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Exercise Log     Fall  Season:     • My  weekly  normal  routine:   Volleyball  3-­‐4  times  a  week,  2  hour  practices:   o Muscular  strength   o Muscular  endurance   o Cardiovascular  strength   o Burns  between  250-­‐400  calories  per  practice.   Physical  Education,  once  a  week,  1  hour  and  15  minute  sessions,   depending  on  what  we  do:   o Cardiovascular  strength   o Cardiovascular  endurance  (particularly  in  running,  X   country  or  soccer)   o Agility   o Muscular  strength   o Basically  everything.     Sports  Science,  two  1  hour  30  minute  lessons,  not  always  fitness,   depends  on  what  we  do:   o One  of  the  first  things  we  did  was  do  a  5  km  run  to  akarenga   and  back.  I  failed  miserably.  Need  to  challenge  myself  more.   o Many  fitness  tests.   Special  days:   o Cross-­‐country  day  ran  a  distance  of  about  2660meters.  I   never  saw  my  time  but  I  got  11th  place  out  of  grade  9  and  10   girls  combined.  (about  50  girls  maybe)  so  that's  pretty   good.    November  10th.   o Volleyball  tournaments.  We  went  to  different  destinations.   Basically  intense  volleyball  for  about  6  hours.  Burned  about   600-­‐700  calories  in  one  day.         Winter  Season:     • My  weekly  routine:   Physical  education  (same)   Sports  Science  (same)     o We  did  a  lot  of  coaching  but  we  didn’t  do  a  lot  of  fitness   besides  weight  lifting  and  circuit  training.     Basketball  3-­‐4  times  a  week,  2  hour  practices:   o Body  Size  and  Composition       o Muscle  Strength   o  Muscular  Endurance   o  Power   o  Speed  /  Quickness   o Agility   o  Flexibility   o    Balance  and  Coordination   o  Cardiovascular  Endurance  

Special Days   o Basketball  tournaments.  Intense  days  of  basketball,  6-­‐7   hours  a  day.  However,  I  was  benched  a  lot  the  first   tournament  so  I  didn't  play  that  much,  but  the  second   tournament  I  played  a  lot.     Spring  season:       • My  weekly  routine:   Physical  education  (same)   Sports  science   o There  were  many  days  where  we  ran  up  steps.  Those  were   extremely  hard,  and  challenged  my  cardiovascular  strength   and  endurance.     o We  also  did  many  circuits.  These  circuits  included  weight   training  and  muscle  toning.     Soccer,  2  times  a  week  1  hour  30  minute  practice:   o Components  similar  to  basketball.     o I  really  challenged  my  cardiovascular  endurance  because  I   was  rarely  ever  subbed  off  and  the  weather  conditions  were   bad  and  I  have  asthma.     o There  were  a  lot  less  practices   Special  Days:   o On  may  15th,  I  went  for  my  first  6  km  run.  I’d  never   accomplished  that  distance,  or  I  never  tried.  Since  I  hadn’t   run  in  a  while  and  the  weather  was  good,  it  seemed  as  if  my   feet  were  carrying  me  any  I  didn’t  feel  tired  at  all.  I  ran  6km   without  even  knowing  it.     o Soccer  tournaments.  Intense  days  of  soccer  in  intense   weather  conditions.          



Exercise log  

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