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he People’s Zero is a mysterious dogooding website run by a shadowy figure claiming to be an anonymous student at Caley. He makes no claims to be a great man. He is a man like any other, a simple man. Some would say a stupid, unattractive man. But a man who will turn tears to laughter, hate to love, war to peace and everyone to everyone’s neighbour, and a man who quotes Jonny Mathis lyrics to look hip to the youth.


hrough the course of last year’s The Edit we discussed many an ethical dilemma and made many a joke against many helpless stereotypes. We spoke of ethical banking, of buying Fairtrade, of the ethics of pornography, of the highs and lows of vegetarianism and of choosing eco-friendly cleaning products to protect Mother Earth and make minimal impact on your standard hall of residence student squalor. What a time we had. Now here we find ourselves in a regular slot of Zero endorsed ethical do-gooding,

‘ a mysterious do-gooding website run by a shadowy figure...’ welcoming another group of Freshers out to invent themselves, out to leave their marks on the world and their vomit stains on their hall carpets. If student cliché’s your bag, by now you should be drinking like Keith Richards after a trek across the Gobi desert and jumping into a regime of mindless promiscuity like you’re part of an urgent earth repopulation programme. However, as this issue points out there are other things to do with your time. You could join one of the many sports groups on campus; you could be a star in the drama club. Or if you don’t intend to have any intercourse over the next four years, you could join the Lord of the Rings discussion group, if however you’re looking for something nobler, more do-goody and self-righteous, you could volunteer for something. Amble over to, you’re likely to find a whole stack of ways you can help the world to a better future. You could do the classic charity shop thing, join a Womblestyle clean up to recycle the cans and bottles the everyday less ethically minded leave behind, or see what you can do for the tons of people sleeping on the streets just feet away from campus. You could teach kids about humanitarian issues with

The Edit Issue 1 >> October 2011  

The Edit Issue 1 >> October 2011 Glasgow Caledonian University Students' Association Student Magazine. Written/Designed/Photographed by Cal...

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