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Assignment details: • The subject for this assignment should be either a photo or observation (using a mirror) of yourself or, a photo or observation (drawing from life) of a fellow student in your class. • You should have practised your subject for this assignment using a full page in your sketchbook • You will receive more marks for using a full range of tone appropriately and your work should also show good structure and proportion. • This assignment is to be done on A2 Drawing paper and your portrait should fill the drawing space/ area. • The portrait should include neck, shoulders and a considered background either abstract or realistic. • Read the Assessment objectives carefully to ensure you know how your work will be marked by click on the 1st document icon above. • Use techniques that you may have learnt in class to help your work develop using good basic structure. Use the 2nd document icon above.

TIPS: • Visit our Art Gallery by using the web-page icon above to see more examples. • Look at some examples created by previous students of this course by using the image icons above. • Plan your assignment carefully using your sketchbook to write/ explain and illustrate your intentions and ideas. • Take time to assess your work as it progresses and make changes where appropriate. • Use a sharp pencil for details in your portrait.

SUMBITTING a sample of your work: 1. Take a digital photo of your work and transfer the photo from your camera device to your PC. 2. Check that the photo displays correctly (rotate/ edit it if needed and rename it, i.e: A1JoeBloggs). 3. Click on the SUBMIT WORK button, then use the bottom BROWSE button and locate your work from your PC. Click OPEN then OK. 4. Then click the DONE button and navigate to your

MARKBOOK to check that it has been submitted.

Assignment 1: Pencil Portrait  

Instructions and guidance for A1.

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