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H Ibrahim

‘So here you are, you have arrived, you are here.’


or some of you, getting here may not have been an easy task, full of ups and downs. For others this may be what you have wanted for a long time, university, the pivotal moment. All this does not mean to say that you are not - dare I say it - scared. So here you are, you have arrived, you are here. So where is here? The answer is simple. Here is where you find out who you really are. Where you explore, that big scary place that you’re not sure if you fit into. Where everyone is different, everyone has an opinion and no one else seems to be apprehensive. Where it is acceptable to dress the way you have always wanted and to be the person you have always wanted to be. A place in which no one has any idea who you are and you are free to paint a whole new canvas. The past no longer matters. When I first arrived in Glasgow, it was like a whole new world. Coming from a small

countryside cottage to an extensive walled residence filled with boisterous students all wanting to have a “good time”. Now I’m not dismissing the fact I had a good time, I assure you I did and we all have the photographs to prove those moments we may wish never to see again but those moments are the ones we now laugh at, those raw moments when we were discovering where we wanted to go. But the truth is it was mostly awkward hellos, bad food, sleepless nights and slight stress. University is a whole world away from school, a challenge if you been out of education and a gamble as to whether or not you have chosen the right career path. The commitment you are making for the rest of your life (slightly dramatic, but I’m just trying to paint a picture). So while you are here, explore, leave your room and go out in the cold. Find that place you feel at home, may it be a bookshop, a night club, a café or even that wonderful little vintage shop you

The Edit Issue 1 >> October 2011  

The Edit Issue 1 >> October 2011 Glasgow Caledonian University Students' Association Student Magazine. Written/Designed/Photographed by Cal...

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