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IZSÁK ELŐD portfolio

Cross Made in Bread videoinstallation 2006

Inside the bread resembling a millstone there is a perpetually rotating cross. As well as in folk traditions, in Christian mysticism the symbolism of bread is eternity, referring this way to perpetuity of time.

Manipulated Time process art 2006

Given a digital clock and thermometer Adjust the ambient temperature to be equal with actual time. The numbers displayed on the device are identical.

Sunset - Picture Rising video, 5 min. 2006

As the Sun goes down, the visible frame is gradually widening. The sens of the whole picture is assigned by its eclipse.


Shreds after 10 second object 2007

Burnt matches, unknown source of casuality. The birth of the Universe, the beginning of time are mystical. There are only shreds of the Planck epoch.

1.00 Âą 0.02 AU video, 8.40 min. 2008

The light path from the Sun to Earth is one astronomical unit - 8:33 minutes. Approximately the same with duration of the video and also the process of bells. During this process the image is cleared, the bells become silent.

Machina Mundi videoinstallation 2010

The clock is a symbol of world. Modeling an hourglass, two stacked monitors are illustrating the TIME, on which pixels are “spinning down�. The number of pixels are identical with number of the days in calendar.

Timestagnation digital print, 550 x 43 cm 2011

Time Reconstruction installation 2012

Still Life Left at Home process art 2012 - 2013

Before every major trip I leave still lives of the leftovers on the day of departure. I’ve entrusted their consumption to the “teeth” of time. Changes in the “still” prove stillness as stagnant timelessness.

Unsuccessful Attempt for Revision of the Same Image process art, photo series 2013

Take pictures regularly about the landscape from the train on the same route, on the same moment, from the same position

Expiration Date of Milky Way digital photomontage, print 2016

The work consists of dates layered on top of each other. They refer to the expiration dates of milk products I regularly prchased and consumed in the course of year (2015). The calendar-like triptychon alludes to the “modus operandi� of our current consumer society, according to which the survival of this society is limited to certain conditions. These conditions - such as the expiry date of a product - are becoming increasingly determinative these days, acting as important points of orientation in choosing the food products we consume in our lifetime.

Anthem video 2006

Anthem-rhythm typewritten anthem

Me in My Place photomontage series 2009

Self - suborner

Self - accuser

Talker behind himself

Chair for Pigeons installation 2009

A chair was made resembling the ones used in high society. The chair was put on the attic for pigeons up in Lazar Castle’s tower in Lăzarea. At present pigeons are the only permanent residents of the place.

Restrained Flags photography 2010

Enclosure Options photo series 2009 - 2011

Holy Correlation photography 2013

No Wearing Clothes object 2015 Clothes made by tags of clothes.

Drag and Drop / Christ on Sale interaktive work applicates on digital tablet /photo series 2015 User guide: Drag Jesus and place him anywhere conform to your conscience!

The Anatomy of Dilema 2 loop video 2017

I. Dilemma of a (thesis)

II. Head or Tail

READY - MADE drawings

Repose found drawing, digital print

Images of resting positions. It is a process-artwork, which is an illustration of inactively initiated activities on places designated for resting: the footprints of waiting people leaned against a wall.

Intermediate Lines found drawing, digital print

Walking up and down. Drawings from a multi-storey building’s stairway landing.

Premature Drawings found drawing, digital print

Drawings becoming artworks before tting their function, that is to say, visual manifestations with untimely endowed artistic values.

Premature Drawings installation Vertical positions, art exhibition Magyar Műhely Galéria, Budapest 1-23. December, 2016 curated by: Zakariás István

Changing Positions found drawing, digital print Imprints of chair legs in the asphalt, signs of squirming. The question remains whether these imprints are the trace of boredom, an attempt to find certain position, or signs of feverish discussion.

Landscape I. found drawing, digital print

Landscape II. found drawing, digital print

Bobcat Drawings found drawing, digital print Worker - marks on non-artistic places, the unknown citizen’s gestures of being here.

Negative Drawings found drawing, digital print

Studio Drawings found drawing, digital print

ReiĂ&#x;en found drawing, digital print

The SMART DRAWING project (in progress)

Smart Drawings drawing series, graphite on paper, 100 x 70 cm

The drawing series represents the timeline of nights. The amount and quality of an unconscious activity, the sleeping is represented in the composition as a score. The variety of black, two different greys and white geometric shapes are given by phases of deep sleep, light sleep or REM phases and awake.

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