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2017, we’re ... feeling pretty palm-tastic with new notepads & deluxe pencils ... going crazy for coral ... In

ignoring all the rules and just

having fun ... celebrating birthdays from sweet 16 to sassy 70 ... and always — always — believing in rainbows. j.falkner. share color.

A little bit about us ... And follow our continuing story on instagram @ jfalknerco

After a career in magazine design in London and New York, Jason Arbuckle started J.Falkner in 2011.

And here’s where all our designs come to life: a bright, sunny studio in West Palm Beach, FL.

We love the talent of this country, so everything, from our cards to our pencils, is proudly made in the USA.

Color, color, color! That’s the thing about being based in Palm Beach — colorspiration is everywhere!


Indicates new for 2017!


gold birthday cards Luxe foil stamping, and gold metallic envelopes make these cards ones to treasure

Fabulous 50. (A2) BD50

Bestseller! Never change your stripes. (A2) GF1

Sensational 60. (A2) BD60

Sweet 16. (A2)

Fantastic 40. (A2) BD40




Sassy 70. (A2) BD70

Celebrate good times. (A2)

Gold star birthday. (A2) GF4

c o n t ac t u s : info @ jfalkne r.c o m (561) 833 8455


Love gold foil?

Check out these new mini cards on page 16.



Yay! birthday cards

Bestseller! Bear Hug. BD15

Bir thday love. Neon inks (A2) BD5

Bir thday bicycle.

You’re still a spring chicken. BDCK

No one would know you’re a year older. BDFX


Pussycat. BD10

Bestseller! Handsome. Hand-lettered (A2) FR7

Bir thday doxie. (A2) BD8


Balloonists. BD14


Gorgeous gal. (A2) AV1

Bestseller! Gorgeous. Hand-lettered (A2) FR8

Bir thday essentials. Hand-lettered (A2) BD9

Bestseller! Never change your stripes. IDZEHB

Bestseller! Mar tini celebration. BD2

Bestseller! You deser ve to be spoiled. BDOCT

Sunshine girl. (A2) AV3

Hey, Bae! Hand-lettered (A2) FR9

Bestseller! Celebrate big time. BDWH

Have a clawfully special day. BDLB

w w w.jf alk n e r. co m i n s t a g ra m : @ JF a l k ne rCo tw itte r: @ JFalkne rCo f ac e bo o k : J. Falkne r Fine St a t ioner y

Be Fabulous. ST01

Bestseller! Be Happy. ST02

Singing bird. BD11

Celebrating penguin.

Of course I didn’t forget. IDELHB

Bestseller! A thousand kisses. Thermoprint (A2) BDK


Spoil Yourself. ST03

You’re the bee’s knees. IDBKHB

Relax. ST04

Have Fun. ST05

Have too much of ever ything. IDPIGHB

You rule the roost. BDRS

Flamingo bir thday.

Celebrate sky high.

Apparrotly it’s your bir thday. IDPRHB

Hear you roar.

May all the stars come out. HDSTHB

Let the sun shine.

Grandmom. BD12

Grandad. BD13




c o n t ac t u s : info @ jfalkne r.c o m (561) 833 8455




Oops! Oh.My.God. No Way! Playful cards inspired by favorite expressions.

Congrats, birthd ay & friend ship

Three of our bestsell ers.

Anniver sar y Most Fabulous Couple. EX23

Bir thday Shh! (Friends never talk about age.) EX18



Bir thday I can’t stand it! (You just never age!) EX20

Bestseller! Bir thday Happy happy bir thday. EX14

Bestseller! Wedding/engagement Forever & ever. EX21

Just you. (And nobody else but you.) EX22

Anniversar y You turn me upside down. EX19

Shut. Up. (I can’t believe your news! Congratulations.) EX17

Oops! (I’m really sorr y this is late.) EX01

Bestseller! Fabulous. (Is what you are, my friend.) EX03

w w w.jf alk n e r. co m i n s t a g ra m : @ JF a l k ne rCo tw itte r: @ JFalkne rCo f ac e bo o k : J. Falkne r Fine St a t ioner y

Shh! Fabulous. Shut.Up. Paired with grey recycled kraft envelopes (unless otherwise indicated).

So so so (Thrilled about your news!) EX04

Bestseller! Bir thday You are ever ything. EX08

Bestseller! Bir thday No way ! EX09

Paint the town red. (Time to celebrate.) EX10

Oh. My. God. (I’m so excited for you!) EX06

Thank you You’re too much.

Friendship P.S. (You know I’m always here for you.) EX05

Love you. (Mean it.) EX13


Mini Versions Some of our most popular designs from this series are now available as enclosure cards. See page 16. High five! (Congratulations on your new job.) EX15

Wedding You 2 are perfect. EX16 c o n t ac t u s : info @ jfalkne r.c o m (561) 833 8455



great quotes to share *

Birthday CQ39

Birthday CQRIPE

Bestseller! Birthday CQ20

Bestseller! CQBABIES




Bestseller! CQ24


*newIndicates for 2017!

Love/Anniversary CQ21


Bestseller! CQ26

Bestseller! CQ18


Birthday CQ29

Birthday CQ25

Bestseller! CQ22






Bestseller! Anniversary CQBEST

w w w.jf alk n e r. co m i n s t a g ra m : @ JF a l k ne rCo tw itte r: @ JFalkne rCo f ac e bo o k : J. Falkne r Fine St a t ioner y

Wedding CQLOVE2


I believe in pink. CQ33

Seeing you is like champagne. CQCHM



Bestseller! Time spent with cats is never wasted. AACT2

A bird ... sings because it has a song. AABD


Bestseller! Until one has loved an animal ... AADG2

Our perfect companions ... AACT


I like pigs. ... Pigs treat us as equals. AAPIG

My little dog — a hear tbeat at my feet. AADG

Thomas Jeffer son Quotes. On felted card stock, with deckle edge envelopes.

(A2) p1

(A2) p2

(A2) p3

Bestseller! Birthday (A2) p4

(A2) p5



anniversary, wedding

Bestseller! Anniver sar y (Gold foil, A2) GF2

Bestseller! Anniversar y Thermoprint IDMZAN

Anniver sar y You make my hear t sing. ANHRT (A2)

Bestseller! Anniversar y You (anchor) me. ANAC

Anniversar y You cast a spell on me. ANRB

Bestseller! Anniversar y Swans ANSW

Wedding/engagement Flamingos IDFLWD

Anniversary Dachshunds

Mr & Mr Wedding or Engagement Dachshunds WD1

Mrs & Mrs Wedding or Engagement Dachshunds WD2




Anniversar y Most Fabulous Couple. EX23

Wedding/engagement Forever & ever. EX21

w w w.jf alk n e r. co m i n s t a g ra m : @ JF a l k ne rCo tw itte r: @ JFalkne rCo f ac e bo o k : J. Falkne r Fine St a t ioner y

& love, love, love

Love. Neon inks (A2) LV2

Anniver sar y I’m glad we set sail together.

You are loved. Thermoprint (A2) LVH


Je t’adore. Thermoprint (A2) LVK

hello, baby! Cards to celebrate a bouncing baby boy, or gorgeous baby girl!

Baby Elephant (A2) BE

New !

Baby girl eC12

A pair of little enclosu re cards for new babies.

Happy Bir thday, Little One. (Boy) Thermoprint (A2) BB1

Baby boy ec11

Happy Bir thday, Little One. (Girl) Thermoprint (A2) BG1

c o n t ac t u s : info @ jfalkne r.c o m (561) 833 8455

Congratulations Neon inks (A2) CG03

Bestseller! Babies quote. CQBABIES



sympathy & get well Those moments when a card is especially appreciated.


Bestseller! Sympathy flower SYMFL

Bestseller! Blue skies ahead. SYMCL

Sending you love FR11 (A2)

Storms make the oak grow deeper. SYMTR

Those that love. SYMBD

A speedy recover y. GWRB

May your spirits rise again. IDBAGWS

thanks & friendship

Back on your feet. GWGR

Dog sympathy IDDGIS

Fabulous friend. (A2) FR10

And check out our boxed thank you’s on pages 14-15.

No wonder we’re besties. Our bestseller is re-issued in 2017 in gold foil! (A2) FR2

Thank You. Hand-inked (A2) AV2



Bestseller! Thermoprint


Read me quickly! (I’m already late.) IDSNLA

You are my happy pill. (A2) FR1


!!!!! Congratulations Neon inks (A2)

Moments worth celebrating.

Bon voyage. BVB

Fab congrats. CG02


Bestseller! You earned your stripes. IDTGCON

Bestseller! Retirement bikes. RTBK

You made it mountain goat. CG01

art prints These art prints are printed on thick white FSC-certified archival card stock. Prints are delivered flat in plastic sleeves with hard cardboard backing. B e s t s e ll e

Love your life. AP1 (8x10) AP1-M (11x14, shown)

Happy quote. AP7 (8x10)


Prints are exclusive designs of the J.Falkner Studio in Palm Beach, Florida.

Bicycle. AP3 (8x10) AP3-M (11x14)

Zebra. AP2 (8x10)

Braver/Stronger quote . AP8 (8x10)

Sunshine Girl. AP9 (8x10)

boxed notecards

*newIndicates for 2017!

Available as loose cards, or boxed ( 8/box, indicate “-B” ). A2 size.


Hand painted coral. Gold foil. TH19, TH19-B

XO! Gold foil. TH20, TH20-B

Sunshine. TH16, TH16-B

Bestseller! Palm Fronds. Gold foil.

Bicycle. Neon inks. TH12, TH12-B

Bestseller! Pineapples. TH11, TH11-B

Parrot. Neon inks. TH14, TH14-B




TH17, TH17-B

Bestseller! XOXO. Neon inks. TH09, TH09-B

Stars. Gold foil. GF3, GF3-B

Paint splatter pattern. Gold foil. TH18, TH18-B

Flamingo thank you. TH15, TH15-B

Gracias kisses. Neon inks . TH10, TH10-B

w w w.jf alk n e r. co m i n s t a g ra m : @ JF a l k ne rCo tw itte r: @ JFalkne rCo f ac e bo o k : J. Falkne r Fine St a t ioner y

Bestseller! Whale thanks. TH01, TH01-B

Foxy thanks. TH05, TH05-B

Happy pig thanks. TH03, TH03-B

Doxie thank you. TH08, TH08-B

Octopus thank you. TH06, TH06-B

Cat’s pajamas. TH07, TH07-B

the perfect little notes A2 flat notes printed on thick 130 lb bright white card stock, bordered with vivid pantone colors.

Snail mail. PN6, PN6-B (boxed)

Bee’s knees. PNB, PNB-B

Vintage plane. PN5, PN5-B

Hello sunshine. PNS, PNS-B

Ahoy! PN4, PN4-B

Bestseller! Hear t thank you. PNH, PNH-B

c o n t ac t u s : info @ jfalkne r.c o m (561) 833 8455



j.falkner mini cards *


Pineapple. Gold foil. ec13

XO! Gold foil. ec14

Bir thday bike. ec5

Mar tini thank you. ec6

Doxie note. ecd1

Thanks sunshine. ec9



*newIndicates for 2017!


Bir thday Kiss. Gold foil. ec15

Bir thday pussycat. ec7

Bir thday elephant. ec8

Bir thday penguin. ec10

Baby boy. ec11

Baby girl. eC12

Doxie hello. ecd2

Bestseller! Doxie bir thday. ecd3

Doxie thank you. ecd4

Giraffe hello. ecg

Bestseller! Love hear t . Neon inks. eC1

Thank you hear t. Neon inks. eC2

Bir thday hear ts. Neon inks. eC3

Bright hear t. Neon inks. eC4

w w w.jf alk n e r. co m i n s t a g ra m : @ JF a l k ne rCo tw itte r: @ JFalkne rCo f ac e bo o k : J. Falkne r Fine St a t ioner y

Our enclosures, paired with a matching envelope, are the perfect way to dress up a gift.

Specs 2 ½ x 3 ½”, on natural or white

stock, blank inside, complementary envelope.

Plus! We have a rack program.

Choose your favorite 16 from any of the styles on this spread, and we’ll throw in a clear acrylic desk rack to display all 16 styles — with our compliments. Octopus gift. eco

Hello, Foxy. ecfx

Bestseller! Flamingo gift ecfl

Bestseller! Bee’s knees. ecb

Thrilled for you. eCX2

Bestseller! Happy Happy Bir thday. eCX3


Bestseller! Birthday



Pig gift. ecp

Leaping zebra. ecz

Congratulations eCX4

Lifesaver note. eclf

Rabbit quick note. ecr

Thank you eCX5

Anchor thank you. ecan

c o n t ac t u s : info @ jfalkne r.c o m (561) 833 8455

Snail tiny note. ecs

Wedding/engagement eCX6

Whale hello. ecw



*newIndicates for 2017!

notepads & pencils Great new desk candy, inspired by our home in sunny Palm Beach



Pineapple notepad. Neon inks. NP3

Palms notepad. NP4

We love little luxuries like a fancypattern ed pencil or a fresh notepa d.

Pineapples (5-pack) PEN1


Palms (5-pack)

tropical pencils


Deluxe Pencil specifications: - Neon erasers; unsharpened pencils - Made in the USA - Sold in packs of 5: single design or mix

animal notebooks

Zebra Notebook NBZB



Flamingo Notebook NBFL

Busy Bee notepad. Neon inks. NPBB

Palms & Pineapples (5-pack mix) PENMX1

The perfect size. 5 x 7�. 48 ruled pages.

Whale Notebook NBWH

Bird Notebook NBBD



falkn e r


Our minimums are: first orders $150, and reorders $100. All first orders must be prepaid by credit card. 6-card, and 6-box minimum/style.

to order

Email orders @ Tel (561) 833 8455 Fax (561) 228 0633

2017 Terms specs

Folded cards are A6 (4 5/8 x 6 ¼” ) — unless indicated as A2 (4 ¼ x 5 ½” ). Blank inside. Single cards delivered in acetate sleeves. Boxed sets have 8 cards, and are indicated by “-B” suffix. Perfect Little Notes are A2 flat cards that measure 4 ¼ x 5 ½”, printed on white stock. Boxed sets have 8 flat cards.

For a detailed list of our wholesale prices, and the oppor tunity to become one of our stockists, please get in touch with us at, or call us at (561) 833 8455.

j . fa lkn er

i n sta g r a m . fo llow ou r

s t o ry @jfa lk nerco

J.Falkner 2017 Catalogue  

It's here! Our new catalogue for 2017 with all our fresh new paper fun — greeting cards, notepads, art prints and pencils.

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