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Task 1: Designing your Maquette 1. To begin this assignment you will need to design your maquette carefully. This will involve the use of plans and nets. 2. You will work from your previous A5: Bubble Bloke painting for this assignment and apply a scale to suit your work. 3. Begin by drawing a net for the upper body. Take a look at the diagrams below to help you draw your own nets. After drawing the upper body, draw nets for all the other body parts.

Task 2: Constructing your 3D Maquette 1. After you have practised drawing your nets in your sketchbook, you will then be ready to begin work on the construction of your maquette. 2. Prepare your work area carefully before you begin and ensure that you have all items needed to hand. These are likely to be: A cutting board, a sharp craft knife, scissors, a pencil, ruler, your card and masking tape. 3. Begin with the upper body net first by cutting out a flat peice of card using the dimensions of your net. Draw the net of your upper body on your card, and also draw the fold lines too. 4. Use scissors or a sharp knife to cut out the basic shape of your net, then SCORE along the fold lines and bend your net into shape. Fasten your net together by using small peices of masking tape. 5. Repeat the above process until you have constructed all parts of your maquette figure. 6. For the neck roll a shaped peice of card into a small tube, and for the head, either make a net with appropriate proportions or scrunch some newspaper into a ball and hold it together with masking tape. 7. Write your name on each part of your maquette in case it comes unstuck and you need to locate your parts again

Task 3: Constructing your 3D Maquette When your Maquette construction is complete and all parts are secuely put together, the next step is to cover your maquette with sticky gum paper to make it strong so that it does not fall apart, and also to allow you to paint and decorate it. Prepare some small (2-3cm) strips of gum paper by cutting peices with a pair of scissors. Using a tray or pot of water, dunk the peices of gum paper into the water so that the gum is wet, shake the excess water off carefully and then place the paper onto your maquette with care, stroke the paper into place ensurring that it sits flat and there are no air pockets. Continue this process untill all of the maquette is covered with gum paper. You may need slightly longer bits of paper to help bridge any gaps, and small bits of paper for curved edges and sides. Make sure that you position your limbs into position before you apply the paper!

Task 3: Painting and decorating you Maquette When the maquette is dry you can then paint it. Use water colour paints and add similar colours as used in your previous assignment (A5: Bubble Bloke). You may also wish to add material for effective clothes. You will need to collect scraps of material, perhaps sourced from old clothes? Cut out the material as required and add to your maquette appropriately.

Submitting your work: 1. To submit a your work for marking you will need to take a photograph of your 3D maquette. 2. After you have taken your photo, use the SUBMIT WORK button on the assignment page and then use the bottom BROWSE button to search your PC for your picture. 3. When you locate your picture, click on OPEN, then confirm it by clicking on OK. 4. Now you can submit your work, click on the SUBMIT WORK button. Use the top BROWSE button to find previously uploaded work. 5. After a short moment you will return to the assignemtn page.

Return to your course home page and check your MARKBOOK. Use the VIEW HISTORY link to see submitted work. Check that it can be viewed correctly. It is also useful to study the levels/ marks that you are gaining for all assignments. If needed make a note of these in your planner for reference.

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Instructions for Assignment 6: Maquette