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Izzy Parfitt


By Izzy Parfitt, English 7G


Friendship sounds like…… laughter, laughter so happy it touches your heart Friendship feels like…… hugs of joy, happiness so strong your friendship can’t break apart Friendship smells like…… daises, picked fresh from the field to make a crown Friendship tastes like…… homemade cookies, to spread the love around Friendship looks like…… an invisible cloak, you would know it was there even if no one spoke

Isobelle: Acrostic In

te ge

lli nt


nc e



rig mi



Benevolent Ever-lasting friend Loves chocolate Listens Eager



Subtle touches of colour line the hills Previously appearing the year before Robust flowers sprinkled everywhere you look Individual colours, so beautiful they could have been Nature’s canvas painted, Gently by hand, colours so bright, they come from the heart Time is no longer relevant as I immerse myself in the beauty all around Me. The scene is simply too beautiful to draw my eyes away, it is the natural Everlasting beauty that is springtime in all its glory

The waves slammed Personifica their bodies into the everlasting lumps of tion rock that lined the

The wind is a silent Metaphor whisper in my ear, guiding me through life.


Simile Experiences in life are like a hot cup of tea, leave it too long and the trail will go cold

Poetry Alliteration

The silent, splendid, settling, stunning, superb sunrise sank softly behind the clouds.


Oh no! I broke my mirror! I’ll have bad luck forever! I’ll never be able to do anything I wanted to achieve!

By Izzy Parfitt, 7G

O n o

Swoosh. Splatter. Crash came the waves, endlessly crashing into each other.

The The musty air encircles the trees, Frightfu Trees looming above me beckon me in the relentless wind, l, Sending spine-chilling shivers up my body, Ferociou Spiders scuttle between the trees, Weaving their thick, entangling cobwebs, A trap, Wolves howl horrifically in the distance, As the sweet taste of candy in my mouth, Turns as bitter as a lemon, Blood-curdling screams surrounding me, Are the fuel for the monsters revenge, The smell of smoke rises above me, And from the cauldron of a witch it does come, Owls encompassing me hoot their warning, The time has come, I must run faster than the wind swooshing past, Trying to escape the clutches of the monsters, Otherwise I will die a most terrifying death, full of dread, It is now midnight, The peak of Halloween is upon us

My Magic Box

I will put in my box A scrape of magic from the tip of a unicorn’s horn, The whitest part of fluff from the highest point of the clouds, Three everlasting wishes, precious as new life I will put in my box One solitary brick from the oldest part of the Great Wall of China, A flag from the very top of the Empire state building, One small, single screw from the incredible Eiffel tower I will put in my box A wisp of warm summer air, An icicle from the coldest winter in Antarctica, The brightest flower from Amsterdam in spring And no matter how small this box may be, No matter what treasures it holds, It carries the essence of the life


A Frozen Dream The snow lies soundly, On the cold and frozen ground, Littered with white trees

Everlasting Light Bright rays of sunlight, Pierce the floating, evening clouds, Penetrating them

The Wind’s Mare The wind rides the sky, As if it is its brave horse, Galloping through clouds BY IZZY PARFITT, 7G

Limerick Books bring joy to my heart, When I’m linked to a book we can’t be torn apart, They can be about wizards and witches, Dragons and snitches, But I know I’ll finish as soon as I start

Superb, Soaring Sculptures Penguins play, slide and dance On the icebergs surface Whales frolic underneath Twirls and leaps and jumps Birds of the sea come to rest Upon them after a long journey But these sacred places Climates and habitats For animals of all kinds Are melting away The icy cold water Clear as crystal Becoming unfrozen Slowly flooding the earth Devastation Drip, drip comes the water Falling into the sea Dancing with sorrow Caused by global warming? Destroyed by us

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