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For each of the Art projects you are required to write an Art History assignment. This assignment should reflect the current project theme, by relating to artists and the work of of artists who have also worked in the same themes. Your assignment should be approximately 1 - 2 pages (A4) in length will require good structure and some use of imagery.

Task Instructions: 1. Read the guidance notes below (Parts 1 & 2), and try to follow them carefully. 2. Take a look at an example by clicking on the document icon (EXPLORE) 3. Begin your research by taking a look at some recommended websites by clicking on the weblink icon (EXPLORE) 4. Write up your work using MS Word or other word processor (include relevant pictures). 5. Check your work, by reading it through, and ensuring it uses good grammar, and that it follows the recommended structure (Guidance Part 2). 6. Convert your work to PDF format before submitting it (if possible). Use the FREE online PDF conversion tool (EXPLORE).

How to write a strong Art History assignment - Guidance part 1 (Research and Content)

Introduction: For all sections (Projects) of your GCSE Art & Design course you are required to complete an Art History assignment. For this assignment you will need to perform a variety of research skills and collect appropriate information, data and images. It is often a good idea to include some sketches of your own too.

Research: There are many ways to research, however a good start requires a good source. You can: • Visit the local or school library, • Visit the local or school library, • Use Internet search engines, • Use Internet search engines, • Watch film and/ or video documentaries, • Watch film and/ or video documentaries, • Or simply talk (interview) friends, family and teachers. • Or simply talk (interview) friends, family and teachers.

The type of information you should include in your Art-History assignments should be factual and theoretical. Your assignment will achieve more marks if you include your own opinions and structured comments.

Presentation: The presentation of your Art-History assignment is very important. You should consider how you can present your work in a way that is relevant to your chosen theme or work Artist work. Usually the assignment is done in your sketchbook and will include a title page, introduction, main body of text with imagery and finished with a conclusion. It is okay to present your Art-History work in other mediums too, such as a PowerPoint presentation, web page/site or blog or even a video.

How to write a strong Art History assignment - Guidance part 2 (Structure) Name/ Form: Date:

Nice big title goes here! INTRODUCTION: (This section should be approximately 1 – 2 Paragraphs) • • • • • • •

A paragraph that explains what your assignment will cover. Begin this intro with a brief outline of portraiture-generally. This should include what you have discovered about portraiture. List some of the artists that you have found during your research/investigation. Mention the work that they have done. Specify which artist you are using for your project. Explain why you have chosen that particular artist.

My Artist? (This section should be approximately 1.5 – 2 pages) • • • • •

Explain which artist you have chosen to use and explain where you found relevant information. Describe the research techniques that you undertook to acquire the knowledge of your artist and the images that you found. Use the Map/ brainstorm (from last lesson) with notes to assist you with your content. Use a couple of paintings/ works of art done by your artist and describe them in much detail. Use the WHO/ WHAT/HOW/ WHERE elements to assist you with your investigations. Acquire imagery of the artist and of the artists work and add these to your work.

Summary/ Conclusion: (This section should be approximately 1 – 2 Paragraphs) • • • • •

Use this section to briefly outline what new knowledge you have discovered. What new research skills/ techniques you may have learned. Express your opinion about a work of art done by the artist. How might your artist have influenced you/ your artwork? How does your artist fit in with our current project?

For each section try to use imagery that relates to your text. Consider the presentation of your work with care.

At the very bottom (last page) of your assignment you should include a bibliography. List all sources of your information and images that you used for your work. State, book titles, page numbers, website

URL's (addresses), places you may have visited and people that you may have spoken with.

Submitting your work: • When your work is complete before you submit a copy for marking, you should read it through and check it for spelling, typo's and other errors. • Make sure that all the guidance notes have been followed as much as possible. • Submit your work by using the SUBMIT WORK button at the bottom right corner of the assignment page. • Use the bottom (2nd) BROWSE button on the next page, locate your work and click OPEN then click OK. • Print out your work and stick it in your sketchbook, or (if preferred) write it up in neat directly into your book. • Check your markbook shortly after the submission date for feedback, marks and comments. Print out copies of your feedback for your sketchbook.

GCSE Art History guidance  

Guidance and help for writting a strong Art History assignment.

GCSE Art History guidance  

Guidance and help for writting a strong Art History assignment.