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Moving Image Storyboard Jason Lee Darlow Final Major Project -

Frame 1 This would be a shot of a leaking roof. I will setup a tripod to capture water leaking through the ceiling onto a small puddle on the floor. I have not yet thought of a filming location for this but there is a derelict warehouse a few miles down the road which I’m sure has plenty of leaks.

Frame 2 The next clip would be of a sink in my grans house. I will turn the tap slightly on so that it slowly drips, I believe the dripping noise and effect looks good to set an eerie mood. I might have to decorate the sink with some dirt to make it look unused.

Frame 3 My third clip will be a long-shop of the same sink, this will give the viewers a chance to see more of the room. At this point I will have sound effects of a screaming women, this will hopefully disturb the viewers and get them interested.

Frame 4 Frame four will be shop in the reflection of a mirror. I will zoom in so the audience cannot see the mirrors frame, then slowly zoom out so it becomes apparent they are looking at the mirrors reflection. On the mirror will be a bloody hand print, with a ghostly face to right of it.

Frame 5 This clip will be shot in my gran attic. I will use ladders to climb up to the ceiling door and record myself climbing through. Once up there I will experiment by recording footage from different angles. Hopefully the light will be sufficient enough up there as I have no studio lights to use. I also intend to place a ghost in the scene, this would be done in post-production.

Frame 6 A long-shot frame of the attic.

Frame 7 The seventh clip will be recorded in my grans spare bedroom, I will record from one side of the bed to the other. On the opposite side a ghost will appear. I’ll use Adobe After Effects to change the opacity of the talent and Gaussian blur to make the ghost look more ghostly.

Frame 8 My last clip will be a long-shot of a road, looking to a vanishing point. In post-production I will use Adobe After Effects to make the street lights flicker, the lights will then go out and everyone will turn black.

Final Major Project - Storyboard  
Final Major Project - Storyboard  

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