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Elections 2014 The Leadership Race

What’s happening? Every year four students are paid to work full-time to lead GCU Students’ Association. Elected by their peers they become leaders of an organisation with a £600,000 budget, trustees of a charity and representatives of 17,000 students. Just nominate yourself with the form found on our website and we’ll support you through every step of the campaign.

Key Dates

What do I need to do?

Nominations open Monday 25th November

Any registered student of GCU Students’ Association is eligible to stand for any of the four positions. That means if you are currently a registered student of the University you can do it.

Nominations close Friday 14th February, 12 noon Candidates’ Briefings Friday 14th February, 2pm Monday 17th February, 12noon Candidate Question Time Wednesday 19th February, 1pm Thursday 27th February, 4pm Voting opens Monday 3rd March, 9am Voting closes Friday 7th March, 2pm Results announced Friday 7th March, evening

You don’t need to be in your final year, in the past many officers have taken a year out to lead the Students’ Association before returning to finish their degree. If successful you will become a trustee of the organisation. That means you’ll need to meet a number of legal requirements – you can find details of these on our website. Contact the current officers to ask them questions about running in the Leadership Race and find information online at “100% of candidates said they would recommend standing in the elections to a friend”

“91% of candidates agreed that they had all of the information they needed to take part in the election”

Student President call: 0141 273 1601

Vice President Education call: 0141 273 1602

Student President

Vice President Education

The Student President is the figurehead of the Students’ Association and is responsible for making sure the officers are carrying out their duties and that agreed policies are acted upon.

The VP Education works with School Officers and Class Reps to make sure students’ views are represented, listened to, and acted upon.

Governance. Communication. Finance.

Chairs the Trustee Board and works on implementing all strategic and operational plans. Is the Students’ Association’s main representative on University Committees and ensures students’ interests are at the heart of key decisions. Is accountable to the membership and makes sure students’ needs are met through the Students’ Association’s democratic system. Matt says: “To stand for election as Student President is something that will live with you forever. It is an exciting role that has amazing opportunities and the best bit is you are there for the students.”

Representation. Employability. Learning.

Is also the strategic lead on the Student Leaders Programme; recognising and rewarding students for their volunteer work and building valuable skills for employment. They play a key role in making sure that the decisions that are made at the Students’ Association are legitimate and representative through Caledonian Student Voice and Education Committee. Neill says: “A good VP Education should have a passion for improving the learning experience and representation of all students at GCU. A strong, realistic manifesto that shows your passion and personality will go a long way – and make the most of social media!”

Vice President Wellbeing call: 0141 273 16 12

Vice President Activities call: 0141 273 1616

Vice President Wellbeing

Vice President Activities

Ensure that GCU students’ wellbeing needs are met through the delivery of wellbeing campaigns during the academic session and an annual ‘Wellbeing Fayre’.

Makes sure the student experience is enhanced by supporting everyone involved in our sports clubs, societies, radio station and magazine.

Wellbeing. Inclusivity. Environmentalism.

Sports. Societies. Media. Activities.

Is the policy lead on; Internationalisation, Community Engagement, Nightline, Mental Health and the Ethical and Environmental agenda.

Sits on the Sports and Societies Councils and the Radio Caley and The Edit magazine committees. Represents these groups at Executive Committee and Student Voice.

Responsible for ensuring that our Liberation Campaigns are properly supported by the Students’ Association.

Assists in the development of the Students’ Association’s Events Programme and Active Lifestyles Programme.

Sinead says: “To be an effective Vice President Wellbeing I think you need to be friendly and approachable person. It’s important to have a keen interest in the wider community and what issues can affect our students. It is also important to be an open minded person with a positive attitude to helping create change for all our student groups.”

Monika says: “To be a good Vice President Activities you must be passionate about improving the student experience through sports, societies, media and events. This role would suit someone who is outgoing, confident, organised and wants to develop these activities.”

Other opportunities If you want to get involved with running your Students’ Association, but aren’t yet able to commit to standing for a Full Time Officer position, there are two further ways which you can.

Student Trustee (3 places)

Each year we appoint three students to sit on the Trustee Board alongside the Full Time Officers and External Trustees. These students are full members of the Trustee Board and take an equal share in making the decisions that affect the Students’ Association. The role of the Student Trustee is to ensure that the perspective of GCU students is taken into consideration in all decisions made by the Trustee Board. The Trustee Board are responsible for making strategic, financial and legal decisions on behalf of the Students’ Association. The Student Trustee is a voluntary position that students take on alongside their studies. Expenses incurred while performing their role as a Trustee such as food and transportation will be reimbursed by the Students’ Association. No prior experience is necessary for this role and full training is provided. The application process is open to all students at: trusteeboard

National Union of Students (NUS) Conference Delegate (4 places)

Your Students’ Association is an affiliate to NUS. This means that we make an active contribution to the national campaign to defend and extend the rights of students. As part of this movement we have a stronger voice and we can help to shape and challenge government policy which affects our education. Part of how we work within NUS is to send delegates to their annual conference which takes place over three days in March/April each year. Here we decide on NUS policies and campaigns with other students from across the UK and elect the leadership of NUS who will take the fight straight to the heart of government. This is a voluntary position for which students must be available for the full duration of the conference plus any time required for transportation to and from the venue. All expenses including transport, accommodation, food and conference fees will be met by the Students’ Association. A full briefing for delegates is organised in advance of the conference.

How do I do it?

1 2 3

Choosing a position Look at the roles and think about where your passion lies. Each role has different responsibilities relating to its main area of work. Think about what you could bring to these roles, and how your ideas or experience might persuade other students to vote for you.

Nominating yourself The easy bit. Just download a form from our website and email it in to us. We’ll be in touch to tell you what you need to do next.

Getting elected Voting takes place from 9am on Monday 3rd March to 2.00pm on Friday 7th March. To be successful you’ll need to convince people you’re the best person for the job. That might sound daunting, but there’s plenty of support on offer to you. We’ve got campaign advice online to help you start planning, and all candidates will be invited to attend a Candidates’ Briefing session. You will also get £40 from us to fund your campaign.

For more information about running, go to:

What do Full Time Officers get? If you’re successful you’ll not only find yourself in paid full-time employment, you’ll also gain unique skills and experience.


You’ll receive remuneration of £16,191, salaried for 12 months with 20 days annual leave plus university closed days.


Obviously not everyone who takes part is successful, but whether you win or not you’ll gain great experience through running your election campaign which is an excellent CV booster – demonstrating motivation, determination and hopefully creativity too.


Throughout your year in office you’ll be mentored by our team of staff who will support, challenge and motivate you to get the most from your experience.


In your role as a trustee of the charity you’ll not only gain invaluable insight into how our organisation works, you’ll also make real decisions that shape our future.


No matter which role you go for, you’ll gain experience of the following: chairing meetings, leading campaigns, managing budgets, communicating and team building skills.


Leading an organisation with a £600,000 budget before you’ve left university puts you in a great position. Past officers have found their experience in the role of great benefit when applying for graduate careers.

What do the Full Time Officers do?

The Students’ Association constantly strives to improve upon the services and activities we offer and to ensure that the voice of all GCU students is heard. In order to make this happen, our Trustees have come up with a strategic plan to take us forward. For the full plan please visit our website, below is an overview of who we are and what we do:

Working through this plan has led to important and tangible results for our members. So far this year: • The Student President has been working with the University to ensure GCU New York has the best student experience delivered as well as being part of GCU New York launch event. • The Vice President Education has worked with the three academic Schools in the university to ensure that students are consulted on policies concerning the degrees on offer and the way they are taught at GCU. • The Vice Wellbeing is on a project “Diversifying the to get more leadership.

President working with NUS, movement” women in

• The Vice President Activities is working on introducing a new accreditation scheme for clubs and societies to develop, support members and reward their contributions By becoming an elected officer, you can make a difference to the lives of GCU students.

Vision what we aspire to

That GCU students will have an outstanding experience that will live with them forever.


To represent and enable GCU students to enhance all aspects of their student experience.


Diversity Community Participation Fun Support Leadership

Strategic Themes

Effectively representing our members.

what we exist for

how we behave

what will focus us to move towards our vision in the next 3 years

Communicating effectively with our members. Developing a fun and supportive community for all our members. Developing our members employability.

Strategic Enablers Financial and Enviromental what underpins our ability to function


People Management Partnership Working

This publication was inspired by work done by Leeds University Union.

Elections 2014 leaflet  

GCU Students' Association Student Elections leaflet For more info:

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