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nother from an Irish author, this series follows a skeleton detective and … actually, you know what? I’m not going to describe this one to you, because I know you won’t believe me. The concept is equal parts surreal and fantastic, and really, needs to be read to be believed. Honestly.


Suzanne Collins




et firmly in a dystopian future, the Hunger Games follows Katniss Evergreen in her entrance in the titled ‘Hunger Games’ – a sadistic annual event which pits 24 children against each other. It’s win or die, and only one child ever comes out of the arena. If you’re thinking Battle Royale, firstly congrats on knowing that story, but really don’t. While there’s no doubt there are similarities, Hunger Games is very firmly a young adult trilogy that hits hard. This one has approval from Stephanie Meyer, and it’s clear to see why – the “love triangle” sub-plot has as obvious an answer as Twilight’s did. This is a good series, but your liking may vary hugely. A movie starring Jennifer Lawerence is due to come out in March 2012.


un fact – Cassandra Clare was once a Harry Potter fan-fiction author by the name of Cassandra Claire. Note the use of the ‘i’. Go Google it. This is the only series on this list that I haven’t personally read, and I really can’t explain why. The series follows a teenage girl who realises she has magic powers and joins a teen gang in a New York that is infested with werewolves, witches, and warlocks. Boy, you can tell Clare’s influences, can’t you? Alright, to be fair, I have heard this series is a lot better than I make it sound, but like the Hunger Games, your liking may vary.

nd there we go; the top four contenders, at least from what I’ve been able to see. Oh, I could have mentioned Discworld, but that’s for another article, perhaps. There are books beyond Potter, and while I’m not sure if anything could really knock King Harry P from his throne, these contenders can at least make him waver in his seat.

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