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Volume 11.1 2008


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GCUSA announces first ever ‘Student Summit’

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The first ever Student Summit will be taking place on Thursday November 20th in A526C in the Govan Mbeki building from 12.30 until 3 with lunch being provided for all who attend.

Summit The event is open to Class Representatives and will offer the opportunity to share opinions on the current issues affecting students at GCU which will be taken up and be used directly within some of the changes being made for the next academic year. The structure of the event will take in concerns and interests raised by students already this year – including induction – and will create an opportunity for reps from across the different schools to come together to help identify common university-wide student opinions. Any Class Rep interested in attending the event should contact Kevin Ward, Student Representative Co-ordinator, at or on 0141 273 1614.

0141 55 22 555 Confidential Listening and Information Service

Hello all,

To all new students may I extend a warm welcome, I hope you’re enjoying your time. All returning students, hey again, welcome back, I hope you’re ready again for the hard slog that is life at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Now, niceties dealt with, how cold has it gotten recently? I mean seriously! I for one am pretty pleased to see the return of sweater weather though, mainly because winter fashion is so much cooler than summer. Also it means I can stop wearing shorts in a failed attempt to kick start warm weather. You know what you’re getting with winter, summer offers so much hope, then destroys it with perpetual rain! Anyway, we’ve got a new team at Re:Union this year and hopefully we’ll continue the good work started last year. In News we’ve got two very important articles


regarding your rights which you should really read to protect yourself, we’ve got Boosh flavoured madness and a winter preview in Arts.

Fashion features a behind the scenes look at a Garage fashion show organised by Caledonian students in which our own student President participated. Features looks extensively into both sides of the debate over the contentious new Union and sport focuses on the sports personality of the year. As I say it’s a new team, so please enjoy, and if you have any comments please let us know, it’s YOUR magazine! Love & Spaceships Christopher Panks xo

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Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association Scottish Charity No. SC022887

Editorial Team

Editors – Gillian West,, Christopher Panks, News – Sarah Conway,

Arts – Mikey Rae,

Fashion – Julie McNicol,

Music – Chris Panks,

Sports – Amanda Quinn,

Marketing – Natalie Delemere,

Features – Graeme Hanna, Design – Josie McKay, Communications and Media Co-ordinator,

Volume 11.1 2008


Type in ‘money mule’ into wikipedia and it will tell you that it is ‘a person who transfers money and reships high value goods that have been fraudulently obtained in one country, usually via the internet, to another country, usually where the perpetrator of the fraud lives.’

like easy money without much work. Detective Chief Inspector Alan Cunningham from the SCDEA’s Intervention Unit stated: “We are aware that more students are falling victim to money mule scams. Most students would jump at the chance to earn some extra cash, making them a soft target for criminals.”

All very well I hear you cry - but what has that got to do with me? The Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) has recently joined forces with the financial sector (including HBOS, Royal Bank of Scotland and Clydesdale to name a few.) and have launched a campaign aimed at highlighting the dangers of ‘money mule’ recruitment among the student population (pssst that’s you!) The anti-fraud awareness week took place at the beginning of October, you may have seen coasters in the local pubs and clubs which were designed to highlight these dangers, if you didn’t I suggest you read on.

People in the UK may have insurance through their banks which protects them if their details are used in fraud but by no means are fraud and laundering victimless crimes. Most of the time funds gained through fraud will be used to subsidize international drug, weapon and human trafficking as well as terrorism and guerrilla warfare. On a more personal level, despite perhaps not knowing you are involved in fraud, money mules still risk custodial sentencing, bad credit ratings and a criminal record.

Fraudsters are actively recruiting through ‘job advertisements/ vacancy’ usually through spam mail, but also sometimes on legitimate recruitment sites. Usually they advertise as ‘UK Representative required for overseas business’, or a variation on that. The key is that a bank account will be classified as ‘essential’ and usually they do not require any other skills. If you feign interest the fraudsters will then ‘convince’ you to take the job. Many of them have official looking websites, some even offer telephone numbers and may send you an employee contract to sign. At this point you have all the job details - minimum work for maximum income! Fantastic! All they ask you to do is receive funds from UK “customers” (i.e. the victims) and then withdraw them and wire transfer to “head office” (i.e. the fraudsters!) You just get to keep a percentage of what goes through your account i.e. your “commission”. (This last bit is taking you over the line from victim to criminal - even if you don’t know it!) Sarah Conway

Students are easy targets! On paper being a money mule looks 



There are many opportunities Caley FM is our brand new radio station within Caley FM, some of and is being launched in Semester A these include: 2008/2009.

j Initially Caley FM will be run purely online through pod-casts created by students on j various topics throughout the year but as j the station develops this may change. We need YOU to get involved and decide how j you want the radio station to run. If you would like to get involved with any aspect of the radio station, please contact Adelle Hopkins, Societies & Volunteering j Co-ordinator at adelle.hopkins@gcal. j to register your interest and she will j contact you with more information. If you feel you have something else to offer the station, get in touch and let us know!


Production Presenting Advertising & Marketing Music (reviewing new music, interviewing artists and gigs, creating playlists) News & Features Publicity Fundraising Technical

Remember the working world is tough - not only will contributing to caley fm be great fun but it’ll give you more skills and personal development than a degree alone! Great for your c.v. and to enhance your skills!

There have been whispers through the university that many shops and restaurants that give student discounts are now asking exclusively for an NUS card. It isn’t really possible to validate this exactly but from personal experience alone i have been asked for an nus card a couple of times. SO... i thought i would give you some information on the card and you guys can go from there. You will probably know that an NUS card will get you discounts, some of which are exclusive (i.e. only an NUS card will get you a discount) Just a selection include ‘Ticketmaster’ and ‘Amazon’. In fact if you do shop online most places will only give you a discount with a nus card number because you can’t be verified with a photo online - which is how you get a discount with your matric card in shops! The student union also benefits from the card sales. NUS claim that almost £5 of the £10 card goes back into the union, which of course allows them to do promotions for us (drink promos for example - which are always good!) You are also allowed to use your card for the full year, its valid from the 1st of sep to 31st of August the next year. If you fancy getting one then either ask in at the union or go online to Sarah Conway

To BUNAC or not to BUNAC In the past two summers I have not only taken part in BUNAC’s Summer Camp Course, but also their Work America Programme, where I worked in a theme park for two months in New Jersey. Both experiences have been a great opportunity and have provided memories that I know will be long lasting! Meeting and working with people from all over the globe, experiencing new cultures and being able to travel across the US are only some of the highlights from my adventures. Lazy days at the beach in Miami, to cheering on the Phillies, as well as visiting trendy areas in New York are just a few fond memories from my travelling in the US. So what are you waiting for?! If you want to have an unforgettable summer, as well as, making your CV attractive to employers then why not come along to the BUNAC Road show in the Saltire Centre between 10 and 6pm on Wednesday 26 November. There

will also be a presentation for Summer Camp 1pm and 2pm in the George Moore Building room M142 as well as a Work America/Canada talk between 5pm and 6pm in the George Moore Building room M402. It’s the cheapest way to work and travel in the States so the question is to BUNAC or not to BUNAC- I know what my answer will be! If you want to find out more information then check out our website which is or alternatively you can email me your BUNAC student marketing co-ordinator Louise Bryce 


Student Accommodation - Know Your Rights!! For many moving away from home is a huge journey, filled with apprehension, excitement, foreboding and ecstasy. For many it is simply a case of geographical necessity, uni is too far away from home, however many others choose to move in order to reap in the many other benefits that student accommodation has to offer. There are many benefits of choosing student accommodation including no house-hunting around town and great value for money. There are also many other students around which is great for making friends and of course the central location is great for both attending classes and propping up the union bar in between. This all sounds fabulous and so it should, university is so much more than getting a degree: it’s about the life experiences you will carry on and use in the future. For some however these joys are overshadowed by problems with their accommodation and this has been deemed by many as unacceptable. You may remember in 1999, two students in Glasgow died in a fire in their private rented accommodation because the safety equipment in the property did not work, and because there were inadequate escape routes. NUS Scotland put pressure on the Scottish Parliament to improve the standards of multiple Occupancy dwellings and, as a result, the mandatory licensing scheme for Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) came into effect in 2000. The website explains that your rights as a tenant will depend on who owns and manages your accommodation. When you sign up to any type of accommodation you will be asked to sign a contract and it is advised that you have a copy of this as well. The contract will explain your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and can be used should matters get out of hand. Since 2000, the government along with student pressure groups such as the NUS have been working to improve student accommodation. The most recent of these is a new code taken from the Accreditation Network UK (ANUK) which was agreed on 1 October this year.There are already other codes in the system alongside various licensing and health and safety legislations. Simply put: the more the merrier; as they work together to ensure safe and decent standards of living for students. The official webpage for ANUK states that: “The purpose of the National Codes is to enable property owners, managers and tenants to agree a set of undertakings about how they wish to do business with each other.” ( the responsibility for keeping the accommodation up to the codes standard lies not only with the managers and owners, but you guys as well. Being proactive about your accommodation is going to pay off so don’t slack! Find out which of the codes your landlord or university has signed up to.This information can be found quite easily through or Alternatively, you may find this information in the welcome pack or displayed around your housing complex. Once you have that information get yourself a copy of the code and read through it.They will tell you what standards the accommodation has to have but more importantly they will also tell you what to do if these standards are not met. The general advice given is that if you do have a complaint, your first stop should be your student union and more specifically your student welfare officer ( However if you feel that there is a serious health risk involved go straight to your local council’s housing department. These codes are here to protect us, but also to protect landlords and owners as well. Remember: it’s a two way street requiring you to defend your rights but also be active in your responsibilities.Take this into account and you can rest assured that your accommodation will be the last thing stressing you out at university. Sarah Conway 

Fire safety may not be the first thing on your mind as you settle into new flats and rooms in Caley Court. Most of you will probably be more concerned with getting rid of that weird smell which seems to still be lingering from last years’ resident. But fire safety is a massive issue which all students should be concerned with. Whether you’re living in halls or in a flat, fire safety is your responsibility, not only for your own sake but also those around you. Now most of you will remember the basics which Frances the firefly taught you back in Primary three but maybe it’s about time for a wee refresher. First of all Halls, luckily Caley Court and other student accommodations, such as unite, have a high level of fire protection. There should be fire detectors in key areas, however, these are highly sensitive so be careful around them. Not only will a fire set them off but aerosol sprays and steam can also send your fire alarm into meltdown. Strathclyde fire services urge you to be careful around these alarms as unnecessary call outs waste fire fighters time and resources and every call out to a student residence requires 12 fire fighters and three fire appliances which may be needed elsewhere.

with small fires. Now were not suggesting that you morph into Fireman Sam and tackle a raging blaze yourself. If you are in any doubt get out and leave it to the professionals. Also if there are fire doors in your accommodation they are there for a reason please do not wedge them open. Now onto flats and shared accommodation. When renting a flat yes, you must consider where it is and what it looks like, but you also need to consider is the place safe to rent. Make sure there are smoke alarms throughout the property and if you’ve already moved and notice there aren’t any alert your landlord immediately. Also make sure that there are no bars on the window.They might be great for safety in a dodgy area but there not so great when the flats on fire and you have no means of escape. And finally, if you’ve got a furnished flat check the furniture. Furniture made before 1988 isn’t heat resistant and if set alight will produce clouds of toxic smoke. So even if your couch gives your flat a retro feel double check that it’s not going to kill you. This stuff may all sound pretty basic but it’s the basics which save lives. You might go through your entire student life never witnessing a fire, and hopefully most of you probably will. But false alarms also cost lives so please be vigilant. On average 45 people die and 750 people are injured in fires each year in the Strathclyde fire and rescue service area, so please don’t give fire a home. Gillian West

As well as fire detectors you should notice break-glass fire alarms near exit doors. These are there for a pretty simple reason, if you notice a fire break the glass to alert others. If nothing else it’s good manners! There should also be fire extinguishers and fire blankets around about to deal

Expectations and preconceptions are funny old things. Without wanting to get too philosophical, as people we have existing expectations about how every aspect of our lives should be, school, work, family and relationships, our minds contain preconceived ideas of how things ought to be. I don’t think art is any different, music included – how many of you can honestly say no prejudicial thoughts are evoked by band names such as Bleeding To Be Cleansed metallers or The [insert any words]s NME vaguery.

to the expectation I had built up about this band – The All New Adventures of Us. About 4 years ago I reviewed a demo EP by a sweet guy from the Welsh valleys called Owen, I think the review was positive and he put me onto a band named TANAOU for short, the first song I heard was called “Me, Me, Me, said the kite eating tree, as he munched down on breakfast from little Katie.” It was love from that first moment – these seven, teenage souls from Northampton (where shoes come from) in that instant made a profound effect upon my formative years, and continue to do so to this very day.

Many a seemingly good album/gig/tune has been ruined by heightened expectations, prior to the experience. For example, the first gig I ever went to was Manic Street Preachers live at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, on Millennium night, it was almost too perfect. Nothing those brave Welsh souls could have done that night could equal the magic in my adolescent cynicism-free brain. Even bringing Richey James Edwards back from his watery grave would have fallen short of expectations. Having learned by lesson the hard way, I tried, in vain, to keep a check on excited expectations for two immensely exciting events over the summer. Promotions companies did a fantastic job in getting me foaming at the mouth in anticipation of The Dark Knight release, and a few short weeks later Sigur Ros live at Hydro Connect Festival in Inveraray. We all know how amazing The Dark Knight was and Sigur Ros were even better than I could have imagined, cello bows, string quartets and marching brass bands all contributing to a superb live experience, parting the clouds for sheppard’s delight after a day of rain. Well these things come in threes, and the third point of my triangle came at Oran Mor on Monday, 29 September 2008. Past instances cannot come close

Four years later and the Adventurers are finally playing in Glasgow in support of their debut full-length album entitled “best loved goodnight tales” – a masterpiece by the way. The weather was typical for Glasgow but in the Oran Mor a blue mist, and cocoon of warmth and harmony filled the room. A sea of pianos, guitars, glockenspiel’s, casiotones, ooh’s and ahh’s accompanied some of the most thoughtful and original lyrics since the tragic passing of Elliott Smith five years back. As singers Jaime and Kate sang “Hummingbird, you’ve lost your bedroom eyes” a cappella for the first notes of the show all preconceptions and expectations evaporated and I just enjoyed the show. The album is now available on cd and itunes and you can hear the work that went into this album, it’s stupendous and deserves to be heard. But more importantly you deserve to hear it. Christopher Panks Best loved goodnight tales LP and new single Firetruck (doki doki) are out now on One Little Indian records.

Hunter S. Thompson, the legendary Gonzo journalist once wrote: “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” It’s quite easy to be this cynical about the music industry, at first glance it really doesn’t seem fair at all. Like many creative avenues it is simple to forget that it is an industry, a business and, though seemingly perverse, you gotta make money kid. Every gent is reminded of this while urinating at King Tuts as the Thomson quote adorns the urinal. Many unsigned bands toil away, particularly in Glasgow, often at a financial loss while serial musical offenders like The Enemy, The Feeling and Scouting for Girls are lauded, because the NME says so. Luckily though, on the first Sunday of every month, if you can tear yourself away from the urinal and back into the bar your faith in the industry just might be restored. Your Sound returned for its fourth term on Sunday 5 October and will run for the rest of the year on the first Sunday of every month at King Tuts on St.Vincent Street from 4-8. Your Sound is the premier unsigned networking event in the country and is run by some lovely people who are more dedicated to championing unsigned music than anyone I’ve ever encountered. Here’s how it works: all of Scotland’s unsigned talent are invited to drop a demo into the Your Sound mailbox in the bar downstairs at Tut’s, our intrepid organisers listen to EVERY demo and make a playlist of around 26 bands who are played

during the event.This time the excellent alt. country stylings of We See Lights, the stunning dream indie pop of French Wives and superbly crafted ballads of Brother Louis Collective were featured. A guest DJ set interrupts the unsigned music, October’s guests were Broken Records, while Errors sat in at November’s event. So while these beautiful nuggets of unsigned genius are played, those in attendance are encouraged to speak, make contacts, brag and promote. Those present at October’s event included, a scout for Columbia records, an engineer from YipJump Studios and countless photographers and music video producers. At the climax of the evening, the artist of the month and two runners up are revealed,October’s runners up were Journeybox and Any Color Black. Artist of the month went to the franking awe-inspiring My Cousin I Bid You Farewell, who have successfully negotiated the tightrope of making credible pop music. Somehow the band have constructed remarkable songs which are in equal parts catchy and haunting. I wholeheartedly suggest you check them out, they will melt your heart. The next event will take place on Sunday 7 December, free entry, I will see you there. Mine’s a Black Russian. Ta. Christopher Panks For more details see Mcibyf launch their single Neverland at Nice n Sleazy’s 14 November and play a BBC Scotland showcase 6 Novmber. 

I know not many of us want to contemplate the day when we have to leave uni and join the nine to five-ers out there, but unfortunately that day will come. I don’t know about you, but I know there are times when I wonder if my degree will be enough to bag me the job of my dreams. These days it would seem that employers are looking for applicants to have more than just the brains. So what can you do to make yourself more attractive to the bosses in the big bad world? One of the best, and dare I say it easiest ways, is to get involved in the Student Leaders Programme (SLP). The SLP is designed to add another string to your bow and is open to anyone in a voluntary or mentoring position within the uni or the Students Association. There are loads of posters around the campus inviting students to get involved in the SLP. I spoke to Nicky St Clair, the programme co-ordinator to find out a bit more. Nicky advised me that the programme has been running for 4 years and has gone from strength to strength in that time, “The programme has continually changed and improved, from 8 students taking part to 143 completing the programme in 2007/2008.”

Feeling hungry? Mmmm? Want to grab a bag of crisps? Chocolate? Biscuits? Chippy chipsss!?! Finding it too difficult to be on a diet? Or maybe you’re on the other end of the stick where you’re struggling to eat anything at all! In a world where weight concerns are high, the influence from the media on weight and appearance issues also increasing, along with a high significance placed on physical beauty: it has worryingly become normal to be on a diet. We are surrounded by diverse messages urging us to be slim and we consequently challenge our growing bodies by carrying out unnecessary and sometimes fatal attempts to lose weight. Being on a diet could be healthy, but the problems appear when it becomes un-controllable: dieting becomes extreme dieting. This excessive focus on restrictive eating has been highlighted as a major factor in the development

Gillian West

of eating disorders which are rising: slowly and surely. Awareness needs to be raised on the dangers of extreme dieting. (Look out for an eating disorders stall over the next few months!) Why say: ‘I’m on a diet’?? It sounds so depressing! In fact! It is depressing! Why not say: ‘I’m just eating healthily!!’ This way you’re not forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t want to, you’re not avoiding your favourites, and what’s better – you’re not on a diet!! Why not eat the way your body is designed to? Eating healthy is easy! Ok, maybe I should re-phrase that? It’s no wonder Jamie Oliver’s fixated with children eating healthier school grub and Dr Gillian McKeith raiding our fridges! In today’s society it has become


I guess why I decided to ‘byte... nothing’ in this edition was because of being absolutely shocked on the percentage of women who keep their eating problems to secrecy. I wanted to emphasise how dangerous it is, not only to the physiological aspects to our body organs, but also our psychological functioning! It affects everything – from uni to family, to work and to relationships!! If you feel you would like to chat to someone about your concerns why not pop into the Welfare Department and speak to one of our advisers who are there to listen and offer support. Or alternatively you can make an appointment; they are based in NH117 & NH118 of the Students’ Association Building.

Within the programme students complete different levels, bronze, silver and gold. Starting at bronze and working your way up, it takes one year to complete each level.Within each level students complete a leadership and personal development seminar. That doesn’t sound very hard now does it? The benefits of the SLP are fairly obvious; it’s something that you can have on your CV to set yourself apart from the hundreds of other applicants. As Nicky says, “There is only so much a degree will teach you, the rest is up to you. Leadership and communication skills are recognised by employers as being just as important as a degree, any student applying for the SLP will reap the benefits in the future.”

one of the most popular conversations to have with our girlies, but why? With so much influence on the importance of healthy eating with a balanced diet, why do so many of us go in the opposite direction? Eating until we are uncomfortably full then vomiting, or avoiding food altogether: is it the fear of fatness?

I have information packs with advice and general information covering this area. Please feel free to come along and pick one up from Students Association! Alternatively, you could send your address to and I’ll post it out!

Take care everyone, and be HEALTHY! Jas

Julie McNicol

Glasgow Fashion Week From 19 to the 21

November 2008 the city will play host to a number of catwalk shows in venues around the city, displaying designer collections from around the world. A limited number of tickets have been made available to the public but they’re selling out fast, so make a move before they go. Who knows – if you’re an aspiring fashionista or wannabee designer, you could end up making some useful contacts! For more information and timetables of events, you can visit the official website –

Cashback! Picture this: you’re shopping and you see these amazing shoes that you need to have, but they’re £20 and by for some reason (probably when you bought that round for four people in the union), you only have £18 on you…What do you do?

Get out your matriculation card of course! Ok, it might feel a little embarrassing asking if the shop you’re in does a student discount, but sometimes you can save a lot – especially if there’s a student event on. Below is a list of who we here at RE:UNION, know offers a 10% student discount, but even if the shop you’re curious about isn’t on the list, there’s still no H&M and M&S Get Special Ranges Its that time harm in asking! T o p s h o p / again! H&M’s ‘annual’ designer range is now available Topman, Dorothy in selected shops and following in the footsteps of Karl Perkins, Burtons, Lagerfeld, Stella New Look, Oasis, Warehouse, McCartney and La Senza, Miss Selfridge and RED Viktor and Rolf Contemporary Jewellery. are Commes Des Garcons. Usually student discounts are The range is not available in conjunction typical of the with reduced items or spelabel and some cial offers and some stores key garments may only accept a NUS mix a boyish card, which can cost cut with kitch £10 (For more information,, girlie details however this opens up the door to more – it’s also a good opportunity to get your hands discounts and offers from a wider variety on designer wear at an ‘affordable’ price. Get of stores . Other stores such as Schuh and there quick though – past ranges have sold H&M will enter you into prize draws, send out ridiculously fast! Marks and Spencer have you vouchers or invitations to money-saving enlisted the talents of Sex and the City stylist events and usually offer an online discount Patricia Field to create a range of clothing and when you simply sign up for their mailing accessories inspired by, surprise surprise , New list. It’s usually well worth it and York. The collection features smart, tailored you never know what you quirky items that scream Sex and the City which might save! are slightly more expensive than usual M&S items, but more stylish. They’re a must for any wannabee Carrie’s, Miranda’s, Charlotte’s and Samantha’s (Although I don’t think there’s many wanabee Samantha’s out there) and are available online as well as in-store now! Think about it, you can’t seem to go anywhere

Chic or Eek!

In the coming months, Re:Union will be holding polls to see what the great Caley public think of certain fashion trends. You can vote in these polls by visiting Re:Union’s bebo page ( reunionGCUSA) and the results of the votes will be printed in the next issues.

around campus, let alone Glasgow without seeing girls walking about, wearing their Ugg boots. How about men? Well Ugg have just released a new collection of male Ugg boots. What do you think? Will they catch on and become a fashion phenomenon or will we be seeing them in abundance in the January sales? Are they Chic, or Eek!? Answer now at w w w .b e b o.c om / reunionGCUSA and look out for the next issue of Re:Union to see Caley’s verdict! 11



From Carrie to Caley

She invented punk, sent Naomi Campbell spectacularly tumbling in 10 inch heels and is a fashion legend and on the eighth of the eighth of the eighth Vivienne Westwood opened her latest boutique in none other than Glasgow’s Princes Square. The opening of the store was a major boost to Glasgow’s fashion credentials and helped prove our fair city could provide everything from Primark to Prada. Westwood is a favourite in the fashion pack and influences everyone from Gwen Stefani to Kate Moss to Sarah Jessica Parker. Her iconic designs have been influencing fashion since the seventies and no doubt one or two pieces in every wardrobe have been inspired by a bit of Westwood magic. Vivienne Westwood designs have a reputation of being adventurous and not for the faint hearted and the lady herself is proud of that, “What people wear tells you who they are. My clothes allow you to project your personality and are quite theatrical. They are real, well-designed clothes, but they give you a chance to express yourself”. And on 25 November students across Glasgow are being invited to come along to the store and enjoy a special student discount day. On the day Vivienne Westwood will give every lucky lady through the doors a free gift and allow the young men a chance to win £250 to spend in store. As well as the sumptuous treats students are also being given an envious 15% discount in store. So start saving those pennies and make sure you get yourself down to Vivienne Westwood on the 25 November, go on and treat yourself after all as Vivienne herself once said, “Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well” Gillian West 14

Thankfully this is not a report or article on some of the latest musings of George W Bush on his annual message to Congress but it is regarding matters a lot closer to home and here at GCU. At the end of the last academic year we saw the end of ‘the Venue’ a commercial venture by the GCU Students Association which lived a short existence. Whilst in discussion with our very own Student President, Paddy Hastie regarding the matter he was keen to stress that

Nightline, the student listening and information service is running a promotional awareness week from the 17th – 24th November. Look out for the stall in the Student’s Association where you’ll be able to pick up information and freebies!

Nightline is a service that runs from 7pm-7am,

Monday – Thursday during term time. It is exclusively for students from Glasgow Caledonian or Strathclyde students. Nightline is a service that complements the work that the Welfare Department at GCUSA does during the day.

Nightline is a listening and information service, so you could call nightline for pretty much any reason! Call to ask the phone number of the library, to find out a train time, to get an answer to a pub quiz, to find out the results of the X-factor, to find out where your exam is being held… Any information you want, we can pretty much get it. And (and this is the good bit!) we’re a local number, so we’re cheaper than directory enquiries! Even better than that, we can also call you back! Nightline is also a listening service, so you can call to talk about anything. Students call us about exam stress, flatmate problems, family issues, homesickness, bereavement, to celebrate good news, to talk about relationships, really the list is endless. So if you want someone to talk to through the night, then Nightline is the service for you! Call us on

0141 55 22 555 (if you forget the number, it’s on the back of your matric card!)

“This year’s executive have been working hard with the University to ensure that there are a student shop, café and bars on campus as we feel this is a fundamental aspect of the student experience – the provision of a safe and secure environment in which students can socialise and have fun.” Scolarest are the company who beat off competition to to win the University contract to provide the commercial services at our Union, our bars, shop and café. Our union is much maligned and is widely accepted as not being on the same level as the unions of Glasgow University and Strathclyde. Through gritted teeth, this has to be accepted. The following is some input and answers regarding the current situation from Paddy Hastie, Student President in case you didn’t know! Then leading on to an article submitted by a concerned, passionate and enthusiastic Caley Student. Join in the debate, enjoy! GH: What is the view of the President regarding the new system under Scolarest?

PH: When we (the Student Executive) took office in June, there was not a student shop, bars or café (apart from Encore’s provision) on campus so it is great that we have something in place! As you will be aware, there have been operational problems to start off with and as such, Freshers, and a few following weeks were not as great as they could have been. The company have identified these issues and are resolving any qualms in hope that it does not happen again. GH: Any comments regarding the overall situation of our Caley Union or positives that deserve to be mentioned?

PH: The Caley Union is the Students Association, the silver lining of the cloud that was the closure last academic year is that the Students’ Association can get back to what we were elected to do, represent the 16,000 students at this fantastic institution. With GCUSA not draining resources on unsuccessful commercial services we have been better able to support our volunteering and work with the University to enhance the student experience at Caley. This has been shown with all time higher-than-ever levels of participation in our activities, for this stage of the academic year. Everything is seeing an increase of students getting involved. Our efforts are now focused and the students are reaping the benefits. Graeme Hanna


So isn’t it just great being back again for another year of hard work and harder partying at the mighty Caley? New freshers, flats and faces; club nights, concerts and carry outs; but the question on everyone’s lips in t h e run-up to term time was “What’s happening with the union??” Last year, our GCUSA run students’ union (“The Venue”) lost £25,171 in its last six months. According to February’s edition of Re:Union its sales were £140,410 less than anticipated thus forcing it to close down completely on 30 May. By the end of the academic year, Strathclyde union and the GU were still bringing in crowds on a weekly basis for club-nights yet the North Hanover building in the Caley campus was dead as a duck. Some candidates running for student president vowed to “Save Our Union!” Why save a union that nobody liked? So where did it all go wrong? For a piece of uni coursework I had to make a short radio presentation on a topic of my choice. I chose to interview my fellow students and come up with a review of why our new union failed so badly. Most responses commented on a lack of drinks promos and decent events and remarked on the abundance of tacky theme nights and rubbish music. I felt I could relate to the latter as every time I found myself in the union for a pint, the jukebox was play-listed to treat the punters to an hour and a half of heavy metal band Pantera’s back catalogue. Great for kicking back to after class... So what was to await us this time around in the basement of the North Hanover building? A fresh start, a new layout and an exciting freshers’ line up? Apparently not. New management from catering company Scolarest has given our union the chance to to redeem itself and prove to students that it’s worth spending our time and money inside the NH building. Unfortunately, I am sad to say that they’ve failed to impress. According to the GCUSA website, “The team has arrived this year dedicated to help you have the best experience possible whilst here with great service, fantastic entertainment and above all, good times!” In reality, not much has changed from last year’s failure of a “venue”. Apart from a few new sofas and a more stylish cafe, all that awaited us students this term was the desperate marketing of a hopeless “venue” in disguise (that’s right, the walls are a different colour). Just in case you missed it, let me tell you about freshers’ week at our new union: For some strange reason, the tacky theme nights that ensured an empty “venue” during week nights last year were brought back.Whether it was “pop tarts” or “speed meeting” (which I assume is like speed dating but with a less ‘hands on’ approach) you were after then our union had it all. If you missed those, you might have made it to the infamous beach party. I showed up to this at around 11pm to find that it was almost over and that it had already run out of both sambuca and vodka. Not to worry though, students don’t drink vodka much do they?... Despite my disappointment at the beach party I’ve decided to return to the union a few times since. The first time, I 16

found a single-file queue had formed from the door to the bar. I know that they do this sort of thing in Japan, but whatever happened to the rugby-ruck style ambush of bars that allows people to meet and chat whilst waiting to be served? To make matters worse, the three wall-mounted televisions showed images of leather-clad-pretty-boy-band-rockers on Kerrang! TV despite the pounding, mind-crushing, chart beats of Basshunter being blasted through the PA. The worst of both worlds you could say. As expected there was no price-list at the bar and the staff was clueless when asked about costs of drinks. I eventually left with a flat pint of Carling, a £2.60 pint of flat Magners and, for myself, a pint of Grolsch which tasted unmistakably like tin-foil. Nevertheless I returned the following Monday and was delighted to see that there was no silly queue for the bar. I had high hopes the barman abandoned the trademark two-part pour for my pint of Guinness and served me a horrible stout with a creamy head settled well below the ‘Guinness’ print on the glass. One of the easiest things to do as a barman is pouring a pint of Guinness; trust a catering company like Scolarest to make a meal of it. On top of this the bar had no fresh lime for a £2.50 bottle of Sol and also no blackcurrant cordial for the pint of Strongbow in my round. I hate to sound pernickety but small flaws do add up and in this case have multiplied and multiplied to result in a total blunder of a bar for the students of Caley. That’s my rant over. It would be pointless to just complain and make no effort to think about how all of this can change. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how our union can redeem itself.What are they playing at? Do they want us to leave them alone and instead congregate at the arc or Walkabout? That’s what will happen unless they come up with some sort of solution and stop making themselves the softest of targets for criticism such as this article. I hope they make a fresh start and think about what the students of Caley need: Start by putting a price list up in the bar. Better yet, put on some decent music. Learn how to pour a pint perhaps. At least sort out the dodgy roll on the pool tables. Don’t on the other hand; persist with the annoying, careless, petty mistakes that merge together to create a horrible environment in which to socialise with friends. Give us students a reason to go back again and again and maybe even consider spending nights out in our union. Other universities manage it so well, why can’t we? Here at Caley, the atmosphere on campus is brilliant and the facilities in the library, gym and classrooms are second to none. I can’t understand why we have a sorry excuse for a union despite the fact that we have better banter and party harder than any other student-body in Scotland. RH

Childline in Scotland, which is also known as the NSPCC is in desperate need of volunteer counsellors. Childline’s main aim since it was established in 1986, is to provide a helpline for children who need confidential advice and support and it is also for adults with concerns about a child or young person. The service currently has big plans to expand it’s Childline service in Scotland and across the UK, and in order to do this they need to recruit and train more volunteer counsellors in order to respond to the growing number of children in need of help.To achieve their aim of being able to help a larger number of children in the UK they must have more people volunteering and answering the phones. In Scotland the money from the appeal will allow the charity to:

and better Childline service, they are also setting up an Adult Helpine which will provide help and information for adults with concerns about a child they have seen, who may be suffering from abuse. The government currently provides a large cash flow towards the childline, with £30 million being donated to the charities across the UK to the development of NSPCC helplines over the next four years. However. Childline needs to raise a further £11 million through their appeal in order to continue to run Childline and expand on the current services they provide. With the NSPCC having such a bright future ahead it would seem a great opportunity to pass up. As Jennifer Graham (A volunteer counsellor for Childline in Scotland) says:

• • •

“It is like escaping from the outer world, and being able to make a difference”

Double the capacity of Childline in Scotland’s counselling services. Offer young people options for how they access help - by phone, online or by text. Expand the NSPCC Helpline in Scotland.

With the plans above it is clear that Childline is very unique. Childline also have bases in Edinburgh and Aberdeen which allows Childline to answer the phone to wider range of children and adults. It also has plans to allow young children of all ages to gain help and information by text without having to speak to a counsellor if they are too scared. Last year the Childline service was able to help 33,500 youngsters and this could not have been achieved without the charities Scottish Volunteers, who had been trained to deal with and help children with problems whether they be minor or serious, that is one of Childline main fortes, and this is no matter how big or small your problem is they are their to speak to you at any time in the day, seven days a week. However, now that the service is expanding to not only a bigger

In order to volunteer for Childline you need no experience, just the motivation and willingness to help children with their problems. If you feel that you might be interested and would like to find out more about Childline Volunteering, could you please get in contact with the charity at either: Website: Phone: 0844-892-0210 Email: Current Vacancy slots Tuesday: 3-7pm Thursday: 1-8.30pm Saturday mornings Sunday Evenings: 9pm-1am And remember this is your chance to change someone’s life and make a difference for their future! Daniel Reid



U nderground The Glasgow Subway, as it is officially branded and commonly known will be very familiar to the majority of Caledonian students. Opinions of the operation will vary as some will appreciate the service that is on offer whilst others, who are eating their breakfast en route to a 9am lecture whilst squashed inside an overcrowded carriage will grumble that the service is insufficient and not good enough. So here we have the spotlight on the advantages and disadvantages of the Subway and comparisons to other similar services in the UK; The advantages of the Glasgow Subway, in the opinion of the writer, are greater than the disadvantages. The very fact that the Subway is in existence and that it is in operation for all of the people of Glasgow is very relevant. Links directly to the city centre, served by Buchanan Street and St. Enoch stations provides a valuable service.The proximity of our university which is an almost equal distance to Buchanan Street and Cowcaddens is excellent for us, and it also makes it very accessible from all of the other Subway stations. Rangers fans will be very quick to point out Ibrox station as it is approximately 10 minutes from the city centre and to witness the sheer volume of passengers using the service on a match day, the use and value of the Subway is apparent. Disadvantages can also be found, even the most optimistic person would agree to this. The fact that the system is quite old, having first been opened on 14 December 1896, means that flaws and problems will arise.The noise generated by the trains in movement is not something that can be ignored or missed. Comfort levels on the Subway are fairly reasonable. Although during peak times, overcrowding is a major problem as the system cannot cope and this is at its worst early in the morning, mid evening and on match days at Ibrox. Other similar underground transport systems are in operation in London (London Underground) and Newcastle (Tyne and Wear


Metro). It is perhaps unfair to compare London to Glasgow in critical terms due to population as services will be greater for obvious reasons. Nonetheless it is interesting just to glance at what the Londoners have available. The London Underground is on a significantly different scale to Glasgow as it has 11 lines compared to two as does the Tyne and Wear network. A huge 268 stations are serviced in London, Newcastle 60, and Glasgow 15. An interesting aspect of the Glasgow Subway is its cost. For students who are regular users of the service, commuting to and from university and for other personal use it will cost £10 for a weekly ticket. This adds up to £40 per month, thus a whopping and budget busting £480 per year! No student discount on offer from SPT. Tyne and Wear Metro offer a monthly student card at £25. Whilst London Underground offer a 30% discount for students. Is it time for questions to be asked of SPT regarding concessions for students? Future plans for the Glasgow Subway include innovative technology installed in an agreement between SPT and o2 for customers of the network to be able to use their mobiles in stations on platforms. The Commonwealth Games and all its splendour coming to Glasgow in 2014 will be the catalyst for planned expansion for the subway and in particular to cover Glasgow’s East End. In conclusion, the service of the Glasgow Subway is a very valuable one. Whilst it is meagre in terms of comparison to what is on offer in cities such as Paris and Barcelona, it is not fully appreciated until the alternative is realised; having no subway. In cities such as my home town of Belfast, where bus journeys from the city centre to areas 2-3 miles away can take up to 45 minutes due to heavy traffic, where no metro system operates it is with envy that those cities which do are looked upon. Although the Glasgow Subway could be much better in a lot of ways like a lot of things in life, you have got to make the most out of what you have got. Graeme Hanna

Julian Barratt et al by Noel Fielding and

The Mighty Boosh has become a cultural phenomenon since its humble beginning as a stage show back in 1998. Since then it has spawned a radio series, a tv series, more stage shows and even a music festival. It is no surprise then that the duo of Noel (Vince Noir) Fielding and Julian (Howard Moon) Barratt have delved into another media with their new book aptly titled – The Mighty Book of Boosh. I confess to being a fan of “The Boosh” but feel the standard slipped in their last series; recycled material and the dreaded catchphrase making the once original comedy seem slightly redundant. However this book is back to form and full of hilarious and downright bizarre moments throughout.

Visually it cannot be faulted; from the cover painting to the very back it is full with pictures from the show, cartoons by Fielding himself and even a comic book stuck right in the middle of it all. In fact it is probably the drawings that really hold the thing together. Sure the content is up there with some of the best material from the programme however they again recycle some things from it.

Fans will be familiar with the cartoons that often crop up in the series and will not be disappointed by the colourful sketches of Charlie (seen here in an original story) the Crack Fox and gender-confused merman, Old Gregg. Other highlights are the books within the book, which include a jazz detective story and a tale of Vince’s days in the jungle, and basically anything to do with the loud, brash American manager of the Zooniverse, Bob Fossil.


The Mighty Book of Boosh

Obviously this book will really only be of interest to fans, it is not an accompaniment to the series, it doesn’t document the making of or their rise to fame, it is purely for entertainment and bewilderment. To try and pigeon hole the humour would actually be very difficult as the show incorporates surrealism, musical numbers, and completely off the wall raps known as “crimping” into a sitcom format. Some have said it is like a cross between any of the following: Salvidor Dali, Morecambe and Wise, Lewis Carroll, Monty Python, David Bowie and even Mr Benn, all of which are justified. Overall it is a great book that not only entertains but just looks amazing as well and at 304 pages isn’t short either. If you are a die-hard fan and most fans seem to be, then this is a must-buy. Rest assured it is highly recommended and would make a good stocking filler, as we are nearing that time of the year.

Mikey Rae


In literature, October saw debut novelist Aravind Adiga named as winner of the Man Booker Prize for Contemporary fiction. His novel The White Tiger, about a man’s journey from Indian village life to entrepreneurial success, has become the fourth novel written by a debut novelist to win the coveted £50,000 prize. The 33-year-old Indian-born writer was up against five other novelists including the favourite, Irish writer Sebastian Barry and his novel – The Secret Scripture. Former MP Michael Portillo, Chair of the 2008 judges said: “The judges found the decision difficult because the shortlist contained such strong candidates. In the end, The White Tiger prevailed because the judges felt that it shocked and entertained in equal measure.” Mikey Rae

WHAT’S ON IN GLASGOW THIS NOVEMBER? Glasgay! Festival: Scotland’s annual celebration of queer culture returns for its 25th year and this year is celebrating the life and work of author Tennessee Williams.The celebrations run throughout November and include top acts and new artists with events spanning comedy, music, film, theatre, visual art, performance art, literature and much more. Visit for more information and listings. Winterfest: George Square will be turned into a Winter wonderland starting on 16th November running through till after New Year. It will all kick off with the turning on of the Christmas lights on the 16th starting at 4.30pm.The always popular ice rink will also return later in the month where you can skate around the monuments and Christmas lights, a perfect place for a first date as long as you don’t mind making an idiot of yourself. Tickets and information are available at Mikey Rae 19

The Writer’s Tale is a fascinating insight into the process of being a writer from the man behind the rejuvenation of Saturday night television - Russell T Davies. Across the space and time, of a year Russell T Davies shared his experiences as executive producer of Doctor Who in email correspondence with Doctor Who Magazine contributor Benjamin Cook. Those emails are documented here, charting the earliest thoughts for the 2007 Christmas Special, to transmission of Series 3, the scripts for Series 4, and the future of the show.This alone cannot possibly convey the sheer wealth of information present. This book is more akin to a tome that might be appropriately sub headed ‘Everything you wanted to know about writing but were afraid to ask‘. Worried that writing until 4 in the morning is odd and vampiric? Have no fear - Russell is the same! Missing your deadlines and filling your day with nowt? Helllloooo world of the writer. This is the day to day, nuts and bolts, of what it is not only to be a writer and the showrunner of Doctor Who, but caretaker of Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures, and several further positions of responsibility in between (signing off on Cybermen frubes, for example). As one has come to expect of compendiums from the Who stable, the book is carefully compiled and beautifully presented. It is adorned by early script drafts, personal emails between staff and Russell, and drawings by the man himself. As opposed to any “how to” lining the shelves,Writer’s Tale provides a more inclusive perspective on the process, and ultimately is a far more invaluable tool. If you have aspirations to be a writer yourself, there could be no better collection of thoughts, ideas and musings that can be sifted through for advice if you so choose. As a fan of television there is ample unveiling of the inner workings of the BBC; the intricate relationships between task masters and creatives. If you’re a Who fan, then this is Christmas come early. Revel in the casting negotiations for Kylie, the genesis of a pre-Donna companion, and the cast trip to Italy. 20

Like much of Russell’s work before, this is a book that invites you into another world, and doesn’t hold back from conveying the good times alongside the bad. And it is all the better for such openness and honesty. There is a chance that by placing such a close eye on the building blocks of episodes of the show that some of the magic may be dispelled. Doesn’t the haze of too many cigarettes and the stress involved detract from the fun and magic of the shows all this has gone through to create? Well, four years of Doctor Who Confidential episodes - albeit minus the ciggies - haven’t stopped people tuning in for more. Ultimately, it all adds to the legend of the show. Already this writer’s copy is adorned with bookmarks and post its, the genius and expertise is there to be learnt from, as well as enjoyed. The message, if there is one, is to find your own way in the world of writing and television. If you need any inspiration, reassurance and guidance along the way, then it’s here for you. A truly addictive read that doesn’t simply go behind the scenes, but right to the heart of their very creation. Emmy C.

WILL MURRAY RISE TO THE TOP? Do we finally have a tennis star within our midst? After an amazing developmental period in Andy Murrays season, so far we have seen him jump to number four in the world tennis rankings. Britain eagerly awaits in anticipation, for the young Scotsman to fulfill the long awaited dream the nation. Could Scotland have produced a tennis world champion? The immense pressure lies on the shoulders of a young boy from Dundee, with an overwhelming ambition take the title of best tennis player in the world?

Since Murray’s quarterfinal showdown at Wimbledon with Spanish star Rafal Nadal he has vowed to break the domination of Roger Federer and Nadal to become the worlds best player. This year the Scotsman has become the first British tennis player to take 4 ATP titles in a season which came about in October with a 6-4 7-6 win over unseeded Gilles Simon in the final of the Madrid masters, following an impressive semi final triumph over, in form, Roger Federer. Having played an obscenely gripping match, Murray walked away with a winning record over the Swiss giant. In particularly Murray has focused his training on muscular endurance, which is proving to be the backbone of his recent success. Injury problems in the early days, appears to have affected Murray very little as he forges forward, stronger and ever-present, mapping his way to an extraordinary future. The only question, which remains now, is whether or not he can overcome the crushing hold of Nadal and Federer? One thing is for sure, and that is that Scottish Andy Murray will be carrying the nations finally realistic hopes as he takes his place on the Wimbledon court in 2009... Can he do it? All we can do now is sit back and enjoy the ride, as our Scottish grown star chases his dreams.

SPORTS PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR 2008 Its almost time for one of the most prestigious awards on the sporting calendar, the BBC Sports Personality of the year awards 2008, broadcasting on the 14th December at the Liverpool Echo Arena. Its the 55th anniversary of the award, the fixture proves as exciting as ever, as a means to offer acclaim to those proving exorbitant life time achievement and talent in their chosen field. The voting has started, nominations for the most outstanding and distinguished sporting icons of the year are being collated as we speak. Here at Re-Union, we want to ask all you students who YOU think should be the most celebrated Sports personality of the year and why that person caught your eye? Its up to you how you would like to choose your nomination, although traditionally Sports Personality winners have been those showing the most talent, dedication and commitment to sport.This could be anyone from Chris Hoy on the dawn of his 3 gold medal win at the Beijing olympics, Paula Radcliffe on her win at the New York marathon, following a difficult return to running, or young golfer Justin Rose as he becomes Europe’s number one golfer. All nominations will be considered and the winners will be featured in the next issue of Re:Union. Either send your nominations to the sports editor,, or vote online on out bebo page, . Amanda Quinn


GAELIC FOOTBALL Gaelic Football, originating and mostly played in Ireland, is somewhat a foreign concept to many of us living here in Scotland. As one of the two most popular sports in Ireland both in participation and spectators, the Gaelic football and Irish society here at Caley hope to interest and educate as many people as possible into this truely Irish legacy. Caley matches held on Saturdays are always exhilirating for those playing, as well as those supporting, as the sport promises 60 minutes of athletic ability and strategy. Often described as “the all-round game”, that challenges players in hand, foot and round ball skills, if you see yourself as quite a versatile individual who is looking for something new to get involved with, then get yourself to training on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you think you are the next Kevin Heffernan, or you can drink as much as an Irish man then sign up. Contact for more details. Remember you do not need to be experienced or Irish to join the Gaelic football or Irish Society, the more the merrier. Amanda Quinn

The Rules

The game is played with teams of 15 on a rectangular pitch, with two H-shaped goalposts at either end. The ultimate aim of the game is to win by scoring through the goals by either striking (with a closed fist, on the knuckle of the thumb) or kicking the ball through the goals, either above or below the crossbar.

IS IT THE ENDES FOR FERGUSON? With Pedro Mendes currently marshalling the Gers midfield, Ferguson could find him self frozen out of proceedings. The lack of movement from Rangers FC in the early part of the summer transfer market saw Davis head back to Villa Park shortly followed by star defender Carlos Cuellars movement to the English Premier League. The single signing of under-achieving Kenny Miller did not look as if it would be enough to mount a real charge on the SPL title this season. As if this was not enough, the news of, ‘Heart of the team’ Barry Ferguson’s injury had the old firm faithful worried about the fourth coming season to say the least. To enhance worry the club’s 2-1 defeat to FBK Kaunas sent them crashing out of Europe to leave the Gers fans devastated. The season ahead looked bleak and everyone’s money was on Celtic. Who could have predicted Walter smiths next move? With a late surge in the transfer window Smith swooped in to secure the signatures of previously Villa bound Steven Davis and Portugal star Pedro Mendes. Suddenly fans of the old firm club started regaining some faith in the task ahead. Sure enough Rangers began to regain some confidence with a 1-0 away win against Falkirk on the opening day of the season. Inspired by new signing Mendes, Rangers suddenly had a spring in their step and took the opening stages of the season in to their stride, which saw them gain important victories against Hearts and high flyers Kilmarnock, not to mention the 4-2 massacre of bitter old firm rivals Celtic at park head. Now Rangers find themselves on top of the pack with just Celtic for company. Pedro Mendes has been on sensational form so far and has been vital to the campaign with a series of 22

impressive outings and is very quickly becoming a fans favorite. Now with club skipper Barry Ferguson returning from injury one has to wonder if there is a place for him in his previously secure spot. Ferguson was disappointing at the end of last season, which left many Gers fans questioning his ability and Leadership. This leaves 3 options for the loved captain, he can rise to the call and get into a dog fight for his position in midfield, continue in poor form and become frozen out of the picture, or put in a transfer request and move aside for the Portuguese star to rule the roost.

Why don’t you add some extra strings to your bow? You can Join the Student leaders Programme if you take part in:

For more info contact: Nicky at, 0141 273 1607 or Patric at, 0141 273 1602

Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association

Caledonian Student Parliament

Work and travel in the


USA or Canada Spend your summer holiday exploring

Caledonian Student Parliament

North America, making lifelong friendships and gaining invaluable CV-enhancing skills Summer Camp USA is a low cost programme

offering you the chance to be a role model to kids as a camp counsellor

Next meeting

Work Canada provides you with a flexible working visa – exclusively available through BUNAC

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Work America allows flexible work and travel anywhere in the USA

2pm in M201

KAMP sets you up with a summer placement in the USA helping with the day-to-day running of a children’s camp.

Work in America or Canada Roadshow 2008/09 Wednesday 26th November 2008 Summer Camp USA Presentation, 1:00 - 2:00pm Room M142, George Moore Building, City Campus. studentparliament Scottish Charity No. SC022887

Work in America or Canada Presentation, 5:00 - 6:00pm Room M402, George Moore Building, City Campus.

For more information visit

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