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Step 1: 1. To submit sample coursework for assessment you will need to take a digital photo/ image of your work. 2. After you have taken an image of your work you will then need to SUBMIT it on-line for your work to be marked, and to receive feedback which will help you make progress throughout the course. 3. For this PRACTISE Assignment take a picture using a digital camera. Any picture will do, but as your 1st project is on Portraiture, you may want to use this as a theme. 4. Save the image to your PC and rename the file to: TEST PIC followed by your name and form. For example: TEST PIC JO BLOGGS 10JG 5. Check that your picture can be viewed correctly. Rotate it if needed!

Step 2: 1. Next you need to use your test pic to practise submitting work on-line. The button that allows you to SUBMIT your sample work for marking is located on each of the assignment pages (bottom right). For instance, to submit your work (Test Pic) for this practise assignment the button to do this is located at the bottom right of the Practise assignment page called: SUBMIT WORK. 2. Click on this button to begin the submission process. 3. Then use the bottom (2nd) BROWSE button to locate your work from your PC or storage device 4. When you locate your picture select it by clicking on it once and then click on the OPEN button, then click on OK. 5. If you are successful you will return to the assignment page and a message will appear at the top of the page. 6. Next click on the DONE button located at the bottom left of the assignment page.

Step 3: • After clicking on the DONE button you will be taken to the list of all assignments for your course. • Use the TABS at the above the list to navigate elsewhere on the course. • Click on the MARKBOOK tab to view your personal online markbook. This is where you can view history of your activity for all assignments. • You should notice a link appear for the Practise assignment called VIEW HISTORY. • Click on the VIEW HISTORY link to view your activity. Clicking on VIEW SUBMISSION will let you see the work you have submitted.

GCSE Practise Assignment guidance  

Help and guidance for new GCSE students in using the course to submit samples of work for assessment.

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