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Christmas away Martina Stefanova

Toys R Us and Coca Cola commercials are all over the TV channels. Therefore, Christmas is coming. While I’m sure most of you will be going home to celebrate with family, for the unfortunate of us, this Christmas will be spent away. While I do realize Christmas is a family holiday, don’t let the distance ruin it for you. Here are some of the things I’ll be doing this year: • Spend the holidays with friends. After your family, they are the closest people you have in your life. Instead of feeling down, get together, play some Christmas songs, watch Home Alone, order pizza, or… • Cook yourself a lovely meal. It will not be as good as your child memories suggest, but don’t let that thought discourage you. • Go shopping. Window shopping even. The shops around that time of the year are dreamlike. Set foot at the Buchanan Galleries and you’ll feel the magic of Christmas. • Send your family a gift. Or simply a Christmas card. No matter if they live a train away, or in my case – in a different time zone, a thoughtful gift is always a sign of how much you love them, and will brighten their holidays, as well as yours. • Decorate your flat. I do realize we are all living off a budget here. But you can find some really good decorations at Poundland or Primark. Make your flat Christmas-friendly with lights and a small tree. Have a very merry Christmas! And remember, you’re not alone!

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The Edit

Editor’s letter

My eyes well up once again as I watch the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. It may have cost £13 million less than the John Lewis advert, but gosh it brought a tear to my eye. The George Square lights are up and the Christmas countdown has well and truly begun, and for this reason, ‘Advent’ seemed the perfect theme for our last issue of 2013. This year has been good for The Edit, with a NUS award win in April and the introduction of lots of new contributors since we started back this term. This issue brings with it our newly appointed news editor, Kieran Thomas, who has introduced an international news section to the magazine, along with an update from the Philippines. In our Features section you can read an interview from one man who made the most of ‘coming out’, and feel better about being a student as our contributor points out it’s definitely not as easy as it seems. Our Sports editor and contributors share views on the NFL injury scrutiny, and the greatest martial art fighter ‘the amazing spiderman’. The music and arts and culture pages are bursting with interviews from famous faces and reviews that will get you in the mood for live music and comedy this Christmas. And if you are looking for a new festive wardrobe, skip to the fashion pages as they are full of bargains from IKRUSH and a bold new hair idea. Since this is the last issue of the semester we will not be with you again until 2014, please keep up with all the student news and goings on in Glasgow on The Edit Magazine’s blog – Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from everyone at The Edit,

mandy the editor The Edit


What are you saying?

would you most like to meet under the mistletoe?

Michael Dunn, 18 Rihanna


The Edit

Scott McInnes, 22 Christina Aguilera

Steph Morrison, 20 Ryan Gosling

What is the best Christmas present you have ever given or received?

Colin Blaney, 26 The best one was the Tiffany bracelet I gave my mum last year, she loved it!

Fiona Wood, 20 My mums friend gave her a coffee bean necklace for her 21st and she was so sad when she lost it, so one year I got her a pair of coffee bean earrings to help make up for it, she wears them constantly.

Colette Sullivan, 21 We got our parents a TV one year!

Photography: Christopher MacKay

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Ne ws 8

The Edit

International news round up

By Angus Macgregor

Africa Following China’s example Russia has announced it intends to invest in Uganda with the Russian state owned Rostec Corporation bidding to help fund the Lake Albert basin oil refinery. The refinery will be the first of its kind in Uganda and profits will go to helping build the East African nation’s economy. Many hope that by making use of crude oil and natural gas capabilities the Ugandan government can make moves to eradicate poverty and create long lasting benefits for its people. Many see Uganda as a good investment due to low risk of violence and with the rising need for oil in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Southern Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania as the East African economies expand. Uganda’s economy has expanded much faster than Sub-Saharan Africa and there is thought to be up to 3.5 billion barrels of oil and 350 billion cubic feet of natural gas. East Asia The Japanese have angered China, Korea and Taiwan by Japanese politicians continuing to honour the Yasukuni Shrine. The Shinto shrine honours those who fought and died for the Japanese Emperor from 1867–1951 including those who fought during the Japanese invasion of the Asian pacific.

There are over 1000 convicted war criminals honoured including 14 class A war criminals. Recent visits by the Japanese government have caused outrage in countries like China and Korea who suffered terribly under Japanese rule. Claims of mass executions, institutionalised rape by the military, torture and medical experimentation are something the Japanese have always said are over-exaggerated and have only recently apologised for. The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to visit the Shrine later this year however many fear this would further strain relations with China. Relations between the two countries are already tense with continuing calls for military action over the disputed Senkaku Islands coming from both countries. North America Mayor of Canada’s largest city Toronto has admitted to smoking crack cocaine while in a "drunken stupor". Rob Ford was caught up in the scandal when a video of him supposedly smoking crack with drug dealers was released to the public. He has refuted calls that he should step down claiming by staying in his job he is being a “role model to kids”.

The Edit


Philippines corruption blamed for poor relief response By Kieran Thomas

The images of devastated towns and cities in the wake of hurricane Haiyan has spurred the world into action but for many in the Philippines this was a disaster waiting to happen. Just one week before the storm hit the islands the current President Benigno Aquino was facing corruption hearings. The “Pork Barrel” scandal hasn’t been directly connected to the President but Aquino has been heavily associated causing a huge drop in his approval ratings. Aquino, whose mother ousted a dictatorship in 1986 and is considered the mother of Philippines democracy, was elected on the promise to try and end wide spread corruption. The scandal revolves around £300 million of public funds intended for projects including roads and bridges in the very areas that took the brunt of Haiyan being used to bribe Senators. 10

The Edit

Many in the Philippines were outraged as they believed Aquino would end the rampant corruption but after the slow aid response due to poor infrastructure and corrupt local officials many in the Philippines are calling for drastic action. The building of more secure brick and mortar houses for many developers is deemed unprofitable without government subsidies even though lowcost storm proof housing is available many in the Philippines are still too poor to afford nonsubsidised houses. Roads leading to and in major cities were turned to ankle deep mud making relief efforts in remote areas of the islands near impossible. The Philippines does have a long history of corruption, the 20 year president Ferdinand Marcos is thought to have embezzled over £3 billion of public funds during

his time in office from 1965 to 1986. His wife Imelda Marcos, now in the Philippine House of Representatives, hails from the city of Tacloban one of the worst hit areas by the storm. During her time as first Lady she built many lavish buildings in the city including her opulent home “St. Nino’s Shrine” which once housed her famous shoe collection. This building is now one of the few left standing in Tacloban, the rest like the roads have been blown down and washed away. The Philippines has long received massive amounts of aid from the USA and has a stable economy but urban planning has been almost non-existent. This in a nation with an exploding population, systematic poverty and climate change creating a perfect storm of issues for when the perfect storm hit.

This building is now one of the few left standing in Tacloban, the rest like the roads have been blown down and washed away. Photography: Christopher MacKay

The Edit


Tesco’s action on food waste By Jessica Brown

According to a recent press release from Tesco, the store has revealed that 30,000 tonnes of food has been wasted in the first half of this year. The supermarket giant is the first major retailer to publish its food waste figures, which found that 68% of all salad grown for bagged salad is wasted, partly due to ‘2 for 1’ deals encouraging customers to overbuy. The data also found that 40% of apples go to waste, along with a quarter of grapes, a fifth of bananas, and just under half of all bakery items. A Tesco spokesperson, speaking on the company's Twitter account, said: "Around a third of all food grown may be lost or wasted - reducing waste is one of our three big ambitions." Food isn't just being wasted in store the whole process from farm to fork; pest problems on crops, delivery time and over-buying of perishable goods are all contributing to the problem. Tesco Commercial Director of Group Food, Matt Simister, said: “We’ve all got a 12

The Edit

responsibility to tackle food waste and there is no quick-fix single solution. Families are wasting an estimated £700 a year and we want to help them keep that money in their pockets, rather than throwing it in the bin.” As well as this, Tesco has said fresh fruit and veg will be stored in smaller cases, and they will no longer have 'display until' labels. Bakeries in 600 larger stores will be rearranged so that less fresh bread is on display and is therefore less likely to be wasted. A spokesperson for Christian food bank charity Trussell Trust, Molly Hodson, said: "In a country where thousands of people are facing hunger and turning to our food banks for help, it is incredibly sad that so much food is wasted.” Figures in 2011 published by Waste and Resources Action Plan estimated that 15 million tonnes of food waste is generated per year in the UK, by food sellers and also by customers. Tesco will soon be publishing tips on food storage to help their customers save food, and money, from being wasted.

it is incredibly sad that so much food is wasted

Photography: Christopher MacKay

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The Edit

fe at ur es

National Coming Out Day: Interview with Mark Welsh By Gemma Clark

October 11th marked National Coming Out Day and for many this was a great occasion. It was a day where people could feel like a community, as hundreds came out of the closet and into the greater gay community. Mark was one of these people. He shared his experience with The Edit and his reasons for bounding out of the closet and into a life of openness about his sexuality. “I’ve known for years I was gay. I think my family have always known too but it never bothered them. I’ve been really lucky-,” said Mark. “So far everyone has been really supportive. I’ve had no trouble which is great considering how much grief you hear about some people getting,” he continued. Telling your friends is one thing, but making it public can be quite another. So we asked; why now? His response was one that rings true with a lot of people; he was tired of keeping secrets. Living a half-truth is no real way to live, as clichéd as that may sound.

His advice to those who may not have taken the plunge this year would be to, “Go with what you enjoy. Experiment.” Young people often find their late teens a confusing time as far as sexuality is concerned, what with so much exposure to new things. Mark continued: “Come out when you feel ready, don’t rush. The thing is, once you’re out you’re out – it’s hard to take it back. So be sure and wait till you feel comfortable, whether your 20 or 40.” His main message is one of hope: “I just want to get rid of the stigma. To let people see that we are not sick, we are not bad. We are just loving people and there is no reason for anyone to feel uncomfortable.” Mark was waiting to go to the gym after meeting me and he did admit that he is currently single and has never really been in a relationship. Look out boys, there’s a new rainbow fish in the sea! The Edit


It’s a Hard ‘nuf Life By Rebecca Root

Most people, aka parents, assume that we students have it all too easy. Roll out of bed at 12pm, throw down a few tins of beans then submit some half-hearted, semi-intelligent essay that will someday give us access to a host of fantastically well-paid jobs that really, we did nothing to deserve. Well, here’s some news for them; being a student is no easy feat. There’s an endless bout of pain staking tasks that need to be completed in a short, four year time span, all the while keeping ourselves financially afloat, battling the inevitable student podge and submitting weekly worship to lectures. Even just the thought of juggling all of that puts me in a spin of exhaustion and sends me right back to bed. However, many a grown-up has failed to recognise these dilemmas as serious life problems and don’t realise they haunt the lives of students throughout those gruelling uni years. Student dilemma number 1: Finding relatively sane people to bunk up with Halls in themselves can be a nightmare. If luck strikes you could end up sharing with the Chinese hottie on exchange or find your new best pal lurking in room six. On the other hand, you could be subjected to the hermit in room two who likes to hoard all the cutlery, and the drama queen across the way who insists on compulsively telling porkies. Once halls are done and it’s time to take the next terrifying step into a grown up flat, you’ve got to find the right people to share with. Hopefully, you’ve learnt enough about your companions in halls to decide whether they’ll make the cut to year two. But, whoever you find yourself bunked up with, it’s all a game of roomie roulette; anyone can seem like the ideal flatmate and then, one day, you walk into 16

The Edit

the bathroom only to discover your favourite mug is now being used as the toothbrush holder- oh the frustration. Student dilemma number 2: Finding and maintaining a normal job With the odd free hour here and there, owing to a somewhat sparse timetable, it seems a sensible step to find a part time job to keep your night out fund going strong. This can be anything from a bar job to checkout chick or IT guru to powerhouse DJ. However, the tricky part is finding that perfect gig amidst the numerous dodgy ads out there calling for oh-sovulnerable students. While of course there are the dependable high street companies offering solid contracts and flexible hours, there are also the crazy adverts that attempt to lure in young students. Without realising you can find yourself tied into some conspicuous role that results in putting yourself in an awkward and scary position. Then there’s the scammers, the employers who seem dependable but really see a penniless student and think slave labour. They forget to pay you, steal your tips and run off with your rebate, all the while you’re grafting away feeling all too nice to dole out the threats. Finding a decent part time job that is no hassle, and funky time free, while juggling it with those impending uni assignments is just another thing to cross off the growing list that accumulates over the four year stretch.

Photography: Robert Wilson

Student Dilemma number 3: Battling the bulge Moving away from home, watching the pennies and managing a hectic social life means there’s potential to pile on the pounds. In Asda you head directly for the Smartprice items and regularly check out The Pound Shop for the essentials in order to keep costs to a minimum... and shocker, healthy food is not cheap. So it’s a constant battle between ready meals versus pricey health foods. Working the financial factors into a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid that student muffin top is a struggle. As an added bonus you also have to master cooking for yourself without setting off the smoke alarms. While some gyms do offer affordable student prices, it’s finding the time and, OK, the motivation, to work off these six tins of spaghetti hoops you had yesterday. However, nobody ever said shaking your booty on a Kushion Juicy Tuesday didn’t count. So there you have it; while most of today’s society are under the illusion that students lead this laid back lifestyle involving nothing more than regular binges and an occasional tutorial, they would be wrong. Our lives consist of numerous dilemmas that spark concern for many a student. If you can navigate your way through the woes of student living, hold down a decent, scam-free job and stay slinky all at the same time, than you deserve that degree. Forget a BA in nursing or engineering; you’re walking out of uni with a degree in life management.

The Edit


Tis the Season to be a-list? By Amy McDonald As the festive season approaches I’m sure we are all itching to hear what the celebrities will be getting up to. There is no doubt, I am not the only one who scrawls through the latest celeb magazines in the month of December to find out the latest Christmas trends that those famous people are wearing and who is attending what parties. Throwing themselves into several television appearances or supporting a charitable cause, the stars are a very sociable force around the festive season. One thing is for sure- they have no problem sharing how much fun they’re having while we watch them live out our Christmas fantasies. The bands of The Big Reunion have big Christmas 2013 plans as they intend to release their cover of the Christmas hit “I wish it could be Christmas everyday”. All the profits from the single will go to the ‘Text Santa’ charity appeal, which will appear on our screens on 20th December. Over in the states it looks like it’s going to be a pretty wild Christmas for the stars as singer and music producer is due to host a star studded bash in LA. The guest list has not yet been revealed but it has been reported that Cheryl Cole is to reunite with her ex Tre Holloway at the party. The pair are allegedly going to talk things through at the party as they haven’t


The Edit

seen each other since their split in June. I don’t know if this is just me but if I was to have a serious chat with an ex I probably wouldn’t want to do it at one of the biggest Christmas parties of the season! Chezza I recommend a quiet coffee shop, Starbucks do a wonderful eggnog latte over Christmas. Others however are going for more of a quiet Christmas with their loved one as The Saturday’s Rochelle Humes has opened up about her Christmas plans vowing this year is going to be family Christmas. The singer welcomed daughter Alaia-Mai with her ex boy band JLS husband Marvin in May and she told of how little Alaia-May will be utterly spoiled since it’s her first Christmas. Personally I think it is lovely to see celebrity couples having a normal Christmas, showing that they can have a conventional day without the usual a-list trimmings. Maybe they’ll stay away from all that designer baby wear for their daughter, to show just how ‘normal’ they are… Yeah right! All I know is I will be looking on with a little bit of envy and admiration as all the stars step out in their little black dresses to go to their magical Christmas parties as I sit at home in my onesie eating a tin of roses and fighting with my family over the last mince pie.

Photography: Christopher MacKay

The Edit


Attitudes have to change By Jessica Grace Brown

Public transport and the daily commute; it’s something most of us sit through twice every day. We rush and squeeze on to packed trains and buses, a routine that’s so commonplace, it’s almost robotic. It’s an unavoidable part of most people’s lives, and should never be feared or dreaded - but, by some, it is. The BTP in London are working with charities including End Violence Against Women, The Everyday Sexism Project and Hollaback! London, on Project Guardian; a new strategy to prevent crimes of sexual assault and abuse on public transport. According to the Scottish Government publication of Recorded Crime 20032013 crime rates are falling, yet reports of sexual offences like assault, rape and harassment are increasing in numbers. The BTP said - on their website - the aim of Project Guardian is to increase awareness of sexual offences, and to encourage victims and witnesses to feel comfortable in reporting them. Uniformed and undercover officers are stationed at places considered vulnerable 20

The Edit

at certain times, such as quiet train stations at night. All of these officers are trained to identify potential victims at risk, and some are trained in sexual offence courses. Chair of Hollaback! Edinburgh, a branch of one of the charities involved in Project Guardian, Ms Jacq Kelly, said: “Public masturbation, groping, leering, verbal harassment and out and out assault are nothing out of the ordinary. Sexual harassment and abuse is so common on public transport that while we are always shocked to hear about it, we are never surprised. “Hollaback! as a movement developed in the way it did in part because a woman named Thao Nguyen uploaded a photo she had taken of the man who had intentionally masturbated across from her on the New York subway and we meet people all the time who share similar experiences.” Although sexual offences occur in every city in the UK, and seemingly globally, there are no public plans for Project Guardian to expand and protect the rest of the country.

"Project Guardian sounds really great and I think it would be good here in Scotland, but in conjunction with that, it's also important to change the behaviour that makes something like that necessary.� Photography: Christopher MacKay

The Edit



The Edit

A spokesperson of the BTP, using their official Twitter account said: “We’re looking at future possibilities [to introduce similar projects elsewhere], but we always encourage any victim on Britain’s transport to talk to us in confidence.”

Women are four times more likely than men to experience sexual harassment, assault or exposure, according to a report in 2002 by the Department of Transport, and 90% of adults surveyed had seen this kind of behaviour happen on public transport.

Ms Kelly wants to see more action. She said:

Maitland continues: “You have to ask yourself: why do people who carry out that sort of activity, do it?

“We would be very open to meeting with Police Scotland…to discuss the work that has taken place in London, with a view to making all spaces safer for all people in Scotland.” In the 2002 Anti-Social Behaviour on Buses British crime survey, 80% of people asked said they did not report the last incident of harassment, violence or physical assault they had experienced on public transport. Kelly continues: “Harassment of this kind if so often minimised, denied or dismissed. “It’s time we got real and addressed this as a serious public safety issue.” Spokesperson for Rape Crisis Scotland, Ms Eileen Maitland, believes that more attention must be paid to changing attitudes, and not just changing the policing strategy. She said: “Project Guardian sounds really great and I think it would be good here in Scotland, but in conjunction with that, it’s also important to change the behaviour that makes something like that necessary.”

“Why do they feel able to do it? What is it that’s led them to behave in that way? Is it something to do with their culture; their sense of entitlement; their masculinity? There can be so much focus on changing the environment to make things safer; it’s important not to lose sight of who is committing the violence and why that is happening, and to be as focused on preventing it, as much as on making it safer.” There can be no totally accurate record of sexism and sexual harassment on Scottish transport services, simply, because the incidents are countless. It’s doubtful that there could ever be sufficient police protection to stop it altogether, even with efforts like Project Guardian, especially in our current society of cut backs and recession - but there are other ways to make change. Like Eileen Maitland said, it’s the behaviour and attitudes that have to change, as well as the prosecution.

The Edit


12 days of Christmas excitementFun ideas to make you feel extra Christmassy By Becky Cant


The Edit

Ever since I found out about Santa, Christmas has dimmed its sparkle a little bit. Once I knew about it, my parents were pretty good at pretending as if nothing had changed and since my siblings were still young enough to believe in him I pretended too. One of the perks of being the oldest child, I got to live through their excitement! However now my youngest sister is 12, I think its time to face the facts that he’s gone and enjoy it in a whole new way. Therefore, If like me you want a bit of extra sparkle in your Christmas, have a wee read below and follow my 12 step guide to feeling extra Christmassy. Make a list of the Christmas presents you are going to buy for others … and yourself. Make mulled wine with your Mum and have a dram of whiskey with your dad. Grab your favourite blanket, comfy jumper and slipper socks. Light a spicy candle, put some fairy lights on, snuggle up by the fire and roast some chestnuts. Hint: this is also great for a cute evening of writing Christmas cards, wrapping presents or raking through your Christmas radio times and watching Christmas classics. Try every Christmas drink on Starbucks’ and Costa’s menu. Go through your Christmas day routine with your friends. Go to your local garden centre, purely to get a whiff of the Christmas tree smell. Do a secret Santa, you get to buy a little something for your friends and it’s a great excuse to have another Christmas night out. BAKE! Make gingerbread men and decorate them icing pens and silver balls. Next, mince meat pies! Have a Hugh Grant marathon – Bridget Jones’ Diary, Love Actually and About a Boy obligatory . Home alone and It’s a wonderful life are also Christmas time musts. Is it frosty? Step on the grass! Make a Christmas playlist on your iPod and dance around as you decorate your tree. Visit family you don’t see very often and catch up on their year. Photography: Christopher MacKay

The Edit



The Edit

Arts a n d Cult u r e The Edit


Interview acces Daniel Sloss an Kai Humphries. By Rhiann Fowlds


The Edit

Daniel Sloss is undoubtedly one of Scotland’s most talented comedians. After stepping onto our television screens on the Paul O’Grady show in 2009 he then went on to be the youngest comedian to perform a solo session in London’s west end at the tender age of nineteen. Now 23, his new tour Stand Up, which he confirms he spent a large amount of time naming, is undoubtedly his best yet. What makes the show even more exceptional is his warm up act which comes in the form of his friend Kai Humphries. After the gig I got the pleasure of interviewing these two talented comedians, my sides still hurting from laughing so much. As soon as they are asked about doing a gig in Glasgow Kai smiles and describes Glasgow crowds as “unoffendable” so our reputation remains intact. This is by no means their first gig together and when asked what annoying qualities the other has there is no holding back on either side. “Daniel Sloss is mad at the world,” Kai tells me “his cynicism is the most annoying habit that any man can ever have.”

ss: nd

Daniel is quick to retaliate, “Kai has never gotten up before one in the afternoon without me being there. You would think he was depressed but he doesn’t have enough brain capacity to be depressed.” I swiftly move on and decide to talk girls: just how easy is it to laugh a

Photography: Fraser Drylie

woman into bed? Daniel was quick to jump in. “The theory that ‘if you make a women laugh you can make her do anything’ is bulls**t but if you can make a women laugh she tends to trust you and that is a start. Also women have this thing with power and with stand-up comedy you have confidence

“You can get a women’s attention by being funny but if you are still cracking jokes between the sheets you are doing something wrong.” and I guess that is what women look for.” Kai added: “You can get a women’s attention by being funny but if you are still cracking jokes between the sheets you are doing something wrong.” A comment Daniel was not in agreement with. The work ethic of these two is unquestionable with their next big event being Australia’s Adelaide festival in February they are both extremely busy beforehand. Daniel is jetting to America followed by Sweden while Kai is off to the French Alps followed by a number of circuit gigs. These comedians are only getting better and I am in no doubt we will be seeing a lot more of them. The Edit


Top 5 best v tablets By Andrew Dribbell

As struggling students we need all we can to make life just that little bit easier, some drag their good old 15’6” laptops into class, some simply a pen and paper. Would it not be easier to shove something in your bag just as you are leaving the house? That is where the handheld tablets come in, but no one wants to spend thousands of pounds on overpowered hardware, we need something relatively cheap and cheerful as long as it still does the job. Here is my Top 5 best budget tablets of 2013 so far, enjoy. Bringing up the rear in our countdown is a rather odd entry from your very own local supermarket Tesco. The Tesco Hudl starts at £119 which is incredibly reasonable. But, as you are paying a lot less you receive a lot less in performance, however there is no denying its value. The Hudl uses stock android 4.2 which most will like as many will have used this on their phones. The display is incredibly sharp and lovely to watch videos and for general note taking. Despite a lot of good points the Hudl does possess



The Edit

an Achilles heel, the tablet itself. It has nothing that stands out and it’s alarming none of its competitors but all in all a good tablet. Everyone knows Amazon, everyone knows the Kindle, a concept that began life as a simple eBook is now a fullyfledged tablet running with its own app store provided by Amazon itself. The Kindle Fire HD starts at £129 making it ever so slightly more expensive than the Hudl but what does this £10 extra get you? It gets you a lovely user-friendly experience and a beautiful HD display. What it does lose you is access to the PlayStore limiting the amount of apps you have access to but don’t worry you still get all the old favourites. The biggest downside of the Fire HD is the sluggishness makes it nearly impossible to multitask which could get incredibly annoying but don’t worry it still makes an excellent eBook.



The search giant and king of android, Google, brought its latest nexus device to our homes this year starting at £199, the

value updated Nexus 7. The previous 7 was the best in the tablet world last year providing brilliant performance, display and connectivity for a dirt cheap price. This year however brought a higher price tag especially when compared to tablets like the Hudl working the market. Yet Google made their mark enough to warrant people spending extra. With this revamped version you get jaw dropping speeds and an even better resolution than its predecessor which was hard to beat. Storage could prove an issue as there is no expandable storage past 16GB or 32GB which wouldn’t be as bad if the thing didn’t arrive with 6GB filled up already. I lived with and loved the previous 7 so I purchased this one as well and did not regret it, until I woke up one morning and the thing had broken on me. I soon hit the internet and found that this was not uncommon adding to my disappointment. Second on our line-up is definitely a fan favourite, the iPad Mini entered the market at a premium price. No one is really surprised by this because Apple has always been a high quality, high price kind of brand. Prices range from £269 all the way up to £659, one might wonder why this appears on a value list but at £269 you get a 16GB memory which, as long as you don’t fill


Photography: Christopher MacKay

it with your iMusic then it proves more than enough for everything else. Anyone that has ever owned an Apple product will be used to the interface which will make it easy just to take out the box and use with minimal training. It is very difficult to find something to say about every Apple product with a comparison to other Apple products. The iPad Mini is good at everything but only really great at a few, realistically the worst thing about the iPad Mini is definitely the price everything else is flawless. The moment has arrived, the most for your money tablet on my list is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Yes this is the most expensive tablet on my list beginning at £299 but believe me it is worth it. For general university life it makes things incredibly easy. As the name suggests it is for notes and as far as I know the thing I do most in both lectures and seminars is take notes. The aptly named S Pen known to many as a stylus opens door to many stylus themed apps enabling a much better note taking facility and with this device you get 50GB free of DropBox online storage so you may enjoy all of the storage for your music and games.


The Edit


Top three christmas movies

By Rachel Fullarton


The Edit

Winter is upon us, and there is nothing better than watching a classic Christmas movie to get you feeling festive. I’ve run down a list of my top three movies to watch every year.


Home Alone 2: Lost in New York Who can forget about Kevin and his antics in New York? The first movie was a hit when it was released in 1990 and two years later saw the release of Lost in New York which always gets me in the mood for Christmas. The classic Home Alone saga where Kevin loses his family and dodges evil villains is all that much better when set in NYC in winter. The snow, Christmas lights and festivals make me crave a visit to the city as it makes it seem that bit more magical. Also, let’s face it - it is rare when the sequel is just as good if not better than the first one.


The Grinch Who Stole Christmas Not a common favourite, but I love watching The Grinch at Christmas time. Set in a fantasy world in a snowflake, the Dr Seuss movie is wacky yet wonderful. Behind the crazy characters and rhyming dialogue there lies a deeper message

Photography: Christopher MacKay


about the true meaning of Christmas. When Christmas is stolen by the Grinch, the village is disappointed to find their trees, decorations and presents are gone. When it’s all stripped back they can come together as a community and realise it’s not all about the presents. The Grinch is definitely different to most Christmas movies out there but its good humour and heart-warming message makes for a good festive watch. Elf Everyone’s favourite Christmas movie must be Elf. Will Ferrell’s depiction of a human who thinks he’s an elf is hilarious and different. Again set in the wonderful New York City, Elf takes us on a journey with Buddy the elf as he goes out to discover who his real family are, learning about the real world and love. Ultimately saving Christmas, Buddy is a much loved character and the movie is very quotable. Definitely a laugh out loud kind of movie I’d just like to say finally – “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favourite colour?” So as you cosy up on the sofa with your hot chocolate and a blanket, get watching and get that Christmas feeling!

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Restaurant review

Cafe Tea Lounge

By Eden Thomson 34

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During the early nineteenth century the upper classes derived a way of lifting themselves out of a midday slump, or as Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford put it: “that sinking feeling” during the late afternoon. This was, of course, the tradition known as afternoon tea. This British delight consisted of tea and nibbles to tide the fashionable society over from breakfast to dinner and also allowed these ladies of leisure to socialise in the most sophisticated way. Today, the ritual has had new life breathed into it with many restaurants providing this luxury in modern varieties. So, imagine my delight when I was able to experience this for myself as I was whisked away from the busy hustle of uni to the tranquil elegance of 1840, sat in a beautifully decorated Victorian tearoom, complete with chandeliers, decorative pillars and stunning art of historical interest. No, I didn’t invent a time machine I merely walked a short distance to Cup Tea Lounge; a true gem on the corner of Renfield Street.

honey and spelt rolls with home smoked salmon, cucumber and elderflower finger sandwiches and homemade brioche with chicken, mango and chilli chutney. The second tier consisted of a mixture of fabulous homemade cakes, biscuits, mousse, meringues and even ice cream! Yes, I know your mouth is watering. If that wasn’t enough we were further pleasantly surprised as we were met by a lady rushing over, covered in flour, informing us our scones would soon be out the oven served with strawberry preserve and vanilla whipped cream. Definitely a glorious treat and all for £15.95 per person! I’m sure you’ll agree, a fantastic deal, as we were able to take with us what we hadn’t managed to polish off - not much, I must admit. So if you’re ever in need of a special pick-me-up treat, a day in the life of a Victorian lady or just a really good cup of tea, head over to Cup! P.S - if afternoon tea is not your thing, Cup also do breakfasts, lunch and dinner treats! Check the website for yourself !

After being given the menu, my friends and I were blown away by the selection of fine, hand blended teas on offer (over 30 kinds!) and the vast selection of afternoon tea delights. We quickly plumped for a special afternoon deal which included a stand of treats, pot of tea each and a glass of Prosecco. Already over excited as we stole sips of each other’s tea selections - mine being coconut cream which I can’t recommend enough - we were brought out a stand of 3 tiers which included:

Photography: Eden Thomson

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You Me At Six are set to take the rock world by storm next year when they return with their best album to date all thanks to a cabin in the woods. Still in their early 20’s the Surrey quintet has gone from strength to strength since they released their debut album, Take off Your Colours in 2008. The first single to be released from Cavalier Youth, ‘Lived A Lie’, was featured in FIFA 14 and proved You Me At Six have still got their original edge and style including a more mature sound. Since the release of 2010’s, Sinners Never Sleep (‘Sinners’) followed by multiple headline shows and a sold out and 38

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momentous performance at the infamous Wembley Stadium for The Final Night of Sin – which has since been released as a DVD – fans have been waiting eagerly for the fourth album. Similar to Sinners the boys returned to Los Angeles to write and record Cavalier Youth with producer Neal Avron (Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory) and the recording process was more successful this time round with less tension and better productivity. Speaking with drummer, Dan Flint we got to find out all about Cavalier Youth and what fans can expect in 2014 and their upcoming support slots with 30 Seconds to Mars in the UK.

I think it’s just an album of well written songs from start to finish there’s no filler in there

Hi Dan, how are you? I’m great thanks, how are you? Doing well, cheers. You’re just back from your first headline tour in America how was that? It was incredible we couldn’t really ask for any more, it exceeded all our expectations. I mean on the final night we played to a thousand people and sold out the TLA (Theatre of the Living Arts) in Philly so we all sat around thinking “when did our band headline a thousand people in Philadelphia? Like, that’s absolutely crazy.” I think considering we haven’t even got a record label out in America at the moment it’s really impressive to say Photography: Chuff Media

and we’re really proud of that. All the fans were incredible it kinda felt like the UK felt a couple of years ago so we’re definitely on the right path over there. What were the major differences between the American fans and UK fans? I think at the moment the main difference is in the UK people know every single one of our songs from the first album (Take Off Your Colours) all the way to Sinners and they’re very switched on to everything that we do and obviously the crowds are quite big because we’ve been building up a fan base for a while now.

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You guys have a new album coming out soon, how long have you been working on Cavalier Youth? Almost all of last year we spent coming up with ideas, people were writing riffs and were sitting down in dressing rooms or meeting up together and trying to think of a few ideas and directions in which we wanted to go. After the summer last year we all went away to a house in the woods in Henley and we got snowed in one time, we basically lived in this cabin in the woods, very isolated, and we just wrote songs and hung out and we were just good friends and had so much fun and in between having fun we were writing songs. We just did it differently, far more relaxed, and that goes for the whole recording process it was just a lot of fun really and I think that shows in the songs. What direction have you guys taken with the new album? Is it similar to Sinners Never Sleep, quite rocky, or can we expect some surprises? There are definitely some surprises. There are some big rock songs on the album but at the same time it’s not the heavy screaming side of stuff which Sinners had a couple of. It’s more an album I think anyone can get into. The songs were absolutely torn apart, every single one, we spent so much time on them. This time we spent weeks and weeks and weeks tearing apart each song and we had them demoed and we just listened to them over and over and even after we thought they were to the best of our ability we then went into the studio with Neal Avron, who’s one of the best producers of all time and such a pleasure to work with, then he even tore apart our songs. I think it’s just an album of well written songs 40

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from start to finish there’s no filler in there. You’re supporting 30 Seconds to Mars soon does supporting bands with large fan bases help You Me At Six? I think it’s going to really help especially in Europe. We’re going to places we’ve never played before like Lisbon and Milan and the first time we’re going there we’re playing to huge arenas so I think it’s a great platform for our band. I think actually playing the shows is going to give us a huge leap in Europe and also we get to come back and play a tour in the UK without having the pressure of headlining. We’ll be playing a couple of new songs and we get to road test those and see how fans are reacting without having that pressure of trying to actually sell tickets ourselves and headlining. It’s a great way to end the year and a good set up for the album and then after it comes out next January I’m sure we’ll just be focussing on headlining ourselves.


Fatherson sit down for a chat about their tour and their first ever album… If you have never heard of Fatherson then you need to have a listen so you can still claim to have been a fan before they became huge. But if you have heard of them then you already know that these indie rockers mean business. The four-piece band, originally hailing from Kilmarnock, have supported such bands as Panic! at the Disco and Twin Atlantic but are definitely on their own path towards major success. Their gig at Glasgow University’s Queen Margaret Union, as part of their headlining Scottish tour, proved just that with an adoring crowd singing along passionately to every word. Even Fatherson could not believe the reactions. “I feel like every show has been good for different reasons.” tells Chris, “The show we did in Orkney was very intimate and the crowd were very attentive. Whereas the show in Edinburgh was very rowdy and everybody was singing the words.” The Edit


So now they are done with testing the waters, if you will, with their EP’s and singles and have decided to drop their very first album, ‘I Am An Island’. “You can only get a certain amount of stuff through on an EP” starts guitarist Marc, “and a little bit across on a single but with an album you’ve got the amount of tracks to just show every facet of what you’re doing.” And for this they have decided to wipe the slate clean by removing their older songs from iTunes. Marc explains, “We’ve been in a band since we were fourteen years old, me, Greg and Ross, and a lot of that music was recorded was when we were sixteen. We love loads of those songs but at sixteen you can’t play your instrument as well as you can now.” “It’s been our baby.” “There was a lot more of a creative process I would say.” says Greg with Marc adding “It’s been our baby throughout this entire year….if nobody likes it then I wouldn’t care whatsoever. But I hope lots and lots of people will like it.”


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... but with an album you’ve got the amount of tracks to just show every facet of what you’re doing

So what else can we expect from Fatherson in the near future? Marc fills us in: “When there’s a release date we’re hoping to come back and visit everywhere we’ve been and even more places. We’ve got some English dates at the end of this month and in December and then we’re going to go back all over.” “In an ideal world we’d like to go all over the whole world.”

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We can definitely say 2013 has been a year for the boybands with the continued success of One Direction and new arrivals such as Union J and Lawson taking the charts by storm. But can there ever really be too many boybands? Didn’t think so; let me introduce you to Rewind. This 5 piece all Scottish boyband are set to take the music industry by storm in 2014. Lewis, Ryan, James, Kieran and Jack are aged from 16-21 and have been working hard the past year writing their own songs and playing around the country. I got a chance to sit down with Rewind and find out a bit more about them and their music influences. When I asked them what inspired their music James joked; “Our music is a mix of a classic power ballad with some 80s and a rap”. But in more serious terms; “We more centre around ‘pop’ and bring in some R&B, and then Kieran adds some Rock.” Sounds like the recipe for good music and these boys are keen to separate the 1D comparisons: “If we had to compare ourselves to a band I’d say more like the Wanted with maybe a touch of Five back in the day.” explains Ryan. Both Lewis and Kieran have written songs in their spare time which now adds to the bands creative talents with numerous original songs already recorded 44

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including Boomerang, Taken Away and Scream. Their favourite? Jack says “We’re recording it soon it’s called “I Want You” I think it’s our best one yet!” That’s one to keep a look out for. An album will hopefully be completed in 2014 but the first challenge comes with what name to choose. “Life in Reverse” was the first suggestion but James didn’t seem to think this reflected the songs so far! So how about just “Rewind” by Rewind? It’s got potential but maybe leave them to think a bit more about this. Already they have played around the country at different gigs and had the amazing opportunity of playing at the Armadillo with Little Mix and Connor Maynard. “That was a great gig everyone had flashing lights and they were just going crazy.” said Lewis. ”It allows you to have a lot of fun on stage” added Kieran. Meeting Little Mix wasn’t half bad either: “it was amazing because they were so casual about it, they were just hanging about with us. It’s weird the next day because you think back and it just doesn’t seem real.” said Ryan. Although they are a new band they already have an amazing fan base dubbing themselves ‘Bravehearts’: “They are so committed, some travel long distances and go to every one of our gigs” said

Photography: Jonathan Gardner

Lewis. They are not just recognised at gigs, but they have been recognised out and about and while at work, as Lewis found out; “A group of girls came into my work at M&S and sat most of the afternoon watching me on the deli. It felt a little awkward being watched while cooking chickens!” I’m sure this is just the start of things to come! Rewind have had a few changes of group members over the last year, but James seems to think this line-up works: “It’s like a jigsaw where you try jam the wrong piece in, but now with this five, it all seems to fit.” Their energetic performances and on stage chemistry all add to the audience experience to ensure a great show. They can next be seen supporting Jai McDowall on tour which will be an exciting journey for them. Hard work and determination is meant to get you far in this industry and these boys certainly have it. Make sure to look out for upcoming performances and their single ‘Scream’ in the New Year! In the meantime, go have a listen to them on Youtube (RewindMusicOfficial) and follow what they’re up to on twitter ( rewind_music) and Facebook (facebook. com/OfficialREWINDBoyband)!

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After calling it quits almost nine months ago, The Ashtones have decided to make a comeback in the Scottish music industry with a stellar line up and the promise to return to their old musical style. I spoke to singer and lead guitarist David, drummer Calum and guitarist Denny to find out what went wrong the first time, what it’s like to being a young musician in today’s economy and most importantly, to find out what’s coming next for the trio. First off guys, why did you break up? Denny: We all had different ideas of where the band should go I think. David: I don’t think we were doing as much as we should have; we weren’t doing it the right way. Calum: We were too focused on being a big band in Glasgow and not so much on the music. We were more interested in being successful. Denny: Also I didn’t want to play bass.. (All laughing) When questioned about these highlights, they all have their favourite moments; Calum: Selling out O2 ABC2! David: You can’t beat the feeling of a crowd singing your lyrics back to you – it makes time stand still. 46

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Calum: It’s everything you’ve ever dreamt of as a musician. Just amazing. That all sounds amazing! What’s it like being a musician in Scotland? Calum: Scotland’s small, Glasgow’s small. We aren’t getting recognised as much as we should be and there are a lot of bands in our position. David: There’s not a lot of support or ‘backing’ for unsigned bands that are trying to make a living out of being a musician – it’s a hardship in Scotland. Calum: We’re doing something that we are passionate about, even though it’s hard and it’s not a safe job but we wouldn’t change it for the world. What are your influences? David: The great thing about our band was when we started out we were told by many people that our music was undecided and we didn’t have a genre. We were advised to decide on what our sound was but now that I think back on it I wonder ‘was that really a bad thing?’ I don’t think being diverse like us is a bad thing. Why did you make the decision to reform the band after almost a year after splitting? Calum: We have great potential and great chemistry unlike other bands, we’re all

best friends. I love playing with the guys. I can let my emotions out through our music better than compared to playing with anyone else. It means so much more personally to be playing with your friends. David: I believe every band goes through stages and that us breaking up and getting back together was the right stage for us to go through. Every band has their success time and even though we’ve done a lot already I feel we’ve not reached our potential yet. Denny: I think when you’re in any band you’re going to think you’re going to make it and we expected that to happen for us straight away and it didn’t. To sum up I think the sound that we had when we finished the band, we now realise that it was actually quite a good sound and we shouldn’t have left it in the first place. What’s different about being in the band now compared to three years ago? Calum: We were young and wanted to be rock stars, now it’s the music that we love and enjoying ourselves that matters. We’ve grown up and realised how important

Photography: Amie Grimason

performing is. We’re more committed than we were a year ago and are a lot more understanding of what is expected of us. David: We had a great start selling out O2 ABC2 then we left school and going into the real world realised you can’t always have everything handed to you like that. What’s coming next for the band then? Denny: A bassist hopefully! David: We are going to revisit songs we’ve done in the past and we’re going to rework them and return to our roots rather than the new sound we had in the second EP. It was good and we got a lot of good reception from it but I feel as if leaving some of our older songs out from our gigs was a bit of a bad decision. What are your final comments? All: If you’ve got the power to influence the world, have you got the influence to change the world? Follow us on Facebook www.facebook. com/TheAshtones1 and on Twitter www. to find out when our first comeback gig will be!

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Go pink this winter By Amy Rose Lennox I’ve wanted to do something a little crazy with my hair for a while now. I have had every hair cut under the sun. A short bob, a long bob, short back and sides, the ‘Frankie Sandford’, and even a horrific few that I won’t even terrify you with the thought of! However, I have never experimented with the colour of my hair. So recently I threw caution to the wind and bought some bright pink hair dye - scary stuff, I know.

“You can choose any colour of the rainbow there is even a shade of silver!” The brand I bought was called ‘Directions’, and only cost £3.99. It is available from most high street retailers of hair products, as well as online. The colours available will suit even the most eccentric of tastes. You can 50

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choose any colour of the rainbow- there is even a shade of silver! I was feeling adventurous so bought the shade “Carnation Pink”- the brightest shade on the colour sheet. To be on the safe side I took the dye to my hair dresser so I could have it professionally done. As expected it turned out amazing, the dye took to my hair and is just as bright as the label promised it would be. I wanted to add a little more myself which ended up being very easy! All I had to do was cover the hair I wanted to be pink in the dye, and leave it on for fifteen minutes- then wash it out. Again, the dye took to my hair perfectly, and I was left with a vibrant pink over my natural blonde hair. A change to your hair is the perfect way to brighten up your look for winter, and for some excellent results to come from a hair dye that cost just under £4, it’s quite amazing in my opinion. Ditch the usual highlights, and give something a little different a chance. You may just love it.

Photography: Katie O’Hara

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Countdown to christmas with ikrush By Mandy Thomson Forget your advent calendar, this year you can countdown to Christmas and invest in a new wardrobe for yourself at the same time, without breaking the bank! To help all you fast fashion loving girls get excited for Christmas this year, IKRUSH have launched the ’12 Days of Christmas’ campaign. The what campaign? Running between 1st and 12th December the campaign will offer an exclusive item for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas, at an amazing price counting down from £12 to £1. Buying all 12 products in the campaign would cost £72, not bad for a new winter wardrobe! We have given you a list of the products and a few photos of what you can look forward to buying!


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The Twelve Days of Christmas 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th

- Pair of Fur Trimmed Boots £12 - Winter Army Jacket £11 - Studded Bowling Bag or Floral Handbag £10 - Burgundy Jumper with Embellished Collar £9 - Paisley Print Dress £8 - Sequin Pencil Skirt £7 - Peplum Top £6 - Floral Handbag £5 - Winter Fur Accessory Set £4 - Festive Christmas Jumper £3 - Pair of Kitten Heels £2 - Leatherette Bodycon Dress £1

Photography: ar-pr & Brian Konstantinou

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C a l e y C a m p us S t y l e A selection of Caledonian's most stylish students ' welcome to Campus Style ! Be sure to look out for The Edit team as they snap pictures of the most fashion forward outfits and you too can be featured in the next issue!

All Photography: Katie O’Hara


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What are you wearing?

fur coat - River Island boots - TopShop dress - Primark

Rosalind Gibson International Fashion Branding

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leggings - TopShop boots - TopShop jacket - Miss Guided top - charity shop

Sarah Duff International Retail Marketing


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What are you wearing?

jumper - Primark jeans - New Look boots - New Look

Bekah Duncan International Retail Marketing

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top - Missguided jeans - ASOS boots - Tesco scarf - American Apparel

Lorna Burrell International Retail Marketing


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What are you wearing?

jacket - Damir Doma trousers - Comme des Garcons sweater - Yang Li shirt - Yohji Yamamoto

Fraser Walker International Fashion Branding

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What are you wearing?

blouse - Glasgow Vintage leggings - H&M shoes - Office shawl - Glove Actually

Lia Santi International Retail Marketing


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Sp ort The Edit


no more sweeping under the rug

By Alistair Bennett


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Photography: Phil Dunsmore

After the National Football League (NFL) agreed to pay $765m to thousands of retired players, the issue of concussions in sports was placed under more scrutiny than ever before. The NFL was accused of ignoring signs that athletes had received significant brain trauma so they wouldn’t miss any games and the players claimed that this led to them suffering health problems later in their lives. These brain injuries also likely contributed to the suicides of three former players. Junior Seau, Dave Duerson and Ray Easterling all had lengthy careers in the NFL and it was found that the repeated neurological damage they suffered resulted in chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a degenerative brain disease that was discovered in their autopsies and it is usually associated with frequent brain trauma. Some of the symptoms include memory loss, depression and aggression. Canadian professional wrestler Chris Benoit, who murdered his wife, son and committed suicide, was also diagnosed posthumously with the disease. It is not just American football that is struggling with the issue of concussions. Rugby is currently under fire for its approach to the issue: previously, players had to leave the pitch and take a week off to let them fully recover if they were suspected of suffering a concussion but under the new rules, they can resume playing after five minutes if they pass a test.

Barry O’Driscoll, an expert who was a member of the International Rugby Board’s (IRB) medical board, resigned in protest saying, “if they incorporate the ‘five-minute rule’ I think you’re putting people with brain damage back on the field, and the arena they’re going back into is brutal.” And Football has its problems as well: Tottenham manager André Villas-Boas was criticised for sending goalkeeper Hugo Lloris back on to the pitch after he was knocked unconscious. Combat sports such as Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) benefit from being regulated by state athletic commissions, which have adopted more thorough rules in previous years, to prevent fighters from competing for a significant amount of time after suffering any kind of brain trauma. However, it is not a flawless approach as there are obviously significant risks when that amount of violence is involved. The repeated brain trauma suffered by Muhammad Ali and Gary Goodridge shows the dangers of those sports. The danger of suffering repeated concussions, and failing to deal with them, is clearly a very important issue across a number of sports. It looks like the NFL has learned the hard way that the problems need to be dealt with in a more intelligent manner. When athletes go home either in danger or as a danger to themselves and others, it’s far past time to act.

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So much money so little time By Alistair Bennett


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When Floyd Mayweather signed his sixfight deal with American premium cable network Showtime, there was a chance that the 36 year-old might have been going for quantity over quality. Mayweather had already beaten a who’s who of elite boxers: he had fought Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Shane Mosley and Miguel Cotto prior to signing the deal. But there was not a lot of quality players left for him to beat, and with six fights to fill, the standard of the game was lowered. ‘Money’ Mayweather has made a comfortable living off making very good boxers look foolish. Any opposition below that level don’t even have the right to hope. He fought Robert Guerrero, an elite welterweight, but he wasn’t troubled in the slightest. However, his next fight was one that fans had been asking for. Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez was the fighter Mexican fans believed in unconditionally. He was their fighting pride. But even he lost like every other opponent of Mayweather’s has, being made to look simply ‘ordinary’ in the process. Now the potential third fight on Money’s deal looks even less competitive than the previous two, but it doesn’t mean it is

Photography: Robert Wilson

without merit. It looked like Amir Khan’s window for a fight against Floyd Mayweather was rapidly closing when he was stopped by Danny Garcia and lost a close decision to Lamont Peterson. But he is reportedly being lined up as his next opponent in May 2014 after winning back-to-back fights. Mayweather has commented numerous times about his wish to fight in the UK and although the fight with Khan is tentatively being scheduled for Las Vegas, it would open him to that market as the Hatton fight did previously. And despite Khan’s technical flaws and questionable chin, he is still a marketable opponent and has a big following that would elevate this clash from a tune-upfight to an event. As his nickname suggests, Mayweather is all about the money. A fight with Danny Garcia might be better from a competitive point of view but it is not going to capture the imagination of fans, especially Brits that would have to stay up until 5am to watch it live, and who will be asked to purchase it on pay-perview. At this point in Mayweather’s career he has been so dominant for so long that pickings are getting slimmer and slimmer each year. Perhaps now the best we can hope for is the best of the rest. The Edit


The Amazing Spiderman By Daniyall Qazi Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva is the greatest mixed By Ally martial Bennettartist of all time. He won the world middleweight title in the toughest fight league in the sport in 2006 and proceeded to lay waste to any and every challenger who stepped up to meet him. Fight after fight we saw opponents looking befuddled as Silva would do things in the Octagon that we always thought were fantasy moves from the movies. Jaws dropped as he embarrassed former UFC world champion Forrest Griffin in 2009, in a light-heavyweight fight, because who wants to waste time only defending your world title, when he stood right in front of a world class fighter with his hands by his sides, dodging punches like he was Neo from The Matrix before knocking him out. He shocked the world again in 2010 when he made one of the most stunning comebacks in UFC history to retain his title. In a fight in which he spent most of his time pinned to the mat by wrestler Chael Sonnen, Silva somehow, with just under 2 minutes left to go in the fight, managed to catch the American in a triangle choke, submitting him and proving he had the heart to match his technique. After the fight was over Sonnen failed a drugs test, whereas Silva revealed he had fought with a cracked rib, making his comeback that much more impressive, Silva won 16 UFC fights in a row, the highest number of consecutive wins in the company’s history, smashed records for a number of title defences and victories and has the most post fight bonus awards of any fighter. 66 The Edit

Photography: Christopher MacKay

The Edit


Time and again he looked invincible and unbeatable. The only fighter to ever get close to taking his crown, Sonnen, was stopped inside two rounds in the rematch. Almost 7 years went by as Silva held the throne, fighting and beating all contenders, hands by his side tempting fate to come and stop him. In July of 2013, fate finally caught up. 68

The Edit

In the second round of a fight against MMA’s newest phenom, Chris Weidman, Silva started to lower his hands. Doing what had made him a star in the first place, taunting him, trying to goad Weidman into becoming reckless and making a mistake that he could capitalise on. This time the mistake never came. Weidman was too good to lose his focus, and instead of falling into Silva’s trap

“Almost seven years went by as Silva held the throne, fighting and beating all contenders.”

he threw 2 quick hooks, the second of which landed squarely on the champions chin, sending him tumbling to the canvas, ending the longest title reign in UFC history and snapping a 16 fight win streak. It was one thing to predict that the young challenger would beat the 38 year-old champion, but it was another to see it actually play out - to see Silva be the one on the floor, to see another fighter have the belt.

The MMA world didn’t have to wait long to find out what the next step for the now ex-champ would be: an immediate rematch. Set as the headliner for the UFC’s biggest show; its New Year celebration card on December 28th, the rematch will undoubtedly be one of the biggest fights of the year and could signify a changing of the guard in all of MMA.

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Haiku Poem: Leaves fall and shrivel; The squirrel scurries away, Clutching an acorn. By Tamlyn Tan

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Photography: Michael Long

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Paintings: Magdalena Werner

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75 @ GCUTheEdit 76

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