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How To Become A Nurse Click Here To Discover The 7 Steps To Becoming A Registered Practicing Nurse From Active Qualified Working Nurses

How to be a Community Health Nurse

If you love spending time in the field while doing your acts of compassion to the people in so far as health promotion and prevention of diseases are concerned, then you should be a Community Health Nurse. Basically speaking, a community health nurse is the one that you see in the health center in your area. He or she is the one who entertains you with your health care needs such as in monitoring your blood pressure, in administering the immunization of your children, as well as your immunization during your pregnancy and so on. People in the community go at health centers for their primary concerns with regards to their health. Needless to say, the health center is a big help to the sick individuals in the area who can’t afford to go to the hospital for routine check-ups and the like. Moving on, a community health nurse is also involved in the outreach program of the community such as the medical missions, the giving of free circumcision to the children in a certain locality and so on. A community health nurse, just like the nurses in the hospitals is also responsible in giving health teachings to the patients, as well as in inculcating in their minds the importance of valuing health and in doing measures in order to prevent sickness and complications to occur. A community health nurse is also called a public health nurse. Here are the steps that you have to follow for you to be in this field: 1.) You should apply to a nursing program and finish it after four years if you are going to take a BSN degree. However, if you plan to work first, and then continue on with your studies once you have a stable income; it will be a better option for you to take an associate degree in nursing. 2.) After graduating in college, you need to take the NCLEX for you to earn your license to practice as a nurse. Each state has a different set of requirement for this exam, as such you have to check the board nearest you for the information on how to take the exam and what are the requirements. 3.) Apply a position in the different health centers as a community health nurse. However, you should know that since this is also a specialized area, you might be required to have advanced education and qualifications before you will be hired. Then, again this is just one of the possibilities; there are still health facilities that accept new graduate nurses for the position of a community health nurse. 4.) Once you are on your desired job, you should make sure to do your best everyday in giving your care to your patients while maximizing the learning that you will have for each day. As part of being a globally competitive nurse, though you are not required, you should take the initiative to undergo further

trainings, attend more seminars and conferences in order for you to have a continuous learning outside of your workplace. More so, you should also consider taking your masters degree in nursing.

How To Become A Nurse  

Click Here To Discover The 7 Steps To Becoming A Registered Practicing Nurse From Active Qualified Working Nurses

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