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Izaskun Bilbao

Design Researcher & Service Designer +44 (0)7587390746 (UK) +34 662923446 (Spain) 1A Bellevue Place, E1 4UG, London (UK) Arazosas 5, 48340 Amorebieta-Etxano (Spain)

Born in Bilbao in 1985, I got a BA in Industrial Design Engineering by Mondragon Unibertsitatea (SPAIN) in 2007 and a MA in Product Service System Design by Politecnico di Milano (ITALY). Curious and creative , I trust in the value of small details, and this makes me an observative person, which I consider it is the first step to the understanding. With a strong social approach and an enthusiastic personality, I believe on the power of Service Design for social innovation and to change things for better.

ABOUT ME Design Researcher & Service Designer.

WORK EXPERIENCE 01 2011 / 07 2011


Design Researcher Intern IDesk research & Analysis , Fieldwork (Inteviews & Observation), Storytelling, Insights, Design Documentaries, Visual Anthropology, Identify Opportunities London (UK)

01 2010 / 12 2010

3T Cycling

Graphic Designer & Brand Builder Graphic Design, Corporative image, Brand & Concept Development Milan (ITALY)

02 2009 / 04 2009

VisUp srl.

Design Strategist Intern Research & Analysis, Strategy Design & Implementation, Social Media campaign Milan (ITALY)

09 2006 / 07 2007

Fagor Industrial S.Cop.

Industrial designer Research & Analysis, Concept Development, Design, Prototype O単ati (SPAIN)




2007 / 2010

03 2011

Spanish Basque English Italian German

MA in Product Service System

Politecnico di Milano, International Master Milan (ITALY)

2003 / 2007

BA in Industrial Design

Mondragon Unibertsitatea Mondragon (SPAIN)

11 2010


10 2010

Service & Strategic design User Experience Design Design research Trend and etnographic research Visual Anthropolgy Storytelling Scenario creation Ideas and concepts generation and development

Global Service Jam

Worldwide 48 hours workshop competition to develop and prototype completely new services inspired by a shared theme.


Native Native Professional Working Proficiency Proffesional Working Proficiency Basic level

Co-production as an opportunity to improve public service and create new working opportunities.

Service Design Network Conference

Attendance to the annual conference with the topic “Connecting the dots�.

03 2009 / 07 2009

Cinema and Filmmaking

Language, optical and aesthetic analysis and comprehension of Cinema.

COMPUTER SKILLS Mac and PC: MacOS X 10, Windows Office: iWork, Microsoft Office 2D: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Autocad 3D: Solid Edge, Unigraphics Video: Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Express, After Effects


STBY D e s i g n R e s e a rc h f o r Service Innovation.

STBY is a network company based in London and Amsterdam with an extensive experience within research, strategy, design and project management. A design research agency specialized in creating deep consumer insights during the early stages of innovative service design projects. During the last 6 months, working together with the STBY team and the Global Design Research network, I‘ve had the opportunity to develop my design researcher skills and to give my first professional steps in the field of social innovation.

By spending time and interacting with potential users of new interactive services, I’ve had the opportunity to work on how to learn about people’s habits, preferences, needs and concerns. During the projects I’ve been involved in, a very rich data has been created that have allowed the team to understand reallife consumer’s experiences.

The philosophy and the main tools used by STBY for the data collection are centered on interviews and video documentaries of several types, with and about the people. This human and very social approach is one of the keys of STBY. Between the several projects I’ve worked on, the presented images are part of an still workin-progress internal project lead by myself about how city cyclists manage their own safety. Following the STBY methodology, a deep research on cyclists skills and strategies to avoid road’s possible dangers has been made by interviewing and recording 4 different kind of riders.

ZERO·NOISE An urban context to encourage the pleasure of listening.

Zero•Noise is the result of a whole year working on my final thesis on Product Service System Design. Started with a quite poetic incentive, a strong concern about the gradual loss of the fascinating, emotional and artistic value of music, these are some tools I used and part of the material I created during the research phase.

A research composed with a deep desk research, as well as an environment observation and ethnographic analysis of listeners and musicians, gives a complete overview and understanding of the current musical situation and its historical roots.

consumerism self-expression real vs. virtual technology relationships mass-production urban tribe mainstream empathy social networks THE MUSIC community information sharing social vs private reproduction online vs offline ipod statistics trends THE LISTENER artwork creativity belong evolution p2p perception reciprocity habits Immediacy emotion need vs. desire downloads digital natives charm business models custom-made behaviour memories quality vs. quantity experience interaction influences digitalization connection nostalgy education target performance lifestyle


satisficer vs. maximizer

The research started analyzing today’s society, socialization and consumption, so affected by the information’s revolution technologies, which lead us an individual with a communitybased way to socialize, and heterogeneous, eclectic, pragmatic consumption habits. These social characteristics are reflected in every single aspect of individual’s life; and of course, they’re reflected in the relationship with music.

ZERO·NOISE An urban context to encourage the pleasure of listening. Quality Quantity Control Portability

Considering the first musicrecorded techniques a milestone in music’s history, the development of technical and emotional aspects have been analyzed, as well as the current state of music, in terms of business model and new market trends. A common tendency towards the loss of affection from the listener has been observed, caused by a loss of exclusivity of music and an overabundant market.

Privacy Sharing capacity Emotional burden

Democratization Access facilities Socialization of the resources Globalization Freedom Custom made Musical consumerism Commodity Mass downloading Algorithmmization of emotions Overinformation No exceptionality

ZERO路NOISE An urban context to encourage the pleasure of listening.

CONCLUSION MUSIC SUPERABUNDANCE Dedicate less time to each album / song Feeling less familiar to music DELIGHTING LESS

TASTE CONNECTION Food & Drinks trendbook.

Trend-catcher and scenario based innovation project about food & drinks, and related social consumption trends. Taking “The Pleasure of Eating� as an starting point, research and identification of signals and trends, by a a deep desk research and onservation.

From an anthropological point of view, eating together is a way of socialization. In a world where human relationships become more virtual and technological, joining people through food is a good way to come back to the origins and genuineness. Meeting people with your same interests is a natural instinct and having things in common makes the socialization between individuals easier.


ZERO·NOISE An urban context to encourage the pleasure of listening. tangible Zero•Noise has the aim of reconnecting the listener and the pleasure of listening to music, by providing music and silence, as opposite but complementary elements. Since silence increases the value of the sounds before and after, the user is invited to delight and feel more intensely the moments of listening, appreciating them and making a more conscious listening.





re-connect environment



The reconnection between the listener and the pleasure of listening to music Give music and all music experiences cultural dignity Raise listener´s musical culture level, especially younger generations and later adopters ones, with the aim of achieve the full consciousness of the right to pleasure and quality Re-discover one by one xarma´s components, and feel and value each ones magic music: Promote a different music experience quality, composed by the respect for natural paces and the right to the qualitative maximum expression







(n) sounds that reproduce effect: sounds, usually produced by instruments or voices that are arranged or played in order to create an effect. technology



cultural dignity



(n) art of arranging sounds: the art of arranging or making sounds, usually those of musical instruments or voices, so as to create an effect. (n) a pleasing sound: a sound or group of sounds that creates a desired effect.


silence: XARMA









(n) quietness: the absence or lack of noise

ZERO路NOISE An urban context to encourage the pleasure of listening.

The system is based on the already existing music and silence dots around the city, creating in that way a network of places and activities where the treatment to the sound is always respectful and careful.

Sponsors & Institutions




The system is composed by a magazine, a website and a mobile application that will inform the user about these music and silence dots and a creative department, that will encourage and help to find new solutions all around the city.

Events, activities, spaces... INFORMATION



mobile app.





Social network

Real-time map

Agenda / Calendar

creative dept. Creative consultancy

ZERO·NOISE An urban context to encourage the pleasure of listening.

By creating a common network with encouraging activities inside the user’s everyday life, the real aim is to create a collective sensibility and some common habits towards music.


Music & Silence spaces


Mobile App.

S E E T Y Framing your detail.

Conceptualization and design of a Product Service System for Milano, making the urban traveller feeling accompanied and comfortable while discovering the city. Based on the augmented reality technology, the user is guided through Milan and can receive customized and personal information about the city provided by other users, creating in that way an informational community and a common sharing point.

Come with urban traveller over his trip and make him feel accompanied, providing advices about the city and guidance through the streets.

S E E T Y Framing your detail.

The database links images of the city (creating a virtual tagged city), with information or suggestions of the own image (historical, artistical, gastronomical...). Through some aumenteg reality glasses the user is able to be guided and able to “open� the tag to discover the document (text, audio, image...) somebody else has create.

20 FLAVOURS Good food as a way to socialize.

Conceptualization and design of a Product Service System for the german company Gagennau, a brand of kitchen appliances (with a previous work of research and creation of a Trend Report). Based on trend-catcher and scenario based innovation project about food & drinks, 20 Flavours is the answer to the identified opportunities.

20 FLAVOURS Good food as a way to socialize.

The proposed brand strategy is using the italian Gaggenau showrooms as a meting point for an online community of gourmets. Transforming the showroom to an alive space, it is set a more confident and tangible relationship between the user and the company.

20 FLAVOURS Good food as a way to socialize.

20 Flavours Gaggenau creates an online community that provides its members a card for access to kitchens and another community facilities. The central product the service offers is a kitchen with tools and food (which will be selected together with the kitchen online reservation). Chefs specialized in regional cuisine will be in the local kitchens to assist users and to introduce them to local food.



INDISPENSABILE The Bare Essentials.

Conceptualization, design and mass-production of a dynamic and natural bookend for a design market. A product with a strong versatile, simple and functional personality; as the duality of its name evokes. “Stretto”, translated as narrow or closed, and “Indispensable”, that can also mean essential. The multiple meanings of the name are a fundamental part of the comunicative project.

Two solid wood tablet joined by a red elastic tense band holds the books. As its packaging inspires, a simple dust-jacket that expresses the naturalness of the object, the whole concept revolves around the idea of “the book that holds books”. An accesory made by simple but incredibly expressive material. An object that wants to emphasize the comunicative strenght of the simplicity and functionality.

















INDISPENSABILE The Bare Essentials.

The packaging is based on the idea of ‘the book that holds books”. A simple dust-jacket that expresses the naturalness of the object, where the quotation in the back makes clear the expressive content of the project. Awarded with the “Creativity Prize” in 2009 by the Italian association Rilegno and mentioned in several publications during 2009 and 2010.

“Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house.“ Harriet Beecher Stowe

3T 50th Anniversary graphic material.

Together with the 50th anniversary of the cyclism company 3T, respnsible of the design of the whole graphic material for the special 50th anniversary products, stationery, events... Giving a vintage corporative and celebrative image to the company during the 2010 and 2011.

Stickers for bicycles

Vintage products sets catalogue

Business Cards

Izaskun Bilbao

Design Researcher & Service Designer

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