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Izms of Art

Izms of Art

Izms of Art

Izms of Art

Live Billboard Painting photo by : Michael Dantzler

About Izms of Art  Izms of Art is a collective of artists committed act as a vehicle for us and other artists striving to gain exposure and financial sustainability utilizing their artistic skill. We also strive to encourage public awareness, participation and appreciation of visual arts, while utilizing the skills and experience of our members to nurture creativity and sustainable artistic careers. Artist dj b aka b sam. dj. producer. music. cedric umoja. painting. illustration. creative writing. fahiym. creative writing. admin. mustafa. graphix. photograhy. video. web. creative writing. drawing. tahirah. admin. uncle vic. painting. illustration. graphix. mc. unknown. painting. illustration. creative writing. tattoo. music. mc.

Izms of Art: L-R: DJ B, Cedric Umoja, Mustafa, Tahirah, Unknown

20i3 029. Cirque du Soleil Commission(Pocket productions) Main st. Columbia,SC 028. BEYONDER Fab gallery SC State University Orangeburg,SC 027. Frame of mind 5yrs 5artists Columbia,SC 026. Cosmology of relationships Trustus Theatre Columbia,SC 025. What’s Love? 701 center for Contemporary art Columbia,SC 20i2 024. CI3 - Live Billboard Painting 023. Izms of Art - Group Show - 701 Whaley Columbia, SC 022. Feminism: Consumerism group exhibition Tapp’s center for the arts, Columbia, SC 02i. Skate - Twenty two gallery Charlotte, NC 020. Democratic National Convention -Church vs State - Gallery Show Charlotte, NC 20ii. 0i9. CI3 - 3 year anniversary 3D art showcase @ AKA Creative, Charlotte, NC 0i8. Streetism @ Homemade Genius Gallery, Abbeville, NC 0i7. Deliverers of the Soul Sonic Force, West Columbia, SC 0i6. Levine Museum of the New South 20th Anniversary, Charlotte, NC 0i5. The “Who Shot Rock” Gala & Gala Wall Painting, Columbia Museum of Art 20i0. 0i4. Mustafa @Baku Gallery: We the People..., Charlotte, NC 0ii. Photos of Future Shock2, Columbia, SC 009. Future Shock Show @ S&S Art Supply, Columbia, SC 008. Live Painting at S&S Art Supply/Main Street (FOA Series,) Columbia, SC 005. Last Weekend’s SC AVI Retreat, Columbia, SC 004. BlueCross Family Day, Columbia Museum of Art 002. The Post Graffiti Show Reception, Columbia Museum of Art 00i. Cedric Umoja’s solo show “The Izness,” Columbia, SC 000. Cedric Umoja @ “Wyld America presents...I am alive,” Spartanburg, SC 0999. what’s love 2010 @ 701 Whaley, Columbia, SC

Gala Walls for “Who Shot Rock” Columbia Museum of Art

About Cedric Umoja.

painting. illustration. creative writing. Born and partly raised in California but having spent most of his adult life in the South. Artists that influence him include: Dondi White, Sam Kieth, Max Beckmann and Hans Hoffman. His work is influenced by graffiti, modern European and American art, comic books and manga.  Cedric Umoja’s style began to congeal when he studied under Tony Cacalano, a veteran fine artist whose own teachers included Jack Tworkov one of the founders of the New York School. Cedric Umoja creates visual dialogue with his audience, using various mediums, methods, and tools. His goal is to bring together past, present, and future means of communicating in a holistic manner to create a familiar yet modern way of altering the thinking of the status quo!

The Freshniz: Live Magazine photos by : Michael Dantzler

About DJ B AKA B Sam. dj. producer. music.

I bring a diverse element to Izms music, audio and video productions, and extensive electronic knowledge. I have been certified in Audio Engineering with the Midland’s Audio Institute which gives me essential knowledge in live sound, audio and video production, and also professional recording. This certification is very beneficial to the group because it elimates any budget cost dealing with outside sources dealing with any of these areas. I am also a mobile professional disc jockey with an elite sound system that allows me to add musical entertainment at any venue.

Indie Grits Opening Party 2012

About Jarrett “UN” Jenkins. painting. illustration. creative writing. tattooing. mc.

Jarrett “Un” Jenkins is an multifaceted artist. The Columbia, SC native is a barber and tattoo artist and founding member of the SC hiphop staple the Shaaw Brothers. Jarrett draws inspiration from life experiences, personal beliefs, andvarious aspects of sub and countercultures. From his inspirations, Jarrett is expressive thru a wide array of mediums ranging from paper, canvas and cardboard to skin and hair.

Post Graffiti Show Columbia Museum of Art

About Dalvin “Mustafa”.

graphix. photograhy. video. web. creative writing. drawing. Born and raised in Columbia, SC, Dalvin “Mustafa” Spann has been exploring the world of art from an early age. Dalvin’s initial medium of choice was the pencil but he began to dabble in computer animation at the age of nine. Throughout these early years, Dalvin was recognized for his artistic abilities, being nominated to attend the Governor’s School for the Arts and graduating high school with honors in art. He went on to study at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) graduating with a B.A. in Graphic Design. Dalvin has worked on both local and national design projects and campaigns. Amongst his creative influences are Paul Rand, Gwendolyn Brooks, Alphonse Mucha, El Lissitzky, Herb Lubalin, Georg Olden, Charles White and Tom Feelings.

Levine Museum of the New South 20th Anniversary

About Uncle VIC.

painting. illustration. graphix. mc. Born and partly raised in Brooklyn, NY. Attended: Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts Attended: Savannah College of Art and Design

About Carl Jones.

About [ta.HI.rah].

Born in Texas and raised around the world, he ended up in South Carolina some time in 1991. He has always had a passion for creative writing, poems, and stories even dabbling with Hip Hop.

Tahirah Spann is the creative administrator for Izms of Art. A product of Cali roots and a S.Carolina upbringing, Tahirah maintains a deep appreciation for a good meal, a fly pair of kicks, and a sunny afternoon of vermi-composting. She earned a degree in Studio Art & Art History, and is deeply fascinated by the blurry line between an art form and a craft. Her creative inspirations range from Max Beckmann to Kara Walker, Octavia Butler to Rumi. Tahirah firmly believes that by serving others you serve yourself and finds motivation in one of her favorite truths - “do or do not … there is no try.”

admin. creative writing.

Comics, science fiction, film, and history have greatly influenced his writing style! Stay tuned as his work will be presented soon!


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