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t a y l o r a b b o t t


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01. Tell us a bit about yourself! I’m originally from Utah, but I moved to Portland when I married my husband (we dated long distance!) two years ago. I absolutely love it here, and have no intention to ever move anywhere else. I work as a social media director, and love everything from photography, to blogging, to graphic design.

02. Tell us some of your favorite places about where you're from. I have so many favorite places here in Portland, and it is such a fun city! My favorite restaurants here are Oven & Shaker (the best pizza), Grassa (amazing handcrafted pasta), and Boxer Ramen. Another fan favorite here is Blue Star Donuts. If you plan to visit Portland you must try it. I also love hiking here in the gorge, and spending weekends at the beautiful, moody coast.


03. We love how clean and bright your Instagram is! What editing apps and filters do you use to achieve your look? I use VSCO Cam to edit all of my photos, and love the bright and clean filters (S1, S2, & S3)!

04. We see that you have an Etsy shop! What do you create? Tell us how that began. I started my Etsy shop, Gray Aesthetic, in November of 2015. I’ve always been interested in graphic design and typography, and wanted to create and share something that is positive and helps people to feel good about themselves.

05. We love your sense of style. How would you describe it? I would describe my style as easy going. I don’t like to fuss in the morning about what to wear, so

I try to only purchase neutral pieces that I know I can just throw on. My go-to outfit for a busy day in the city consists of black-coated skinny jeans, an oversized knit, Stan Smiths or Vans & a great pair of glasses.

06. What’s your skincare routine? My skincare routine is really simple, as is my everyday makeup. I wash my face morning and night with a gentle Neutrogena cleanser, and use the new Bare Minerals Skinlongevity serum under my Kiehl’s SPF moisturizer.

face mask called The Sacred Truth from Lush. It’s really soothing and leaves your skin super soft, which is perfect for transitioning my dry winter skin to peachy spring skin. Since it’s rainy here in the spring, you’ll always catch me bundled up in a scarf and wearing a beanie.

08. What has been your 2016 mantra? My 2016 mantra is to live freely. I want to put more time and energy into finding myself, and expand more on my interests. I want to push myself to adventure more, and learn new things.

07. What are some of your favorite spring beauty & fashion essentials?

09. Do you have any exciting plans ahead?

One of my favorite spring beauty & fashion essentials is Tarte foundation (recommended to me by my Instagram followers. It’s a game changer, and it’s all-natural!). I also really love the

I don’t necessarily have any set plans, but there are things that I want to plan to do, like travel, grow my business, and do more nice things for the wonderful people in my life.






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01. What made you initially want to pick up a camera? My grandfather provided the initial inspiration when I was a kid, but it was a close friend of mine who used to come on our annual family holidays that really made me consider it as a career. He always made a photo album of the trip as a thank you present to my parents... it captured so many happy memories and I loved the idea of making these memories for others.

02. Describe your editing process. I edit primarily using Lightroom and Photoshop. I’ll import everything into Lightroom and make an initial selection, which happens very quickly. I then make any exposure and colour corrections, after which I apply colour curves and color tone adjustments to get the right look and feel. After that I’ll open the images in Photoshop for any final retouching, inclusion of film grain and other textures. I’m heavily inspired by shooting film for my aesthetic.

03. You have a series called "72 Hours In..." Tell us about that. Have you visited a place that has changed your life in any way? I used to shoot assignments for the Hay Festival, an international arts company based in my home town. The Festival runs events in 15 different countries around the world and I covered most of them. Events would run over three days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, which meant I was pretty much in and out. Hence the “72 hours in…” concept. My trip to Bangladesh was fairly eye-opening. The people I met there were some of the friendliest and most positive I’ve met through all of my travels, yet they had very little to their names. Humbling.


04. Where is the most interesting place that photography has taken you? There have been so many interesting places, but overall I am drawn to more physical experiences like climbing erupting volcanoes and wild landscapes and witnessing natural phenomenon such as the Northern Lights, cracking icebergs, and huge waterfalls.

05. How has Instagram played a part in your photography? Instagram has made a huge difference. It connects me with a global audience through my phone. The ease with which I can distribute work was a game changer for sure.

06. What has been the most memorable experience from your work thus far? Standing atop an erupting volcano on an island off the coast of Italy. I hiked for five hours in the late afternoon heat to reach the summit to shoot the eruptions against the setting sun. It was a pretty brutal journey, but worth every step.

07. Who is your dream collaboration with? Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Mr. Porter, Land Rover.

08. Do you have any exciting plans/ projects that you can share with us? I am heading to California at the end of this month. I love the West Coast of America, particularly the National Parks in the north of the state. Very excited for that trip!



view more of Finn's stunning work over on his website madebyfinn.com 29

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01. Where are you from? I am from Greenville, North Carolina, but I currently live in West Palm Beach, Florida, with my husband.

02. What are some of your favorite things about where you live? I love the greenery and agriculture around my area. There are always air plants on the trees and the sea breeze we get is really refreshing.

03. Your space is so visually pleasing. Tell us how your space came together. My house came together gradually. I knew I wanted to find pieces that I could keep for a long time and that I could pass down to my children’s children. I knew I wanted a house full of color with pops of plants everywhere.

04. What’s your favorite room in your home and why? My favorite room in my home is probably my sunroom because it has a lot of natural light and plants, making it feel like I’m sitting in my own little green house.

07. Do you have any styling tips for those on a tight budget? You boho lovers on a tight budget should check out your local thrift stores and eBay! I am an avid eBayer!

08. You recently got to journey to Morocco! Tell us about that. Were you able to come across any unique finds while you were there? Morocco was amazing. I was hired to document designer Veronica Hamlet’s journey, as she sourced textiles for her new rug business. It was an amazing experience sitting with the people and learning their culture! Every time we would sit down in a rug shop, we were offered their traditional mint tea in beautiful glasses. It was definitely an experience I will never forget. I came across some beautiful rugs that I was able to bring home that you see in some of my pictures.

09. What are some other cool countries you’ve gotten to explore? I lived in Haiti for almost 6 months as a missionary and I fell in love with the people, along with their food!

05. Use one word to describe your home.

10. Did Haiti help to inspire the way you style your home?

One word to describe my home, that’s a hard one! Probably bohemian.

I feel like my experience there opened up my love for global décor and other cultures.

06. Where do you find most of your pieces?

11. Do you have any exciting plans coming up?

I have found a lot of my pieces on Craigslist and through thrifting. I do have some specific dealers that I work with in town that I have bought different rugs and antique pieces from.

My husband and I will be taking a trip to Europe in the spring that we are very excited about! We will be visiting France and Italy. My husband is Italian and we are excited to visit the place of his ancestors.



BRAN -DON S A P P w // ibrandonsapp.com ig // @ibrandonsapp




01. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got started with photography. I'm Brandon. I'm 15 and I live in Los Angeles. I first got into photography when I was 13 but at the time I was only taking pictures of cars and landscapes. Now, I'm completely into portrait photography.

02. How would you describe your photography style? I introduce myself as a portrait and fashion photographer.

03. Where are you from? Has that had any influence or inspiration in your work? I am born and raised in Los Angeles and it has definitely influenced me. If I didn't live in Los Angeles I don’t think I would be in the same position, or even be into photography.

04. Have you gotten any unique travel opportunities as a result of your work? Not completely, but someone recently

contacted me about flying to Dubai for a shoot.

05. How about unique opportunities in general? What have been some cool things you’ve gotten to photograph? I've taken photos for a TV show called “Asking Dr. Nandi.” I also shot Gnash and Blackbear concerts; both were super fun opportunities.

06. What are some of your photos that you're most proud of? My all time favorite picture is of my friend Victoria Lamas and it is a photo that we took on a rainy day right in front of her bedroom door.

07. Where is your dream travel destination to photograph? I would love to go to the UK pretty soon.

08. Who is your dream collab? I would love to shoot any of the Hadid siblings as they are all great models.



LEIGH VINER w // leighviner.com blog // leighviner-blog.com ig // @LeighViner snapchat // LeighViner


01. How did you get into fashion illustration? When I was young, I just loved flipping through my mother's magazines, and I had an interest early on with fashion as well. I was a shy child, and I would sketch from the images that inspired me as it was a great way for me to express myself. I picked it back up more seriously and with consistency with my art soon after my daughter was born in 2003. The inspiration has always been there and still wonderfully is, along with travel and photography.

02. Describe how you go about creating a new piece. I usually start with my collection of inspiration from the week before and look at them again to see what is working for me at the moment. Then with my illustrations for example, I sketch lightly until the basic illustration is where I would like to take it. From there I then start to detail. With my portraits I usually begin with the eyes and then just follow the moment until I feel the piece is ready for pen and color. Once the original is complete, I then take a high-res photo or scan the print versions which I edit and add touches to via photoshop. As of late I have been enjoying sharing more from my sketchbook and creating some pieces without sketching at all, just using watercolor to quickly get my idea out. I am loving the end results and find it important to continue to step out of my comfort zone to practice my craft.

03. Is there a particular trend or style that inspires you most?


With my art, I usually follow what is grasping me that day, and I tend to keep an open mind as that inspiration can change from one day to the next. I do love to watch the current shows but they are not always the deciding factor in what I am creating.

04. How about in terms of a particular season, or perhaps designer? Do you find yourself frequently looking at certain designs or times for inspiration? I love to follow designers that I wear most often, or my favorite designers that I am always inspired by, as they are the first shows that I may look at. I also love to see what everyone is doing each season and browse around until something stands out strong enough for me to create something based upon it.

05. What are some of your favorite art books or magazines? I love my magazines for sure and have an extensive subscription to quite a few. To narrow it down, some of my favorites include Interview, W Magazine, Acne Paper, and Paris Vogue. As far as books, my current most referenced art books are Drawing Fashion by Joelle Chariau, Masters of Fashion Illustration by David Downton, Luc Tuymans: Intolerance, London, and You're Beautiful by David Gentleman. One more that I can never get enough of is Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. I have too many to name, but there are many others that I love to dive into, as the mood dictates. I also love to read fiction daily as well as to find inspiration from poetry.

06. What has been the proudest moment of your career so far? Oh gosh, there are so many! First of all, having my first international showing in London was an amazing honor, along with finding out that Lady Gaga wanted to work with me on a project. Each year there are such wonderful surprises that have helped me to hold tight the dream that I am living daily, which is to have movies and tv shows feature my art, and to have my art seen in the magazines I grew up with. Another proud moment, by far, can be credited to my customers and fans that have supported me over the years, as it warms my heart like no other. Also, to have students each year in college email me to say that I am their inspiration for their thesis in art class is huge. This interview and all that I have done mean the world and is something I will never take for granted. I still have the same drive from when I started years ago and can only hope it never dims.

07. Which illustrations are you most proud of? Honestly, each and every single one holds a special place for me.

08. Where do you want your work to take you? I hope that it continues to grow with me and continues to inspire others, and that they can enjoy it for years to come. I know that naturally in time it will change as I do. I will continue to challenge and experiment but also keep to the root of what makes me happy while I am creating.



ALEX HAINER w // alexhainerphoto.tumblr.com + tackartistgroup.com

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01. We are so intrigued by your editing style and the way you use multiple sources of media for backgrounds and such. Can you tell us more about this process? I love mixed media and the use of combining mediums is really beautiful to me. Sometimes I shoot with the intention of manipulating the image in post, but sometimes I also get inspired while I'm developing the film or looking at the image on my computer screen.

02. What are some of your photos you’re most proud of? My favorite photos are the ones that aren't posed, where it's just random, beautiful moments and I happened to have a camera around my neck.

03. What sort of unique experiences have you gotten to be a part of thanks to your work? Through photography, and most recently social media, I have been able to meet really interesting and awesome people. Most of my good friends now I met somehow through photography/ social media.

04. From where do you gain inspiration? I gain most of my inspiration from other artists, musicians, and models. Sometimes just the face of a model can inspire me, as can one line from a song. I love going to a lot of the great museums in LA and abroad. It blows me away how many incredibly talented people there are in the world.

05. Who are some of your favorite artists/photographers? My favorite photographers are Juergen Teller, Alasdair McLellan, Steven Klein, Harley Weir, Mert & Marcus, Roe Ethridge, Benjamin Bruno, Steven Meisel, Cass Bird, and Craig McDean, along with many more.

06. Who are you dying to work with? I'd love to work with models Ruth Bell and Lily-Rose Depp. They have great looks.

07. Where would you like your work to take you in the future? I'd love to be bi-coastal (LA & NY) working consistently in fashion and lifestyle.



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01. Tell us a bit about yourself. I'm originally from the East Coast (Philadelphia), but this past summer I moved to Denver, Colorado. I started my own wedding/lifestyle photography business back east five years ago, but since I've been in Denver I've just been planting my photography roots, networking, and adapting to my new surroundings.

02. How would you describe your photography style? Hmmm.. I feel that I'm always adjusting and tweaking, but I'm finally starting to really hone down my "style" of shooting and editing. I definitely like deeper tones, which make the photos look a little more dreary and dramatic. Nostalgic without being too dreamy. I've never been one to like bright palettes and I think that's pretty apparent. This is definitely a style that stretches from my Polaroids to even my creative work and weddings.

03. What do you love most about what you do? I'm an extrovert who's secretly an introvert. I really cherish working with people for a living and getting to know them on a deeper level. I've made so many great and meaningful friendships with the couples, families and other creative artists I've worked with over the years, and of course, the photo side of it all is always enjoyable!

04. What is the greatest challenge about shooting weddings? What is the greatest reward? I've come to realize that the greatest challenge about shooting weddings is and always will be myself. I'm 100% an over-thinker, so I sometimes have to try and turn off that part of my brain so that I can just let the day take me wherever it goes. The greatest reward is going through and reliving each and every wedding day I've captured. It's one of those, "wow, I actually created this" feelings.

05. Do you have any dream locations where you'd love to have a shoot? Of course I do! I would love to shoot a wedding overseas. Any excuse to go back to Europe, Africa and/or to any continent I haven't been to, honestly.

Now, India… India would truly be a DREAM location for me though.

06. What do you love most about living in Denver? Living in Denver has been great. Jeremiah (my husband) and I live pretty much in the heart of downtown. Being anywhere new is always exciting, but it's just naturally such a beautiful and breathtaking state. I'm still blown away when I'm driving down the highway and there's just an endless row of mountains in the distance. I never realized how much I loved the mountains until I moved here.

07. You have a lovely space! Have your travels inspired your decorating? In what ways? First off, thank you! I would say traveling (and even gifts from friends who travel) has definitely helped to inspire my decorating. I've always been someone who admired different cultures and the beauty behind them, whether that's through their textiles or even the color palettes in their everyday dress. Buying secondhand items also has a sort of "storytelling" aspect to it. You may not know exactly where it's from, but you just know you like it.

08. Your little pup is adorable! Tell us about him. Samson Fisher… where to even start. My parents surprised me with him about a year after my sister moved away to California back in 2010. They adopted him, so he was 4 when we got him. He's 9 now and the past five years have been such a blessing. Samson has been there for me through a lot. From break-ups, to moving out of my childhood home, and most recently making the big move to Colorado. He's truly my fur baby and my favorite thing in the world. I could honestly talk about him forever.

09. Where do you see yourself in five years? I like to see myself traveling much more than I do right now. Maybe shooting weddings nationally/ worldwide on the regular or just blogging about my travels/everyday life. Who knows, maybe in five years my husband and I would rather just settle down and do the "family thing.” 53



Ty French

w // tyfrench.life ig // @tyfrench t // @tyfrench_

01. Tell us a bit about yourself. I am a 19 year self taught wedding/fashion photographer currently residing in the beautiful valley of Orem, Utah! My work/travel life is super busy and crazy all the time and so when I finally get the chance to hangout with my friends, I like to just do chill things. My favorite hobbies would definitely be traveling and shopping, and my heaven is shopping while traveling! Ha! Utah is gorgeous in the summer so I love going on long drives up the canyon listening to my favorite tunes.

02. The tones in your photos are beautiful. How do you go about editing your photos? I edit my photos using custom presets I have made from VSCO Film for Lightroom 4! I love dark tones. Always have, always will. I love messing around with tone curves and shadows and highlights to create moody edits for my images.

03. You’re quite the world traveler! Where have been some of your favorite places that you’ve visited thus far? I love to travel! I have been so blessed and feel so grateful to have been able to see the world. Some of my favorite things/places have been zip lining through the jungles of Costa Rica, swimming with tropical fish at the site of shipwrecks in Aruba, looking out to all of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, watching lava seep out of volcanoes in Guatemala, and attending New York Fashion Week in the Big Apple!

04. Describe your dream trip. Where are you absolutely dying to visit? My dream trip? Anywhere with my squad! As long as I have got my girls with me, I will be perfectly content. However, if I had to pick one dream place to go, right now I would probably say Thailand, just because it would be so different than anywhere I have previously been! It’s

currently freezing in Utah, so the beach sounds really nice right about now!

05. What are some of your favorite locations to shoot? I don't really like to shoot in the same place more than once or twice, just because I like to keep diversity in my shoots. It helps to keep the creative juices flowing! But like I said before, up the canyon in Utah really can't be beat; it’s so beautiful!

06. How have you grown and changed as a photographer since you first began? If you have known me for a while you know how much I have changed and grown SO much as a photographer. My style has gotten more specific and consistent over the years. My editing and shooting styles have changed so much and become more art than just pretty people in pretty places!

07. Are there any particular shoots you’re most proud of? Picking a favorite shoot to me, I would compare to a mother picking their favorite child - it’s impossible! Really anything in my portfolios I am so incredibly proud of. Check out my weddings, couples, fashion, and travel portfolios on tyfrench.life!

08. If you weren’t a photographer, what do you think you’d be doing? If I weren't a photographer, I would love to be a stylist or a designer! I love everything about fashion and expressing yourself through your looks. I love how different clothes set people apart and make their personality shine.

09. Do you have any exciting plans ahead? I have so many exciting projects in the works, but the thing I am most excited for at the moment is moving to Los Angeles! I hope to be out there by this spring. Stay tuned!



Riley Sheehey makethingsco.com


01. How did you get started with illustrating? I’ve always really loved art. My mom still has tons of drawings that I made growing up of dresses. I used to even make my own “fashion magazines” and hand them out to my family members! I double majored in Art Education and Studio Art in college, so I took a lot of art classes. I actually struggled for a little while, because I never really knew what to draw/ paint/sculpt. A lot of my classmates would make this beautiful, large-scale, abstract artwork with all sorts of deep symbolism, and so for awhile, I tried to do that, too. My senior year, I took a really great drawing class, and our assignment was to make a series of drawings. Because it was such a time consuming project, I decided to draw what I really love to draw - dresses - and hoped that my teacher would be okay with it. He was really encouraging, and I think I realized for the first time that I could draw the things that make me happy and that I enjoy drawing.

02. Where are you from? Has living there affected or influenced your art? I grew up in Baltimore. My parents still live there and it’s not too far away, so I go home and visit a lot. I now live in Arlington, Virginia (close to Washington DC). I feel really lucky to live so close to such a beautiful city, with access to so many free art museums. Something that I love to do (but wish I did more often) is to take a day by myself to go into the city to go to look at different artwork, and I’m sure that what I see influences my


own artwork. I also love DC architecture, and have always found the monuments really fun to draw. I recently made an illustrated map of DC for a customer, and it was my largest (18”x18”) project to date!

03. What is your favorite medium to work with? Watercolor is definitely my favorite medium. For me, it’s the perfect combination of drawing and painting.

04. What brands inspire your fashion artwork? Do any particular fashion designers or other artists influence you as well? I love clothing, and I always say that I like to draw the clothing that I wish I could buy but can’t, due to lack of money and/or closet space! I follow Anthropologie and a lot of Anthropologie stores on Instagram, and they probably inspire me more than any other store or brand. I think what I love about Anthropologie is that they carry a bunch of different designers and brands, so their style is a little more unique and eclectic than anywhere else. In my dream world, my apartment would look like the inside of one of their stores (in reality, it looks more like a college dorm room interior). I also love drawing wedding dresses. I’m definitely inspired by other artists. My all time favorite is Ludwig Bemelmans (the author and illustrator of the children’s book Madeline), but I also love the work of Caitlin McGauley, Katie Rodgers (Paper Fashion), and Meagan Morrison (Travel Write Draw), among many,

many others. The reason those three come to mind right away is because all three artists are young women who have independently taken their talents and made these exciting and notable careers for themselves, and I’m really inspired by what they’ve been able to accomplish on their own.

05. Describe the process of your illustrations. Do you have a certain routine you follow? I do! First, I make a pencil sketch (only about a third of the lines and marks that I make in the first sketch end up in the final drawing). If I’m making something for a customer, I send photos of the pencil sketch, so that I can get their input for edits. Then, I go over the lines that I like with a fine line black marker. I erase the pencil, and then I go in and paint the ink image with watercolors. To add value, I go over some areas multiple times with several layers of watercolor. Finally, I go over everything a final time with a fine line black marker, and add shadows here and there.

06. What has been the coolest thing you've gotten to do thus far as a result of your work? I am going to sound really boring, but the coolest thing for me was probably receiving the first wedding invitation I painted in the mail. The first invitation suite I did was for one of my best friends, and while I certainly hoped that I could do it, I don’t think that I really thought it would work out until I received my copy of the invitation. I am so thankful that she trusted that I could design

the invitations (even before I did), and knowing that I could do that really opened up a lot of possibilities for me.

07. Do you have any exciting projects you'd like to tell us about? Probably more exciting for me than anyone else, haha, but I think so! One of my friends works for a television company, and I might be working with them on creating some content for their blog, which is really cool, since it’s so unlike anything I’ve done before. I’d also really like to learn how to digitize my watercolor paintings- I haven’t taken a graphic design class since college, and I know that the software has changed a lot since then, so that’s definitely a big goal for me right now.

08. Where do you hope your art will take you? Any huge dreams you'd like to share? That’s a great question. I think that so much of what has happened for me and my artwork so far has been unexpected, and so it’s really hard for me to try and picture where my art could potentially or hopefully take me. When I started my illustration company almost two years ago, I was trying to sell mason jars that I’d decorated. As a result of friends getting engaged and married, I started making wedding stationery, portraits, and eventually, fashion illustrations, and so everything has really evolved in a way that I couldn’t have predicted. For now, I am just going to keep saying “yes” to every opportunity that presents itself, and pushing myself to do my best.









The Fillmore Philadelphia // Philadelphia, PA







BRIAN DUNNE w // briandunnemusic.net fb // Brian Dunne ig // @briandunnemusic



01. Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up? At what age did you realize music was something you wanted to pursue?

02. How would you describe your music in one word?

I grew up in a town called Monroe, NY, which is about an hour outside of New York City. I got into in music pretty young, perhaps around age 3 or 4. I know I begged my folks to get me guitar lessons for my 6th birthday. Monroe is kind of an interesting town though, not itself, but geographically. Growing up an hour from NYC, you get a little taste of the culture, kind of like a window to the party. But there's also the influence that Woodstock had on upstate New York, about an hour from where I grew up, and the impact from that is still notable in my mind. So somewhere in between my romanticized ideas of New York City Bohemia, and upstate hippie fallout, I found a sound that felt authentic to to me.

03. Tell us your experience writing and recording “Songs from the Hive.�


Making a record these days is tricky business. "Songs From The Hive" is a self-financed independent record, which I also co-produced, so it was a bit of a juggling act. But in all honesty, it was a lot of fun. Making records is part of the dream, you know? I loved hearing those songs that I wrote in such a personal way, fleshed out by a band and released into the world. It's scary stuff, because it feels like a lot is on the line, but in the end I'm really happy with how it came out. I put together a group of my favorite musicians, some guys from my time in New York and some guys from the years I lived in Boston, and I just let

everyone loose. I have a bit of a control thing, so it takes a little bit of effort for me to let go. But that was the intention on "Songs from the Hive" and I think it comes across.

04. Have you had any moments where you felt like you needed to pinch yourself? I do a lot of support tours, which drag you through the highs and lows of touring. But some nights, it's so good, it almost feels like you cheated the system. Like when it's a big theater, and it's sold out, and everyone's seated and silent, and you walk out on stage, you keep thinking “they're definitely going to find out that I'm a fraud or something.” But that never seems to happen, so I keep going.

05. Is there a particular lyric you have written that personally resonates with you the most? I wrote a song called “Slow Train” for the last record about losing your innocence. It's one of the songs I feel strongest about. I think since I wrote it, I haven't done a show without playing it.

06. Do you have any non-musical influences? Absolutely. I think you have to. Obviously writers and poets... I steal lines off Bukowski all the time. I also have a strong fondness for comics Marc Maron, Louis CK, and Mike Birbiglia. I think

there's some sort of thread between comedy and music that has always connected the two.

07. What have been some of your favorite moments of your career thus far? Right now, things feel the most solid they've ever felt. I like to work, and finding consistent work is probably the trickiest thing about a career in the arts. But right now I have a lot of shows lined up, tours with Delbert McClinton and Liz Longley, and lots of spot dates. Every great show is like a dream come true, so this is a favorite moment of mine.

08. Where are some of your favorite places to perform? Well I love playing New York because it's my home. But across the country, Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry, New Hampshire, is a wonderful room. Seven Steps Up in Spring Lake, Michigan, is a real champion of up and comers like myself. The Ark in Ann Arbor comes to mind. World Cafe Live in Philly is a classic. Hard to say. Some places have better hospitality than others, sure, but that's not really what I care about. It's all about the audiences.

09. When can we expect new music? Well, I'm just about done writing the next record, so probably within a year or so. 81


THE MOWGLI'S featuring an interview with Josh Hogan

w // themowglis.net fb // The Mowgli's ig // @themowglis t // @themowglis



01. You guys have been crazy busy recently, and have so many things going on. Your LP comes out at the end of August. How exciting! What have been your favorite parts of seeing the process unfold? We decided to get back to basics and write this record as a band with everyone involved and contributing. I personally love the whole process of making a record from writing the songs to recording and playing them every night.

02. This will be your fourth album. Do the processes of making these albums tend to be similar, or is each one different from the last? In our experience the process has been different every time. We like to create a new experience and learn from each one.

03. Your new single “Freakin Me Out” just came out. How do you go about choosing which songs to release as singles? We gather in a circle in our basement and have “meetings” where we smoke a mixture of peyote, mushrooms and other herbs with our label and management. When we all put our heads together we all start singing a song and it’s always the same song and that song ends up being the single.

04. Your tour is taking you all across the US! Which cities are you most excited for? Are there any places you’ll be visiting where you’ve yet to perform?

We really love to travel and see the world. Everyone has different favorite places to play in the U.S. but right now I’ve been loving the Pacific Northwest. There are a couple of places on this current tour that we have never been and we always love experiencing new places and making new friends and fans.

05. What is your all time favorite venue to play? Is there anything particular about it that makes it so special? We got to open for Cage the Elephant and Portugal. the Man at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. The atmosphere is always alive with people and nature and art all coming together, and the venue itself is legendary with a long list of artists who have performed there.

06. How have you guys grown and changed as a group since you started out in 2010? What has that process been like? We have all learned and grown so much from the whole process. We went from being a sloppy party band to a group of professionals over the course of a few years. We’re a part of our generation’s pop culture and it feels good to be here using our platform for something positive.

07. What has been your most rewarding experience thus far as a group? When we hear a fan’s story about how our music has helped them in any way, we know that our mission is working.


The late January cold gracefully subsided for the day, just in time for Radio 104.5’s Winter Jam. It was a gorgeous sunny day that brought thousands of people to Philadelphia’s XFINITY Live!, eager to see performances from Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Elle King, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, and Coleman Hell. In addition to the main stage, there was also a local stage which featured American Dinosaur, Summer Scouts, and Cold Fronts. XFINITY Live! proved to be the perfect venue for Winter Jam, as it has a huge selection of restaurants and bars inside where concert goers could go hang out while still watching the performances on a massive screen in the center of the room. The sun was shining bright as Coleman Hell took the stage, opening the show with “Heat of the Night,” an upbeat tune with soft vocals that got the crowd energized and eager for more. Hell’s set was five tracks long, and he closed his performance with “2 Heads,” a song that has gotten him recognition and earned him 22 weeks on Billboard’s top 100 where he made it to #20. Following Coleman Hell’s set, the crowd got a lovely surprise as X Ambassadors took the stage for a two song acoustic set consisting of “Renegades” and “Unsteady.” The crowd went completely wild, and was stoked and ready for Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, who took the stage with their track “I Need Never Get Old.” Using their banjos and trumpets that fans have grown to love throughout the entire set, it was one full of energy, excitement, and fun. The crowd went absolutely wild as the band began playing their song “S. O. B.,” a chanty piece that had everyone singing along. They closed off their set with a cover of The Band’s “The Shape I’m In.”

Elle King was next up to take the stage, and her set kicked off with the track “Jackson.” About five tracks into her set she included a wildly creative mashup that brought together covers of Nick Jonas’s “Jealous” and The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face.” The crowd went absolutely ballistic as they cheered and sang along. During her set Elle continuously had the crowd laughing as she told stories of experiences that she’s had in Philly, and then she ended her time on stage with “Last Damn Night.” Closing off the show was headliner Andrew McMahon






undoubtedly lived up to the hype and excitement that was shown on the faces of everyone in the crowd, evident thanks to their beaming smiles and loud cheers. The thirteen track set began with “All Our Lives,” a song that is highlighted with a comforting piano melody and the familiar soothing vocals that fans of the group know and love. Throughout the set, four Jack’s Mannequin covers were thrown in, which the crowd seemed to be thrilled about. Covered songs included “Dark Blue,” “The Mixed Tape,” “The Resolution,” and “Bloodshot.” When “Cecilia and the Satellite,” a track that has earned the group recognition as well as a spot on the Billboard Top 100 was played, the crowd went absolutely wild, and the song was completed with confetti canyons and a group of crowd surfers who, despite being grabbed by security every time, didn’t stop. From the music to the food to the giveaways (free cookies, anyone?) to the people and everything in between, Radio 104.5’s Winter Jam was one for the books, and has us counting down the days until next year’s.

RADIO 104.5 WINTER JAM feat. Coleman Hell, X Ambassadors, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, Elle King, & Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness







pocketful of posies




MOON RIVERS NATURALS shop // moonriversnaturals.etsy.com


Lavender Soap: As the title predicts, this soap smells of sweet lavender and leaves the skin feeling super clean. The packaging is absolutely adorable, too. $7 Activated Charcoal Mask: Charcoal masks have been everywhere recently, so we decided to give this one a go. After sitting on the face for about a minute, there is a cooling sensation. It leaves the skin feeling incredibly clean and new. $16 Grapefruit Coffee Scrub: Two of our absolute favorite things, mixed together and put into a face scrub. What could be better? This scrub works wonders, taking the dead skin off the face and making it feel smoother than the day you were born. The mixture of the grapefruit and coffee smells heavenly, and that’s just an added bonus. $18


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Sweet Vanilla Chapstick: Perfect for the vanilla lover, this chapstick smells lovely and goes on silky smooth. The lips immediately feel moisturized. $2 Vanilla Chai Chapstick: This chapstick can spice up your life with its hint of chai, and mixed with vanilla it’s hard to resist tasting it. After applying, the lips immediately feel healthier. $2 Rose Hip & Vitamin Complex Facial Moisturizer: When your face is feeling dry and in need of a hydrating pick me up, use this facial moisturizer! Use before going to bed and your face will feel great when you wake up. Just a tip: a little goes a long way. $15 Rose Water Toner: After washing the face, the skin can feel a bit dry and in need of a little TLC. That’s where this toner comes in, as it cools the face and leaves the skin feeling moisturized and rejuvenated. $12 Lavender Lemongrass Lotion: Smelling strongly of lavender, this lotion does exactly what a lotion should do – rejuvenates the skin, moisturizing it back to health right before your eyes. It goes on smoothly and leaves your skin incredibly hydrated and ready to tackle the day. $10 Healthy Hands Thick & Rich Hand Cream: Perfect for annoyingly cracked knuckles, this hand cream is very thick and hydrating, and does its job of nursing the skin back to health. The best part? A hint of an orangey scent leaves the skin smelling nice too. $6 Dry Shampoo: Different than your typical spray bottle dry shampoo, this kind is in a

powder form and is applied directly to the hair. After rubbing it in and then brushing, the hair is left smooth and fresh looking, with no sign of oil. Absolutely perfect for when you oversleep and can’t manage to squeeze in a shower. $5 Micellar Water: If you’re like us, you aren’t particularly a fan of oily makeup removers. They feel like they’re clogging the pores, which can lead to breakouts. Well, that’s not the case with this. This Micellar Water removes makeup like a charm, and doesn’t leave any oily residue behind. No breakouts here, please! $8 Vanilla Black Currant Soap: Probably one of the best smelling soaps we’ve ever used, this Vanilla Black Currant scented soap smells like your mama’s favorite country store, and leaves your hands squeaky clean. $6 Peppermint Tea Tree Soap: If you love a soap that leaves your hands soft and smelling good, this soap is for you. The peppermint scent is extremely soothing. $6 Exfoliating Mask with Tropical Fruit Enzymes: When applied, this mask fully dries after about two minutes, and it’s as if you can feel it pulling all of the toxins from the skin. After washing it off, the skin feels fresh, clean, and new. The best part? It is completely clear, so you won’t look like Shrek while you’re letting it do its job. $10 Facial Exfoliating Scrub: Don’t you hate when your face feels clogged? This scrub leaves your face feeling refreshed and clean! If you’re a fan of a light floral scent, this scrub is for you! $8


Pink Orchid Soaps: These soaps smell just as lovely as you’d guess, and they look adorable too! The sweet floral aroma is an added perk to the cleanliness that your hands feel after using these soaps. $5, $6.50

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Grapefruit + Witch-Hazel Clarifying Face Toner: Closing the pores after washing the face is so important, and this toner does just that. It’s great for right after using a face wash, and leaves the skin feeling cool and new. $4.83 Grapefruit + Coconut Conditioning Face Wash: After rinsing the face and applying this cleanser, the sweet smelling suds get rid of makeup and make the skin feel completely clean. $5.64 Matte Lipstick: This lipstick is right on trend with its dark, semi-matte finish. It goes on easily when applied, and lasts for hours. Over time, its antioxidants can help improve the health of your lips. One of the best parts is that it is completely organic! $14.58 Concealer Stick: When you have pesky blemishes that need a quick cover up, this concealer is perfect. It also has a faint chocolate scent, making it all the more delicious. $12.84 Mineral Makeup Kit: This kit comes with bronzing mineral powder, translucent mineral powder, and highlighting mineral powder. When applied correctly, they do a great job of highlighting the face, leaving it with a lovely shimmery finish. Sample kit: $9.95

Kathryn trying out the lipstick!

Massage Bar: Once you get out of the shower, use the massage bar over the skin. It will leave your skin feeling silky smooth. We recommend giving it a minute to fully absorb into the skin before putting on any clothes. Sold as party favors.



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At just 33 years old, Shlomit Ofir can say what few others can: She is the founder of a global company that has already seen success for more than 7 years, and isn’t slowing down any time soon. Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, Shlomit started her company in 2009. When she was younger, she always knew she wanted to be a designer of sorts, though she didn’t quite know of what. Unsure of the proper outlet for her talents, what she did know was that creativity was something that she needed to put to use, no matter her career path. Finally, she chose to study Industrial Design. To fund her education, she began selling her unique jewelry pieces at fashion fairs and in small stores, and eventually this hobby became a source of income. While she put herself through school, her jewelry rose in popularity and soon she was seeing a great deal of demand, prompting her to continue creating new pieces after she graduated. Then, it was during a trip to New York where Shlomit heard about Etsy. She decided to give it a go, and the results were incredible as she began to receive orders from all around the globe. This success coupled with her local popularity encouraged her to open a small studio and shop. Fast forward seven years, and the brand employs over 40 people and has 4 stores along with a studio in Israel where all of the pieces are designed and manufactured by hand. Two cohesive jewelry collections are introduced each year, and are often made of various materials such as formica, enamel, strands of leather, and metal plated in gold or silver. The jewelry is considered “fashion jewelry” which Shlomit says “is key” because it helps them to “maintain the items’ affordable price range, so that each season our customers can step into one of our stores or enter our online shops and get themselves a new piece that will fit in with their new season’s clothing items.” This, along with the unique styles that are dainty, delicate, and

fashion forward, keep customers returning again and again. Using the materials that she does allows Shlomit to have a great deal of creative freedom needed to create fun pieces. Recently, she introduced new items made of sterling silver, along with a new line of wedding and engagement rings titled Shlomit Ofir Gold, which are made of solid gold and diamond setting. Additionally, Shlomit designs shoes, bags and purses, home accessories, and clothing. For Shlomit, inspiration is everywhere. From nature to architecture to different countries and cultures, Shlomit finds inspiration in everything, often from clean, geometric lines, which is evident throughout her various pieces. As far as colors go, light pastels such as nude pinks, lavenders and yellows are often utilized, along with deep colors such as faded greens, which are present in the new SS 2016 collection. This new collection “focuses on the diversity of life and nature in the rainforest,” says Shlomit, and “includes items inspired by the rainforest’s botany, wildlife and indigenous tribes, and is rich in color, texture, and shapes.” The collection includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings made of gold or silver plated metal, which are incorporated with less conventional materials such as laminantes, wood veneer, fringe, sequins, textiles and feathers. Additionally, “the pieces found in the collection vary from items with delicate, botanical elements inspired by tropical leaves and ferns, through dainty and lightweight feather earrings inspired by the unique forest birds, to geometric and bigger tribal inspired pieces.” This collection draws from the untamed nature of the rainforest, and the precise techniques used to create the pieces are what give them the look of Shlomit’s recognizable signature style. Shlomit Ofir products can be found in select boutiques around the world, an online shop, and of course, on Etsy, where it all began.


Iceland Necklace

Formica Long Triangles Necklace


Nord Necklace


Dream Catcher Necklace

Cruz Ring (left) & Geometric Diamond Ring (right)

LILANDLOLA shop // lilandlola.etsy.com

"Contemporary printable wall art for every decorator."



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"Made from green cut White Oak tree branches. These unique mini wood mugs make excellent succulent holders perfect for home or desk decor, wedding centerpiece, gift or favor. Can also be used for table number holder or place card holder. By cutting our branches green and sealing the inside and ends of our items, we have minimized the cracking of the wood and loosening of the bark. These are designed for low water requirement plants such as succulents and air plants."



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"Tea towel featuring an all-over pattern of lively floral interpretations. This colourful contemporary floral is bright and cheery, and loves to be paired with cute polka dot design Polly in blue or red. Designed with love, made with care and with real individuality. Use for yourself to brighten up mundane kitchen chores, or perfect as a gift. This beautifully illustrated tea towel can even be popped into a frame and hung as a picture!"


NECTAR CAF E + JUICE BAR lewes, delaware w // cafenectar.com







ingredients 2 cups spinach 1/4 cup blue cheese 1/4 cup red onions 2 slices bacon 1 tbsp balsamic vinaigrette 1/4 cup diced mushrooms (optional)

how to 01. in a skillet, prepare the two slices of bacon 02. while they are cooking, mix the spinach and blue cheese in a bowl 03. when the bacon is done, shred and add to the bowl 04. sautĂŠ the onions and mushrooms in the bacon grease and then add to the bowl 05. top with balsamic vinaigrette






• polymer clay in assorted colors • polymer clay glaze • liquid gilding paint • small paintbrush • x-acto knife • circular glass • parchment paper • cookie tray

how to

• choose any 3-4 shades of clay and break off pieces of each color - approx. one quarter of the block. • on a clean surface, roll the clay pieces into equal lengths. • twist the three colors together, rolling into one piece. • fold these in half and again twist it. • roll this back out, making the clay longer again. • you can repeat this process as much as you’d like to give the colors as much mixing as desired. • roll the clay into a ball and then flatten it using the glass or rolling pin. • once flat, replace the glass over the clay and remove any excess around the edges using the x-acto knife. • remove the glass and smooth the edges. • place the coaster on parchment paper or a cookie tray, and bake according to the instructions as specified by the clay (usually somewhere around 15 minutes at 275 degrees). • once baked, remove from oven and let cool. • once cool, use gliding paint around the edges of the coaster. • then, coat the coaster in glaze to protect against water damage. enjoy!




spring playlist

01. Show Me // Alina Baraz 02. Nancy From Now On // Father John Misty 03. Acquainted // The Weeknd 04. COOL // Troye Sivan 05. Consideration // Rihanna 06. Still Don't Understand // Spire 07. D'yer Mak'er // Led Zeppelin 08. She's So Heavy // The Beatles 09. The Way You'd Love Her // Mac DeMarco 10. Hear Me feat. Pharrell // A$AP Rocky 11. Devil in a New Dress // Kanye West 12. Talk Me Down // Troye Sivan 13. Pillowtalk // ZAYN 14. Fade Into You // Mazzy Star 15. Where is My Mind // Pixies 16. America // Simon & Garfunkel 17. Whole Lotta Love // Led Zeppelin 18. Hang Me in the Tulsa County Stars // John Moreland 19. Whitey on the Moon // Gil Scott Heron 20. Baby Don't Go // Karla Bonoff 21. Silver Springs // Fleetwood Mac 22. Like the Weather // 10,000 Maniacs 23. Father and Son // Cat Stevens

special thanks to our features for contributing! 140

vorfreude n. A German untranslatable word, vorfreude is defined as the intense euphoric sensation you experience from thinking about future plans and daydreams. This beautiful feeling is a natural reaction the human mind manifests from expectations of future pleasures and joyful anticipations, such as planning a trip, going on a date, and many other fulfilling, lifechanging events.


the blossom issue