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Keynote Session

Mickey Revenaugh, Connections Academy

Morning SESSIONS 1. A Classroom in Your Pocket: The iPod as a Learning Tool Dave Marra, Apple, Inc.

Bring mobile learning to life with the iPod. No longer just a music device, today’s iPod is a portable digital learning tool, enhancing all areas of curriculum, in and out of the classroom. From podcasting, to voice recording, to content delivery, to syncing with both Macs and PCs, the iPod, and the hundreds of educational applications available for it, are changing the way students learn and teachers teach. Rediscover the iPod today! 2. Building your Personal Learning Network

Alice Yucht, Rutgers School of Communication and Information

The latest Professional information is now available 24/7, not just at annual conferences or in the pages of a monthly journal. Learn how to use new cyberconnections to create your personal learning portal for ongoing professional development. 3. What would Montessori Say About the iPad? When Old Educational Theories of Play Meet New Media Warren Buckleitner, Editor, Children’s Technology Review

In this session, the presenter seeks to examine how theories of play change with the advent of new technologies, such as the iPad, Wii, and other forms of digital play. He also promises to expose some of the dangers that play off the advantages of such items in the child’s play areas at home and in the classroom. 4. Project Based Learning Part I of II (continued in afternoon session)

Frank Livoy, Rutgers Center for Effective School Practices

In this session, participants will learn ways to encourage students to become more engaged in the learning process and more motivated to succeed by challenging them to work beyond their immediate threshold. Project

Based Learning (PBL) does just that by combining curriculum, authentic work and exhibitions of mastery. Participants will learn strategies for engaging students in work that develops imagination, resourcefulness, organization, socialization and perseverance. 5. Professional Learning Communities: Using Critical Friends Protocols Part I of II(continued in afternoon session)

William Pollock, Rutgers Center for Effective School Practices

The Professional Learning Communities approach named Critical Friends Groups (CFGs) represents the basic unit for educators engaged in school improvement through efficient, respectful methods of looking at professional and student work. Participants will learn to employ an appropriate and diverse range of instructional strategies from project based learning that purposefully develops 21st century skills. This interactive session will lead educators through the processes, allowing them to provide their schools with a mean of ongoing support.

PM SESSIONS: 6. iPods and Podcasting for Teaching and Learning Dave Marra, Apple, Inc.

Discover podcasting, an exciting new way for students and teachers to create, publish and distribute their own educational content, in the classroom, or around the world. With podcasting, students, teachers and parents can have anywhere, anytime access to the latest educational audio and video content, on a Mac, on a PC or an iPod! Learn how easy it is to get started in the exciting world of educational podcasting today! 7. The Basics of Blogging

Kristin Gardner, Ocean Township Public Schools

Do you want to have your students discussing novels, current events, or science discoveries more in depth? Blogging takes class discussions to a whole new level giving all your students equal opportunity to participate in a safe and relaxed environment. This workshop will provide the basics as to how to set up a class blog. You will be introduced to various blogging websites that offer varying degrees of creative capabilities.

8. The Next 3 R¹s; Digital Literacies for the New Information Landscape.

Alice Yucht, Rutgers School of Communication and Information

In the Industrial Age, Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic were considered educational basics necessary for every citizen. Now our students need to master more complex strategies for coping with the ever-increasing flow of information in all kinds of new formats. Let’s explore three crucial skills they will need in order to be effective citizens in our knowledge-based, multi-media world. 9. Project Based Learning Part II (continued from morning session)

Frank Livoy, Rutgers Center for Effective School Practices

This is a continuation from the morning session number 4 building on the Project Based Learning approach. It is recommended that participants attend both AM and PM sessions. 10. Professional Learning Communities: Using Critical Friends Protocols Part II (continued in afternoon session)

William Pollock, Rutgers Center for Effective School Practices

Participants who attend morning session number 5 will continue with the art of developing Professional Learning communities. It is recommended that participants attend both AM and PM sessions.


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