I think people will recognise behaviour in themselves or their date that'll make them think about what they want from their relationships. I also think they'll be intrigued by Templeton's quest and surprised by how much they want him to succeed. They will certainly have a good laugh with the wry, sly, dry and dirty humour. I watched the film with some mates at a Raindance screening in London and my girlfriend Naomi gave me the best response yet with what she took away from it; "Well, I've learned that there are pervy men out there who like to dress up and role play. I just have to go to America to find them!"

Illustratioxn: Nicole Halliday

You have starred in some big movies including FILTH, which is currently in cinemas and receiving rave reviews. How do you think Prevertere will compare in terms of success?

full of dialogue so it was much like a regular scene except the trick was to feel the moves as real but not let the camera see that you weren't doing what you want the audience to imagine you're doing.

I think as a film it has the capacity to be far reaching but these things depend, unfortunately, on dull stuff like money, so who knows! The reviews I've seen have all been great. It seems people are really pleasantly surprised by how much they like this film and it having won an award already helps but it's all about spreading the word so I'm grateful to mags like yours for covering the "little indies that can". To everyone else; please get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and spread the word if it sounds like a movie you want to see. Cheers!

Your character Irene seems to be the most content of the three women that we meet during the movie and seems to be the only person that Templeton can speak openly and honestly to. How did you find Irene to play as a character?

With the line ‘sometimes you have to show your dirty side before you can fall in love’ it was expected that the movie would have a few provocative scenes in it. Do you find it uncomfortable filming sex scenes and how do you prepare for it?

“ They will certainly have a good laugh with the wry, sly, dry and dirty humour. ” I don't find them uncomfortable, no. Mostly they're quite funny. I like to have a good time at work so if I have any concerns about a script I get it all out the way before shooting. The sex scene I have in Prevertere is almost fully clothed, behind a cardboard box and Photography: ar:pr

I really enjoyed her, she felt very honest and I had fun. I used all my own clothes in the film and dressed Terry as Templeton up in them too. That was a new experience and it really was playing dress ups. It also hurt playing Irene at times because I really felt her want for Templeton to be a better man, to step up to the plate and be the man she wanted but then, she makes the right decision for herself regarding that and that felt good and a reminder to myself that we should all be so wise. I was having some trouble with a relationship at the time with someone I really liked but who was attempting to have too much control over my life so becoming Irene was a welcome relief from all the questioning that one does in those situations. This may sound odd but Irene is one of the more "normal" characters I've gotten to play. She felt very real to me.

Top five time wasting apps. By Andrew Dribbell

5. Solitaire (iOS/Android, Free)

2. Candy Crush Saga (iOS/Android, Freemium)

Most of us are of a generation that enjoyed the fun of Solitaire on our brand new personal computers, now bring that good old fun into your hand with this brilliant free app! Customise your view, challenge your friends or simply compete with your own high scores.

We all have Facebook, we all get a million requests a day but why not actually give it a chance? It is a sickeningly sweet bejeweled style game with a twist. Use combos to clear jelly, move sweets down to the bottom and avoid the BOMBS. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but wait, there is a move limit on each level creating a lot of life difficulties for many.

4. Where’s My Water (iOS/Android, Free Trial, £0.62) Believe it or not Disney has an app to help you waste as much time as you need. In this simple puzzle game the aim is to provide enough water for an alligator that is desperate for a shower. Excellent game to just sit and get frustrated at. 3. Paper Toss 2.0 (iOS/Android, Free) We all know that feeling, the last idea you wrote down looks absolutely awful, so, you throw it gallantly to the bin… and you miss. Why bother wasting awful ideas when you can sit and throw on the go, now you can throw away fruit, grenades and more.

20 The Edit

1. Social Media Apps (iOS/Android, Free) There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and that weird thing google tries to make everyone use. What a better way to waste the day away than to see all the ludicrous things that your friends and acquaintances broadcast onto the interweb? See what your friends had for dinner, enjoy the unflattering photos from their previous night out and follow all your favourite ‘celebs’ and laugh at their every thought and phrase.

mu sic



Deaf Havana have been making music for seven years now – but their new album Old Souls is something different, something fresh and something unexpected.

a melodic direction – and has never been happier about any album before.

The 12-track offering has a variety of songs and ‘Boston Square’ is the perfect track to open with – it gives a glimpse They have left their hard-core past behind with this melodic, of Deaf Havana’s new sound, mainstream album, leaving many making you excited about the rest of the album. fans questioning the band’s identity. Listening to ‘Everybody’s Does Deaf Havana really know who they are and where they are taking their music? It would seem the English alt rock band do know where they are going. In a recent interview, singer, James, spoke about how natural the musical shift was and that he has always wanted to head in 22 The Edit

Dancing and I Want to Die’ you just can’t stand still, your hands automatically start air drumming and you have to admit: this change, was the best thing that could have happened to the band – and to the fans. ‘Mildred, Saved’ and ‘Caro Padre’ really stand out though – both are very deep and very

touching tracks. Whilst the old fans might be disappointed, some others might be surprised: these tattooed, super cool guys have a sensitive side too with lots of stories to tell which is all made so much more prominent in their latest offering. Old Souls is an album that all Deaf Havana fans should spend time listening to. The band has progressed and changed, but that is what bands do to better themselves and to show fans what they are capable of. It seems like Deaf Havana is living the dream - they have finally found themselves, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Photography: Christopher MacKay

Glasgow Madness

Blessthefall, Oceans ate Alaska and Lazarus Review By Martina Stefanova

Blessthefall, an American metalcore five piece, descended to the infamous Glasgow Cathouse early October to perform their latest and greatest hits to a crowd of adoring fans in promotion of their fourth studio album, Hollow Walls. Supporting were local metal act, Lazarus, who too are making a big name for themselves on the rock scene and Oceans Ate Alaska, a metal-core band from Birmingham. If you asked ten different music critics what the think makes a good concert, they would all probably give a different answer. But one thing is certain – it doesn’t matter who plays, or where, neither does it matter how many people showed up. What counts in the end is the Photography: Martina_Stefanova

feeling you get when you hear an brought immensity to the stage, having the crowd howling artist performing live. with excitement during their All three bands performing in performance. the Cathouse did not fail to deliver.

As the first band climbs on stage, everyone was cheering, the air was filled with excitement - it was a testament to how the night was going to progress musically. Lazarus, was granted the chance to support Blessthefall (whose UK tour is soon coming to an end), due to their elegant mix of screamo and honey coated choruses. With melodic sound and heavy textures, Lazarus are without doubt among the most talented musicians on the Glasgow metal scene.

By the time Blessthefall got on stage the atmosphere in the Cathouse was electrifying.

Blending the typical for every metal-core band heavy drums and guitar riffs with the depth of lyrics, as well as mixing Jared’s screaming with Beau’s soft voice, is what makes Blessthefall’s sound so unique. Vocalist Beau Bokan did not hesitate to interact with the audience, as did all the members of the band making the already intimate gig even more memorable. Chaos has never been sweeter.

Their set was followed by, Oceans Ate Alaska who further The Edit 23


Great Plain

Sundance By: Lorne Gilles

Great Plain Sundance are a Liverpudlian based indie folk band creating and performing refreshing and soulful music. Manor Park Sessions, named in homage to Manor Park in Northern Ireland where it was recorded, is the three-track debut EP from the quintet and it takes influence from all music genres. Singer Brendan Fitzpatrick explained: “If you are a fan of Afro-beat/Indie/folk and most recently rock, then hopefully we are the band for you.” Taking influence from the greats such as John Lennon, Kurt Cobain and Jimmy Hendrix who gave the music industry something new in the music they created, is what inspires Brendan and Great Plain Sundance when making music. He said: “Each of these men defined a generation and created a revolution in music.

24 The Edit

I love that their individual music created such controversy when it was originally released.” This controversy is what makes them lasting names in the industry – that and their talent. Talent is something that Great Plain Sundance has an abundance of. With their hint of indie and melodic folk beats the band know how to make music together. ‘Stay Up All Night’ is the key track on the EP with an extra upbeat melody fully encompassing what the band stand for. “From our original EP you will have noticed that we absolutely loved focusing on creating a pulsating rhythm section.” Brendan explained: “Heartbreak, anger, boredom and happiness are all major ingredients for a well-written song. I think that every original song has to have an emotional

attachment to it.” The 3-track EP might be just over ten minutes long but it certainly packs a punch in the songs begging for them to be kept on repeat. Working on an album is the next stage for the band with plans already in place to spend more time in the studio this year. Brendan continued: “We want to put down as many songs and thematic ideas as possible before we launch ourselves straight into the unknown. For now, expect some videos and singles to be released, including some real surprises in store.” Thoughts of a tour in destinations with high demand are on the cards for the band that are flowing with original talent, and are truly making an impact with their blend of harmonies, folk beats and melodies.

Photography: Yi Yi Qi

fa sh ion

pokemon nail art By Gemma Clark

Whether you are 2 or 22, everyone loves a good cartoon – you’re a liar if you say otherwise. Whether you are from the age of the Pop-Eye, Pokemon, Digemon or Dora, everyone loves a little nostalgia. Ladies, you are in luck; nostalgia has recently become a thing of fashion. So if vintage isn’t your thing and you are into something a little more cutesy, there is a subtle solution: nail art. I decided I would take my love of anime and use it to create something a little different. The figures on the nails in the pictures were custom-made to order from acrylic. Basically this is a goo that can be moulded into any shape and left to harden, before being painted. A very talented friend of mine, Louise did these as a favour – believe it or not she thought I was giving her a fun project, so declined payment. Good thing she’s a working woman and not a student anymore!

26 The Edit

With a layer of Shelac polish and another of acrylic over the nail to keep it solid, these will last for several weeks. At the time of printing I have been wearing them for 4 weeks and only the other day did one nail chip a little at the sides. None have fallen off or so much as chipped. These would be a great way to add a little flare to an outfit for a night out. Plus they are a great talking point, guaranteed to get you noticed and can be adapted to literally any style or shape your mind (or the internet) can conjure up.

Photography: Gemma Clark

Finding the perfect jewellery for a special occasion outfit can be difficult work, and not many places on the high street offer occasion jewellery at all, so it’s little wonder more and more of us are opting instead to visit craft fairs and smaller websites to try to find something that little bit different for our special days. Sally Jewels is an online store selling jewellery and accessories designed and handcrafted by Sally Williams, using a variety of materials, Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski Crystals, Swarovski Pearls, Agate and many more semiprecious stones. The site is perfect if you’re looking for wedding jewels (jewellery can be made to match bridesmaids’ dresses) or for unusual birthday gifts (like the Golden Snitch necklace made for my HarryPotter-obsessed self!). So if you’re bored of the high street, and completely lost in vintage stores, head out to your local craft fares, or start going to online boutiques like sallyjewels. com for something glitzy and different. Photography: Katie O’Hara

Sally Jewels By Katie O’Hara

The Edit 27

new look river island shoezone matalan

shoes trousers jumper hoodie

Gianni Massi

topshop h&m ebay new look primark

Maddie McCrossan

Audio Technology with Multimedia

jacket bag necklace jumper shoes

BA Media & Communications

clarks H&M charity shop decathlon

Photography: Katie O’Hara

top leggings shoes jacket

Macoula Deuibélé BA Business & Language

caley campus style

zara longehams zara

lewis topshop tk maxx blowfish

Media & Communications

Jushina Kazik

jacket shirt bag shoes

Media & Communications

Mariam Okasha

jacket bag shoes

A selection of Caledonian’s most stylish students ‘ welcome to Campus Style !

Yiai Fang (Cherry) Entertainment and Events Management

hat french connection jumper stylenanda jeans hollister dress, jacket and shoes boots joules bag

Media & Communications

topman H&M asos asos

Ross McAuley

jacket hoodie jeans shoes

Sp ort

No fight is worth dying over UFC president Dana White has never spoken truer words. He made this statement to the press after news broke of the death of 26 year old Leandro ‘Feijao’ Souza, who passed away while trying to make weight for his next fight. The Brazilian was set to compete the next day on a Shooto fight card in Rio de Janeiro but first he had to make sure that he was able to make the 125 pound weight limit for the flyweight bout. In doing so Souza attempted to cut 33 pounds in a single week, and just two pounds from his goal, the fighter suffered a stroke, dying later that day in the hospital. This case is believed to be the first weight-cutting related death in Mixed Martial Arts history. While Souza’s story might be an extreme one, cutting 33 pounds in a single week

is by no means a regular practice, it is indicative of what many see as one of the biggest issues in MMA today. Weight cutting has become one of the hot topics in the sport with some arguing that it leads to an unfair advantage, with naturally larger fighters sometimes competing in a weight class or two below their natural weight by dehydrating themselves before a fight. Though this is the first time a fighter has died due to weight cutting, there have been many cases where competitors have had kidney failure brought on by dehydration. These facts make it difficult to argue with anyone who believes weight cutting is an issue, that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

By Daniyall Qazi The question is what action should the MMA world take exactly? The most obvious solution would be to move weigh-ins from the day before fights to the day of the fights, a move which would no doubt discourage many from cutting the huge amounts of weight that some fighters do. But then there are those who believe that fighters would continue to cut weight, still going in search of every advantage possible, something which could possibly lead to even more deaths. Whether the answer comes from stricter regulation from the sport’s governing bodies or from a shift in attitude from its competitors, one thing is for certain: no fight is worth dying for.

The Edit 31

to be or not to be By Ally Bennett Eighteen year-old Manchester United winger Adnan Januzaj’s explosion on to the scene with a series of impressive performances has sparked a debate about nationalism and the rules of international eligibility. When appearing as a guest on Match of the Day, England manager Roy Hodgson confirmed that the Football Association was monitoring him with a view to “naturalising” him. This was controversial for a number of reasons. Firstly, Januzaj is eligible to play for a number of international sides – Belgium, Albania and Serbia. He was born and raised in Belgium but his parents are Albanian and Kosovan. He moved to England when he was 16 to play for Manchester United. Under Fifa’s residency rules, a player has to have lived in a country for five years after they turn 18 to be eligible to play for that nation. Januzaj has only just recently turned 18 meaning he would have to wait until he was 23 to play international football for England, which is very unlikely considering how talented he is - but that hasn’t stopped the English FA from looking into bringing the player on board.

32 The Edit

Not only would this be out of the ordinary but England would have to go back on an agreement signed with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland on residency rules to not “naturalise” players. Scotland under 21 manager Billy Stark criticised the proposed move saying “international football could be in danger of becoming a laughing stock”. Jack Wilshere, an England international, recently sparked debate by saying: “The only people who should play for England are English people. If you live in England for five years it doesn't make you English.” This caused controversy as he was then criticised by South African-born, England cricketer Kevin Pietersen, which only intensified the debate. Nationality is often difficult to define and there have been many footballers who have excelled for countries that they weren’t born in – Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose are both Polish but have starred for Germany. However, they at least have ties to Germany where Januzaj has none to England and thus the attempt to poach him seems to give credence to fears of a loss of credibility. It’s now time to see if that matters to those in charge. Photography: Phil Dunsmore

Competing on home territory is mostly described as an advantage in sporting terms. People have their own ideas as to why that may be the case; the atmosphere generated by the roaring noise of the native crowd, or the opposition having to travel large distances to get there. The conspiracy theorists would claim it could even be that something gets put in the visitors’ tea. Pundits and experts aplenty look for all sorts of reasons to vindicate their belief that home advantage exists. However, what appears to be beyond factual misinterpretation is that home advantage is just that, a helpful factor that has a profound effect on the chances of achieving a positive result whatever the reasoning. In particular, the effect of the Commonwealth Games on the host nations of recent times seem to hint at the chance of a Scottish medal onslaught, with Glasgow preparing to showcase the event next summer. Close to home, England’s total medal haul rose from 135 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to 166 when they hosted the games in Manchester four years later in 2002. Photography: Christopher MacKay

our turn By Andy Skinner

At the same Games, Australia’s medal intake of 207 was the highest of all competing nations. One could be forgiven for thinking that beating this would have been a step too far when the Games came to Melbourne in 2006, however a remarkable rise of 15 medals to 222 saw the Aussies go one better. Meanwhile most recently, India leapt in style when Delhi hosted the games in 2010. They more than doubled their previous medal haul of 50, to an impressive 101 on home territory. Scotland picked up 26 medals in India, and hopes are high the home effect can be replicated with aplomb in Glasgow next year, to achieve a legacy that generations can benefit from in years to come. The Edit 33

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A student Guide to autumn eating By Kelsey Hunter The leaves have changed from fresh summer greens to spicy autumn oranges and reds. The days are shorter, the wind is bitter and naturally, all I can think about is rich steaming hot chocolates, sticky cinnamon everything and good old fashioned comfort food. It really isn’t easy to stay healthy at this time of year, especially on a student budget; however you can say goodbye to super noodles and winter love handles with a few of these foodie tips: Apples & Pears Take the Stairs. Lecture on the 7th floor? Do it. Climbing stairs is great exercise AND it’s free. You can burn up to 80 calories lugging your uni bag up those 7 flights. Apples and pears are at their best this season, so switch your snack to a fresh pink lady or a juicy pear. If you’re craving comfort, try peeling, coring and halving the fruit and place under a hot grill for 2-3 minutes on each side, top with brown sugar and cinnamon and bake for another minute.


Think Big Batch. Make sure that you have freezer bags on standby and scour the internet for traditional recipes to find authentic tastes. Whip up a bolognese, a rich stew or a thick soup to feed 4-6 people, then portion it up into freezer bags and store. The double advantage to this is the flavours you create develop and mingle together as they sit patiently in the freezer until needed.


Courgettes. Simply delicious, in season, cheap and good for you. They are packed with vitamins C and K, rich in nutrients and totally fat free (100g = 16 calories!!!). Try substituting them for spaghetti with your traditional bolognese recipe. Using a speed peeler, peel long strips of courgette onto a sheet of kitchen towel. Stop peeling when you see the seeds at the core (there is a lot of water stored here which will make the strips soggy). Lightly fry them in batches on a very high heat, with a tablespoon of olive oil and you have a healthy nutritious pasta alternative.


Switching to Green Tea. Ok, I know it’s not our beloved hot chocolates or creamy lattes, but it’s definitely worth a go. It revs up your metabolism and helps you burn fat. I’m a green tea newbie, drinking it every day for 4 weeks, and I honestly believe it has made me feel healthier. Many people, including myself, mistake thirst for hunger - so next time you feel that familiar pang, try a cup of green tea with a slice of fresh lime.


It’s the little things that make a huge difference to how you feel and what you spend and remember - every food you love is good for you in moderation!

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