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When can you get away from it all? Find out how much you need to save, how soon you can retire... and how to plan for your ideal future...

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financial planning for life...

Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

Everyone has a vision of how they want to spend their retirement... Learning new skills before it’s too

Number one was to escape from

late are high on the list.

their business before it finished them

Take Martin and Emma... They were in their late 50s, but looked and felt twenty years older - their business was slowly killing them. It demanded 70 hours a week, with Sunday mornings finishing off paperwork. Holidays were few and far between. They had given up all their hobbies in return for ever increasing stress levels.

off. Number two was to learn to fly ‘before it’s too late’. We found out that they had accumulated substantial funds in various investments, including pensions. During our discussions they also revealed that they had recently rejected an offer of £2 million for their business because their accountant had persuaded them that the potential value was possibly

Our planner took the time to find out

£5 million. So there they were, still

what they REALLY wanted.

working, and hating it.

First in Scotland & only the second in Britain to be awarded BS 8577 Certification

When our planner set to work he found they needed just £550,000 to retire NOW. If the cost of flying lessons and the purchase of a glider was built in they needed just £675,000 NOW. And this was to start living the life they wanted RIGHT NOW. The trouble is, they’d turned down £2 million! With the help of our planner they managed to get the deal back on the table and ended up selling for £1.8 million.

Their accountant hit the roof. They hit the skies! Martin and Emma keep in touch with our planner to make sure their plans are still on track. They are loving every minute of their retirement and now look - AND FEEL - 10 years younger.

What are you waiting for? Can you afford to fly away now? Do you want to find out when you can get away from it all? Call 01224 747889 to arrange a meeting, the cost of which is met by us. It could be the best hour you have ever spent!

Forbes Lawson are proactive lifestyle financial planners who put the client first, not the product. We are here to provide you with a clear image of what your finances are like today and help you manage them into an understandable picture of what your financial future can be. We will work with you to plan for this future and help you to manage your finances to identify, achieve & maintain your desired lifestyle without fear of your money running out. All our planners are ISO 22222 certified financial planners and Forbes Lawson is the only firm in Scotland and second in the UK to be awarded the British Standard BS 8577. We guarantee a professional service, always giving the best advice for your individual situation and your personal goals. We are delighted to advise that we are now in a position to take on a limited number of new clients. If you want to have control, have a clear picture and be confident about your future call us today on 01224

747889 to arrange a meeting, the cost of which is met by us.

It could be the best hour you have ever spent!

financial planning for life...


orbes Lawson Wealth Management Ltd. F Unit 2, Westhill Business Centre Westhill, Aberdeenshire, AB32 6UF T: 01224 747889 E:


Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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