I Broke the Rainbow!

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Oops! Looks like you made it to the end in one piece. Congratulations. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I did this all for you you know! Well I had fun drawing it all, so I guess it wasn’t a complete waste. I drew the second page back in ‘09 for my friend. She went to all the trouble to send me a hand written letter and put it in the mail. The whole deal you know! Stamps and everything. I was going to reciprocate with a picture. Unfortunatly she turned out to be a better friend than I. I got distracted and the picture lay dormant for a little over a year. In mid 2010 I found it again and realized that it would make a good jumping off point for a collection of pictures. The themes running throughout the book are innocence, love and rampaging dinosaurs. I wanted to create a world that was free of “real life”. A place where characters are genuinely genuine. They have childlike tendencies- Oh you read it. You don’t need me telling you about it.

If you enjoyed reading, please, email a link to your mates. It’s the least you could do since you didn’t pay to read it, you bastard. -Izak Flash Man