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CBTA N° 91 Subsecretaria de Educación Media Superior Dirección General de Educación Tecnológica Agropecuaria Centro de Bachillerato Tecnológico Agropecuario N° 91 “Dr. Manuel Velasco Suarez” Ocosingo Chiapas

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classes are suspended until further notice

Gaceta the eye of the jungle

Scholarship page calls hill and if you could not enter there is not much you can do but wait another year.

“The information when you need it”

More information to Ms. Guadalupe in school control

CBTACBTA N° 91N° 91 •

Social service, will be depending on each student's career. Reports: Professor Sergio Torres

Welcome! Thanks for your attention 5 “D” Agricultural Technical th

Welcome to this new publication of "the eye of the jungle" in which you can find variety of information about our beloved institution

was created by students and is directed to the entire student community, in order to keep on the lookout for information that can be useful in some occasions, or for intellectual minds. Culture, sports, news, workshops and more..

And the 3rd semester began practicing with the Lef Baltazar escort Ordoñes, as part of the civic and disciplinary training consists of the plan of activities of our institution.

Conferences were held on the prevention of crime, taught by local staff presindecia involving students of all semesters.

CBTA N° 91

Culture •

dance club has not yet had participations, but continues rehearsing in the evenings (16 hours) for any information contact Professor Rautel Cancino

Sports Sporting activity by the time this recess, but each team continues to train for next year's target, Intercbtas

2014. Training times are:


Football: 16 hours in the school field (industry) Volleyball: 16 Hours in the school auditorium Girls basketball: 14 hours in the school auditorium Men's Basketball: 18 am at the school auditorium.

Last minute!

All teams are in tournaments activity taking place in our town.

The facilities of our school were closed by the parents, they argued that teachers had to be supporting colleagues to work are unemployed for more than three weeks. For this reason classes were suspended until further notice.

CBTA N째 91

CBTA N° 91

CBTA N° 91

Workshops Currently the CBTA has 1 workshop in operation which is the meat in which foods are produced with such a diversity of completing the empirical knowledge with practical the dairy shop is out of service but is expected to reabilite not the all but maybe a 30% power to do basic practices. 5th semester students are processed pork to make sausage, marinated ribs, cracklings and other products that happen to offer by way of selling.

Computer labs

Computer labs received material support to continue functioning computer is new so that our institution remains what it is, the better!

The classroom teaching and is ready for use, with new technology will continue advancing our institution learning strategies


Project paused. Because of unemployment had to cancel the project that students in 3rd had prepared for students of basic education, which consisted in showing what they have learned to the children to give prestige to the name of our institution