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Over this past year we have put out IZE Magazine themed with the seasons. After exhausting the fact that Brisbane weather barely changes regardless of the season, we have decided to take a new approach. This is why we have themed this issue Trash. It’s got everything from a tacky prom shoot to dishing out our guilty trash TV pleasures. The magazine is also bursting full of gifted Brisbane folk. Including underwear designers, young musicians and great photographers, there’s nothing short of everything Brisbane on display. Who knew this city was such a talented bunch? It’s summer holidays and its going to get hot. Spend lots of time in the pool, catching live gigs and basking in the sunlight of the Sunshine State. Enjoy summer and get trashed with IZE Magazine.

TEAM Nicole Pires (Editor) Madeline Hay (Art Director) Matt Meintjes (Film Editor)


DISCLAIMER Any views or opinions in this magazine are of the authors and not of IZE as a whole. We endeavour to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information, though we cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will occur.

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Trash, by Jacquiline Fraser IZE Loves... House of Cards Trend Report, by Alice Waterhouse Holly Ryan Jewellery The Stylish Image Trash Glam, by Sarah Fountain Nico Underwear Summer Recipe, by stylepot. Sticky Fingers 50 Things to Do Worst Fashion Trends All I Want For Christmas Time of Our Lives, by Kassidy Yang Art of Ellie Ingela Furustig Trash TV, by Thea Halpin Seven Psychopaths, by Matt Meintjes New Releases, by Matt Meintjes She’s a Riot, by Love Yaz My Kind of Garbage, by Lucia Stein Andrew Markwell Sprung Wafia Al-Rikabi New Beats Summer Playlist

It overflows, out of my mind and through my mouth. The build up there is like an unemptied bin. Pulsating and pulsating. And then you empty it. But once it’s emptied it’s not clean, you’re not clean, there’s more that comes and it comes from everywhere. It comes from people and it comes from you. From your insides and from your thoughts – it waves hello but never goodbye. And soon you ripple, you ripple, pulsating and pulsating. Ripples like the ocean – there’s something beneath. So easy to break the surface of your skin, your eyes, your mouth, your breath. The pulsating and pulsating Continues and continues – it cannot be contained. You cannot be contained. The trash is too full, too much, too much pulsating. Empty me. - Jacquiline Fraser

Illustration by Anto

IZE LOVES ZHOU The coolest Brisbane brand that IZE have discovered all year. With an inherently 90’s grunge feel, Zhou features plenty of psychedelic prints and spikes galore. Zhou is stocked online and in the Soot. Concept Store. ZHOUCOLLECTIVE

GUITAR PICK HOLE PUNCH Urban Outfitters is a constant source of shit we don’t need but can’t live without. This guitar pick hole punch on Urban Outfitters is the perfect example of something we didn’t even realise was imperative to our existence. It allows you to make a guitar pick out of any material strong enough including old gift cards and credit cards. Good for musicians on the go. BUY HERE

A VERY SHE & HIM CHRISTMAS This is for anyone whose Justin Bieber’s Christmas album made them want to tear their ears out (although Under the Mistletoe is a guilty pleasure of ours). She & Him, aka the band that babeasauras Zoey Deschannel is in. The Christmas album is filled with cute indie pop covers of Christmas classics. It’s way better than listening to that Mariah Carey Christmas song for the 100th time.

THE FABULOUS STAINS The Fabulous Stains is a blogging network run by musician Jessi Jae Joplin and is made up of the best grunge bloggers from around the world. Some of the awesome bloggers on board include IZE’s idol, Violetta Ell, Bebe Zeva and queen of Tumblr, Molly Soda. It’s the best thing to happen to the internet since Facebook killed MySpace.

VANILLA POD Tucked away in suburban Ascot on the north side, Vanilla Pod cake and deli café has the yummiest treats to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. For those with a sweet tooth, the caramel tarts melt in your mouth and the hot chocolate is the perfect accompaniment. But what they’re most famous for are their cupcakes. They come in all sorts of designs and flavours including the lusted over, red velvet.



Brisbane label House of Cards make clothes that make you go ahhh. They’re bright, loud and feature lots of kitschy designs. The designer/director of the label, Ashiya Omundsen talks to us about her summer collection, the upcoming winter collection and Britney Spears.

When did your career as a fashion designer begin? Design has been a strong interest for me for as long as I can remember. I’ve probably designed and created clothing on a personal level since I was a teenager. The ‘career’ part probably started when I began creating small collections while completing my studies in graphic design and photography at QCA.

What’s your favourite piece in your summer collection? The ‘Wipe Out’ playsuit.

How did you come up with the concept for House of Cards? Each collection embodies a concept and story of its own. These ideas are a reflection of a combination of my interests and obsessions at the time, as well as daily encounters and everyday life. The House of Cards ethos is about having fun with fashion, expressing yourself and dressing up.

Who is the ideal House of Cards wearer? A girl who doesn’t overthink and isn’t afraid of colour.

Can you describe what your upcoming Winter collection will be like? A peek into 70’s suburbia, ‘Lagoon Lovers’ combines dogtown stripes, exaggerated collars and flamingo motifs.

What’s one song that would sum up the brand? ‘I’m not a girl, not yet a woman’ by Britney Spears. But, ‘House of Cards’ comes from the Radiohead song.

TREND REPORT WORDS BY ALICE WATERHOUSE This summer we are travelling forward in time, drawing inspiration from the modernistic space-age. From metallic finishes and plastic accessories to digitalized prints, it all reflects a 60’s retro futuristic vision. Be bold this summer and experiment with hitech alternative fabrics and innovative digital prints.

HOLOGRAPHIC SHINE Hi-tech materials are on trend for this season, think Christmas ball-balls with high-shine coatings, foiled fabrics and holographic finishes. From metallic skirts and intricately sequined dresses to hologram accessories; iridescent fabrics have become a minimalistic statement. On her blog, Love Aesthetics, Ivonia Carpio shows how to make a stylish NASA inspired folded silver skirt using insulator foil.


PLASTICIZED Transparent plastic is another trend emerging this summer. To brighten up your outfit play with neon pops of coloured plastics. Or if you are into a more minimalistic approach, transparent PVC accessories will complement any look. Just about anything can be plasticized, from transparent heels and clutches to statement jackets.

A DIGITAL WORLD We live in a digital world, connected to each other by the internet. Digital prints are a prominent trend for this summer and designers are drawing inspiration from anything and everything. From Dion Lee’s psychedelic prints derived from thermal images of the human body to Karla Spectic’s swimwear collection featuring digitalized crystal prints.


Holly Ryan jewellery is truly something special. Each piece is lovingly hand made in Australia upon order and made personally for you. The new collection Lush Life Rose Gold features charming pieces with a hint of Rose Gold. It was a hard choice, but IZE chose our favourite pieces from the stunning collection.

Photography by Danni Ogilvie


MOON RING This beautiful rose gold moon ring is made of solid 9ct Rose Gold. The half moon is simple and understated yet still eyecatching. You’ll feel like you’ll have all of Sailor Moon’s powers when you wear this ring. The moon ring is one of those items of jewellery that you probably had never thought you needed, but is actually essential to your wardrobe. $255.00 AUD

BEADED BRACELET WITH CACTUS CHARM Described as outback arm candy, the beaded bracelet features garnet, rose quartz, carnelian and coral beads with a 9ct Rose Gold plated cactus charm. It’s like one of those plastic beaded bracelets you had as a child, except a lot shinier and made up of exquisite beads. The bright colours make it a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. $80.00 AUD

EVIL EYE & PEARL PENDANT The 9ct Rose Gold plated evil eye and pearl pendant sits upon a 55cm 9ct Rose Gold plated chain. The juxtaposition of the evil eye with the sweet pearl make the chain unique and quirky. Matched with plain clothes, it’s a standout piece that speaks for itself. $184.00 AUD

THE STYLI Jonathan Rae is the man behind the Brisbane-based blog, The Stylish Image. He takes to the streets of Brisbane and photographs ordinary people with a flair for style. His images are a beauty to look at and he makes taking street photos look easy. When was The Stylish Image born and when did you come up with the idea to start a street style blog? I started the project around May of this year, a lot of the first photos were of friends around uni and it just took off from there. I didn’t really come up with the idea of a street style blog, i’ve always been a fan of blogs like the Sartorialist, the Face Hunter and Tommy Ton, as well as work by August Sander and Fruits magazine before the digital era. I like the reality of capturing everyday people in their outfits.

Where are your favourite places to find stylish Brisbanites? Although most of my images are captured in the CBD, I would say my favourite places to find stylish people would be around markets and events, mostly in Fortitude Valley. The area around King George Square and the area opposite that where the buses leave for Paddington always seem to have more stylish people over any other part of the CBD, if i had to pick somewhere in the CBD.

ISH IMAGE What do you believe Brisbane has to offer in terms of style? We have a lot of talented designers and a lot of great independent stores. There is also a great community feel in Brisbane fashion scene probably because we’re so small. I don’t think there is a Brisbane look or style, so I don’t think we are too influential or have too much to offer in that respect. When scouting someone to shoot, what is likely to grab your attention? I like an outfit where all the pieces are consistent with each other, like they were meant to be together. I still believe in the old notion that shoes are a make or break part of an outfit. I really appreciate good

millinery too, although hard to come in modern times. I like to think the people I capture actually care what clothes they are wearing and appreciate good style too. What is next for The Stylish Image? I would like to break away from the typical typographic approach to my project which I find is too similar to the other blogs out there, even though its an aspect people like.


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RS ike WEA Y L orts b E p E S K A key op, L YSL t rash Mon T , pants ses, Trash ad re as g sun l y Cyber D bag, d e k Mon sed as han oes u h s Locks o Cavalli t r Robe ARS N WE u ‘I’m Y L I D Bea MA y and , Casual e n o H , ss rrings g’ dre Flirtin clip on ea ce, a er neckl Corn L S Y ge Vinta tulle from own ls Yellow ht, Mode g i l Spot shoes

MADILYN WEARS Purple dress made by stylist for IZE, Stylists own vintage top, Models own shoes

KEELY WEARS Honey an Mimi H d Beau bustie ammer r, S top, Ho ney an wimwear d Beau jeans, V in from Be tage earrings je UK, Vin welled Vintag tage Ka e re sequinn ed dres n Okada s used bussel, as or Spotlig ange tulle from ht and Models shoes own MADIL YN WE AR Honey and Be S au rom Honey pe and Be au dres r, Stylists s, own ne cklace, cuffs fro wrist m Vinn ies and Models own sh oes

ARS WE N s Y am an, DIL MA n Gard as turb ck o Ewa c used eadst m i D r ro f b n fa rica sleaves e Am Puff , top ies n as Vin ARS s fabric s E res LY W am KEE n Gard ope d ove, H L Ewa , Lucy rns in es l e cap Unico s bang l from Jewe DP

KEELY WEARS Vintage Collectors skirt and bodice, Lang gold belt and Ewan Gardams fabric used as shoulder piece



Photography by Madeline Hay Brisbane brand, Nico underwear have just launched their second collection “Bright”. IZE viewed the new collection at the Bright launch at the Box Gallery in the West End and caught up with the girl behind the project, Lis Harvey. As the title suggests, the collection is full of bursting colours. One of the colour combinations includes pairing a cool baby blue with a rich and yolky mustard. Other sets in the collection are a mixture of pale blue, yellow and pink which resembles sherbet. In fact, the whole collection is so visually appealing it looks good enough to eat! The underwear was suspended on hangers by balloons from the ceiling, which was

a spectacle in itself. The collection was carefully constructed and cohesive as a whole. Feeling the items, the fabric was soft and smooth. Nico underwear doesn’t just make good underwear, they are ethical about it too. The label is certified with Ethical Clothing Australia and has an emphasis on minimising the impact on the environment in the production of the garments. Nico underwear is soon to be stocked in the Soot Concept Store on James St alongside other standout Brisbane brands. Shop online at

SUMMER RECIPE! Ell from stylepot shares a scrumptious summer treat that is sure to keep you chilled out on hot days.

Summer is just the right time of year to enjoy some sweet treats and cold snacks for afternoon tea. On a hot day, a milkshake is always a good thirst-quenching option, but who can resist the simple happiness delivered in each drop of a melting ice-block? I know it’s a hard decision, which is why I am happy to introduce these double-vanilla milkshake ice-blocks. These wonderful little treats are so refreshingly delicious and they even freeze to resemble a real milkshake - frothy top and all! I added some strawberries for extra loveliness, so feel free to mix it up a bit.

WHAT YOU NEED 55g caster sugar 30ml water Scraped seeds of 2 vanilla beans 500ml milk 500g good-quality vanilla ice-cream 120g sliced or diced fruit (if desired) 12 ice-block moulds


Stir sugar and water in a small saucepan over medium-high heat until sugar dissolves. Bring to boil, remove from heat and stir in the vanilla seeds. Allow syrup to cool to room temperature. Process milk, ice-cream and vanilla syrup in a food processor until smooth. If you are adding fruit, share it between the twelve ice-block moulds now. Spoon milkshake mix into the moulds and freeze your ice-blocks overnight. Briefly dip moulds into hot water and pull out the ice blocks. Serve right away and enjoy!

Go to for more scrumptious, stylish home cooking

Photos by Kian Bourke-Steer

STICKY FINGERS Sticky Fingers are down to earth guys who hung out talking among us while we waited for their mysteriously absent lead singer, Dylan (Diz) to arrive. Turns out it wasn’t much of a mystery, he had just gotten wasted the night before and ended up on the Gold Coast. So when Diz finally rocked up (hungover as hell) he got out his acoustic guitar and played a few songs. The set was short but oh so sweet. Using the term “raw” is so overused in the context of music. But there’s no better word to sum up the feelings and goose bumps that Diz’s performance induced. I waited around after the performance and the band were nice enough to give me an interview.


It’s not often that you get the chance to see an intimate acoustic set by a band these days. When I heard that Sticky Fingers were playing at the vintage clothing store It’s Vintage Darling at Annerley, I jumped at the chance to see them. I did feel slightly fangirlish coming to the acoustic gig. It was obvious that all the girls there were pretty loyal fans who were shy of the 18+ age limit to go to their Brisbane show the night before. Sadly I was another one of those underagers, just two weeks before my 18th birthday. So I felt pretty awkward in this small shop waiting for Sticky Fingers to arrive when I realised that they were already in my midst.

Even though you guys have been around for a while, Caress Your Soul has really just hit it off on Triple J. What’s this kind of response been like? Hollywood: Great. It’s nice to get love from Triple J.

jammed like 20-30 songs but that was the one that sounded the best.

And being on the rotation a lot, have you realised more recognition lately? Paddy: We played that Rhiannon song people go ahhh!

Daz: We’ve got a crazy Mexican filming a lot more.

So what was your initial reaction when you got asked to do the Like a Version? Paddy: Well we actually just had a band meeting the week before we did it. And our band manager is also a teacher so he makes us do these really lame questionnaire things. I want you guys to write down five things your want to do in the next year. We all wrote Like a Version and then next week we just got it. How did you choose a song to cover when you chose Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac? Beaker: Dylan put it out and we were like that’s the one. And that was it. Hollywood: It was a long process. Paddy: Yeah it was pretty stressful to be honest, because we had like four days to put it together. We

How does this tour differ from your Mega Hectic Mons Tour in 2011? All: Laugh

Paddy: We’ve only done two shows so far but more people, definitely more people. Hollywood: We’re older and wiser. Daz: I don’t think we are, we’re just older. Paddy: It’s too early to tell. Has anything really memorable happened yet on this tour? Beaker: Well we’re always wasted so we don’t remember shit. Paddy: Well Crabs is doing really well in the ladies department, he’s really picked up his game. I think it’s his new shirt. And you guys even played in New Caledonia last year on your first overseas tour. What was that like? Paddy: Tropical. Daz: New Caledonia!

Did you speak French? Hollywood: No but we tried really hard. Did a lot of people come to that gig? Paddy: We played about four or five gigs. Hollywood: They were actually really cool, we had some really fun times. Paddy: And free breakfast every morning. What’s next for Sticky Fingers? Paddy: The album in March, and the title track is Caress Your Soul. It’s going to be somewhere between ten and twelve tracks of a similar flavour. So are you shifting away from the acoustic songs? Hollywood: The acoustic songs were on the arts end of we did an acoustic tour. Paddy: Donavon Frankenreiter Hollywood: So we were like these songs sound pretty good why don’t we just do an acoustic EP. Paddy: It was a low-key release you know. Low key.

Photography by Lauren Michelle Pires


1. Get a job in retail and spend your days hating on customers

8. Cover your bedroom ceiling in posters.

2. Watch all of the IMDd Top 250 Movies

9. Take a trip to Underwater World and relive primary school memories.

3. Read Charlotte Brontë’s novel Jane Eyre, and after read Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys and compare. 4. Spend way too much time making a kick ass New Years Resolutions that you won’t stick to. 5. Spend an entire day locked in your room listening to the Sonic Youth discography. 6. Have a sick Australia Day party but call it the Triple J Hottest 100 Party instead (indie cred +1). 7. Spend each Thursday at Lambda or Cobra Kai or another bar that’s too indie to function.

13. Take lessons in something you’ve always wanted to learn: guitar, sewing or photography. 14. Save money and ferment your own homebrew beer.

10. Go get drunk in your primary school after hours (without getting caught).

15. Do a wardrobe clear out and sell your clothes at Suitcase Rummage.

11. Make an Ian Curtis shrine.

16. Eat McDonalds everyday and make a documentary about it (a highly original idea).

12. Get an RSA (online – because everyone knows it’s easier).

17. RIDE ON one of those lipton ice tea bikes around botanical gardens while sipping on arizona ice tea

18. Spread the message to anyone who will listen about why Bon Iver’s Skinny Love is way better than the Birdy cover.

26. Go on a trip back to school/ uni and get drunk on campus celebrating your not being there by being there. Ironic.

34. Get yourself a Cosmo and read Cosmocking and lol forever. ( au/search/label/cosmocking)

19. Cut a denim jacket into that vest you’ve lusted over and cover it in band patches and other cool shit.

27. Road trip somewhere far away, like Mooloolaba or Perth.

35. Re-watch all 10 seasons of Friends chronologically.

28. Listen to a new band every day and broaden your musical horizons.

36. Don’t shave all summer and feel primal like a caveman/woman.

20. Teach yourself a language online and take it to the clubs pretending you’re a foreign hottie. 21. Spend a night at a backpackers lodge in Brisbane having a lewse time. 22. Climb the Story Bridge (lol). 23. Master some mad skateboarding tricks, or learn how to turn and not just skate in a straight line. 24. Take a photo a day and upload it to a blog. Trés cool. 25. Learn to make macaroons and nom forever.

29. Go to Melbourne and complain about how shitty Brisbane is. 30. Decide to move to Melbourne and spend many days pondering why you’re still living here. 31. Have a goon night in a park with friends and feel young again. 32. Visit the Powerhouse and actually see a show rather than just taking pictures in front of the pretty walls. 33. Sleep outside your house in a tent to reconnect with nature.

37. Cover your walls in sticky notes containing cool things like Kurt Cobain quotes and song lyrics. 38. Watch the Twilight series movies without mocking them. 39. Change your Tumblr layout. 40. Read something of great literary importance like Homer’s The Odyssey. 41. Start a healthy lifestyle and join a gym. 42. Bedazzle something because sparkles are making a comeback. 43. Make a Facebook memes page for shits n gigs. 44. Sell your soul for a Big Day Out ticket (Bart Simpson style). 45. Find really alternative coffee places to meet up with friends at. Provides endless Instagram possibilities. 46. Fight the mainstream and delete your Instagram. 47. Get a tattoo or piercing without telling your mother and father. 48. Go to the beach, listen to music, tan and do whatever surfie people do. 49. Set up an online dating profile for your friends.

50. Discover the one thing that you’re good at and do it all summer. Photography by Justin Vague


This article is not written to cause offense to anyone about their poor fashion choices. But in a city as small as Brisbane, understand that trends can tend to become a tad overdone. This is my list of fashion choices that have been abused and overused and are verging on tacky.


Bindis started off as a quirky throwback to an old grungey trend where chicks like Gwen Stefani ruled them. This was a pre-blogging era where people wore bindis to look cool, not to gain followers. Bindis are most definitely a Tumblr trend and the people who wear them are the sort who call their blog “soft grunge” (grunge is just not soft). If

you’re not deterred yet, take a tip from bindi art specialist Jasmine Chanchani “If you are daring enough and have a body to show off, a bindi tattoo near the navel can be a very hot style statement. Wear a simple, short top with your skirt or denim, make the belly button bindi design the focal point and watch ’em gape.” So many lols.


The last time I checked, 90’s clothes à la Clarissa Explains It All (think young Melissa Joan Hart in geeky clothes) were terribly out of fashion. However, it seems that 90’s is creeping back into our closets in a big way. Tie dye t-shirts, dungarees and hair scrunchies are apparently all the rage. In small doses I think

this whole throwback to the 90’s works. However, it’s when you’re all decked out in the apparel when you’ve got to stop back and remind yourself that you are living in this millennium.


Galaxy leggings were kind of cool around about two years ago when they were hard to get and only sold by Black Milk. Now it seems that every cheap store in Chermside, Carindale and the city have ripped them off and ordered bulk copies from China. Every time I see someone in a pair of galaxy leggings I die a little bit inside. But the real lesson here is the fact that leggings can never ever be counted as pants. Ever.

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS In case you’re lacking ideas for what to get your loved ones, IZE has come up with a list of gifts that will be sure to satisfy.

FOR MUM Dinosaur Designs rock some pretty stylish homewares that would make your mum the envy of all her friends. Each piece is made of resin and comes in super groovy colours including mustard, a stunning red and a cool mint green. Depending on your price range, you can get a super cute milk jug or splurge a bit more on a large salad bowl and servers.

FOR DAD Adrenaline have gifts to suit all types of dads. Each gift outlines the intensity level on a scale of 1 – 5, so you can keep or put your dad out of his comfort zone. So whether it’s skydiving, bungee jumping, a Harley Davidson tour around the city or a V8 car driving experience, there’s something to make their hearts race.

FOR HIM There’s one thing that all boys need and that’s a serious room re-vamp. This Christmas buy that favourite dude in your life a Banksy wall sticker to replace the posters that should have come down many years ago. They not only look super badass but you’ll have a piece of the world’s best anonymous street artist on your wall.

FOR A LITTLE ONE Be the coolest older brother/sister/cousin this year by getting the little one in your family a kid’s skateboards. Toy ‘R’ Us have awesome skateboards for the really little ones like the Madd Gear Krunk Retro 81 skateboard and a Dora 43cm skateboard. There are also great starter boards for the 12-14 year old age range by Karnage. Go on, be that cool older sibling.

FOR HER It’s safe to say that most girls love make-up. Even if they’re not big into it, the Topshop make-up range has something to suit everyone’s tastes. Their make-up is renowned for being extremely high quality but at a price that won’t leave you broke. Topshop’s lipsticks in particular are of excellent quality, coming in punchy colours to your more subtle nudes.



Dress, Stylist’s Own

Dress, Stylist’s Own

PHOTOGRAPHY Kassidy Yang MODELS Whitney & Jazzie @ Mirror Mirror Agencies MUA/HAIR Rachel Rutten Make-Up Artist Dresses provided by Ra Ra Superstar

ART OF ELLIE How long has art been a passion for you? Art has always been something that I loved doing, and something that I always felt ownership of. I studied visual art, then design after high school, and afterwards I felt strangly detached from it, like I didn’t have that same connection with it I once had. Which was a really disheartening time, because before that I always knew I wanted to be an artist. I decided to do some travelling and in my 2 years away I was so inspired by my experiences, I was able to take the time to carefully reflect and figure out what was important to me. I was thankfully able to reinvigorate my love for art, and when I returned home I enrolled in a Fine Art Degree, and have pursued it passionately ever since. I think this reflection period was key to the motivation I exhibit in my practice today. Do you have a particular emotion or concept in mind when creating a piece? All my work is created with a particular style. My studio practice uses drawing and printmaking to explore patterning and the natural environment. My works fuse patterns with flora & fauna to make ornamental designs, and I resource ideas and imagery from a cross section of cultural influences. My last body of work was inspired from my time living and travelling in North America, where I used iconography from native American culture and north American animals. The body of work on

which I’m currently working is focused more on the engagement with my own natural surroundings, and how the culture that I’m a part of relates to it.

smell the rose’ so to speak. Travel sparks an arousal in our repetitious lives, and I always return home from travel long or short, feeling re-inspired.

You use a variety of mediums to express your art, what draws you to exploring beyond traditional formats? Predominantly I use ink to create my drawings, then I use silkscreen methods for the realisation of the work. I sometimes incorporate watercolour as well. My silkscreening is all done manually using no digital technology. I enjoy the manual process; it’s a way to keep the ‘hands on’ methodology in my practice.

What are your plans for Art of Ellie in the future? I’m currently co-directing a space in West End called The Box. The concept for The Box is an accessible, versatile space with potential for visual art, musical and cultural performances, rehearsal space and anything else that comes organically from these activities. We developed the concept for The Box with the goal of forming a creative hub, a support net where individuals from all walks of creative life can share, encourage, and grow together. As well as using the space to progress my artistic skills and exhibit my own work, through my role as Visual Arts Coordinator I hope to fully utilized every opportunity to interact with and help develop the wider community. I want to continue to organise, manage and facilitate exhibitions, while still creating my own work!

Who or what do you draw inspiration from? I draw inspiration from an array of different sources. I often look to illustrators and visual artists who work in a similar vein, who’s works I try to bounce off. But travel I have to say is the most inspiring for me. We tend to get comfortable in our daily lives and forget to ‘stop and


HELLO MY NAME IS Ingela Furustig AND I AM an eighteen year old fashion photographer. AT THE MOMENT I’M dreaming of magic and all the beauty it brings to my life. I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT my lovely little love, all things glittery, colours, tulle, late nights and sleeping in every morning. MY GUILTY PLEASURE is watching way too many cartoons!!! THE BEST THING ABOUT WHAT I DO is I get to create


places you’ve never seen and express my overly girly self, AND THE WORST PART IS how the majority of people in this industry talk to each other so formally... I prefer organising a shoot with people as if I were talking to my best friends. IN MY FREE TIME I create props and sets for all my wonderful shoots. PHOTOGRAPHY IS my love, my passion and all of my dreams.

WORDS BY THEA HALPIN I have a confession. A dirty secret of sorts. Not the type of dirty little secret that would ruin my career if I decided to run for parliament or anything (I’m pretty boring). However a dirty secret nonetheless; that I have only recently had the confidence to come out of the closet with. I love trash TV. Like love it. Ninety percent of my time

at home is spent watching trashy TV shows. Sometimes I pretend to go into my room to study and watch four episodes of Animal Hoarders. I have seen so much Geordie Shore I have actually perfected a Newcastle accent. As I write this I am watching a Dr Phil special on called The Secret World of Amateur Adult Video. I am a woman possessed. I am also single, yes, thanks for asking. If I was on It’s Academic and they shone the spotlight on

me to answer a question from my specialty topic, that question would probably be something like, “what are the ingredients of Honey Boo Boo’s go-go juice?” To which I would of course answer “RedBull and Mountain Dew!” To you my dear friends, I share the best of the best, the crème della crème, the most fucked up of the fucked up.

any more so we will have to settle for just watching replays of Glynis having a baby in her pants over and over again. If you are looking for just a taste I strongly suggest searching “I didn’t know I was pregnant- Baby in the bowl” to watch someone not know she has had a baby until she stands up and realises she is still connected to something IN

THE TOILET. Warning: you may become paranoid that you will just randomly start giving birth.

I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS PREGNANT The title pretty much says it all but let me elaborate: half an hour of women thinking they are having an intense bowel movement and then THEY GIVE BIRTH! They think they ate something bad and then A BABY COMES OUT! What genius came up with this? Full episodes can be found on YouTube and unfortunately they aren’t making

What you’ll be saying: “THE BABY IS IN THE TOILET!”


DANCE MOMS What you’ll be saying: “I don’t understand how she can be fat AND a good dance teacher?”

If you have ever watched and enjoyed Toddlers and Tiaras your mind is about to be blown. Dance Moms is literally Toddlers and Tiaras on steroids. I don’t know why we are all so addicted to watching the exploitation of young helpless children but I for one can watch it all day long! The show basically centers on the Abby Lee Dance Company, its immense (fat) leader Abby Lee, a group of pushy stage mums, and the children they exploit and emotionally abuse. Apart from

getting your head around the mind boggling fact that a woman as large as Abby was able to teach people ballet, let alone any of the acrobatic moves these eight-yearolds do, you will also be shocked at just how emotionally unstable a grown woman can become over a tutu. Side note: my friend recently discovered that Abby Lee is literally the Anglo-Saxon/dance teacher/ non-cartoon version of the evil matchmaker in Mulan. They could be sisters.


neither, but for some reason Britain seems to be filled with people in this exact situation. Probably not for those with a weak stomach as you will see a lot of operations mainly along the lines of boob reductions, penis straightening and removing mangy toenails. No joke, there was this girl whose toe was infected so she started showering with a sock on so she didn’t have to look at it. Ahh the human body… what a disgusting place.

A classic of the genre, Embarrassing Bodies is pretty much an hour of people’s deformed genitals and body odor problems aired on international television. Greatest. Idea. Ever. Have you ever had a body issue so embarrassing it affects your self esteem to such a point that your relationships and work life begin to suffer? Have you ever felt that your only option is to go on television, take your pants off, and flash the nation? Me

What you’ll be saying: “Holy shit, what is growing on that penis?!?!?”

SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS As far as misleading titles go I could forgive you for thinking Seven Psychopaths is some kind of slasher-horror film. At least that’s what every one immediately thinks of when I mention the film, but they’re sorely mistaken.

WORDS BY MATT MEINTJES Seven Psychopaths is a film unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Colin Farrell plays Marty, an Irish writer, struggling to make it in the glitz and glam of Los Angeles. His current (and seemingly only) project is coincidentally named Seven Psychopaths. Good friend and unemployed actor Billy (Sam Rockwell) offers to help Marty write the screen play, seeking examples of psychopaths for which Marty can use as characters. While lacking an acting career, Billy runs an entrepreneurial business with partner Hans (Christopher Walken) – kidnapping dogs and then

returning them for their reward. All goes to pieces however when Billy kidnaps an innocent Shih Tzu belonging to Charlie (Woody Harrelson), a crazed gangster intent on killing anybody and everybody to get his beloved puppy back. What follows is a story with plenty of twists and turns filled with dark humour and violence, laced with Hollywood irony. Contrasting character styles are a big feature of this film and are the cause of a lot of its entertainment value. Marty, while billed as the central character to Seven

Psychopaths, almost takes a back seat to others because he’s really a bystander to everything going on. With his inherent alcoholism and inability to actually write anything until Billy steps in, Marty would be a disliked or weak character in other films. However surrounded by the cast of Seven Psychopaths he is seen as grounded and really the only sane main character. Billy is easily excitable and immature, in contrast to the somewhat pensive personality of the pacifist Hans. It adds comedic value in the way the two seem to easily interact to the wonder of the audience for as to

FILM how they can stand to be around each other. The psychotic nature of Charlie in his bid to find his shih tzu brings forth further humour and in a sense a lot of laughter is drawn from how the whole predicament of the main characters is so ridiculous.

of Seven Psychopaths, it generally defies most forms of normality. Violence is stylised with sometimescomical gunshot deaths adding to the darker humour of the film without letting its audience feel somewhat sick-in-the-stomach.

While your impression of this film so far may feel somewhat onedimensional, Seven Psychopaths is a clever film. It’s an interesting way to tell a story, with the events of the actual film (the one we see) affecting the events of Marty’s film as he writes. Then by the end it all comes together as it becomes evident that the film we’re watching is somehow the same film Marty has written… It’s complicated to explain but it becomes clear in the final scene. It’s even stranger to see the first flash of the credits at the end reveal the director and writer, Martin McDonagh. Suddenly we relate him to Marty, the writer within in the film, further adding to this sense of connectivity. It wouldn’t have surprised me if he’d dared to flash, “Based on a true story” at the end of it; in fact I probably would have laughed. Such is the nature

It is by no means a perfect movie. There are some plot points that are left open ended or forgotten about amongst the primary storyline and several other sub-plots. At times it can get a tad confusing if you’re not keeping track of everything. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as the film churns out certain plot twists that bring together several of these storylines, making for great audience reaction. The ending is left to be somewhat ambiguous in a way that is frustrating but also leaves you laughing about the way it’s done. Overall, if you’re looking for a surprise film and you don’t mind a bit of violence accompanied by some darker humour, Seven Psychopaths is most definitely worth seeing.





’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen much advertising for this film as of yet, hopefully I’ve just been looking in the wrong places. Directed by Tom Hooper (Oscar Winner for The Kings Speech), starring Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried and based off a critically acclaimed novel and successful musical… As far as set



o doubt Pitch Perfect will draw copious amounts of female viewers to its screenings. Mix High School Musical and the TV series Glee, pitch boys against girls, swap the feel-good songs for modern ballads, add a hint of sassiness and you’ve generally got the idea. Australia’s own Rebel Wilson makes an appearance, which should hopefully make for some laughable scenes.

ups go they don’t get much bigger than this. It’s musical film set in a nineteenth century France that explores the life of a petty criminal (Jackman) in his attempts to flee a police inspector (Crowe). With both Jackman and Hathaway boasting experience on stage in musicals, Les Miserables may just live up to its large production billing.




ife of Pi isn’t an action film; it’s not a RomCom nor a thriller or horror flick. It’s not filled with big name actors. You probably haven’t even heard of it. But I urge you to go see this movie if you appreciate great storytelling and amazing visuals. Based off a bestselling novel it follows a young Indian boy who is



oes this even need to be explained? Academy award winning director Peter Jackson, known of course for his work with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, returns to direct the prequel to the fantasy franchise. It follows the adventures of Bilbo Baggins and explains how he came to be in possession of the “One Ring” by the start of The Fellowship of the Ring. No doubt it will see much commercial and critical success if it follows the path of its predecessors.

shipwrecked after his parent’s boat is destroyed in a storm, carrying on board the animals of their family zoo. Stuck on board a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger, the boy explores themes of faith as he undertakes his own adventure.



yan Gosling and Emma Stone revive some chemistry from their roles in Crazy Stupid Love but don’t be mistaken; this is a completely different movie. 1940s and 50s Los Angeles was an untouched place, just waiting for the entrance of the gangsters that ruled the underworld of the East

coast of America. A team of the LAPD is put undercover with no badges and given a license to do whatever it takes to drive out crime lord Mickey Cohen from the city. This film just looks badass; a crimeaction flick with the true feel of its setting.

Directed by RICH MOORE Starring JOHN C. REILLY, JACK MCBRAYER, JANE LYNCH Release Date 26 DEC 2012



t wouldn’t be a holiday movie preview without at least one animated film. Wreck-It Ralph follows video game villain Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly) who sets out to change his ways after becoming jealous of his rival FixIt Felix (Jack McBrayer). With references to plenty of popular video games, this film should be on the watch-list for anyone who grew up with a controller in their hands.


2/ 45 Gerler Road Hendra 3216 4334

$24.9 5 RRP




T Love Ya


ee Stoddart



d @ Viviens



WORDS BY LUCIA STEIN Garbage is among the many ‘trashy’ bands that characterized the 90s. After a sevenyear hiatus, the alternate-rock band is set to appear at Soundwave in February to promote their new album. Garbage has been on the scene for almost two decades, having first formed in Madison, Wisconsin. They found success early with their 1995 self-titled debut album. It was certified double platinum in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, producing hit singles Stupid Girl and Only Happy When It Rains. After this initial success, the band’s popularity continued to increase. The release of subsequent albums, “Version 2.0” (1998), “Beautiful Garbage” (2001) and “Bleed Like Me” (2004) along with a retrospective collection titled “Absolute Garbage” (2007) reinforced their standing as one of the world’s biggest rock bands. Garbage called it quits shortly after the release of their last album, “Bleed like Me”. It’s for this reason that fans were most certainly squealing with delight and eagerly anticipating tour dates after word got out that the band was back together. It also sparked the big question. After all these years, what made them come back? In an interview for the guardian, lead singer Shirley Manson admitted that the band had lost its way a bit toward the end. “We got sold like a commodity to a record label that did not give a flying fuck about our music or our career or us as people. And it was a nightmare” she admitted. The new album was all about recreating the “fun” atmosphere that inspired them to sing in the first place.

In avoiding the sins of the past, Garbage produced “Not Your Kind of People” through their own label, Stunvolume. This meant more freedom for the band and more of the Garbage that fans have come to know and love. Listening to their album, it’s clear that the revisited Garbage are about having fun and reveling in positive experiences. It’s certainly Garbage, but a kind of refreshed Garbage that speaks to fans like never before. The title, “Not Your Kind of People” certainly reinforces the band’s image as somewhat unconventional. They know who they are, they know they’re different and they not only don’t care but they embrace that difference. This is what makes Garbage, excuse the pun, a breath of fresh air. They’re unique and unapologetic, and so is their music. They may have been around a while but they certainly haven’t lost their attitude. New singles, Big Bright World and Blood for Poppies, are just another reminder of why this band has found so much success. It’s for this reason that I’m counting down the days until Soundwave arrives. Garbage has always been known for giving amazing rock shows and with great new songs from “Not Your Kind of People”, I’m expecting a concert to end all concerts. *The band was formed by its current four members, Scottish singer Shirley Manson (vocals, guitar), Duke Erikson (bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion), Steve Marker (guitar, keyboards) and Butch Vig (drums, percussion).

ANDREW MARKWELL INTERVIEW BY NICOLE PIRES For 17 years of age, Andrew Markwell is incredibly talented and speaks beyond his years. Not to mention he creates the sort of music that’s so beautiful, you can just get lost in it. After talking about the important stuff like Schoolies and how the school you went to will never become irrelevant, Andrew and I talked everything music. How long have you been making music as “Andrew Markwell”? About 5 years, I used to be in a band and that may or may not have been for me in a sense that I like doing my own thing and I’m vaguely control freakish. I only started focusing on Andrew Markwell in about June this year and have focused a lot of energy into it and am trying to pursue it in the real world. Which may or may not work. Where did the idea come from for your solo project? Ripping off everyone I’ve ever liked to listen to, I think. It’s just taking elements of everyone and trying to create something new, but perhaps not succeeding. Just trying to take in as many influences as I can and try to vomit something that’s completely original. And maybe succeeding. Because it’s just you behind the music, can you explain the music making process? Well I do everything, what I do is I bring a chord progression to myself and another part of me goes that’s good and then another part of me comes in works over that. It’s difficult to think because you have to think of every element of everything you do. Like if you’re writing a song you have to know how am I going to arrange this, how will I play drums to this, how will I play bass for this, how will I mix this. So you’re constantly trying to think and especially more recently is how will this thing work live? Can

I build up a bit where the audience may sing along? I’ve been watching clips of groups like Bon Iver who completely change everything they do live and end up with 500 different versions of the one song. You just realise that perhaps there’s more than just being a studio musician and maybe a live thing is something I need to work on. How many instruments can you play? More than is appropriate for a human being. I won’t say I sing because I don’t do it very well, but I taught myself guitar, bass, drums, pianos, harmonica (not very well), the sitar (the big Indian sitar). I played the sitar in one song, was going to release it as a single and sent it off to a bunch of blogs to see what the buzz was and I got back possibly the harshest review that any human being has ever received. The review went something like “I cannot believe that any human being could possibly listen to this. He sounds like he’s a bitter old baby boomer who never got off the magical mystery tour.” And I went perhaps I should leave the sitar art to other people. And then I play everything in the traditional rock band and I also play the fool. What program do you use to record? That’s an issue of some contention at the moment because I recently bought a Macintosh and I’ve had to learn the skills that I had on a PC to Macs. At the moment I’m using


Ableton Live and Garage Band (laughs). Before I was using Pro Tools and FL Studio. Well you know Grimes recorded her whole album on Garage Band. Yeah she’s fantastic, that shit gives me faith man. The only words I can find for your song Poltergeist is haunting, which is quite ironic since a poltergeist is a ghost and one of the lyrics is “keep haunting me”. Can you explain what the song is about? It’s got a lot of different layers. On one level it’s really really superficial and it is simply about a narrative that happened in my life. On another level it’s about death. On another level it’s about, what else is it about? Of course it’s about teenage relationships that no one ever really takes seriously and you don’t really yourself. I mean you think it’s all encompassing and you think everything you feel at the age of 17 is the be all and end all of what you’ll feel for the rest of your life. But you wake up 6 months later and go that meant nothing. So I guess it’s my kind of hope that things I feel and the person I am now will stay with me as I age. Your other songs on Triple J Unearthed, David & Goliath, was recently played on Triple J’s Home and Hosed show. What was it like when you found out about this? It was played on Home & Hosed. But what really hit me was Matt

McHugh, who was the lead singer of Beautiful Girls and now does stuff with The Seperatista Soundsystem, requested the song be played when he co-hosted Roots ‘n’ All. Which was pretty big for me to find that somebody who I, I won’t say worship, but somebody that I love would even know who I am. It’s fantastic. And did you listen to it yourself, or did someone tell you? No I didn’t and that’s the thing I always miss out when I’m played on radio. There’s an old Colin Lane comedy line that goes “My biggest regret in this life is that I can’t sit in the audience and watch myself perform.” And I think that’s how I feel especially about radio interviews and stuff. I wish I could listen to me, it’s vaguely egotistical but hey I think you’ve got to be. Do you have an EP/album in the works? February 9th EP will be released. At the moment it’s called “Debris and Decay”. I’ll be launching it at Bird Studios in the city. At the moment 7 tracks, I’ll have to cut it down. One of them is a partial fade into another song track so it’s all this weird soundscapey type stuff for half of it and the rest of it is just shitty pop tunes. I don’t know, we’ll see what happens. Who influences you musically? It changes, I go through obsessions with albums. At the moment I’m obsessed with “Bon Iver” by Bon Iver, just his ability to write and also lay out sounds. “Lonerism” by Tame Impala at the moment. Musically

on my song writing, Elliot Smith, Conor Oberst, Bob Dylan, Bon Iver, Nick Drake. I suppose just all these, perhaps you’d call them sad sad songwriters. So you’ve only just finished high school and you’ve got this great project behind you, what are you planning to do with your first year out? I’ve been accepted into QUT and the Conservatorium of Music for music things and I’ll probably choose QUT Bachelor of Music. It’s such a risk, all of my friends are doing law and engineering. These are such concrete paths you know you do the degree, you get an internship, you follow set plan. But this is so high risk that I’m very excited and yet incredibly terrified about what might happen in the next few years. We’ll see what happens. I finish the course when I’m 20 and I can go back and do my law or accountancy degree. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 year’s time? Doing exactly the same thing I’m doing right now but with more people listening I think. You have to ask yourself how you measure success. My measure of success is just to matter, I suppose. For information on Andrew’s upcoming gigs, visit his Facebook music page. andrewmarkwell andrewmarkwellmusic


Sprung is the biggest Aussie hip hop festival in all of Australia, and it happens right here in Brisbane. The second year of the festival this October brought some of the largest names in the Aussie hip hop scene including Hilltop Hoods, Pez, Illy, Seth Sentry and Spit Syndicate. IZE reviews the best acts on the day, which aren’t necessarily the biggest names but the ones who put on kick ass live performances.


It seems like everyone can’t get enough of Seth Sentry. After just releasing a sick debut album, Seth was the performer on everyone’s radar on Sprung. He set the tone for his performance coming out with a set of Star Wars characters in full costume including Darth Vader and Stormtroopers. He had water guns blazing which he used to soak the crowd through his whole

performance. Seth Sentry’s mantra that he doesn’t want to grow up was completely apparent in his Star Wards costumes and water gun antics. As for the music, it was one of the best performances on the day. He flowed seamlessly through songs going from Dear Science to My Scene. He also played his massive hits like Waitress Song, Room for Rent and Float On. The crowd couldn’t get enough of these songs and were shouting out lyric to the raps. However, the

highlight of the set wasn’t just his energetic performance and cheeky attitude. It was the little extras that set it apart from all the others on the day. Seth Sentry’s Dj at Sprung, DJ B.Two, is the Australian DMC champion. He performed a set during the performance and absolutely killed it with his mix. Seth also did a freestyle battle with other Aussie hip hop artist Grey Ghost. The battle was scarily impressive, showing off both of their insane rapping abilities.


THUNDAMENTALS 3-piece outfit Thundamentals, made up of DJ Morgs, MC Tuka and MC Jeswon, took to the stage with a roaring crowd. I was surprised to see that they weren’t accompanied by Star Wars character. Instead a trombone, saxophone and trumpet player joined them on stage. It became clearer and clearer through the performance that Thundamentals love making music and are damn good at it too. Their single How You Been featuring Jase Excell was a big hit with the crowd, especially since it’s popularity after being added to rotation on Triple J. Thundamentals also played their cover of Matt Corby’s Brother that they covered for Like a Version earlier this year. If their original recorded version of the song wasn’t haunting enough, they took it to new levels live. Thundamentals performance of Brother is arguably one of the highlights of Sprung. To finish their set off, they launched away from the former mellow tune into their big hit Paint the Town Red. They put so much energy and passion into this last song that it is easy to see why Thundamentals have such a loyal following.


Mr Hill and Rahjconkas won the Triple J unearthed competition to play at Sprung. They are arguably the best rappers to come out of Brisbane on the Aussie hip hop scene in a long time. Mr Hill also brought along young Dj (only 18 years old) DJ Da Rin, who played well beyond his years and obviously has a lot of talent. The set was what they promised Triple J it would be in an interview, “Crazy, high energy hip hop from young cats

with nothing to lose.” Their Jay-Z medley of songs was a hit with the crowd. But the song that went off was Mr Hill and Rahjconkas’ tune Put the Work In. It was obvious that the crowd loved this song, which isn’t surprising since the act has been getting lots of local support. Not to mention Put the Work In has been getting some sweet airplay on Triple J’s station and Unearthed. Mr Hill is one to watch.

SEVEN Seven walked on the stage barefoot, holding a bottle of Jacob’s Creek and standing next to his best friend, Mr Hill. Hailing from the Gold Coast, Seven has just recently become big on the scene. Seven is known for his awesome rap covers. At Sprung he covered Zoom by Last Dinosaurs and Animal by Miike Snow. He also did his well-known cover of Naïve by the Kooks, which Mr Hill features in. However, the standout song was Seven’s other song with Mr Hill, Good Thing. The single is punchy, catchy and their performance of it was incredible. Seven had the crowd captivated and following his every word. He even got them to shout out “Fuck Tom Tate”, who is the CEO of the family-owned Islander Resort Hotel in Surfers Paradise and recently elected Lord Mayor of the Gold Coast. Tate is planning to build a cruise ship terminal on the Gold Coast that is predicted to affect or destroy the waves on South Stradbroke Island. So it’s safe to say that Seven enjoys the beach and politics as well as making music.


CONTRIBUTE TO OUR NEXT ISSUE! IZE is looking for talented Brisbane youngsters to be featured in the next issue of IZE. Whether you take photos, make art, write stories, direct movies, design clothes or play in a band - we want you! So send your work and relevant details to for a chance to be featured! Submissions now open for our second summer issue.



On the cusp of releasing her debut EP, Wafia Al-Rikabi has already made a massive mark on the Brisbane music scene. Her success is attributed to her beautiful voice and talent for music.

When did your career as a musician begin? My music career only really started last year. It’s always been a dream but I didn’t really consider pursuing it till last year. Was it something you always wanted to do or did you consider other careers? Yes, I mean, I’ve always wanted to persue music professionally but I wasn’t sure how realistic it would be. After high school I never ever would have thought I’d be here right now so I went to university to study Biomedicine and planned to later go into Medicine and become a doctor or surgeon of sorts. I don’t regret it though, I love that I have the option to go back and finish med if I ever decide music isn’t right for me; although that’s very unlikely haha. Your single Alice is beautiful and haunting, can you explain what it is about? Thank you! The song was actually inspired by a painting called Untitled (With Veil) by Esao Andrews who has always been one of my inspirations. His painting consumed me for countless days to the point where I was obsessively showing to every person I know. By this point, most of the tracks on the EP were finalised but then I began writing Alice. Personally, the song has many darker meanings to me, but basically Alice is about a girl who has lost all hope but finds trust in a boy because he is somewhat relatable position to herself, although she’s left more of a victim of his actions and seemingly pure intentions. He takes advantage of her. Once I wrote it I realised I couldn’t not put it on the EP. How did you find the process of putting together your debut EP, “Wafia”? The process of making this EP was incredible. I got to work with some amazing people like Dan

Freeman and Zac Engledow who were the two best producers I could ask for. They understood exactly what this EP meant to me and where I wanted to go with it, and co-producing the EP is definitely something I would do again. Because I wanted to be part of every aspect of the EP and I had uni to juggle, it took us about 10 months in studio all up, which is much longer than most people would spend on a full length album. In short, it was one of the best experiences of my life. What instruments do you play and what would you like to learn? I play the guitar, piano, ukelele, drums and I can also play this instrument called a oud which is very similar to a lute (in that it has a slender neck and round shape) but it’s tuned and played in a format that is one sixth up from the western scale but if I could learn anything, I think it would be the harp because it’s so majestic and lulling. What emotions do you want your music to make people feel? Putting names to emotions I want to convey in people through my music is incredibly difficult but really, if it makes people feel calm then I’ll have done what I intended. Where would you life to see yourself in a year’s time? I would really love to be a part of a major music festival, or on tour, or having just released my second EP/first album. Because I’m really only just starting out, the possibilities are (hopefully) endless.




RELEASED NOV 2012 To not regard the words “Flume” and “hype” in the same sentence is a bit like disassociating Courtney Love from Kurt Cobain. This has been helped by the generous airtime Triple J has been devoting to this act. Flume, which is a project by Hayley Streten, has just released his debut self-titled album. And of course it lives up to expectations, it’s Flume for Christs sake! There are 15 juicy tracks on the record, including already released songs Holdin’ On and Sleepless ft. Jezzabell Doran. The rest of the album follows suit with songs that evolve and take you to new places. Flume has been played at every house party, formal after party, club night, which begs the question is it dancing music? Flume is the sort of music to be danced in a solipsistic way, aware of only the self getting lost in the music. Flume is the sort of music that takes you places, so it’s hard to imagine not dancing being lost in moment. There’s not one bad track on the album and not one that can’t be distinguished from another. When faced with the whole Flume phenomena, one has to step back and think about why he is so popular. The answer is that Flume doesn’t occupy any genre, he’s taken music to a new horizon.


RELEASED OCT 2012 Ball Park Music are at the top of their game. Last year saw them winning the Triple J Unearthed act of the year and performing a sell-out 30-date tour. Now their second feature album, “Museum” has been released, and it is bigger and better than the first. “Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs” was a stellar first album. It was full of great, catchy and big tunes It was full of big songs with a few softer ones in between. “Museum” has proved that Ball Park Music have really found their sound. They have moved towards producing more songs like Alligator and Birds Down Basements from their first album by slowing it right down. These songs include Coming Down, Cry With One Eye, Harbour of Lame Ducks and What’s on Your Mind. However, their slower songs are still full of gusto, crushing crescendos and beautiful harmonies. The album is cohesive and the songs bleed effortlessly into one another. They’ve really hit it out of the park with this album.


SAN CISCO - SAN CISCO RELEASED NOV 2012 San Cisco first came onto our radar a year ago with their overly catchy tune Awkward. The album is a mark of a more mature sound with songs that go beyond their indie pop veneer. It’s full of pretty synths that paint images that dance across your eyes as you’re listening. “San Cisco” is the perfect summer album, happy yet mellow at times and always pleasant.

CENTIPEDE HZ ANIMAL COLLECTIVE RELEASED SEP 2012 Who knew an experimental band could put out a good 9th studio album. Animal Collective have done it yet again producing an album with beautiful electronic soundscapes. This may be one of their best releases to date, with a more solid sound that they have produced before. Sometimes one can be tempted to question whether Animal Collective are completely brilliant or not. “Centipede Hz” proves that they really are something special. In a market full of completely different music, Animal Collective have stuck to the sound that defined them to begin with.

LONERISM - TAME IMPALA RELEASED OCT 2012 It was questionable whether Tame Impala would be able to produce a follow-up to their debut album “Innerspeaker”. Judging by the Triple J Album of the Year award they just won, “Lonerism” is every bit just as enchanting and captivating as their first. Standout tracks on the album include Apocalypse Dreams and Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, which are examples of the dreamy and nostalgic sound the album is made up of. Their single Elephant is somewhat of an anomaly, with a more distinctive beat than the rest of the songs on “Lonerism”. However, it demonstrates that the album has a cohesive sound whilst also having songs that don’t just sound the same as the others.

SUMMER PLAYLIST Summer playlists are the hardest thing to construct. In one way you want your summer music to be upbeat party songs, the sort with lyrics that demonstrate how much you love life. On the other hand, summer is a long period of holidays where you’re inclined to spend a lot of time alone chilling out. This playlist is an attempt to balance both of these aspects. You can remember a whole season just by the music that was the soundtrack to it. Make this summer a Greatest Hits. Hold On – Alabama Shakes Breezeblocks – Alt-J Mature Themes – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti I Just Started Hating Some People Today - Beck Bruises – Chairlift Sharp Shooter – Hungry Kids of Hungary I Love It – Icona Pop The House That Heaven Built – Japandriods Happy Alone – Kings of Leon Drones – Nantes Beach – San Cisco Feels Like We Only Go Backwards – Tame Impala Six Months in a Cast – The Trouble With Templeton Dreamin – Twerps Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark) – Unknown Mortal Orchestra King of the Beach – Wavves Stutter – Yuck



THANK S aimeestoddart.4 t ar d d o St ee Aim e Alice Waterhous ewmarkwell.tum dr an l el kw ar Andrew M Anto stardust eartofellie.tumbl Art of Ellie th useofcardsthelab ho n se d un Ashiya Om Bargin City nt e Badaboom fo Blambot for th Brew m er arket Burlington Sup .com Dafont dafont Danni Ogilvie Dominos t. stylepot.blo o ep yl st m o fr l El Google Holly Ryan ho elafurustig ut sh ig st ru Ingela Fu Ingrid Williams Jacquiline Fraser erger Jazzie F. Illenb lishimage.tumbl ty es th ae R Jonathan m Kassidy Yang ch ar kayrenelem t an ch ar M Kayrene Le Keely Thurecht er Kian Bourke-Ste urenmichellepire la s re Pi lle he Lauren Mic Matt Meintje Lis Har vey ni s n ei St Megan Joy Lucia Mirror Mirro r Agencies Madilyn Wolens Our Mummie s and Daddie s Ra Ra Supers tar Rachel Rutte n facebook .com/rachelr Sarah Founta uttenmua in grafiklab.vie Sprung Hip Hop Festival Sticky Fingers Tamblyn Mo dels Tamzen Holl and tamse nhollandfash Thea Halpin Tonsure Hair D esign tonsu Viviens Mod rehairdesign el Managem ent Wafia Al-Rik abi wafiaa l-rikabimusic. Whitney Sta com cey Yazzi William s loveyazp hoto.tumblr.c om Instagram: @izemagazine

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