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SPRING   2012à   W à  

Component   Partner   Selection   Process  


September   2011:     Cohort  1   launch   Cohort  2   Recruitment   Begins  

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Over  100+   applications   submitted  to   360   Review    process   includes:  online   review  room  process   +  school  visits    

Affinity  groups  meet  regularly   +  monthly  to  workshop   specific  areas  of  focus  in  their   iZone  work.    Communities  of   practices  form.   2/9  Kick  off  of  2012  InnoCon   Series  (6  workshops):     Principals,  partners,  and   coaches  meet.  

Winter  2011  à  

FALL  2011  à  

Development   of  Review   Room   Application   Tool  


iLearn/360  alignment   conversations  around   Spring  planning  for   schools  

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Selection  of  27  strong,  highly-­‐ engaged  360  schools  who  have  had   time,  coaching  and  parameters  to   begin  their  planning  earlier  than  the   2011  group.  


Timeline event

Innovation   conversations   are  focused   more  on   personalization  

The  InnoCon   Series  –     +Creating  a  series   of  design   workshops  for  360   schools     +Creating  a  space   for  a  broad,   innovating   community  

4  well-­‐attended   Open  Houses  in  4   boroughs,  co-­‐ hosted  with  iLearn    

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Creation  of   iZone360   Planning  Portal   on  Review  Room  

Success/es Future Plan

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Rules Box Super Skip Back Peer  Review   process  for   Future  State   Designs   (creating  a   community   that  holds  each   other   accountable)  

SUMMER/Looking  Ahead   2012à  à  

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6/11:   Culminating   InnoCon  Share-­‐ Out  event  @   Google   Cohort  3   Selection   Process  

1) Roll the dice and move your piece ahead. 2) Read off the text in the square where you land. 3) An iZone360 team member will expound on the text you read. 4) Two or more players can be on the same space. The second player who lands on the space will hear a different perspective of the event from another 360 team member. 5) First to finish, WINS

FINISH! (iNnovated)

iZone360 the Game