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British Library Chooses BDS After a rigorous tender process, BDS has retained the contract with the British Library for the Cataloguing-in-Publication (CIP) Programme, a contract it has held since 1995. The metadata BDS creates, on all new physical and digital book publications produced in the UK and Ireland, is integral to the creation of accurate claims for the UK legal deposit system and the creation of the British National Bibliography (BNB). It is also used by researchers and library institutions worldwide. Since 2013, the legal deposit

BDS in Norwegian Deal

legislation includes digital material, such as e-books. Lesley Whyte, Managing Director of BDS, says, “We are delighted to retain this prestigious contract and proud to be supplying this service to the British Library and, through it, libraries all over the world.” Legal deposit has existed since 1662. By law, a copy of every UK print publication must be supplied to the British Library by its publishers, and may also be requested by the five other legal deposit libraries. The system has many benefits for publishers. continued on page 3

Better Metadata and Customer Support A year on from our first appearance on stand at the London Book Fair, and many more BDS customers are using the unrivalled service and technical expertise that we offer. Our cutting-edge ONIX 3.0 metadata feed has certainly won new friends on the continent with buyers in France and Scandinavia enjoying the rich resources the new standard offers. I have noticed that the personal touch and flexibility we offer counts for a lot when negotiating contracts and finding new customers and I am looking forward to continuing to show off what I think is the best metadata money can buy.

BDS has signed a deal with Bokbasen to supply metadata on English language UK book publications. Bokbasen, based in Oslo, is owned by the four major Norwegian publishers and catalogues all book publications released in Norway. BDS will supply information on selected titles in ONIX 3 to Bokbasen for supply to Norwegian libraries and retailers. “Bokbasen has recently expanded its 'metadata for libraries' service in the Norwegian market and is very happy to have BDS supply catalogue records for our English language titles,” says Bente Franck-Sætervoll, Managing Director at Bokbasen. “BDS’s strong position in the British library market and high-quality data will, I feel sure, prove a major factor in our success in this sector.” The deal represents a further step in BDS’s expansion, following on from its work with Electre in France and its new partnership with Akateeminen in Finland (see article, page 2).

Metadata plays an ever-more significant role from pre-publication to the reader. When you purchase BDS metadata you get a package that incorporates first class support, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure ensuring fast and reliable delivery, industry expertise in the field of evolving data standards, and flexibility of approach to your needs. All this alongside the highest quality crafted and curated metadata, as outlined in our feature on page 3.

“We are delighted to be supplying metadata to Bokbasen,” says Lesley Whyte, Managing Director of BDS. “We feel sure that book retailers throughout Norway will benefit from our metadata on UK publications. These are exciting times for BDS as we expand into the retail and publishing sectors after so many years of dominating the library market.”

So, to discover what BDS metadata can do for you, please contact me, Simon Skinner at or 07789 276815.

Find out more about Bokbasen at

BDS is supplying all metadata in ONIX 3.0 and the feed includes images and extended content. “We are delighted with the quality of the metadata,” says Rafu Nuotio, Business Analyst at Akateeminen, “and with the flexibility of the BDS service which had to make a number of specific changes to its output in order to meet our needs.” BDS went head-to-head against stiff competition to win the account.

BDS Supplies Akateeminen Prestigious Finnish bookstore chain Akateeminen has signed a deal with BDS for the supply of metadata relating to its core English-language title stockholding and ongoing purchases. Founded in 1893, Akateeminen Kirjakauppa (Academic Bookstore) has seven stores in Finland, including its flagship store in central Helsinki, and an online site. It is renowned for its breadth of stock and its emphasis on quality literature and the importance of reading. Akateeminen Kirjakauppa is owned by the Bonnier Group, a privately-held Swedish media company.

“Excellent customer service is a central part of our offering at BDS,” says Simon Skinner, “so we are grateful for the positive feedback from Rafu and his colleagues. Congratulations are due to the BDS IT Team in creating an ONIX 3.0 output to meet Akateeminen’s requirements.” Find out more about Akateeminen at

MARC Records for Digital Discovery Adam Matthew and BDS Lead the Way Does your company need MARC records for its digital output? If you plan to sell to a library, then the answer is “yes”, as Adam Matthew has recognised. Adam Matthew offers award-winning online digitised collections of primary source material from leading archives and libraries around the world. With over 70 themed collections aimed at supporting teaching and research, often comprising hundreds of thousands of items, Adam Matthew’s output makes available to a worldwide audience, items which were once the preserve of store rooms and shelves kept under lock and key.

“Adam Matthew’s output is quite literally, revelatory,” says Lesley Whyte, Managing Director of BDS, “but the only way for libraries, universities and institutions to work with these remarkable collections is if MARC records are created for them. BDS is delighted to be the provider of choice for these MARC records.” Find out more about Adam Matthew at

Topics are wide-ranging, from “Victorian Popular Culture”, drawn from ten participating libraries in the UK and the US, to “Socialism on Film”, “Colonial America”, “Medieval Travel Writing”, and “Shakespeare in Performance”. “We aim to add ten collections per year,” says Glyn Porritt, Head of Technical at Adam Matthew, “and some collections can take years to realise. We work with major institutions and expert editorial teams for each collection but with such a wealth of material covering millions of items, discoverability of content is paramount.” Adam Matthew came to BDS in 2016, recognising the need for quality MARC records to be created at both a collection level and for specific features and items. The results have been impressive. “Our customers are enjoying a whole new level of discoverability of digital content due to the availability of BDS MARC records,” says Glyn. To find out what BDS can do for your digital content through the creation of the highest quality MARC records, contact


Metadata: Translating Expertise into Value by Lesley Whyte, Managing Director, BDS Today we have a much greater reliance on metadata than even a few years ago. Creating that metadata, making it responsive, fit for purpose, fit for the future, fit to be used in diverse systems while at the same time making it affordable, is the challenge that faces BDS. Describing cultural products starts with the publisher. Much of this metadata is of excellent quality, and it begins the complex process to meet the challenges described above.

THE BDS PROCESS The BDS Process has been built through 25 years of experience and founded on long-established and developing principles. It is a process that involves engagement with international committees on standards - listening and contributing. The result can be simplified into: Source - Validate - Classify – Enhance - Deliver.

This ensures each record conforms to accepted standards such as Thema for the book trade and Dewey for libraries.

Enhancement links each record to all the extra information that people have come to expect when they interrogate catalogues. This is a diverse data set that includes, for example, book jacket covers, tables of contents which prove useful in an academic environment, author biographies, reviews and descriptions.

To source data, BDS employs a Publisher Liaison team. Sourcing involves considerable technical expertise and investment as the initial data can be received in many formats, both electronic and physical. BDS also sources live information such as price and availability, as well as inputting revised information derived from book-in-hand cataloguing, a unique and invaluable feature of a BDS record. Validation is a checking process that provides the best possible foundation for the eventual BDS database. Classification employs the intellectual expertise of the BDS cataloguing team.

ensuring the quality of each record and guaranteeing consistent results across diverse systems.

This builds the BDS database, a huge repository of information stored on the BDS servers, available 24/7/365, continually updated with thousands of items every day, and backed up and mirrored to ensure remarkable resilience.

EXCELLENT RELATIONS The five stages that prepare BDS metadata for use by its customers

Here, BDS’s investment in training and its engagement with international committees proves invaluable,

Delivery is giving the customer exactly what they want in terms of the metadata transferred, the format, standards and customer-specific requirements. Finding ways to deliver metadata that helps customers achieve their goals is an area where BDS has built a reputation for excellence.

BDS is always happy to discuss ways in which the metadata it creates can work for you. Contact Simon Skinner at or 07789 276815 to find out the value of BDS metadata.

British Library Chooses BDS

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Publications deposited are recorded in online catalogues and are made available and preserved for the benefit of future generations. Most publications are listed in the BNB, which is used by librarians and the book trade for stock selection. Also, publishers can access their own publications which they no longer have, while deposited works provide inspiration and source material for new publications. “BDS demonstrated innovation, accuracy and value for money in addressing The British Library's requirements,” says Neil Wilson, Head of Collection Metadata at the British Library. “BDS’s recognised expertise in the constantly evolving world of bibliographic standards means we can be sure their records will meet our demanding quality requirements.”

BDS metadata also plays a significant role throughout the process of book selection and acquisition with wholesalers, library suppliers, system suppliers and all UK local library authorities. This generates a significant income stream for publishers. “We cannot underestimate the importance of timely and accurate information from publishers,” says Lesley Whyte. “It forms the core of the life-cycle of the book within libraries and the wider library trading sector.” For more information on the British Library visit and for further information on UK legal deposit visit


Get a

Is Your Metadata Making Money? As a publisher, the metadata you use to drive sales, engage customers and attract repeat business, performs a vital function in your sales strategy. Have you got the best metadata and is it working for you or against you? Metadata often comes from diverse sources within your business and occasionally and unwittingly, conflicting or inconsistent standards creep in, typically in the application of classifications, author names and series titles. These are critical for retailers and library suppliers. Discoverability relies on consistent standards, a broad range of

extended content, and excellent mapping. Without metadata crafted to consistent standards, you may lose customers and sales. That is why BDS, the expert in metadata, offers a free data health check. We undertake a thorough review of your metadata, offer advice on how to improve it and work with you to enhance and maintain


data healt h check from BDS

your metadata processes and output.

In today’s competitive marketplace, metadata is a key tool that needs to work for you, allowing your customers to discover and buy your books.


For a FREE data health check with no obligation, please contact or 07789 276815

Meet The Team: Keith Walters, Trade Data Manager Trade Data Manager, Keith Walters, enjoys the opportunities offered by events such as the London Book Fair.

“I then moved into library supply, working first at T.C. Farries Ltd in Dumfries and then Askews in the north of England.”

“It’s great to get out of the office and meet the people for real,” says Keith. “Day to day most of my work is at a computer, connecting via email as I ensure BDS data feeds meet our clients’ requirements.”

Keith came to BDS in 2010 where, today, he ensures BDS metadata meets and surpasses the requirements of the retailers and publishers who buy it.

Keith’s role in BDS is built upon years of experience in the book trade. “It all started with a Saturday job in a bookshop,” Keith remembers. “Then, after gaining my English degree, I worked for Waterstone’s for ten years rising to a managerial position.” Those were exciting days as the bookshop chain introduced late openings, author events, readings, coffee and leather chairs that changed the look and feel of High Street bookshops.

Editor: Simon Skinner Writer: John Hudson Design: BDSDigital

“it is more important than ever to evangelise about metadata.” “I’m the person people should come to with queries about trade metadata or changes they require to the data feed we send out,” explains Keith. “This is often about developing relationships over time so we, at BDS, can provide a flexible service that meets a client’s changing needs and helps maximise efficiency.” Always on the lookout for changes in the industry that can lead to improvements in service, Keith cites the latest developments in ONIX 3 feeds that BDS offers. “ONIX 3 has been embraced by BDS to offer a richer form of metadata where it

is required, and this has opened up new markets for us, especially internationally.” Another growth area he has identified is improving the metadata associated with items such as stationery. “Metadata not only allows publishers and retailers to sell their products, the quality of the metadata enables informed decision-making and offers a competitive edge, especially as the only contact we often have prior to purchase is digital.” Keith is certainly keen to talk with people about metadata, and he sees it as part of his mission to engage new people entering the industry. “The ease of publishing today, including the changes that have come about through e-books and self-publishing, means it is more important than ever to evangelise about metadata.” To talk with Keith about BDS, metadata and your business, write to or phone 07545 930378. He is at the London Book Fair and would love to meet you on stand 2A61.

BDS Annandale House, The Crichton, Bankend Road, Dumfries DG1 4TA t: 01387 702251 e:

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