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JESPER KRIJGSMAN GRAFIK DESIGN In his “Digital Botanics” series, visual artist and designer Jesper Krijgsman expresses emotions and dreams by using exclusivly ­natural elements.

With a fascination for nature and a passion for digital art, Jesper explores how the natural world can blend with our digital world.

His carefully crafted dreamscapes consist of hundreds of photographs of plants, flowers and animals he photographed himself. ­Through digital collage, the artist assembles these elements piece by piece into lands­capes that amplify the diverse mystical ­qualities found in nature. What he aims to ­portray in his compositions is impossible for him to capture in a single photograph: ­emotion, thought and even dreams throughout the most purest subject on our planet: Nature. Therefore, he meticulously assembles these compositions out of natural elements himself.

CV 2014 – 2015 Preparatory design course

Zurich University of Arts

2016 – present Communication and ­Multimedia Design (Bachelor)

Leidse Onderwijsinstellingen (NL)

2015  –  2016 Design intern

FACES Magazine

2016 – present Designer Lacher-Dumas Communications AG

The reason I started creating art is that I’ve always been ­attracted to the process of evolution in shaping and ­behaviour of plants and animals. Their richness in diversity of form, colour and texture is something I find quite beautiful and powerful. I felt a desire to create something that would ­feature these unique qualities and expand my personal ­connection with nature.

Self-taught visual artist and designer Jesper Krijgsman was born in 1992 in Amsterdam. He grew up in the Netherlands and studies ­communication in Zurich, where he resides since spring 2011.

Aerius, October 2016  |  90 x 120 cm

Water Reflections, May 2017  |  120 x 90 cm

Uovo, September 2016  |  100 x 100 cm


All living creatures start with birth: the gift of life. Every single organism has its own strategy of survival. From vivid colours to attract others, to be capable of flight, to have strong thick skin, or to grow slowly over the years. One thing we have in common: we share the world we were born into and we nourish it. Life starts with fertilization. The seed. The egg. Without it, life would be impossible.


Sweet Summer, February 2016  |  60 x 42 cm

Gleam of Hope, June 2017  |  120 x 80 cm

In 'Rangers' I wanted to depict the drifting state between feeling lonely and just wanting to be left alone for a while. Do we feel alone because we lost someone and are we waiting for someone to find us? Or are we looking for shelter? Somewhere a place we can be safe and find peace of mind. This shouldn't mean I don't want to be around you — the world can just sometimes be so loud.

Rangers, October 2016  |  150 x 80 cm


As with the cosmic beginning of the universe, our order in life and nature came out of chaos. What keeps us alive is the radiation and pulsation of our inner light, care and love. The light you emit, creates my growth and lets me shine.


The Beacon, February 2017  |  84 x 119 cm

Marine Dream, June 2016  |  100 x 100 cm

Wonder, November 2016  |  100 x 100 cm


Pervious Spread: Marine Dream This composition is based on a dream I had, where I wandered through a forest where the underwater world blended seamlessly with the nature around me. Everything was full of life and floated around me. There was no up or down. It was a tranquil experience and this is my attempt to depict my visions.

This Spread: Wonder In my native language, 'wonder' is translated as miracle. I wonder about many things in life. Especially nature. I also wonder about things that aren't measurable in life, like a presence of something greater. At particular places in forests, even when I'm alone, I can feel this presence of something else. Is it the nature? Is it the animals? Or is it something different? I wonder...


Before the Storm, February 2017  |  60 x 80 cm

Immersion, July 2017  |  180 x 180 cm


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Digital Botanics  
Digital Botanics  

Catalogue of my Digital Botanics series with a selection of works, a short statement, bio and descriptions.