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Former Football Player

John Corker

I had the privilege of meeting Greenbay Packers 1988 line backer, John Corker on April 14 th, 2013. John shared with me the uprising and down fall of his professional football career. I asked him how did he feel about playing for the Greenbay Packers. “Playing football was a great experience. I had fun while playing every game”. John is now a city bus operator at the T bus transportation in Fort Worth, Texas. Q. How did you go from pro football player to city bus driver? “Things got really tough out there for me in my football career. I ended up getting involved with drugs and from their things began to quickly go bad in my life. The day finally came were I wasn’t able to play football anymore. I called on the name of the Lord and gave my life back to Him and I humbled myself. God gave me my life back and that’s how I became a bus operator.” Q. Do a lot of people ask you about your life career? “Sometime. I am willing to share my story and experiences with anybody, especially young people. I would hope that by them knowing what I went through and, having knowledge of my choices, they will make better choices.” Q. How do you feel about today’s youth? “I love our. I try to talk with them whenever I have a chance or whenever I am doing a public speaking at schools. The number one problem I see in young men and women is that they are not able to stand on their own anymore. A lot of their choices are based upon popularity or whatever the group decides to do. That is an ingredient for a bad turn in life. Good decisions will bring forth a positive life.” Q. Do you have any advice for young men that are striving to be professional athletes such as Qua’Vonn Parks and Ricky Crowder? “Yes. Work out, work out, work out! Stay humble and keep God first. When I became known I was living in the limelight and I got too ahead of myself. I left God behind. That’s where I messed up. Stay focused but don’t throw your life away.” As Mr. Corker moves the lives of people every day he told us what moves his life by the end of each day. Second to God, his four year old daughter keeps him going. The great Hall of Famer John Corker has shared his story with many people and he will continue to tell his testimony to help encourage the world to keep their heads up, to think before they act and most importantly to put God first.

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