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cv Hi Im 19 this year and im still currently studying in Nanyang Poytechnic, under the school of design, Architecture. I take up jobs during the holidays to earn extra to ease the burdens on my family. i have acquire the sskills to manage my time and emotions. Actively participating in school projects because i love doing them, especially hands-on and will continue to learn more.

Iyan Indonesian (PR) 22 April 1999 Contact no. 96836820 Singapore, Ang mo kio

work experience Yantra , PT service crew(Nov-Dec 2015) Nandos, PT service crew(June-July 2016) Zara ,PT retail sales (Dec-Jan 16-17) Zara ,PT retail sales (April - Jan 17-18) FInchaus, interior company ( 2 Days)

I do have hobbies such as taking care of fishes and plant in one of my school projects. i do read certain books and paint on my free time. I believe i can contribute to the company with the best of my ability. Actively learning with a positive attitude.

e d u c at i o n Mayflower primary school (2006 - 2011) Anderson secondary school (2012-2016) Nanyang Polytehnic (2017-2020)

project experience Cube 2017 -The challenge for the Urban and Built Environment (CUBE) is an annual workshop and competition for junior college and polytechnic students. It allow participants to gain a first-hand experience as a urban planner and an insight into intricacies of planning and urban design for singapore.

COOP -A system of architecture kit-of-parts that interest

proficiency language

English ( spoken and written) Mandarin ( spoken and Written) Malay ( spoken)

s o f t wa r e

Autocad, Rhinocerous(Grasshopper)), Revit, Photoshop, Illustrator,Indesign Microsoft Excel,words and powerpoint

to empower individuals and communities to work together to build thier own spatial needs and interventions. -Coop 1.0 (beta) -Coop 1.1 -Coop 2.0, BEXS Asia -Coop 3.0, Open house

SDN Outreach, Seragoon garden secondary school -To introduce Design to secondary school teenagers

and help with their options in the future. Hoping to inspire and expand understanding to these people through design.

W-optics, Changi Jewel. -To design the new retail spectacle shop at Changi Jewel Mall, Singapore. Who are committed to changing the approach to vision care, by optical solutions and products at the forefront of the industry.

Sustainable workshop

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