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This is the portfolio of: Hello! My name is Iyonna Floyd and welcome to my portfolio book. In December of 2012 I graduated from Robert Morris University with a Bachelor’s of Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design. I am currently a Media Design major at Full Sail University of Winter Park, Florida. At this time I am expected to graduate in June of 2013 with a Master’s of Fine Arts Degree in my chosen field. My main career goal is to work as a Designer for the Walt Disney Company. Inside my portfolio you will find samples of my work including but not limited to photography, package design, and advertisements. I hope you enjoy viewing them just as much as I enjoyed creating them. I was raised in an artistic household for the majority of my life. My mother was my primary caregiver and an artist herself. I grew up drawing, painting, sculpting, and building imaginative works. This love for art stuck with me throughout my life until I reached adulthood and had to choose a career path. I have been told that a person will spend more time at work than with his/her own family. Knowing this, I decided to select a career in Design. It incorporates creativity to a level that will keep me happy all through my life. In addition, it is a profession that is in high demand and will allow me to move up in through ranks and expand my career. My experience in this profession thus far principally comes from my education in both Robert Morris University as well as a multitude of situations in which I had to instruct myself on how to best handle the circumstances. I know that in almost all professions experience is key. However, I believe that with my creative and innovative mind I can and will thrive within the design world during my time employed in the Walt Disney Company.

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Disney Design Book  

A printed design book to be submited for Disney's professional internship applications.