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The Unlimited Brand Book

The Evolution of the Brand

The new Stelfox brand looks towards the future of our company. Our vision is to become a global leader in our field, helping candidates and companies release their Unlimited Potential. Our new brand reflects this vision and has been crafted to symbolise our global reach. Our symbol, the globe is made up of smaller spheres, representing candidates and our sphere of influence in our industry. The enlarged spheres represent the recruitment process: picking the best and brightest candidates for our clients, from a global pool of talent.

Our font has been crafted to create a unique feel for our brand. Each letter has been created to interact with the characters surrounding it, embodying the support and tailored approach of Stelfox for our clients and candidates. Raleway is our primary font used on all print and web. Our colours represent the rich legacy Stelfox has built up over 16 years of servicing our Irish and international clients.

The Brands within the Stelfox group are as follows

The Brands within the Group

The Stelfox Brand We have created a physcial and human environment that underpins the unlimited potential brand

Unlimited Potential


Brand Basics

Quality Behaviours

‘‘Hello Stelfox’’ Stelfox Live Tracker

Dressed to impress

Sales KPI Success Report

Uniform Email Signature

Best in-class L&D Programmes email addresses

Best in-class Recruitment Process (SOPs)

Uniform Linkedin profile information on Stelfox

Stelfox Collaboration Model

Business cards and folders at every meeting Stelfox branded PowerPoint template for all presentations Stelfox Creds Deck for new business pitches

Positive Mental Attitude (Ambitious, Energetic, Focused) Exceptional client engagement and account management Relationship building ethos Collaboration Peer-led Ownership and Accountability

Stelfox’s Brand Strategy

Our Purpose To catalyse, engage and present the best talent, to support clients in their quest to build, sell and support world class products and services.

Our Mission We are the trusted partner for companies looking for creative solutions, that address their strategy and talent needs.

Our Vision To be the driving force in transforming the recruitment industry, offering a complete global talent solution.

Social Responsibility Stelfox Values 1




Our raison d’etre is to tap into people’s ‘unlimited potential’. This informs our whole ethos: how we treat our staff, how we approach recruitment,and how we interact with the world outside. First and foremost, we do this by providing an excellent work environment, that facilitates the growth and ambitions of our employees, and challenges them to be the best they can be in their chosen area. This commitment to health and wellbeing initiatives company wide, in turn allows us to provide a conscientious service to our clients. As well as a strong internal CSR ethos, Stelfox is very proud to have close relationships with our two chosen charity partners.

PURPOSE We are determined and driven to source the best global talent for the most progressive companies. IMPACT Having a meaningful, measurable and positive impact on our customer’s business and our candidate’s lives. AGILE We are flexible and innovative about changing recruitment, consulting and executive search for a new future. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Committed to giving back and supporting education initiatives for a better world.

Soar is a battle-cry against that part of us that says “it will never happen”, that our dream will never come true.Soar create and deliver early-intervention, preventative wellness programs for young people, where they are given the opportunity to be themselves, to build self-confidence, self-belief and emotional awareness. Stelfox and Soar Stelfox has been with Soar since the beginning. As the founding sponsor, we have had the pleasure of seeing Soar flourish and grow, since they were established in 2012. As well as an annual donation, Stelfox staff are actively involved in Soar events, such as the very successful White Collar Boxing.

Indreni is an international organization, that provides support to some of the most vulnerable children in Nepal. Since being founded in 2007,Indreni has built two schools and a children’s home, where children have access to a quality education, healthcare, and a loving home where they can develop, grow and be encouraged to reach their highest potential. Since the earthquakes in April and May 2015, an already poor situation was exacerbated further, making the work Indreni do, even more vital. Stelfox and Indreni Stelfox Executive Chairman Keith Molony, met Indreni founder Ram Hari Khadka whilst in Nepal, and ever since has been heavily involved with Indreni at a strategic level. Stelfox has indefinitely committed a percentage of our annual profits to Indreni, to support the fantastic work they are doing. In addition, Stelfox employees have been heavily involved in fundraising efforts.

Why choose Stelfox?

A PROVEN TRACK RECORD Delivering innovative talent solutions to timescale, without compromising quality. STRONG MUTUAL RELATIONSHIPS Built on trust, partnership and enjoyment in getting the job done. UNDERSTANDING AND ADVICE Keenly listening, analysing and offering strategic advice, based on extensive market knowledge.

Stelfox’s Brand Promise Stelfox always delivers innovative talent solutions

Stelfox’s Services


• Permanent Hires • Contract Hires (Daily Rate, Fixed Term and Consultancy) • Interim Hires • Consultants


• HR Advisory & Consulting • Psychometric Testing • Technical Assessment • Language Assessment • Contracts of Employment • Employment handbooks



• Start-up, embed, growth &

• Emerging employment trends

continuity services

• Knowledge Insights • Salary surveys

Applicant Tracking Systems) • Project Resource Planning • Market mapping • RAAS (Resourcing as a service) • Talent forecasting • Dedicated hiring days/campaigns • Onboarding services • Interview Suites

Unparalleled trust and insight into our customer’s business and the global talent communities, which allows us to provide

• Full (or partial) recruitment cycle (incl. • Client KPI tracking

Stelfox’s Unique Offering?


strategic advice and place expert talent,

• Leadership search

allowing our clients

• Interim (Managers and Leaders) • Leadership Assessment • HR Advisory and Consulting

to flourish.

How Stelfox works

Client Journey • • • • •

Sharing insights and research Structured Needs Analysis Project Frameworks/Trackers Managing and Minding Advisory services

Candidate Journey Research • • • •

Market Insights Market Research Market Mapping Web-Crawling



• Communities of Interest • 5 Fits – (education/language /tech skills/commercial/ culture) • Strategic Search • Boots on the ground 24/7

• Client Brand/Story • Client Profiling • Interview Lifecycle Management • KPI tracking

Culture/Values Alignment • • • •

Purpose Impact Agile Social Responsibility




How should I feel as a client of Stelfox?

How should I feel as a candidate of Stelfox?

• Energised

• Appreciated

• Inspired

• Appreciated

• Valued

• Confident

• Prepared

• Confident

• Respected

• Supported

• Encouraged

• Supported

“I can personally recommend Stelfox, for the quality, attentiveness, their professionalism and their understanding of ‘technology recruiting’. They really understand the market, the people available and the needs of an organisation. Stelfox do a superb job creating a win-win recruitment fulfillment.” Technology Leader Dun and Bradstreet “It is a pleasure to do business with Stelfox. They provide exceptional customer service, candid feedback on candidates and timely follow up. They also provide best practice advice and insight into the Dublin market as well as across the EU. Overall, my experience with Stelfox has been professional and transparent - often going above and beyond to ensure the success of our company (i.e. introductions to key people in Romania when we were doing a recon trip there). Specifically, I have enjoyed working with Eugene Gibbons simply because he does what he says he is going to do when he says he is going to do it and has has a solid understanding of our niche business. I have already recommended Stelfox to local colleagues in the Vancouver market looking to expand into Dublin. I will not hesitate to do so again.” Natalie Murray, Technical Recruiter DemonWare

“I have worked with Stelfox to find a suitable job for me in Dublin. They were very helpful and motivating. They always prepared me for every stage of interview and always kept me in the loop. It is a pleasure for me to recommend Stelfox.” Software Development Engineer Amazon “Stelfox quickly recognised my set of skills, Stelfox presented me with lots of career opportunities among which one is now my new permanent role and a career shift as well. The team put a lot of (personal) effort in helping me relocate and make this transition as smooth as possible. I would definitely recommend Stelfox to all my friends should any of them decide to follow my footsteps to Ireland.” Senior Operational Excellence Engineer Smartbox Experience Ltd

“Stelfox guided me through the whole interview process and thanks to their useful advice and valuable support the outcome was a success. I was also very impressed by the way they prepared candidates for final on-site interview. After a successful offer, when my relocation to Ireland with my wife and baby seemed like a really challenging and difficult task, the information on taxes, accommodation and Dublin in general which Stelfox gave me, was so detailed and precise that I had the feeling I had already lived there for years. I would wholeheartedly recommend Stelfox to anyone who is looking for a job. Not only the whole procedure was surprisingly easy and understandable, but their willingness to help, understand and answer any of my questions gave me the feeling that I always had someone who looks after my best interest by my side.” Marko Stankovic Amazon

Brand Rules & Implementation

Visual Language Elements The 6 graphical elements to the right have been taken from the pattern of our symbol. These have been created to give a variety of options for use across our collateral. The graphical elements can be rotated, enlarged, shrunk and used on any colour or to house imagery, but must always keep the shape and proportions provided. If enlarged the largest circle can act as a housing device for text.

These graphical elements should be used sparingly. Where possible only one per page or design.

Stelfox Unlimited Brand Collection Implementation - Your unlimited brand tools

Dear Henry,


Very nice to meet you recently at our offices. We are very pleaseed you have decided to use Stelfox as your prefered recruiter. Simagnis dolo te de non cor sim del et es volorendus ea denet adit int fugitincimo ipitiis maioren essinvenis eos sequae ea erereperem conet omnimped molupti volor aliam, officientis ut ium dellabo reperio consecerupta quate nonsecum la quas esciaturecus saperchic tem aut fugia volupis ullendent, ut eatibus que re de pera commodi coribus doluptatia sequam, tem dolesti qui il moditatem laborenis re, sanda ipsum es exerumque eseritas exero velentis debisciatia quiatio nsectot aepero eni bernam, tem nonsed eturendipsum velentio. Suntus, que ea sitaepe cor as aut ad que pressunt que dolupicit exerecabore lacepelit, corro quam exera nos conseni sinihiliqui ate vellorest lab ipicaer epudia con reremporeste volupta tusam, qui odiciam rem quas mo imoluptium excepere con re in nat voles ratempo recullant volupid magnam, sum, non reptatur aliquid min con pelente mperit laut fugit iur? Ugit ea sa voloria erepere proresc itatquid min restia dollectet enda sequaep ratur? Boribus, sus, as sent volorec tempore rciusap ictorum sequia premqui cus, illes dolectibus pre veles ut quias dem doloria acias dolumque lacearuntem re dem nectore laceaquam idit, comniss enihit optatat emporent, con ratur, sit lanim de volorecatem ea none cusam et provita tendend ucimusae ommostrum re iuribus. Itatess editios evenda sequat lique omnitatisquo desciderum anditat uribero totaspellest fuga. Catur ante lacea nonsequibea invendi velliam, elit endestistrum rem quae molupta nempori ossenihilles doloratum explit. Kind regards Ann Smith

5th Floor, St Stephens Green House Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 Phone: +353 1 679 3182 | Fax: +353 1 679 3179

New Client and Candidate documents

Logo DONT’S Change the colour

Reccomended logo sizes Logo not in mono colour A3

Move the Symbol





A5 Squash the logo

Stretch the logo





Shrink the logo below 10mm (h)

10mm Exclusion Zone - ensure you place an exclusion zone of blank space around the logo, measured by the X taken from the Stelfox logo The primary logo lives on only calm space

Keep imagery as ‘calm space’, no text directly onto an image

Stelfox Owns The most innovative and complete recruiment and consultancy solution that delivers expert global technology talent for our clients.

Stelfox Owns The most innovative and complete recruiment and consultancy solution that delivers expert global technology talent for our clients.

Unlock your Unlimited Potential...

5th Floor, St Stephen’s Green House, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 Phone: +353 1 679 3182 | Fax: +353 1 679 3179 89 – 90 South Mall, Cork City Centre, Cork Phone: +353 21 427 3668

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