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This on-line test will self-mark. In order for your final mark to be correct your 1st selected response for each question will be used to record your final score. So choose responses with care. TIP: Before you begin the test revise and prepare for the questions by re-visiting your classwork in your sketchbook You will get 30 mins to complete this test under controlled conditions. • • •

The questions are multiple-choice, and are based on the lesson content you have experienced throughout the previous term. To begin your test use the TAKE TEST button at the bottom right of this page. The next page will then display a menu of questions. Begin the test by clicking on the link ant the top of the menu called: START TEST and then work through the test by making your response (click on the relevant answer) and then using the NEXT buttons located at the bottom right of each page to go to the next question. You can return to previous questions but only your first response will be added to your final mark.

Good Luck.

A1 Knowledge of Colour instructions  

Instructions for Assignment 1: Knowledge of colour test

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