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A Cry That Fell On Death Ears by: Nayosha Dover Once upon a time there was a prince; a modern prince. He was very creative, intellectual, and he longed for what most spoke of as love. He was very patient. He would get to know the ladies of his kingdom in hopes to find the right wife and the perfect best friend.

The prince found a broken woman that he felt he could fix for his benefit. Her hair resembled straw hay, her lips were as full plums and her skin was coated with shimmer and thick liquid. He was oddly attracted to her, as his wife. He also met another woman... She was kissed by the sun in heaven. Her eyes twinkled like the stars of Orion’s belt and her body was shaped and carved by Aphrodite herself. He chose her to be his best friend.

The young modern prince was later stabbed in his stomach by his wife to be. She fled with her former lover and left the prince to die. He let out a cry that could only be heard by the woman he trusted to be his best friend. She ran to his aid and healed his wounds with a pure kiss. He thanked her and arose to go find the love of his life despite the fact that she deceived him and wanted him dead. The prince's best friend sat in befuddlement and heartbreak. Once the prince returned to his castle from chasing his soon to be queen, he found his best friend dead of a broken heart lying in his bed. He let out a cry that now no one could hear because the only one that he truly trusted and his heart couldn’t live without...was dead.

Moral to the story is open your eyes. The friend zone kills!

A cry that fell on death ears by  
A cry that fell on death ears by