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SUPERSTITION IN SPORT Superstition in sport has been defined as “actions which are repetitive, formal, sequential, distinct from technical performance and which the athletes believe to be powerful in controlling luck or other external factors�

Serena Williams will not change her socks once during a tournament.

Michael Jordan would always wear his UNC shorts under his NBA shorts

Every morning the Brazilian Shotokan karate master Lioto Machida drinks his own urine. He has said he believes urine is a natural medicine that cleanses his body.

In the 1998 World Cup Laurent Blanc kissed Fabien Barthez’s bald head before each match. France won the tournament, conceding just two goals.

Watch this video about different football players’ superstitions before starting a match.

Fernando Alonso,

like most celebrities, has its

superstitions such as: - He gets in the car on the right side and ties first his left foot. - Before each race, to relax himself, he sings in the secrecy of his truck. - If he wins a Grand Prix, the year after he repeats everything he did, the same room at the same hotel, the same food. - If in a Grand Prix he greets a mechanic and everything goes wrong, the next race he won’t meet him.

- He always puts a plastic snake inside his car. - He likes doing calculations with the numbers of the hotel room where he is, and the race will go well according to the result. - He puts his right boot before the left and he tries not to cross with mechanics who previously had greeted before a big race and it went wrong. By Sheila, Marcos and Beatriz

CONCHITA MARTINEZ. She’s an Aragon tennis star. At Wimbledon 1994, she turned the ball boy crazy because before serving she always asked for the ball that had won the last point of service. By Cristina

JOHAN CRUYFF Johan Cruyff was a footbalplayer in the 1970s. - Before the match he went to a goal and he pushed it with his stomach. - Cruyff chewed gum and when he the match started he put it on the floor of the stadium. By Pablo

Rafa Nadal. (by Nora) Rafa has many tics or superstitions, for example: - He puts his hair behind his ears. - He hits his shoes with the racket before serving. - He doesn’t step on the lines when he is not playing a point. - At breaks he always places his racket on the same towel, he drinks water and leaves the bottle in the same position David Beckham (by Fåtima and Daniel Sa.) This British football star always wears new boots in every game. And he always uses Armani pants.

Mario G贸mez (by Alejandro)

This German striker confesses that he sings the national anthem before every match.

Mireia Belmonte (by Carol)

Mireia Belmonte competes with artificial nails or customize them for every occasion. In London 2012 she painted one of the colors of the Olympic rings on each of her fingers.

Kolo Touré (by Daniel Su.)

Kolo is a Manchester City footballer. He is always the last one to leave to the pitch in every game.

Hugo Sánchez

(by Cristina B.)

This football player used to hold hands as a symbol of God’s blessing. He tried not to shoot to the goal too much not to waste goals.

Julio César Chávez (by Cristina B.)

This boxer puts a red stripe on his forehead before every fight. He uses it to drive away the bad vibes.

Bjön Borg

(by Alberto.)

Bjön Borg was one of the best tennis player in the world. When he participated in an important tennis competition he had not beard, but he didn´t shave his beard since the end of the competition and his beard grew a lot.

Superstition in sport  
Superstition in sport  

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