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The day of coordination myth

The Day of coordination mith

Managing your wedding day: The myth behind day-of-wedding coordination.

You’ve planned your wedding and it seems simple enough to hire a wedding professional for day-of-coordination to oversee your plans on your big day for a small fee? But the truth is, that service does not exist.

Why wedding day coordination does not exist?

Wedding planning can be very overwhelming at times so imagine entrusting your big day to someone who has only had 72 hours or a few days to prepare for one of the most important days of your life. Sounds crazy right? But that’s exactly what you would be doing if you invested in just a day-of coordinator. Aren’t there professionals offering this type of service? Yes! But managing the details of a wedding is no easy task and hiring someone one month or less before your wedding day leaves little to no time to ensure the success of your big day.

Realistically, turning over your wedding plans to a professional in such a short space of time creates difficulties for problem solving or correcting mistakes if they should arise. In order to provide you with the highest level of service a wedding coordinator needs time, at least 60 to 90 days, to gather, research, and organize the information you are providing to them, so your wedding day can run smoothly. So why not consider wedding day management services. A perfect solution to your needs.

What is wedding day management anyway?

An event manager doesn’t plan your wedding. He/She is an experienced wedding planner that will manage your wedding day logistics and make sure that everything you’ve planned, runs smoothly. Services include but are not limited to reviewing venue and vendor contracts, creating timeline, recommending vendors, communicating with booked vendors, check-in wedding day vendors, coordinating ceremony and reception set-up, acting as liaison between you and venue coordinator, directing wedding party, assisting wedding guest, settingup some wedding decor and providing a wedding day emergency kit. A couple can enjoy planning their own wedding then hand it over to the professional for a seamless execution. I mean how cool would it be to plan your own wedding and have a professional by your side to answer all your logistical questions? I’d say pretty cool.

I planned my own wedding. Do I really need an event manager?

Do you want to be worried about all the things that have to be done on the wedding day or do you want to enjoy every second of seeing your vision come to fruition? Enjoy time with your partner, friends, and family. Have peace of mind knowing that you’ve hired someone to handle the stresses of the day. Sometimes price can be an issue or maybe the venue advises you not to get one because they provide a venue coordinator. Whatever the case you should always be very clear of what your needs are for your wedding day and how you expect them to be efficiently executed and find a professional that can live up to those expectations.

How much will wedding day management services cost me?

A big misconception is that hiring the “Day of Coordinator” is a cheaper substitution than hiring a full wedding planner but if you’re looking for quality, value and experience then the cheapest option is not the way to go. A wedding day manager plays a vital role in the wedding planning process far beyond just the day-of so setting aside 10 to 15 percent of your total wedding budget is a small price to pay to ensure you can truly enjoy every moment of your special day.

A wedding planner or wedding coordinator may not be a choice for everyone and may not be a perfect fit for everyone’s budget but I truly believe that you should consider looking into it. You’ve done an amazing job planning your wedding, so you deserve a more thoughtful planning process with a professional that you’ve had a chance to get to know and trust. Why not save time, money, and reduce wedding day mishaps by hiring an experienced event manager.

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