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Scottish Charity No. SC022887

‘Caley til I die’ When you look back on your time at Caledonian University this is a phrase that I would hope you, as students of this University, would use to describe your time here. My time here at this University has been the best four years of my life, I am passionate and proud of Caley and I am here to ensure, as much as possible, that you guys have the same kind of experience.

Steph’s letter

Your experience at Caledonian University is definitely whatever you make of it. For students starting off at any University can be a daunting task, however, we here at Caley strive to make that transition as smooth as possible. You come to University for your education first and foremost, however, I am a strong believer that students should make the most of their time here by getting involved in all aspects of university life. This is where the Students’ Association comes in; myself, the rest of the Executive Committee and all our wonderful staff are here to help you do exactly this. We are here to provide you with opportunities to get involved in areas such as sport, societies, Radio Caley, the magazine and the increasingly popular Student Leaders Programme which this year is sponsored by Endsleigh. Getting involved will enhance your experience and gives you the chance to meet lots of new people. Due to Caley’s vast diversity there is opportunity to befriend people from different backgrounds, cultures and countries. I realise that this little piece doesn’t tell you everything that Caley has to offer so if there are any other questions or queries then please do not hesitate to come and visit us in the Students’ Association (North Hanover Street building) or even just drop me an email on I wish you every success here at Glasgow Caledonian University and I hope that you enjoy your time spent here. Hugs Steph


Steph Pitticas Student President The Student President is the figurehead of the Students’ Association and takes the lead in representing all students.The Student President is a full-time elected and paid student officer.

Jas Sangha Vice President Support and Advice The VPSA ensures welfare provision on campus as well as promoting student welfare campaigns. The VPSA is a full-time elected and paid student officer.

Darren Stewart LGBT Officer The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans) Officer ensures that LGBT students are represented within the University and externally.

Sara Milne Vice President Student Development

Beth Montgomery Vice President Sports and Societies

The VPSD ensures student development through training and support for volunteers and student reps. The VPSD is a full-time elected and paid student officer.

The VPSS is responsible for developing a diverse range of sports clubs and societies as well as encouraging involvement.The VPSS is a full-time elected and paid student officer.

Ewan McLean Communications Officer

Jessica McCabe Women’s Officer

The Communications Officer ensures that the student body knows what is happening within the Association and university.

The Women’s Officer ensures that women students are represented within the University and externally.

Vasileios Vazos International Students’ Officer

Graeme McMullen Campaigns Officer

The International Students’ Officer ensures that all international students are represented both within the University and externally.

The Campaigns Officer takes the lead in Association and National Union of Students campaigns.


As a student at Glasgow Caledonian University this means that you automatically become a member of GCUSA (Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association). GCUSA’s main function is the representation of GCU students to the University and Nationally, via NUS ( GCUSA supports all student reps within GCU to improve the student experience. More information can be found by visiting /studentreps GCUSA is run by nine elected student officers called the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee are made up of current or former students elected across campus. You can hold the Executive Committee to account for the decisions they make at Caledonian Student Parliament. GCUSA operates many services and activities. GCUSA provides a Welfare Department, sports and non-sporting clubs and societies, volunteer and student development activities, a student magazine called Re:Union, a brand new radio station Radio Caley and our Give It A Go programme.

Students will have an outstanding experience that will live with them forever


To represent and enable students to enhance all aspects of their student experience

Values Diversity We are proud of our diverse student body and are dedicated to activities that celebrate this diversity Community We foster a welcoming and inclusive environment, allowing students to form and build upon strong, lasting relationships that contribute into an enjoyable and productive University life Participation We promote and provide the opportunity for widespread involvement through sports, societies and volunteering in all our activities Fun We are dedicated and passionate about the professional nature of working for students whilst maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere Support We provide a high level of consistent, reliable, confidential and independent support, ensuring the welfare of all our students Leadership Throughout all our activities we encourage students to become leaders, to take pride in their university and fellow students, enabling them to be outstanding graduates

All GCUSA activities and services must comply with our equality and diversity policy. The Students’ Association aims to be a safe space for all GCU students.

NUS (National Union of Students)

GCUSA operates within the parameters of our Constitution and is a scottish charity. studentparliament


Caledonian Student Parliament

Executive Committee


For more information:

e h t f l e s r u o y Give


Scottish Charity No. SC022887






r o t c a f Y T I L I B A Y O L P EM


e m m a r g o r P s r e Student Lead Join the

If you are involved in any of the following activities YOU can become a Student Leader: Sports/Society Committee member * Nightline Volunteer * Class Rep * Re:Union Editorial Team * Welfare Volunteer * Caledonian Student Parliament Rep * Psychology Voluntary Work and Mentoring Scheme (PWMS) * Caledonian Club * Student Mentor * On Track Mentor * International Student Support Services (ISSS) volunteer * Radio Caley volunteer

More info at:

w w w .c al ed on ia ns tu de nt .c om /S LP

Welfare volunteering


The Welfare Department run a number of health promotion campaigns throughout the year on issues that may affect students, from sexual health to alcohol awareness. The department can’t run these campaigns without the help of Welfare Volunteers. Welfare Volunteers run the campaign stalls, talk to students, give out information, give out freebies and generally promote the issue as widely as possible. Welfare Volunteers get full training on the role of a volunteer, and also full training on the campaign topic the week before the campaign. If you think being a welfare volunteer might be for you, then contact Jas on

Re:Union magazine Re:Union is the free Students’ Association magazine written by students, for students. This gives volunteers a great chance to cover features, areas of interest, fashion, music, the list is pretty long and is only limited to a volunteers imagination. Volunteers gather, edit, and pass on articles to the editor for inclusion in their section. Involvement requires that you attend roughly 10 meetings per year, each lasting approximately 1hr, and yup you guessed it, full training is given. This represents a great opportunity for the stories, thoughts and ramblings of volunteers to be published in the sleek beast that is Re:Union. If you fancy getting involved, contact Josie at

Radio Caley Radio Caley launched in February 2009 after many years of preparation. Still in the early stages there is not a better time to join and be part of the team. Whether your expertise/interest is in production, presenting, PR or technical, there will be a role available for you. Email for more information about volunteering. If you don’t wish to volunteer but would like to listen, it’s simple… Go to to see the broadcasting schedule and click “Listen Live” to listen to shows. With shows featuring almost every genre of music and talk shows too, you’re sure to find something you like.

for more info got to



Nightline is a confidential student listening and information service, run by students for students. Nightline volunteers man the phones from 7pm – 7am, Monday to Thursday during term time. Recruitment and training of new volunteers takes place at the start of each semester (in September and February). Nightliners are given comprehensive training to ensure that they are equipped to deal with calls on a wide variety of subjects, as callers can phone about absolutely anything – which means two shifts are never the same! We don’t expect the Nightliners to stay awake all night, and there are beds, sleeping bags, a tv, dvd player and other facilities to use during the night while you’re not on the phone! Nightline is a great way to meet like-minded people and to make new friends too. If you want to know more about becoming a Nightliner then contact Jas on

Give It A Go Give it a Go is a programme of taster events run by the Students’ Association. The main aim is to engage students, allowing them to try out different activities. With various events taking place such as salsa dancing, cookery and sign language it is a great way to meet new people within the university in a relaxed, fun environment. Best of all, most of these events are free! Keep an eye out at for the timetable of events and information on how to sign up to taster sessions.

The Star Awards are where volunteers from Societies, Welfare, Re:Union, Radio Caley and Caledonian Student Parliament are nominated to receive shiny awards for all their hard work over the year. It is a great chance for the volunteers to let their hair down and a chance for the Students’ Association to thank everyone for their contribution, what better way to do so than with a big shindig at the end of Semester B?

What is it?


If you want to find out more about student representation, you can contact Sara Milne, your Vice President Student Development: Tel: 0141 273 1601,

Glasgow Caledonian University Students’ Association is the representative body for all Caledonian Students. Caledonian Student Parliament (CSP) is the ultimate decision-making committee of the Students’ Association and is made up of students just like you, representing all areas of student life at Glasgow Caledonian.

How does it work? Lots of Student Reps get elected to sit on it for an academic year and make decisions about student campaigns, GCUSA policies and directing your student representatives. It meets six times a year – three times in each semester.

What’s in it for me? By becoming a member of CSP, you will be directly affecting the student experience at GCU by representing your fellow students whilst developing your own skills and experiences for the future. You will also get the chance to meet lots of other students and become a real part of the Caledonian student community.

Caledonian Student Parliament will be held on: Friday 9th October 2009 @ 2pm – M401 Tuesday 3rd November 2009 @ 3pm – M201 Friday 27th November 2009 @ 2pm – M201 Friday 12th February 2010 @ 2pm – M201 Tuesday 9th March 2010 @ 3pm – M201 Friday 23rd April 2010 @ 2pm – M201

Studen t R ep s

Where do I sign up? All you need to do is complete the relevant nomination form from and return it to the Clerk to CSP, Marie Wilkinson on and we’ll get in touch with all the information for the next year.

Student Learning Experience

You should get involved in making your student learning experience as good as it can be and become a student rep. In the University there are various student rep roles such as Class Reps, Programme Board reps and School Board Reps. These reps are important to the University to comment on the student learning experience on University committees and to allow GCU to ensure high quality teaching and learning. The Students’ Association runs class rep training events, e-learning and provides briefings for all types of representatives. Check out www.caledonianstudent. com/studentreps for more information.


Being a Student Rep gives you the opportunity to improve your skills to build your confidence and your CV - Negotiation skills; Presentation skills; Communication skills; Working with others; Problem solving

Improve Your Course/ Programme/School

Gather opinion from your class mates and help improve the course content, structure, teaching methods, teaching facilities, learning resources, assessments and a lot more

Improve Your University

Become a Student Rep and you will join 500+ other students just like you working hard to make the Student Learning Experience at Glasgow Caledonian University the best it can be


If you want to find out more about student representation, you can contact: Student Representative Co-ordinator Kevin Ward, 0141 273 1614, or Vice President Student Development Sara Milne, 0141 273 1602 or at

So, you’ve arrived at university and will soon be starting classes where the hard work begins, but what about the fun stuff? What are your hobbies? The last thing you want to do is give up the things you enjoy because your environment has changed. No matter who you are or where you’re from, joining a society is a great way of meeting new people with a common interest and having fun. A lot of our societies organise hugely successful events each year and there is a yearly awards ceremony which is attended by all societies. We have over 30 societies already available for you to join! There are course based, faith based, hobby/interest based, social and political societies... societies








GCUSA offers a wide variety of sports and recreation activities to get involved in. Whatever your ability and aspirations are, becoming active in a sports club can be a great way to make new friends, enhance your social life and get fit as well as participating in your chosen sport. Active sports clubs: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball (m & w), Cricket, Football (m & w), GAA (Gaelic Sports), Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey (m & w), Horseriding, Karate (Tei), Kayaking, Mountaineering, Muay Thai (Kick Boxing), Netball, Rugby (m), Skiing, Swimming, Snowboarding, Table Tennis, Taekwon-Do, Trampolining, Volleyball (m & w).

Sports Bursary Programme

Sports Membership

Over the past decade Arc Recreation and Glasgow City Council have provided assistance to aspiring and talented GCU student athletes in various disciplines. A typical full bursary may include: a Access to specific and top quality sports facilities throughout the City, a Financial assistance for costs involved in non-domestic competition and training,

ACTIVE sport


Includes membership of all sports clubs only.

ACTIVE student PLUS ÂŁ 110 Includes membership of all sports clubs, unlimited entry to all Arc exercise classes and sports clubs; plus unlimited use of gym & brand new showering facilities.

a Academic support. To be considered for the bursary programme you should have reached or have the potential to reach World, Olympic, Commonwealth, European, British or Scottish standards.

Available from Arc Reception and open to GCU students only.

If this applies to you application forms are available from Arc Reception or contact: Closing dates for all applications is mid October 2009.

For more in formation

w w w.c a le d

on each spo rts club go to:

o n ia n s tu d e

n t. c o m /s p o

r ts

Arc Arc Recreation is open to all Glasgow Caledonian students. Student gym and sports memberships are available allowing access to three gyms containing a range of cardiovascular equipment, resistance equipment and free-weights. Qualified staff can offer exercise advice and design tailored personal exercise programmes. Bodypump, Body Step, Body Attack, Boxercise, Spin, Yoga, and Circuits feature on the varied exercise class timetable. Exercise classes are available at lunchtimes and in the evening. The student gym and sports memberships include free entry to exercise classes and online payment is available. Two multi-purpose halls may be used for a variety of activities such as football, badminton, basketball and martial arts. Students may participate in the sports clubs offered by the Students’ Association or book the hall at student rates for any activity. Students are welcome to pop in to the Arc for a look around or to discuss their requirements with an instructor. The recreation facility is open from 7.30-8.30pm Monday to Thursday, 7.30-8.00pm Fridays and from 10.30am-4.30pm at weekends.

Getting Involved Fayre Tues 15th Sep 2009 in the Refectory Extension (beside the Hamish Wood Building)

10.30am – 3pm Find out more about GCUSA by browsing round the stalls at the Get Involved Fayre. Volunteers and Staff from Welfare, Sports, Societies, Class Reps, Re:Union, Student Leaders and Student Parliament will be on hand to provide help and information.

Be Involved in your Students’ Associ


Free Entry


Arc: Main Hall

Weds 16th Sep 5pm-6.30pm Gymnastics, Trampolining, Table Tennis, Volleyball (m&w) 6.30pm-8.30pm Martial Arts Festival (Taekwon-Do, Karate, Muay Thai) 6.30pm-8.30pm Netball

Thurs 17th Sep 1pm-3.30pm 3.30pm-5pm 5pm-6pm 6pm-7pm 7pm-8.30pm

Men’s Football 5-a-Side Women’s Football 5-a-Side Cricket Badminton Basketball (Men’s and Women’s)

Your chance to try out a number of different sports clubs over two days and meet the coaches, members and volunteers. formation log

For further in

on to www.caledon


Freshers Week Nights for all Internation students and Ceilidh al fans!

17th September 09 Refectory Extension, 6-9pm £4

Thu 17th Sep

from 7pm Campus_Caledonian_Ad_2_PRINT.pdf




Mon – Campus • Tue – Walkabout • Wed – Walkabout • Thu – Driftwood • Fri – Jongleurs

jumpin jaks artwork


£1.20 DRINKS - £1 SHOTS Selected lines only

Garage Caledonian Freshers Fiesta Advert PRINT.pdf

Classrooms Caledonian 210x99 Advert PRINT.pdf





Caledonian Conference 2010

Shape your course. Shape your University. Shape your future. Calefderoennian ce Con

Could you afford to replace your things? You can afford insurance cover. From just £16*. s Around 1 in 3 students will be a victim of crime** – make sure you’re protected s Discounts and additional cover options available online, eg laptop, musical instrument and bike cover s Exclusive to Endsleigh - Earn up to 25% no claims bonus***



Campaigns Officer

Graeme McMullen

of the If you want to drop in to see one uiry enq r you ing ard Welfare Advisers reg 117 NH m roo in er Mill you will find Caroline NH118. and Kirsty McGregor in room il or ema can you fer Alternatively if you pre t. men phone for an appoint port & Jas Sangha, Vice President Sup ted to elec ical bat sab Advice is a student fare wel the to ting rela co-ordinate matters and g erin nte volu of students, welfare on s ent stud nts rese rep campaigns. Jas also ity. vers Uni the in with all major committees reception You can find Jas by going to the North the of r floo desk on the second . ding Hanover Street buil lved with Whether you want to get invo d some nee , ent artm the Welfare Dep tion, or nta rese rep or t information, suppor door is our n, liste to just want someone always open.

For more information about the Welfare Department you can visit our website:

We’re Here To Help vides a free non-judgemental and pro resent e Welfare Department

Th . We rep all Caledonian students confidential service to dents and the sts of both individual stu and promote the intere ependently to ole and we operate ind student body as a wh the University. ing: de range of issues includ We offer advice on a wi Appeals and lations including • Academic Regu ur ability to do s anything affected yo Special Factors: Ha or exams? well in your coursework your rights aries: Information on • Student Disciplin jor offences e.g. luding minor and ma and responsibilities inc g. plagiarism and cheatin anti-social behaviour, with fellow ur course: Difficulties • Problems on yo is not right for you feel your course students or tutor? Do you?

• Financial Worrie s: Why not come in an d talk to someone about it? We can refer you to other appropriate services. • Employment Righ ts: Your rights to the Na tional Minimum Wage, break and holiday entitlemen ts. • Listening and Su pport: If you just want to talk and need someone to listen in complete confi dence or you are worried abou t a friend, then pop in at any time, we are here to he lp. • Sexual Health: Would you like an un limited supply of condoms an d information about sexual health and clinics? Vis it us and register for your C-Card now. We are a registration and dis tribution site linked to The Sand yford Initiative.



The Welfare Department promotes several health awareness days for students. Information stalls can be found outside the Welfare office and the Saltire Centre. Du ring these campaigns Welfare Vo lu nt ee rs will be available to answer qu es tio ns , hand out information and give out freebies!


You can get involved by helping us to manage the stalls and provide information for the other students. Our Volunteer Programme is a gr eat way to meet new people and develop your skills. Th ere is no experience required as we will provide the necessa ry training. Our training sessions ar e organised to ensure students feel eq uipped to help out at the awareness stalls. For all your hard work and parti cipation you will also receive a certificate for the training and campaigns you he lped out with as well as an end of year social. For further informatio n on how to get involv ed check out: www.caledonianst ering

r A Part Time Job?

Are You Looking Fo

e University Career e jobs please go to th tim rt pa r fo g kin loo If you are areers/vacancies led ca w. ww : on ite bs Service we will include: view te information which da to up t ge to le ab You will be s, local newspapers , recruitment agencie es sit job e lin on , ies live vacanc ncy information. and sector specific vaca ail alerts, view live vantage of vacancy em ad e tak d an y da to Register es. d edit saved job search vacancies and create an

University is always a very different experience for all students. Some find it daunting going from a school where everyone knows you to a place where you are starting all over again. Many students will find this as a time to feel they can ‘be themselves’ and may decide it is time to start ‘coming out’ to others that they are gay, bisexual, lesbian etc. It can be difficult making new friends when you first come to university, especially if you have a very large course. A great way to meet new people would be to come along to the fresher’s fair where there will be a stall set up for LGBT, run by myself. It may give you the chance to meet other students on that day who are also LGBT or it can give you the chance to join a mailing list which I plan to set up and hope to organise a get together for new LGBT students, and probably some of the older ones as well. There is also a very lively gay scene in Glasgow, most of the clubs being in the Merchant City, and it can always be a good way to make new friends outside of university life. Obviously that’s just the social side to your life, and it should not take priority over your academic life. Things can go wrong with your course, life can get stressful when you have lots of deadlines that are needing to be made, or you may just have personal stuff that your finding it hard to deal with. If you ever need any support with anything at all I can always be reached on if you maybe want to meet for a chart or if you see me on campus just stop me. I may not always be the best right person to help you but I can certainly direct you to the person who can help. We have an excellent executive team who will be on hand to help support you and a great welfare department. The university also offers a counselling service to students who want to use it. As LGBT officer I am part of the student executive committee and I am your voice, so anything you would like to see happen for LGBT students, I’m the man you want! In addition to this there are campaigns that get run throughout the year which are normally involved with the National Union of Students (NUS). My plans are to get a group of students who are interested in LGBT issues who will help me throughout the year to run campaigns, so again if this is something you’re interested in then come along to fresher’s and talk to me or drop me an email me on Well I think I have bored you enough. I hope to hear from you all soon . In the mean time take it easy!! Darren Stewart LGBT Officer

Hi, Jez here! I’m your Women’s Officer this year. I’ve got a few things planned, but I’m always open to suggestions and good ideas for campaigns on issues affecting the women of this university. Wherever you are in your time at Caley, whether you’re just starting out or writing your dissertation; whether you’re in the volleyball club or the comedy society, you need to have your say in the way we run things around here. And that’s where I come in! But even so, I can’t do it all by myself, you need to get involved. If there’s a problem anywhere, if you think we need more support, if you think that anything could be done better for you then drop me a line at and I’ll see what I can do. But before we go getting ahead of ourselves and launch an all out estrogen-fuelled mutiny on the uni, here’s a few ideas I have kicking about this head of mine:

Research Race for Life 2010

They say that you can run it, jog it or walk it, just don’t skip it. I say, why NOT skip it? Or hop it? Or cartwheel it? It’s for a good cause and, even better, it gets you fit. It’s 5K (only 3 miles, not exactly a marathon) and it’s a great feeling at the end. You even get a shiny little medal to wave in people’s faces and say “Told you I could do it!” I did it last month and next year I plan to do TWO. I’d like as many of you to join in as possible though you don’t have to join Team Ladbrokes, that’s unless you REALLY want a bright red t-shirt five sizes too big for you?

Women’s Health Week

Building on last year’s event, I’d like to focus specifically on cervical cancer. Leaving aside all mention of a certain reality TV celebrity, this disease is a very real concern to many young women. STIs will pop their ugly heads up at some point in the week – though hopefully not your lives – as will other common female health concerns such as PMT. Running out of space now, so I’ll be brief: I’ll be jumping on the bandwagon with other campaigns in the Welfare Department – Personal Safety for one and SHAG Week for another; you’ll find me at the Freebie Fair in September; I’ll probably descend on you at some point during the year to pester you with information or pleas to volunteer for one cause or another. Feel free to add your two cents at So until then, keep smiling! Jez Woman’s Officer

Getting Ready

Lining your stomach before drinking alcohol helps you last the night. A good feed before you go out will help you last the night and give you more energy. Ideal foods include pasta, potatoes and a pint of milk.

It’s the start of U ni and a perfect tim e to make friends a nd socialise. Here a re some things to th ink about...

Going Out

You know your limits. You don’t have to keep up with the fastest. If you stick with others who drink at the same rate as you, you can take charge of how quic kly you drink and how much you spend. If you think the drink is hitting you too quickly, take a break. A small lem onade, water or coke with ice and lemon look just like a shot and mixer. A pint of water every hour and a salty snack such as crisps or peanuts will help maintain the fluid and salt balance of the body. Watch out for people spiking you r drink. If you must leave your drink, mak e sure there is someone there you trus t to keep an eye on it.

Coming home

Do you know the time of the last bus or train? Have you got enough money to get home? A good tip is to keep your fare home separate from your spending money. We all drink too much at times so look out for each other and make sure everyone gets home safely. Remember, it could be you one day! Should someone pass out: own * Don’t leave them on their where you are * Call an ambulance and stay position * Help them into the recovery * Keep them warm

When back home

Before you go to bed, drink plenty of water (a couple of pints or more if you can manage it) and keep some beside the bed.

Useful Numbers... University/General

Students’ Association Welfare Department The Base Student Wellbeing Service (Counselling) Nightline Chaplaincy University Switchboard NUS Scotland

0141 331 3886 0141 273 1613 0141 273 1000 0141 273 1449 0141 55 22 555 0141 331 8576 0141 331 3000 0131 556 6598

Glasgow Caledonian University Accommodation Office at Caledonian Court Glasgow City Council Unite – Halls of Residence Victoria Halls – Halls of Residence



Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) Student Loan Company (SLC) Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) National Debtline National Minimum Wage Helpline The Benefits Agency Tax Enquiry Centre Council Tax Helpline University Funding Adviser – Sue Hindhaugh


0845 111 1711 0800 405 010 0844 848 9600 0800 808 4000 0845 600 678 0141 557 4000 0845 302 1452 0845 600 8040 0174 273 1246

Woodside Health Centre Townhead Health Centre NHS 24

Sexual Health

The Sandyford Initiative The Family Planning Association

0141 331 3980 0141 287 4324 0141 339 6272 or 0141 333 9837 0141 354 1000

0141 531 9200 0141 531 9800 08454 24 24 24

0141 211 8130 0845 122 8690

Mental Health

GAMH – Advice and Support on Mental Health Issues Samaritans Women’s Aid

0141 552 5592 08457 90 90 90 0141 553 2022

pleted your first

ding this, you have already com without Congratulations! Given that you are reasity . If the prospect of years of studying

into Univer ne step towards a qualification by getting g at first. Remember you are not alo ntin dau e littl a m see y ma it h oug someone nagging you thr s students going through it too! in your studying; there are 14,500 plu h lots of will provide you wit nia do ale w.c ww on te bsi we U 2GC The New your time at GCU. useful information on kick starting

Course Work and Exams The most common forms are essays or reports, presentations and the dreaded exams! Know what the plagiarism policy is and what counts as plagiarism. Copying or cheating is not tolerated and can have serious consequences for your degree. If in doubt, ask your tutor. The size of the reading list you are presented with at the start of your course may be immense but you may not have to buy the entire list. If you can only purchase a few books, try and find out the key text for the course and rely on the library for the rest. Share books with friends too.


These provide the foundations for your courses . They vary in size, frequency and length. However, one common thread is that , no matter how tempting it is to miss them, you should try and make the effort to attend and take semi-legible notes.


These are small groups of around 10- 20. The y generally discuss in more detail the topics covered in that wee k’s lectures. Active participation is encouraged and attendance compulsory.


Generally used by the sciences and usu ally compulsory attendance, labs are usually three hours in length. Vital to your courses, it is worthwhile paying attention to your practical work, especially as you will often have to writ e up reports on what you have achieved.

Know where you can go to solve

any problems?

nding on uld all be able to help you depe sho t en rtm pa De of ad He or or rse tut t to remember. For academic problems your cou o an important point of contac als is er vis ad c mi de aca r You m. the seriousness of your proble rsity offers. on about support that the Unive ati orm inf for op -sh top e-s on is a ng, funding and many The Base in the Saltire Building ability service, effective learni dis g, llin nse cou e, car ild ch hebase rs, They can refer you to caree ww at nd fou be can on ati orm . More inf more services provided for you or telephone 0141 273 1000. ays come and of University staff, you can alw er mb me a h wit m ble pro r you cuss If you feel you don’t want to dis ation. rtment in the Students’ Associ pa De re lfa We the in ne eo som speak to

Getting e r y a F d e Involv Tues 15th Sep 2009 in the Refectory Extension (beside the Hamish Wood Building)

10.30am – 3pm Find out more about GCUSA by browsing round the stalls at the Get Involved Fayre. Volunteers and Staff from Welfare, Sports, Societies, Class Reps, Re:Union, Student Leaders and Student Parliament will be on hand to provide help and information.

Be Involved in your Students’ Associ






Tel: 0141 332 8209 9LUÄLSK:[.SHZNV^.(3

Tel: 0141 332 8209 9LUÄLSK:[.SHZNV^.(3



Tel: 0141 332 8209 9LUÄLSK:[.SHZNV^.(3


FREE BURGER AND BOOMERANG CARD! Email us at from your uni email address and get a free boomerang card and burger Come party at our newly developed Union bar upstairs @Walkabout. All students welcome. Tel: 0141 332 8209 9LUÄLSK:[.SHZNV^.(3




GCUSA Freshers Survival Guide 2009