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Temperatures set to remain!

Bear Grylls meets his wax double

Go-Ahead for Gunville crossing

Princess is towed back to safety

High temperatures are expected to continue across the Island over the next few days with temperatures expected to come very close to the Level 3 Health Watch criteria, More on Page 6


ISSUE NUMBER 12 Friday 19th July 2013


The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

EJF and Eco-Brand Rapanui Collaborate to Save the Bees Through Fashion Rapanui Clothing has designed a bee t-shirt exclusively for the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) in support of their Save the Bees campaign which raises awareness of the drastic decline in bee populations due to toxic pesticides and environmental factors and the need to save them for our own food security. The UN FAO estimates that 71% of the most common crops which provide 90% of food for 146 countries are pollinated by bees. It is estimated the bees’ contribution the UK economy alone is up to £200m annually. As part of their Bee Campaign, in partnership with PAN UK, EJF organized The March of the Beekeepers on Parliament Square, London in April 2013, featuring 13 major UK NGOs, as a demonstration ahead of a major vote at the European Parliament, which saw a 2-year ban on bee-harming neonicotinoid pesticides come into place. EJF is investing in woodland in 2013 which will protect habitats for bees and other insect pollinators. EJF and Rapanui will be working together with celebrity supporters, including Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels actor Jason

Flemyng, who are modelling the t-shirts to raise awareness of the need to Save the Bees. The EJF Rapanui bee t-shirts are made in a wind powered, ethically accredited factory and they are printed on 100% organic cotton. They made in a Fair Wear Foundation member factory and are low carbon, transported by ship not air. They are printed with

Rapanui website, which shows the entire supply chain from India to the UK. EJF has a long tradition of working alongside top designers and ethical clothing companies on campaign and slogan t-shirts which become fashion musthaves. EJF has worked with Dame Vivienne Westwood, Katharine Hamnett CBE, Giles Deacon,

phthalate-free inks and handfinished in the UK. As part of EJF’s campaign to ‘Pick your Cotton Carefully’, the t-shirts aim to raise awareness of issues such as forced child labour and deadly pesticides in cotton production and encourage consumers to think about where their cotton comes from. The new EJF Rapanui bee t-shirts are traceable on a map on the

Alice Temperley, Christian Lacroix, Eley Kishimoto, Jenny Packham, Luella and Zandra Rhodes. Celebrity supporters who have modelled EJF’s campaign t-shirts to date include Lily Cole, Naomi Campbell, David Gandy, Emilia Fox, Gemma Kidd and Gillian Anderson. Rapanui also has a history of campaigning with celebrity supporters. In 2012 they

facilitated weatherman Michael Fish performing a BASE jump for climate change awareness. Rapanui have also worked with Sir David Attenborough, Chris Packham and Kate Humble. Steve Trent, Executive Director of EJF, said: ‘This year EJF is fighting for environmental justice close to home and for a species universally loved, we are working to Save the Bees. We are happy to be working with Rapanui Clothing, and celebrities such as Jason Flemyng, as part of our campaign to raise awareness through fashion of the vital need to protect the UK’s bees and insect pollinators. Our environmental protection, food security, economics and the livelihoods of our farmers and food producers depend upon it.’ Rob Drake-Knight, Co-Founder of Rapanui, said: ‘This project between Rapanui and EJF gives us the opportunity to create a tshirt for an important cause. It’s vital for us to make the world aware that many of the foods in the shop would simply not exist without bees. It’s not just honey that would leave the shops; 71 of our top 100 crops are pollinated by bees.’

The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

Island Roads kicks off a programme of planned summer visits

Keen to remain engaged with residents, Island Roads is continuing its tour of the Island. On Saturday, July 6th our mobile visitors centre was in Western Road, Shanklin, allowing residents and businesses the opportunity to talk to Island Roads staff about plans in their area and to meet their new Isle of Wight Councillors Jon Gilbey and Richard Priest. Isle of Wight Councillor Jon Gilbey said: “It was great having the mobile visitor centre in Shanklin, residents were pleased to hear about future plans for the area, and welcomed the opportunity to have an input into forthcoming maintenance works planned for Western Road, Shanklin.” Paul Herbert, Island Roads Service Director, added: “We know that keeping local people

informed about works across the Island is essential. Having the mobile visitor centre and the visitor centre at our offices, St Christopher House allows us to maximise the number of people we talk to in order to develop good relationships in communities.” The programme of visits will continue through the summer months. Island Roads were at East Cowes Town Hall on Tuesday 9 July and will be at Steyne Park, Bembridge on the 1 August from 10:30 – 12:30, followed by Wroxall Car Park on the 7 August and Sandown Esplanade on the 14 August. Members of staff will be available to provide information and answer questions throughout this time. Further visits will take place throughout August and September, click here for details of these.

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The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

THE LATEST ISLAND ROADWORKS ALVERSTONE: Alverstone Road (South- Apse Heath side of Bridge). Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9am until 3.30pm on Tuesday 23 August for carriageway repairs. ARRETON: A3056 Arreton Street (outside Challen Way) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9am until 3.30pm on Wednesday 24 August for carriageway repairs. ARRETON: A3056 Arreton Street (opposite Horringford Station) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9am until 3.30pm on Friday 26 July for carriageway repairs. BEMBRIDGE / ST HELENS: B3395 Embankment Road between Station Road side of “Boathouse” and 200 metres towards Bembridge). Temporary traffic lights will be in operation between 9am on Monday 22 July and approx. 5pm on Friday 26 July for the installation of an electric cable and link box. BRADING: New Road (various locations from The Mall to Hornsey Rise). Temporary traffic control (stop & go boards) will be in operation for approx. one and a half hours between 9am and 3.30pm on Friday 26 July for carriageway coring works. BRADING: Hornsey Rise (various locations from New Road to Bullys Hill The Mall to Hornsey). Temporary traffic control (stop & go boards) will be in operation for approx. one and a half hours between 9am and 3.30pm on Friday 26 July for carriageway coring works. CALBOURNE: B3401 Calbourne road (outside Calbourne Mill & at Chesseel Crossroads). Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9am until 3.30pm on Wednesday 24 and on Thursday 25 July for drainage works. CARISBROOKE: B3323 High Street (various locations from Cedar Hill to Priory Road) Temporary traffic control (stop & go boards) will be in operation for approx. one and a half hours between 9am and 3.30pm on Wednesday 24 July for carriageway coring works. COWES: Sun Hill will be closed from High Street to Market Hill at times between 8am and 6pm on Monday 22 July to enable building works to be undertaken in connection with the rebuilding of a retaining wall. COWES: Ward Avenue (various locations from Park Road to Baring Road) Temporary traffic control (stop & go boards) will be in operation for approx. one and a half hours between 9am and 4.30pm on Wednesday 24 July for carriageway coring works. FRESHWATER: Copse Lane (various locations from Church Place to Redlake Road). Temporary traffic control (stop & go boards) will be in operation for approx one and a half hours between 9am and 3.30pm on Thursday 25 July for carriageway coring works. GODSHILL: A3020 Shanklin Road (from Redhill Lane for approx. 200 metres towards Godshill). Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9am on Monday 5 August until Friday 9 August for kerbing works. GURNARD: Princes Esplanade (various locations from Shore Road to Egypt Esplanade). Temporary traffic control (stop & go boards) will be in operation for approx. one and a half hours between 9am and 6pm on Wednesday 24 July for carriageway coring works. LAKE: A3055 Sandown Road (near junction with Flitcroft Gardens) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 7pm until 8.30pm on Tuesday 30 July for carriageway repairs. LAKE: Whitecross Lane (junction with Anderri Way) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9am until 3.30pm on Wednesday 24 August for carriageway repairs. LAKE: The Mall (various locations from the northern to the southern junctions with Lake Hill). Temporary traffic control (stop & go boards) will be in operation for approx. one and a half hours between 9am and 3.30pm on Thursday 25 July for carriageway coring works. NETTLESTONE: Gully Road (outside Hunnyhurst). Temporary traffic control (stop & go boards) will be in operation from approx. 9am on Monday 29 July until 3pm on Tuesday 30 July for tree cutting works. NEWPORT: Noke Common (200metres east of the junction with Hillis Gate Road/ Marks Corner Road (opposite Horringford Station) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9am until 3.30pm on Tuesday 23 July for carriageway repairs. NEWPORT: A3020 Horsebridge Hill (adjacent to 121-125, Newport side of Stag Lane junction) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 7pm until 8.30pm on Monday 29 July for carriageway repairs. NEWPORT: B3323 Carisbrooke Road (various locations from Trafalgar Road to Drill Hall Road). Temporary traffic control (stop & go boards) will be in operation for approx. one and

a half hours between 9am and 3.30pm on Wednesday 24 July for carriageway coring works. NEWPORT: Whitehouse Road (junction with Coleman’s Lane) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9am on Wednesday 24 July until approx. 6.30pm on Sunday 28 July for cable works in connection with the construction of a new broadband cabinet. NEWPORT: B3323 Carisbrooke Road (outside 98 at the junction with Trafalgar Road). Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9.30am on Thursday 25 July until approx. 3.30pm on Friday 26 July for cable works. NEWPORT: Sandy Lane (junction with Coxs Corner & Rectory New Road) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9am until 3.30pm on Tuesday 23 August For carriageway repairs. NEWPORT: Staplers Road (outside 51) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9am until 3.30pm on Wednesday 24 August for carriageway repairs. NEWPORT: A3020 Medina Way (northbound & southbound carriageways from Fairlee Link Road to St Marys Roundabout). Temporary lane restrictions will be in operation from 6.30pm until approx. 3am on the nights of Monday 22 July, Tuesday 23 July, Wednesday 24 July and if necessary on Thursday 25 July and Friday 26 July, for urgent carriageway patching works. NORTHWOOD: A3020 Newport Road junction with Nodes Road (at Northwood traffic lights). Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from 9am until 3.30pm on Monday 22 July and on Tuesday 23 July for cable laying works. RYDE: B3330 St Johns Hill (from St Johns Road Railway Bridge, Moreys Timber Store t School Street). Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from 9am on Monday 16 September until approx. 4pm on Friday 8 November for the renewal of the water main. RYDE: B3330 St Johns Hill (near junction with Alexandra Road) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9am until 3.30pm on Wednesday 24 August for carriageway repairs. RYDE: Esplanade (various locations from Dover Street to North Walk). Temporary traffic control (stop & go boards) will be in operation for approx. one and a half hours between 9am and 3.30pm on Friday 26 July for carriageway coring works. RYDE: St Johns Road (various locations Riboleau Street to Monkton Street). Temporary traffic control (stop & go boards) will be in operation for approx. one and a half hours between 9am and 3.30pm on Friday 26 July for carriageway coring works RYDE: Swanmore Road junction with Ashey Road and Upton Road.) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9.30am on Monday 22 July until approx. 3.30pm on Friday 26 July for cable laying works. RYDE: High Street (Oakfield) junction with Cross Street (outside 2f to 2h Cross Street.) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 8am on Monday 29 July until approx. 4pm on Tuesday 30 July for cable laying works RYDE: East Street junction with the Strand (opposite Chinese Take Away) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from 9am on Monday 5 August until approx. 4pm on Wednesday 7 August for the installation of a new water service. RYDE: A3054 Queens Road (from Westwood Close to Ryde School (new entrance, 120 metres from West Street junction) temporary traffic lights will be in operation until approx. 4.30pm on Friday 9 August for gas main replacement works. SANDOWN: A3055 Broadway (junction with Leed Street). Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 7pm until 8.30pm on Tuesday 30 July for carriageway repairs. SANDOWN: A3055 Sandown Road (from number 141 to Skew Bridge). Temporary traffic lights will be in operation between 9am and 4pm on Monday 22 July for hedge and tree cutting works. ST HELENS: B3330 Carpenters Road (outside 1 Hill Farm Cottages). Temporary traffic lights will be in operation between 9am and 3.30pm on Monday 29 July for cable works. VENTNOR: A3055 Undercliff Drive (approx 100 metres West of Seven Sisters Road) Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9am until 3.30pm on Thursday 25 July for tree cutting works.VENTNOR: A3055 High Street (junction with Madeira Road, adjacent to number 2). Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from approx. 9am on Monday 22 July until approx. 6.30pm on Thursday 25 July 2013 for cable works in connection with the construction of a new broadband cabinet. VENTNOR: B3327 Newport Road Temporary traffic lights will be in operation from Wednesday 24 July until Friday 26 July for cable works.

of Wight Mail | Friday 19 July 2013 IsleTheofIsleWight Mail – February 2012 th



The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

Heatwave Warning Advice issued to Isle of Wight Residents There is a 90 % probability of heatwave conditions between 0900 on Thursday and 2100 on Friday in parts of England. High temperatures are expected to continue across much of England over the next few days. The weather forecast for the Isle of Wight continues to meet the heatwave threshold temperatures. The advice to Islanders and visitors is to keep out of the heat If a heatwave is forecast, try and plan your day in a way that allows you to stay out of the heat. If you can, avoid going out in the hottest part of the day (11am – 3pm). If you can’t avoid strenuous outdoor activity, like sport, DIY, or gardening, keep it for cooler parts of the day, like early morning or evening. If you must go out, stay in the shade. Wear a hat and light, loose fitting clothes, preferably cotton. If you will be outside for some time, take plenty of water with you. A loose, cotton, damp cloth or scarf on the back of the neck, or spraying or splashing your face and the back of your neck with cold water several times a day can

help keep you cool. Stay inside, in the coolest rooms in your home, as much as possible. Reduce heat from sunlight coming through the windows. External shading, e.g. shutters, is best. Metal blinds and dark curtains may absorb heat and make the room warmer – it is best to use pale curtains or reflective material. Keep windows closed while the room is cooler than it is outside. Open them when the temperature inside rises, and at night for ventilation. If you are worried about security, at least open windows on the first floor and above. Indoor and outdoor plants will help keep your home cool due to evaporation and the shading from trees and bushes. Take cool showers or baths. And drink regularly Drink regularly even if you do not feel thirsty – water or fruit juice are best. Try to avoid alcohol, tea and coffee. They make dehydration worse. Eat as you normally would. Try to eat more cold food, particularly salads and fruit, which contain water.

Seek advice if you have any concerns Contact your doctor, a pharmacist or NHS 111 if you are worried about your health during a heatwave, especially if you are taking medication, if you feel unwell or have any unusual symptoms. Watch for cramp in your arms, legs or stomach, feelings of mild confusion, weakness or problems sleeping. If you have these symptoms, rest for several hours, keep cool and drink water or fruit juice. Seek medical advice if they get worse or don’t go away. Organisations across the Island, particularly those involved in healthcare, residential care and nursing home care should consider implementing the following preparatory actions: Ensure that cool rooms are ready and consistently at 26ºC or below; Check that indoor thermometers are in place and recording sheets printed to measure temperature four times a day; Identify naturally cooler rooms that vulnerable patients can be moved to if necessary; Identify particularly vulnerable

individuals (those with chronic/severe illness, on multiple medications, or who are bed bound) who may be prioritised for time in a cool room; Obtain supplies of ice/cool water; Ensure that staffing levels will be sufficient to cover the anticipated heatwave period; Repeat messages on risk and protective measures to staff; and Ensure that visits or phone calls are made to advise high risk individuals (those with severe mental illness, living on their own, or without regular contact with a carer). Agencies involved in the care of individuals at home should ensure that health and social care workers have identified those in their community who are at particularly high risk from a heatwave. Where appropriate arrange for a daily visit/phone call by a formal or informal carer (family, neighbour, friend, voluntary and community sector workers) during the heatwave period. Visits should be considered especially for those living on their own and without the contact of a daily carer.

Mount Gay Rum offers slice of Barbados As Supporting Sponsor, Mount Gay Rum will once again be bringing a Caribbean vibe across the Atlantic from the Island of Barbados to the world famous sailing regatta, Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week. Mount Gay Rum and Ginger Beer for a real flavour of the Caribbean Thousands of competitors in hundreds of boats will challenge each other in the Solent waters, famed for its nautical legacy, strongly linking Cowes - the Isle of Wight sailing Mecca with its more tropical counterpart Barbados, the coral reefed Island and birthplace of rum. Brand Manager, Alvin Saal is delighted to be associated with one of the UK's most successful sporting events: "It's a great opportunity for us to be a part of Cowes Week again this year. Mount Gay Rum has long been associated with sailors and the sea and as the official 'Regatta Rum', competitors can enjoy a Mount Gay Eclipse and Ginger Beer after a competitive day on the water." On Thursday 8th August, competitors will be queuing

round the block to enter The Mount Gay Rum Red Cap crew party at Peppermint Shepards Wharf, Cowes as only the first 500 will be rewarded with one of the most cherished mementoes of any regatta - the coveted Mount Gay Rum Red Cap for Cowes Week 2013. Tickets will be available throughout the week from the Shepards Wharf Crew Bar and the £8 entrance includes a Mount Gay Rum cocktail. The evening includes a Caribbean beach themed party featuring live music, giant deckchairs, a Caribbean BBQ, games and a Rum Shack. With its official Regatta Rum status, Mount Gay Rum will be busy throughout Cowes Week supporting some of the varied social events as well as running a daily 'hunt the barrel' competition on Cowes Radio 87.7fm which is listened to by many of the competitors and visitors to the spectacular regatta. Along with sampling activities, Mount Gay Rum will be served at venues throughout the town, helping to bring a real Bajan feel once again to this year's Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week.


The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

Tribute to Isle of Wight man who died in New Forest The family of an Isle of Wight man who died in a collision in the New Forest have paid tribute to him. Michael Smith, 50, from Tennyson Road, Freshwater, died when he lost control of his blue Yamaha 550 and struck a silver Mercedes Vito van travelling in the opposite direction. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision that occurred shortly before 10pm on Tuesday (July 2) on the A35 halfway between Ashurst and Lyndhurst. In a statement, his brother Richard Smith said: “Michael as a person loved life but life didn’t always love him back which led some to believe that Mike was a gruff unhappy person!! Nothing could be further from the truth. Mike would help anyone with anything and would always do it willingly. He would work flat out all day for a thank you. “Family was always very important to Mike and in later years his family was Dee and his dogs whom he loved dearly. The other significant love of Mike’s life was his bikes and he could be found tinkering or building a bike of some sort for his next adventure. “Mike was happiest when riding his bike to a weekend bike show or just riding his bike and always took pleasure from the simplest of things. Mike also had a wicked sense of humour which infected everyone around him and he loved nothing more than a few beers or ciders and a good belly laugh. “Mike was never very lucky, even those whom he helped out sometimes took advantage of his good nature but he refused to

see the bad in anyone and put it all down to experience. Mike’s childhood as an army brat with the rest of us and all the things he experienced growing up and until yesterday shaped Mike into the happy-go-lucky person he was, and will always be loved, remembered and sadly missed but his parents, surviving siblings and of course Dee his partner and all who were lucky enough to know Mike. I personally feel honoured to have been allowed to have spent time in the company of such a guy as Mike. Ride free my brother.” Michael’s partner Dee added: “It took most of our lives to find each other’s kindred spirit; one who understood each other without words. So cruel to take him away so soon.” The driver of the van, a 47-yearold man from Lymington, suffered from shock but was otherwise uninjured. The road was closed for seven and a half hours while collision investigators examined the scene and recovered the vehicles. Police are appealing for any witnesses to the collision, or anyone who saw either vehicle prior to the collision. Anyone with information should call Sergeant Alex Rawdon-Smith at the Totton Roads Policing Unit on 101, quoting Operation Tide.

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Rhythmtree World Music Festival

Well the weather forecast is looking great and festival goers will be basking in the summer sun any listening to the Rhythmtree's hottest line-up to date. Friday welcomed the return of Son of Dave joined by Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges flying in from Chicago, Little Axe, Myles Sanko and the newly formed Senegalese band Desert Rock. Today, Saturday 20th will be headlined by high flying Jamaican resident Cornel Campbell travelling in to revive his long term collaboration with top London reggae outfit Soothsayers. The reggae rhythms will continue to soar over the

festival site in the afternoon with By the Rivers and the legendary Prince Fatty and MC Horseman. Of course the highlight of the week-end for many will be the appearance of the first rock superstar drummer Ginger Baker with his Jazz Confusion and then guesting with the sizzling Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra. The heat will build up throughout the evening with the simmering Dutch band Jungle by Night, London Afrobeat Collective, Malian high energy drum and dance from Sankoule Kan all being fired up by the Island's very own Fellowship of Groove.


The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19 th July 2013

AMEC appointed technical advisor by Isle of Wight Council London, United Kingdom (16 July 2013) - AMEC, the international engineering and project management company, has been appointed as technical advisor to the Isle of Wight Council for the procurement of a major new integrated waste services contract to be let by the council in 2015. AMEC’s environmental business will provide waste contract procurement and technical support to the council, bringing environmental benefits and ensuring that effective and innovative technical solutions feature highly in the long-term waste contract. AMEC will draw on its previous experience of helping waste authorities across the UK to procure innovative waste collection services and state-ofthe-art recycling, organic waste and residual waste treatment contracts. The council is seeking to more than double levels of household recycling by 2025, greatly reducing the levels of waste sent to landfill. It will also focus on opportunities for the

sustainable long-term management of the island’s commercial and industrial waste. “We are delighted to be working with the council to help bring real environmental benefits to the Isle of Wight,” explains Steve Blackburn, AMEC’s Project Manager. “A key aspect of our work will be to view the island’s waste holistically and seek efficiencies through managing commercial and industrial waste alongside municipal waste. “The challenge is to ensure the end result represents the best technical solution and value for money for maximising recycling and composting, recovering energy and reducing waste sent to landfill.” AMEC has already supported the council in the development of the outline business case by undertaking an initial appraisal of collection and treatment options. The intention of the contract is to increase the levels of household recycling to 60% by 2025, from a current level of 28% - and divert 86% of all waste away from landfill by the same time.

New workplan priorities for Isle of Wight Healthwatch Healthwatch Isle of Wight recently held its first priority setting event on 11th July, attended by over 40 people including members of the public and local organisations. They helped us to identify the following five key local issues to look at in our first workplan: Inpatient care at St Mary’s Hospital – chosen because there has been so much public and patient feedback about this issue, especially regarding the dignity and care of older patients. This is backed up by the NHS Trust Quality Account priority for this year to reduce pressure ulcers which can in many cases be linked to poor care. Listening to and safeguarding children – chosen because of the backdrop of failing children’s services (both schools and the local authority) on the IW and the high level of serious case reviews relating to children (triggered by the deaths or serious abuse of children). Maternity and post natal services – chosen because of a recent set of strong feedback about inpatient care and postnatal support

(including breastfeeding) supported by JSNA statistics. Communications between those who give and receive health and care services – chosen because of strong feedback from the priority setting session that a number of communication needs are not well managed in health and care services (including hearing impairment, dementia, learning disabilities). Getting an appointment with your GP – chosen because we have had consistent feedback over the last 12 months that across the island people are unhappy with the way their GP appointments systems work.

Take part in survey They need your help to decide which order they should put them in., Complete the short survey QBJ or call 01983 608608 before Friday 9th August 2013. If you are interested in any of the issues above and want to find out more then email enquiries at

The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013



The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19 th July 2013

The Island’s Funding Case goes to Government The Leader of the Isle of Wight Council, Ian Stephens, a representative from the Isle of Wight Association of Local Councils (IWALC), Harry Rees, and the Island’s MP, Andrew Turner yesterday met Michael Fallon MP the Minister responsible for European structural funding in the UK. The meeting was called following a recent joint approach to the Government setting out the case for additional EU funding to address the challenges caused by the Island’s separation by sea from the mainland. The problems faced by the Island and a number of funding streams were discussed during the meeting. The bid for the Island’s unique status to be recognised is supported by the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), neighbouring mainland authorities and local organisations including the Isle of Wight Association of Local Councils and the Island’s Chamber of Commerce. The Government has decided that some structural and investment funds to promote sustainable growth will be distributed in future by LEPs. For the Solent area there is an allocation of £36.8m over the period 2014 to 2020 to be bid for by the LEP and its constituent local authorities. Other funding streams will be

decided by the Government in accordance with EU rules. Consultation will commence shortly with regards to Assisted Area Status for the seven years commencing July 2014. The Leader of the Council, Cllr Ian Stephens said : “We asked for a meeting with Mr Fallon because we believe we should get more recognition for the unique economic challenges we face. I was therefore pleased that we were able to take our case directly to the Minister and explain how we are currently disadvantaged by being seen in the eyes of the EU as part of the generally more prosperous Hampshire region. “We will be following this up with a strong bid for Assisted Area Status. Hopefully this application will be helped by the fact that we have explained first hand to a key Government minister the issues we face and how we are disadvantaged by current funding arrangements. “The council has worked hard to gain wide support for this approach to Government. Such support will be crucial – for example the Solent LEP understands the importance of this issue to the Island and its economy and continues to support us in making representations to government. I have always believed that working together we

have the best chance of success – so I would like to thank Andrew for organising this meeting at short notice. I am looking forward to working with him on this and other issues in the future.” Mr Turner said: “EU funding is ridiculously complex – and the silly, complicated rules don’t even deliver fair outcomes. For some statistical purposes the Island is viewed as part of Hampshire – for others we are a stand-alone unit – that closes doors to some funds but leaves others open. I would very much rather the UK Government was able to decide for itself which areas of the UK need extra help without reference to bureaucrats in Brussels – but until we are in that position I will work with others to get the best possible deal for the Island. “I am pleased that the Island’s case is now firmly in the mind of the Minister – and as the process to decide which areas are to receive Assisted Area Status moves forward I will be keeping in touch with him informally and will be happy to arrange any other more formal meetings that are required.” Government in accordance with EU rules. Consultation will commence shortly with regards to Assisted Area Status for the seven years commencing July 2014. The Leader of the Council, Cllr

Ian Stephens said : “We asked for a meeting with Mr Fallon because we believe we should get more recognition for the unique economic challenges we face. I was therefore pleased that we were able to take our case directly to the Minister and explain how we are currently disadvantaged by being seen in the eyes of the EU as part of the generally more prosperous Hampshire region. “We will be following this up with a strong bid for Assisted Area Status. Hopefully this application will be helped by the fact that we have explained first hand to a key Government minister the issues we face and how we are disadvantaged by current funding arrangements.

The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

Former resident Bear Grylls meets his wax countepart Bembridge’s very own Bear Grylls has been honoured with his own wax figure at Madame Tussauds Blackpool. Isle of Wight residents may also be interested to know that to celebrate Bear’s new wax figure, Madame Tussauds Blackpool are giving FREE admission for anyone who shares their first name with an animal and 50% OFF anyone who has an animal surname – Tiger Woods and Megan Fox will be well received!! Until the end of July, animal names get you to the top of the pecking order at the

popular seaside attraction. Explorer Bear Grylls’ figure comes after more than 12 months in the planning and making. His unique set at Madame Tussauds Blackpool boasts interactive aspects, with a specially created rock formation. The Chief Scout, who was sculpted by the attraction’s experts after hundreds of precise measurements were taken, is in good company at Madame Tussauds. He is located in the Documentary Drama Zone, alongside TV stars such as David Attenborough & Ant & Dec.

Final gig in library tour The finale of the ‘Shhh…it’s a library music tour’ is taking place in Cowes Library from 6pm to 8pm on Wednesday 24 July. The innovative idea of bringing live music to the Island’s libraries has been a great success with hundreds of people attending the evening concerts over the two months. The final live music event of the tour will feature all of the musicians who have taken part in the tour to date. The melancholic barge folk style of Floella Grace, the acoustic and Irish folk inspired songs of singing, song-writing duo Chris Quinton and Ben Johnson and the Indy blues rock and roll originals of semi electric band PhreakAudio. The Supporters of Cowes Library Group will be supplying refreshments and the whole night is free.

The ‘’s a library music tour’ is the brainchild of senior library assistant Adam Gaterell, a keen musician himself, who wanted to explore ways of getting people, who wouldn’t normally visit a library, through the doors. Adam said, “I want to express how thankful I am to the musicians, staff, volunteers and audiences for making these nights truly show that libraries are now community hubs and not just places that offer books and DVDs. I hope people will come to the finale and help us celebrate such a great series of events, it will be a great finish to a great tour.” The event, which has an informal atmosphere with original music from local musicians, is open to people of all ages. More information about the Island’s library service can be found on the council’s website:



The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19 th July 2013

Avoiding fire afloat As part of the national Fire Kills campaign, the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service is reminding seafaring enthusiasts of some key safety tips when out on the waves this summer. The list is designed to help reduce the fire risk for the tens of thousands of seafarers who use the waters in and around the Island each year. Chief fire officer Steve Apter said: “Fortunately the number of boat fires in and around the Island is relatively low, but when they do occur, they can have devastating consequences. “By following the Fire Kills campaign’s top tips you can ensure your time afloat is safe and enjoyable, for yourself and your passengers.” * Make sure you know your boat and make a fire action plan with everyone in the boat. * Fit a smoke alarm that meets the EN 50291 standard and carries an approval mark such as ‘kitemark’. * Fit a gas and petrol vapour detector alarm in the bilge and even in the cabin space to give you early warnings of dangerous build-ups of explosive gases. * Check all appliances are turned off and, if possible, close the valve on the LPG cylinders before you go to bed or leave the boat. * Never leave a burning candle unattended. Make sure they are put out safely. * Keep candles, matches, lighters and other sources of flame out of reach of children. * Make sure cigarettes are put out safely – use metal ashtrays. Avoid falling asleep with a lit cigarette – never smoke in bed. * Never leave a hot hob unattended especially when cooking with oil or fat. * Don’t fit curtains or fabrics over hob burners and don’t dry tea towels or clothes over a cooker or hob. Steve Apter added: “This may seem a long list, but most of the actions are common sense. If you follow the advice you will help reduce the risk of fire occurring on your boat.” For more information on fire safety, visit:

mail tweet us: @iwmail

01983 898838

Ceramic and stone specialist proves his expertise An Isle of Wight ceramic and stone specialist has been accepted into a leading industry association. Gary Hayward – who is based in Sandown – is now a member of The Tile Association (TTA), which has represented the whole of the UK wall and floor tile industry since 2000. Mr Hayward specialises in

a huge range of ceramic and stone work, including restoration projects. A TTA spokesman said: “The Tile Association doesn’t just accept anyone into its ranks. All members must meet stringent financial and technical requirements before being accepted and must abide by the association’s code of conduct.

“For all projects, large or small, you need confidence that the people taking on the job are skilled professionals. Members of the Tile Association are just that and people can have peace of mind when using them. We’re delighted to welcome Gary into the association.” See more info about The Tile Association at


The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

Top Tips issued for Enjoying the great outdoors safely A list of top tips for enjoying the great outdoors safely has been issued by the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service as part of the national Fire Kills campaign. The list offers key advice for people camping in tents or caravans or exploring the countryside or coast. Chief fire officer Steve Apter said: “If you’re intending to take out your tent, ready your rucksack or get your caravan back on the road, you should go armed with some safety advice before heading for the great outdoors.” Tents: Allow at least six metres spacing between tents and caravans and ensure they are away from parked cars to reduce the risk of fire spreading. * Never use candles in or near a tent – torches are safer. * Keep cooking appliances away

from the tent walls and never cook inside a small tent or near flammable materials or long grass; they can all set alight easily. * Make sure you know how to escape by cutting your way out of the tent if there’s a fire. * Make sure everyone knows how to put out clothing that’s on fire – stop, drop and roll. * Don’t smoke inside tents. Caravans: Fit and test a smoke alarm in your caravan. * Take special care when cooking – don’t leave pans unattended. * Turn off all appliances before you go out or to bed. * Make sure ashtrays are made of material that can’t burn or topple over – never smoke in bed. * Don’t dry clothes over the stove. * Remove litter and rubbish near the caravan to reduce the risk of fire spreading.

* Make sure the caravan is ventilated, and never block air vents, to avoid a build up of poisonous gases. Open fires If you must have an open fire it should be downwind, at least ten metres from the tent; * clear dry vegetation, leaves etc, to form a circle of earth around the fire; * build a stack that will collapse inwards while burning; * do not leave fires unattended; * make sure that fires are fully extinguished after use. If a fire should breakout: * call the fire and rescue service and give the exact location - if necessary give a map reference; if this is not possible a landmark such as a farm or pub etc, will help them locate you. Grass and forest fires spread rapidly

* Never throw cigarette ends out of a car window – they could start a fire and ruin surrounding countryside. * Don’t leave bottles or glass in woodlands. Sunlight shining through glass can start a fire. Take them home or put them in a waste recycling bin. If your discover a fire: do not be tempted to investigate; * leave the area as quickly as possible and call 999 and ask for the fire and rescue service; * do not return unless the fire and rescue service tells you that it is safe to do so. Steve Apter added: “It may all sound a bit daunting, but it needn’t be; most of this advice is common sense. From time to time we all need reminders – so enjoy the countryside and your recreation and be safe.”

Council Go-Ahead for “Life-Saving” Gunville Crossing A long-running campaign for the installation of a controlled crossing in a busy Newport road made major progress this week with an announcement by Isle of Wight Council officers that construction could go ahead in the current financial year. Cllr John Hobart (Conservative, Carisbrooke & Gunville) and Cllr Chris Whitehouse (Conservative, Newport West) had the backing of Island MP, Andrew Turner, for a campaign for a crossing in Gunville Road, Newport, to increase road safety for pedestrians accessing the busy Spar shop. Pictured here, the three made strong representations to the Isle of Wight Council that the road was a “death trap” for children and elderly people and that a crossing “simply could not wait for another year”. This week (13th July) officers responded to the campaign announcing that Cllr Gilbey, who leads on these issues for the new Administration, had agreed that the project could be brought forward from next financial year to the current one. In a note to the Councillors the Council’s Director of Economy and the Environment, Stuart Love, says: “As a way forward, we have advertised for a school crossing patrol officer and I understand that the response has been good and an appointment should be made imminently. In addition we have sought a quote for the work to be undertaken to build a

Isle of Wight

crossing at this location. The cost is approximately £20k and was put in the capital programme for next financial year. However, in discussion with Councillor Gilbey we have requested that this is brought forward into the current year’s capital programme.” Cllr Hobart, in whose Carisbrooke and Gunville ward the Spar is located says: “This is excellent news. I have been pressing for some time for a proper crossing to protect children

and elderly people from the heavy and fast traffic in Gunville Road. I am grateful to Cllr Gilbey for responding so positively to our representations. Once open, the crossing will save lives.” But Andrew Turner MP said: “I want to thank Cllr. Gilbey for making this very sensible decision. However, lives remain in jeopardy until the new crossing is installed so let’s hope it will happen without undue delay. I was delighted to support Cllrs

Hobart and Whitehouse in their campaign and pleased to see it deliver a successful result.” Cllr Whitehouse endorsed the views saying: “Nearly 4,000 children daily attend the schools in and around Wellington Road in my Newport West Ward. They are drawn to the Spar for snacks like moths to a flame. The road is currently a death trap, and it is great that the Council is prepared to listen.”


The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

Customers are using water wisely, says Southern Water As the Isle of Wight basks in the summer sun, Southern Water is thanking customers for using water wisely in the heatwave. The company says its water-savvy customers are the reason for this less-than-expected increase in demand – heeding advice about how to save water, energy and money, particularly in the garden – and its water resources remain above average following last year’s wet weather. Ben Earl, Southern Water’s Water Efficiency Manager, said: “We are grateful that our customers are using water wisely. They are taking advantage of lots of watersaving tips on our website for gardens and elsewhere in the home. This helps them not only save water but also money off both their water and energy bills. “We also remind customers the importance of keeping hydrated in the hot weather and encourage people to keep a jug of water in the fridge for a cooling drink.” In hot, dry weather, and it has been a dry July so far with just 2.8mm of rain falling compared with the long-term average of 47.7mm, garden watering accounts for up to 70 per cent of all household water use. Southern Water says gardeners in the region are using waterwise tips, including: Not watering lawns in dry weather – they quickly recover when it rains

Watering plants in the morning and evening to minimise evaporation Putting mulch round the base of plants to lock in moisture in the soil Recycling water from paddling pools Installing water butts ready for the next rain showers Gardeners can also access a guide to water-efficient plants for different soil types and different places in the garden. Meanwhile, others will be able to draw on an extra source of water for their plants in the summer – paddling pools. These are a great way to cool down in hot weather but once the fun’s over, the water they contain can also be used on garden plants. Peter Holman, Chairman of the Southern Water-sponsored South and South East in Bloom said it was keen to promote water efficiency as part of the event. He said: “Using lots of water is not necessarily the best way to care for a garden during hot weather. Southern Water’s website has lots of simple tips on using water wisely in the garden and is a great way of finding out which plants are best-suited to dry weather as well as certain types of soil.” For more information visit

91-year-old woman was the victim of a distraction burglary Police are appealing for information after a 91-year-old woman was the victim of a distraction burglary on the island. A man entered her home on Godshill High Street between 1.15pm and 1.45pm on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 and stole jewellery and ornaments. The woman was not assaulted or injured. The suspect was described as a Man aged in his 30s with a reddish face, possibly sunburnt. He was 5 ft 10 ins to 5 ft 11 ins tall, Average build, Clean shaven and has well-kept dark hair. He was wearing a jacket with a white shirt underneath, unbuttoned at the collar, trousers and black shiny shoes. He spoke with a Southern English accent. Investigating officer Detective Constable Katy Lee said “We are seeking witnesses to this burglary or anyone with knowledge about the suspect’s identity. This man is

believed to have been handing out leaflets in the Godshill area and spoke to the victim about wanting to buy jewellery. It is believed that when he left the victim’s house he walked in the direction of Godshill village. “This is a rare occurrence for the Isle of Wight, however residents are reminded to remain vigilant. Please ensure that you do not let any strangers into your house. Always ask people for identification, and if you are still unsure contact the police.” Should anyone have seen a man matching this description please can they contact DC Katy Lee at Newport CID. Anyone with information can contact police by phoning 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you wish to remain anonymous. The Minicom number, which is used by deaf and hard of hearing callers, has changed to Minicom TextRelay 18001 101.

Island Police appeal for witnesses following a collision in Ryde Police are appealing for witnesses following a collision between a pedestrian and a truck at Binstead Hill in Ryde, Isle of Wight on the 18th July The incident happened at 11.32am as the pedestrian, a man in his late 90s walked along the pavement towards Ryde. Initial enquiries suggest that the elderly man may have suffered a medical episode as he walked along, causing him to collapse and fall into the road where he was struck by the vehicle, a British racing green DAF 7.5 tonne truck. He was taken to St Mary’s Hospital in Newport with multiple life-threatening injuries. He remains in a critical condition. The driver of the truck, a man in his early 60s from Southampton, was shaken but uninjured.

The road was closed until 1.30pm while collision investigators examined the scene. No arrests have been made. Police want to hear from anyone who may have seen the collision, as well as anyone who saw an elderly man walking in that area shortly before 11.30am. Anyone with information is asked to contact Sgt Sanderson on 101.

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The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19 th July 2013

Barbecue safety this summer A helpful list of safety tips for operating barbecues this summer has been issued by the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service as part of the national Fire Kills campaign. The advice pays particular attention to the risks when lighting barbecues or operating them during bad weather. Chief fire officer Steve Apter said: “It is vitally important people remember to be patient and follow the key advice when operating barbecues. “If you’ve planned a barbecue and the weather lets you down, don’t take the barbecue indoors or into a tent. In recent years, some people have sadly succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning as a result, so we are urging everyone to take special care and follow our key tips.” * Never leave a barbecue unattended and follow the safety instructions provided with disposable barbecues. * Make sure your barbecue is well away from sheds, fences, trees, shrubs or garden waste. * Only use enough charcoal to cover the base of the barbecue.

* Keep children, pets and garden games away from the cooking area. * After cooking, make sure the barbecue is cool before moving it. * Empty ashes onto bare garden soil, not into dustbins or wheelie bins. If they’re hot, they can melt the plastic and cause a fire. * Enjoy yourself, but don’t drink too much alcohol if you are in charge of the barbecue. * Always keep a bucket of water, sand or garden hose nearby for emergencies. * Never use a barbecue indoors. Steve Apter added: “This may seem a long list, but most of these things are common sense. “By far the biggest danger is the use of flammable liquids to light the barbecue. We have had a couple of occasions where people have poured petrol onto the charcoal in an effort to get it going and the reaction has, not surprisingly, been violent and highly dangerous. Prepare well in advance and light the charcoal early.” For more information on fire safety, please visit:

Support Pledged For New Tourist Information Point A new Tourist Information Point in Shanklin has received the prestigious backing of Visit England (VE) – the organisation responsible for marketing England to the domestic and established overseas markets – and the Island tourism body, Visit Isle of Wight Ltd (VIOW). Situated in a prime location in Shanklin Old Village, one of the Island’s most picturesque and important holiday areas on the Island, Vernon Cottage Tearoom, Tavern, Restaurant and Gift Shop will provide visitors with a onestop holiday shop and allow them to make the most of their stay. With three separate entrances including ones from the Old

Village car park and High Street, Vernon Cottage is the perfect location for a Tourist Information Point. There is even a dedicated patio and garden area with tables where visitors can study the information they pick up, plus a large map of Shanklin to show visitors exactly where they are in relation to all the attractions of the Old Village, Shanklin Chine, the seafront, main shopping town and railway station. Visitors to Vernon Cottage will be able to pick-up a variety of maps, leaflets and publications, talk to trained tourist staff and find out what’s on in Shanklin and other attractions across the Island.

Lifeboat Rescues Teens and their Blue and Pink Princess

Kory Quinn - Train-Hoppin, FootStompin', Hobo-Blues Likened to “a 21st-century Woody Guthrie”, Quinn’s songs reflect experiences from his travels. His music is country folk infused with a hint of rock – almost timeless, you might say. Schwilly American Roadtrip said: “He’s nothing less than a prodigy with an old soul… This is a kid that grew up on punk, and then got turned on to The Grateful Dead through Sublime. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a legend already.” “We’re really pleased to have persuaded Kory to come down to the Island. Few bring the kind of wit, grit and determination you’ll

Kory Quinn

hear in his music.” says Stephen Izatt of Ventnor Arts Club. “He’s only 27, born in Illinois, schooled on the road and dumped in Oregon by a girl who turned him into a Portlander, seems he’s picked up some good hard knocks and is the real deal.” For further information about the guest list, annual and visitors’ memberships please email or call on 01983 857060. For more about the club visit To find out more about Kory Quinn:

Cowes RNLI lifeboat raced to the aid of four teenagers judged to be in real danger aboard a 16 foot dinghy in the Solent on Tuesday 16th July The youngsters, two youths and two girls with ages between 17 and 19, had set off from Newport in their blue and pink craft, named Princess, with the intention of paddling their way down the River Medina and then four miles eastwards in the Solent to Wootton. But while the ebb tide ensured good progress down the river they quickly found the tide was well against them in the Solent. They had got no further than off The Shrape, East Cowes, before an on-shore policeman decided to alert Solent Coastguards that

they could soon be in real trouble. When the lifeboat arrived on the scene just after 9 pm they found none of the teenagers - two from East Cowes and two from Wootton, were wearing lifejackets and, with twilight fast approaching, their boat carried no lights. All four were immediately transferred to the lifeboat and they and their boat taken of to East Cowes Marina. Isle Wight The 19 year old told the lifeboat crew he had only purchased Princess that day and decided to take it and his friends for a trip. On arrival at marina the lifeboat helm, Laurie O'Callaghan, gave him some sea safety advice in the hope that future voyages would be uneventful.


The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

More than 300 performers set to take part in the fourth Ventnor Fringe Festival The Ventnor Fringe is delighted to reveal the full program for this year is now complete with the announcement of two final events. Step into Ventnor Library after hours for the ‘Lock In’ on Thursday 15th August from 10pm with some of the most exciting emerging spoken word poets from all over the UK taking part and hosted by the multi award winning Dizraeli, returning to the Fringe after opening the Festival with his band in 2011. Slippers and dressing gowns are encouraged for what is set to be a real highlight of the Festival. In total more than 300 artists will be showcasing and performing in ‘pop up’ venues and spaces throughout Ventnor from 14th – 17th August, coinciding with the annual Carnival celebrations. Based on the famous Edinburgh Fringe, VFringe has grown year on year since it’s launch by a team of teenagers in 2010 and this summer’s event promises to be the most adventurous to date. Spanning theatre to comedy, cabaret to visual arts the Fringe also hosts the self contained Isle of Wight Film Festival and new Spire Sessions Music event. Renowned for creating unusual venues the Fringe will once again be occupying churches, shops, gardens and even front rooms as well as re-creating ‘The Observatory’ a unique cocktail bar on Ventnor Seafront bandstand, with 360-degree views of Ventnor Bay. New venues and spaces this year will also include a street food

market and performance space on Ventnor Esplanade, inspired by London’s famous Southbank and a new ‘Woodland Area’ with a host of intimate performances and strange goings on as well as a new bar and Yurt theatre venue nestled amongst the trees. The Fringe will come to a close on Saturday night with a one off ‘Last Night of The Fringe’ concert at Holy Trinity Church featuring performers from across the Festival such as Marques Toliver and Liam Bailey as well as a host of special guests including Paul Butler of The Bees. The artists will all come together for a unique experiment in a jam session like no other! Fans of the Fringe can also join a new membership scheme for £20 a year, which provides a range of benefits including ‘2 for 1’ ticket deals on many shows across the Fringe and access to a new ‘Secret Bar’ – relocated to a mystery location for 2013. Funds raised will be used to create a new year round home for the Festival, which will open in a ‘pop up’ capacity as a Box Office at 6 Church Street, Ventnor and be open daily from 16th July. Visitors wishing to camp at this years event can book a pitch in Ventnor for the first time on the website from £10 per person or stay in boutique camping Tipis or airstream caravans hosted by Vintage Vacations. Full details and prices on the website or Facebook page. The full line up of events is available to view on

Johnny Flynn

Marques Toliver

Inspired by Wight returns to Ventnor Botanic Garden This August Inspired by Wight returns to Ventnor Botanic Garden. From August 10 to August 27 visitors will be able to see the work of island artist Daphne Ellman. “I started the Inspired by Wight exhibition with a couple of colleagues as most of my reference and inspiration comes from this beautiful island,” says Daphne, who will be painting in situ so that visitors can see the expert at work. “The Ventnor Botanic Garden is just down the road from where I live & has a perfect visitor centre to exhibit in.


Daphne will be accompanied by artists Suzanna Watts and Margaret Plant each with their own distinctive style. There will be around 60 paintings on display and entry is free with plenty of free car parking for those visiting the exhibition.

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The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

Campaign offers chance to settle bills Taxpayers in the South East who have failed to submit tax returns are being offered the chance to come forward and pay up under a new HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) campaign. Beginning on 9 July, the campaign is aimed at people who have received a Self Assessment tax return or notice to complete a tax return for any year up to 201112 but have not taken action. As part of the campaign, HMRC will be writing directly to several thousand people it has identified using intelligence-gathering software, and will follow up with calls to many of them. This includes around 3,200 people in the South East. Marian Wilson, HMRC’s head of campaigns, said: “This is definitely the best time to catch up, on the best possible terms. While some penalties will apply, it is likely to cost people more if we have to find them rather than them coming to us. We have made it easy to take part. “We know this approach works because Campaigns launched so far have produced more than £547 million by people coming forward

voluntarily. And evidence shows that people who change their behaviour voluntarily are more likely to remain compliant longer. We will continue to analyse information using Connect, our state-of-the-art risking engine, and will be looking more closely at people who have gaps in their tax records.” The campaign follows last year’s Tax Return Initiative campaign, which covered higher-rate taxpayers who had failed to submit 2008-09 or 2009-10 returns. Under that campaign, more than £30 million was paid when over 3,000 people came forward voluntarily, filing more than 5,500 tax returns. Once participants have told HMRC that they want to take part in the campaign, they have until 15 October 2013 to complete and submit a tax return, and pay the tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) that they owe. After 15 October, if they have not submitted their returns and paid the tax due, penalties of up to 100 per cent of the tax, or even criminal investigation, could follow.

Drifting Dinghy Proved No Child's Play for Occupant

A 25 year old man, aimlessly adrift on the Solent in a child's inflatable dinghy, sparked a rescue operation involving Cowes RNLI, Hampshire police and auxiliary coastguards on the 9th July The man had apparently gone to sea in the inflatable at Thorness, west of Cowes. Well over an hour later his plight was spotted by someone on Thorness Beach, and informed Solent

Coastguards. He was first taken aboard a police RIB, then later transferred to Cowes lifeboat which duly delivered him and his flimsy craft back to the shore. There Needles mobile auxiliary coastguards were waiting to further add to straightforward advice he had already received from the police. Cowes lifeboat launched at 7.15 pm and returned at 8.25 pm.

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Stunning summer read from Isabel Ashdown In this intense novel of secrets and simmering passions the acclaimed author of Glasshopper & Hurry Up & Wait takes us back to the legendary heatwave of 76. It’s the start of one of the hottest summers on record with soaring temperatures and weeks without rain; the summer of Abba, T-Rex, David Bowie and Demis Roussos; of Martinis, cheesecake and chicken chasseur; of the Montreal Olympics and the Notting Hill riots – the summer Big Ben stopped dead. Luke Wolff is about to turn eighteen and is all set to enjoy his last few months at home on the Isle of Wight before leaving for college. Life is looking good; his job at a holiday camp promises new friendships, even the possibility of romance, and his parents are too preoccupied with their own lives to worry much about their son’s growing independence. But with windows and doors constantly open and life increasingly lived outside, secrets become hard to hide. As Luke listens in, his parents’ seemingly

ordered lives come unstuck. Soon the community is gripped by scandal, and everything Luke thought he knew about family and trust is turned on its head. With her fine eye for the drama of everyday life, Ashdown perceptively unravels the complexity of her characters’ lives – and reveals what really lies beneath the deceptively smooth surface.


The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013



The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

Modest Grants Make Big Difference at Hospital As that golden oldie says: 'Little things mean a lot' - and that precisely was what two modest grants from the Friends of St Mary's Hospital has meant to two very different areas of the hospital. First was the £1,162 grant for aids and resources for the Speech and Language Unit. Emma Pugh, Acting Chief Adult Speech Therapist, put in the bid on behalf of both the paediatric and adult sections of the unit. “We have to rely on the goodwill of the Friends for these items, which are of real benefit to people of all ages and ranges of disabilities,” said Emma. “Adults may have had a stroke or some other brain condition, have chronic laryngitis or a progressive condition such as Parkinsons. Children may have developmental delays, specific language impairments, autism or a cleft pallet.

“The feed-back from all clients and their therapists making use of the items is always positive, and we are grateful to the Friends.” Then there was the small, but nonetheless much appreciated grant for a microwave for the kitchen jointly used for patients and staff of the orthopaedic Alverstone and Luccombe wards “We are so grateful,” enthused Sister Caroline Moul. “Patients are again able to enjoy porridge, hot milk on cereals, and hot milky drinks prepared by our staff. And the staff, who often just don’t have the time to go to the restaurant, can once more bring in food for heating up. “When we saw the new microwave after being without one for several months it was as if all our Christmases had come at once!”

Emma Pugh, with many of the items acquired for the Speech and Language Unit.

Tesco shoppers in Ryde donate 1.8 tonnes of food Generous customers on the Island donated an incredible 1.8 tonnes of food at Tesco’s National Food Collection on the 5th & 6th July to help local people in need. Customers were asked to donate non-perishable food items such as long-life milk, cereals and tinned vegetables and fruit. In June this year, IoW Foodbank are feeding an average of 100 people a week, 45% of which are children. Tesco Extra, Ryde held the appeal in partnership with IoW Foodbank charity, the Trussell Trust. Nationally, Tesco stores, Trussell Trust Foodbanks, Fareshare & online grocery distribution centres across the country collected a grand total of 3.5 million meals for people in need. Hannah King, Project Leader at IoW Foodbank said "It was an incredible amount of food that was donated by local people. All food donated on the Island, stays on the Island. We are always thrilled with the generosity of Islanders “Our volunteers were at Tesco Extra until 10pm on Saturday and it has taken a week for us to take delivery and weigh in the food at our warehouse. Its HUGE!" Rebecca Shelley, Group Corporate Affairs Director at Tesco said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response from customers on the Island and thanks to their generosity we’ve been able to collect much-needed food for

people in need. “Colleagues in all of our stores across the UK have also played their part and have been busy sorting food items and helping to distribute food over the last few days, so that food can be distributed to local people who are struggling to make ends meet. “To raise 1.8 tonnes (1831.1 kilos) in the area is an incredible achievement and I want to thank all our customers and colleagues for their support.” Tesco will begin to roll out permanent collection points in some of its larger stores in the coming months and will hold its next National Food Collection at the end of the year. Chris Mould, Chairman of the Trussell Trust said: In the last three months alone Trussell Trust foodbanks have given three days’ emergency food to over 150,000 people in crisis and we know that the summer holidays can tip many low-income families over the edge. The extraordinary generosity of tens of thousands of members of the public across the UK at Tesco last weekend will help foodbanks to stop thousands of families from facing hunger this summer. We’re immensely grateful to Tesco for their invaluable support, the 30 per cent top up is a wonderful gift to our foodbanks which will make the public’s donations go much further.”

Lin Scott, housekeeper for Alverstone Ward , all ready to heat up another plate of porridge

Cowes Lifeboat Benefits from Regatta's 'Thank You' Cash Cowes RNLI lifeboat station, which provided assistance to a yachtsman who had a suspected heart attack, subsequently received welcome monetary gifts for its prompt actions. The man had been aboard the 37 foot Femme Fatale in Osborne Bay on 21 June when he complained of chest pains and tingling in an arm. Although Cowes lifeboat and crew were made ready to race to the scene it was then stood down after Solent Coastguards were informed the yacht was making for Trinity Landing under its own power. But the lifeboat crew had not yet finished playing a part in the incident. Several quickly made their way on foot to Trinity Landing, where Graham Creagh and Patrick Moreton were on hand to provide First Aid support to the man pending the arrival of hospital paramedics. Subsequently the station received cheques totalling £2,120 as a result of a charity raffle and personal donations arising from the event in which Femme Fatale was competing, a Cowes-based

regatta organised by the Leicester pipeline and heating company, BSS. Company managing director Frank Elkins said all those involved in the regatta were grateful for the speedy way people, including Cowes lifeboat, responded to the emergency. Thanking him, lifeboat operations manager Mark Southwell told him: "The RNLI continues to rely on voluntary contributions and legacies. It is only through these we are able to provide our volunteer lifeboat crews, lifeguards and efficient boats, equipment and training that are needed to save lives at sea." He added he was delighted to be told the yachtsman had now recovered from his health scare.


The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19 th July 2013

SAT results improvements have been sustained Provisional Key Stage 2 SAT results for 2013 have shown Isle of Wight pupils aged 11 have sustained the improvements seen last year, according to unvalidated results. Overall results show a slight improvement when compared to 2012. At Level 4+ Writing was 82.3 per cent compared to 81 per cent in 2012 and Maths was 81.8 per cent compared to 79 per cent last year. Reading has slightly fallen, with 83 per cent compared to 84 per cent last year. For the first year, pupils also sat a new grammar, punctuation and spelling test, The Isle of Wight average for this was 67 per cent at Level 4+. At Level 5+, Reading was 42 per cent, Writing was 25.9 per cent and Maths was 33.1 per cent. National comparisons for 2013 will be available once results have been validated which is expected in the autumn. Councillor Richard Priest, cabinet

member for children's services said: “After the encouraging figures seen in 2012 - which was the first year primary school pupils took the exams rather than middle school pupils - it was important the Isle of Wight continued the upward trend and consolidated its results. "It is pleasing primary schools have been able to do that although we do recognise that some schools performed better than others. We now need to analyse the results in more detail and focus on areas where further improvement can be made, such as in those primaries which are not performing so well. "This is a step in the right direction for which we congratulate primary heads. Our focus now is ensuring that our partnership with Hampshire can help us make the necessary strides which reflect our ambitions for our children."

Newport Carnival: Saturday 20 July The carnival will form up in Matalan Car Park at 6.30pm and is due to leave at 7.30pm. It will proceed along the following route: Furrlongs, South Street, Upper St James Street, Trafalgar Road, Carisbrooke Road, High Street,

Quay Street and The Quay where the procession should arrive at approx 9.15pm. Each road will be closed for a short period to allow the procession to pass through. Local diversions will be signposted as the procession proceeds.

Appeal following serious collision Police are appealing for witnesses to a collision involving a motorcycle and a parked car. The crash happened in Victoria Grove, East Cowes at 8.50pm on Saturday and involved a 125cc motorbike and a stationary blue Volkswagen Sharan. The rider of the motorcycle, a 20year-old man from Newport was taken to St Mary’s Hospital in

Newport before being transferred via air ambulance to Southampton General Hospital where he remains today in a serious condition. The Volkswagen was empty at the time of the collision. Police are appealing for witnesses to the collision to call Sgt Dave Sanderson on 101 quoting Operation Consist.



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Bidding underway for Isle of Wight waste contract

The first stage in the bidding process for a new long-term waste contract for the Island is underway. On the 10 July, 25 companies attended a bidders’ event at County Hall to find out about the opportunities the new waste contract will present. The new contract, due to start late in 2015 and for a period of up to 25 years, will replace the existing integrated municipal waste contract which has been operated by Island Waste Services (a subsidiary of Biffa) since 1997. The new contract will include: * the collection of all household waste and recyclables; * a recycling service; * the treatment and disposal of food, green and residual waste; * the operation and management of civic amenity and bring bank sites; * a reuse and minimisation service; * the consideration of a commercial waste service. Companies are being invited to request a pre-qualification questionnaire for the contract as the first stage of the procurement process. A notice advertising the contract has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union and can be viewed at (reference number 2013078390). Companies, including those who didn’t attend the bidders’ day, interested in bidding for the contract can request more information – including the Pre-

Qualification Questionnaire – until 2pm on 24 July from The deadline for completed PreQualification Questionnaires is 2pm on 31 July 2013. Under the new contract, the council is seeking to achieve a 55 per cent recycling rate for all municipal waste on the Island by 2020 and 60 per cent by 2025. The current contract will end in October 2015. Councillor Luisa Hillard, cabinet member for sustainability, said: “The process will allow the bidding companies to propose the best mixture of innovation and proven technology to deliver affordable and environmentallydesirable waste services. “Our waste is a resource that can support resilience and economic opportunity on the Island, if managed creatively. “I therefore expect that the new waste partnership will aspire to achieve best practice, including value for money for residents, benefits for the green economy and materials security for local industry.” Councillor Jonathan Gilbey, cabinet member for resources, said: “The new waste contract gives us the opportunity to take a look at the logistics of how we collect and use our waste on the Island. “With an ever increasing population which is producing more waste, but also more recyclable waste, we should be using this contract to our advantage, and in doing so help the environment in which we live.”

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The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

Views sought on discretionary housing payment policy The Isle of Wight Council is undertaking a consultation on its Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP) policy. Feedback received during the consultation period will help to finalise the policy which will come into force is to be formalised and will come into force during the current financial year. In some circumstances, people in receipt of housing benefit find themselves in a situation where the benefit they receive does not cover the amount of rent they are due to pay. The policy provides extra support to cover these shortfalls on a short-term basis where a claim is made for additional financial support and the applicant is

receiving at least the minimum amount of housing benefit. It does not cover shortfalls in the amount of council tax due to be paid. The policy is being developed to give a consistent and fair approach to providing additional assistance for the most vulnerable Island residents in genuine hardship. To take part in the survey, or you can send any comments by email to clearly marking it as ‘DHP feedback’ in the subject heading. You can write to the council to request a paper copy of the policy or to tell us your views at: Discretionary Housing Payment, Isle of Wight Council Offices, Broadway, Sandown, Isle of Wight

A new “Festival of the Sea” The Isle of Wight is planning to ride the crest of a wave as it celebrates its maritime history, heritage and holiday appeal during a lively, nine-day “Festival of the Sea” across the whole of the Island - lasting from Saturday, September 14th to Sunday, September 22nd. Aimed at giving the out-of-season visitor more things to see and do during a September stay on the Isle of Wight, it is also expected to attract additional day visitors, as well as family groups during two especially action-packed ‘shoulder’ weekends. The Festival was announced on July 9th and the full programme of events - due to be revealed early next month - will include everything from sea shanties, beach art displays, fishing, cookery displays and foodtastings, through to opportunities to charter boats, sailing lessons, kite festivals, talks…and even organised cycle rides that end-up with fish’n’chips on the beach! Another “first” for The Isle of Wight, The Festival of the Sea is now expected to become an annual event capable of washingup an extra 40,000 visitors to the Island. For the time being, however, ambitions are being set to a more realistic figure of around 10,000 additional “crew members” for the inaugural Festival. The Isle of Wight’s Festival of the Sea will be anchored by headline events such as The Sea Shanty at the Spyglass Inn Ventnor, a Beach Arts Festival in Fishbourne, the Red Funnel Food Show in Cowes,

and a new competitive Fishing Festival. All other events and promotional activities on the same theme are then being brought under the Festival banner to ensure that this and all future years will include a lively mix of events to draw in the crowds. The Festival of the Sea is the first of several new themed weeks and festivals being rolled-out by Visit Isle of Wight in the coming months to attract more visitors to the Island during other out-of-season periods - including an “Isle of Fright” campaign around Halloween and Bonfire Night, and an “ILOVEWight Festival” around Valentines Day. Most recently, the Isle of Wight has also launched its “Walking with Dinosaurs” experience. The new, augmented reality App celebrates the popular UK holiday destination’s remarkable prehistoric heritage, which caused it to be named “Dinosaur Capital of Britain” earlier this year, as well as its links to Walking with Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie - which is set for global release in December. The new App is based on the ancestral links between the characters in the film and the dinosaurs on the Isle of Wight. And it gives visitors to the Island the chance to be seen standing alongside dinosaurs in the very place they were discovered. Further details about “Dinosaur Island” at For full details of all events and activities

No mystery about Ventnor Arts Club Since opening, Ventnor Arts Club has screened approximately forty films on its big screen while members and their guests watch from the comfort of a leather armchair or sofa, sip their wine or cocktail and eat from the light menu. No rustling of plastic bags, crunching of nuts or chatter interfere with the crisp surround sound here – people are really here to enjoy the films as well as the luxury. Tuesdays sees an art house or independent film of interest while on Thursdays, more popular new and classic films are shown. Also over the last four months there have been around twenty six live music performances in the club. Singer songwriters from around the Island as well as mainland and overseas artistes have been to play memorable sets, most brought by the club for their first visit to the island. All have asked to come back to play again to the appreciative and attentive audiences they discovered ready and waiting. And now the club is hosting regular jazz nights with super versatile pianist Jim Thorn at the heart of a changing feast of music from his friends and collaborators. Another jazz Trio, new to the island will also debut this weekend and the wonderful gypsy jazz band Cat Skellington is also coming back by popular demand. It seems that as well as fresh singer songwriters, the club atmosphere works particularly well for jazz and blues – not surprising given the jazzy interior of Ventnor’s art deco gem. Although fundamentally run for the benefit of its members, the club has also hosted community and festival events. It is base for the Ventnor Film Society, the Ventnor Business Association recently held its open meeting in the club, it was an Isle of Arts venue and once again the club will host a programme of events during the Ventnor Fringe – mostly for cabaret and comedy performances. After all, the 2012 Fringe was when we first discovered the club had been bought and what was likely to happen with it, but at that point, opening just 4 days following its purpose, few could have imagined what it would truly be like after the 6 month refurbishment. The transformation, designed by the owners and completed using craftsmen and trades from the immediate area, has been

dramatic and it’s hard not to draw breath as you look around the dramatic original features that have been revealed once more. The floor covering, painted surfaces and mahogany trims all work together to deliver a genuine art deco feel as well as having been carefully chosen with acoustics in mind. Now, the club is entering a new phase of its development. Applications are invited for full, annual membership and a brand new Visitors’ Membership, for seven days at a time, is available for people on holiday or visiting friends on the island. The annual membership is £150 for twelve months – working out at £2.88 per week. Given that often covers two films and two music performances as well as general access to the club for socialising (you can take up to three guests with you), meetings and quiet working, it seems a great deal for less than the cost of a beer. No wonder people think the members’ club is sometimes thought to be secretive – these are the benefits that existing members have been enjoying for months! Ever since plans for the club were released there has been a little mystery around, just like any other members’ establishment. Although with the Film Society, Isle of Arts, VBA and open evenings, there have been many chances for people to sneak a peek. And once again a more generally available evening is coming up. This time it’s Miss Terri who takes on the baton of intrigue. A world renowned chanteuse and long standing favourite at Madam Jo Jo’s in London’s west end, Miss Terri will be entertaining a curious th audience on the 26 July, reaffirming the club’s intent to bring something different to Ventnor and the island.


The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19 th July 2013

BESTIVAL 2013 announces THE AMPHITHEATRE theatre, talks, comedy & spoken word line-up Adding a touch of culture to Bestival’s 10th Birthday spectacular from September 5th-9th at Robin Hill Country Park, we are delighted to announce the return of our hugely popular performance stage, The Amphitheatre, set deep in the heart of the Ambient Forest. Nestled under a canopy of trees, this beautiful spot will be home to acts and performances ranging from theatre, to sketch comedy, spoken word and talks. Rob da Bank says, “Bestival has never just been about the music and over the last three years we've put huge focus on our spoken word, theatre and other worldly pursuits that don’t involve loud music and raving. 2013 will be our finest year yet, with the best performers and spoken worders out there - from Scroobius Pip and Kate Tempest to the Tongue Fu dudes, plus an incredible cinematic line-up, theatre, comedy, our unofficial mascot Howard Marks and even an on the sofa chat with jungle and drum & bass legends. If you go down to the woods today expect to be surprised - and I’ll see you in a tree hammock.” First up, we are very excited to be presenting ‘Wasted’; the debut play written by Ted Hughes Award winning poet Kate Tempest. This day-glo trip through the parks and raves and cafes of South London, is a play about life, love and losing your mind. And if theatre is your thing, you should also check out ‘The Man Who Thought The Moon Would Fall Out Of The Sky’, a real life fairytale filled with laugher, music and magic. We are also presenting ‘The Wolf’: a classic tale that adds a contemporary twist in the form of two exceptionally talented brothers and three performers. They drum; they dance; they DJ turning classics into contemporary house music. We will also be welcoming some of the leading spoken word artists in the UK, from Scroobius Pip’s Satin Lizard Lounge sessions (featuring the likes of Kate Tempest, Josh Idehen, John Osborne and Tim Clare) to Tongue Fu, Chris Redmond’s infamous poetry mash-up where spoken word is presented alongside a superb live band. We also have up and coming talent from spoken word collectives, Elephant, Early Doors, the

Roundhouse Poetry Collective and Talia Randall. We’ll be presenting some seriously funny sketch comedy, starting with Guilt & Shame: Addicted To Everything. With pumping music, crazy dance numbers and rapping transvestites, Addicted To Everything will take you on a journey of sin, redemption then right back to sin again. And, following their glorious standing ovation at The Amphitheatre in 2012, Edinburgh Fringe favourites Four Screws Loose return for their second kick-ass Bestival show, so buckle up and prepare for Screwtopia!: a world screwed with ludicrous characters, outlandish music and spontaneous dance-breaks. Plus critically acclaimed duo, That Pair, present a brand new hour of sketch, character and musical comedy with a lesson in how to be remembered fondly after you’re gone. For true life renditions, look no further than The Worst of Scottee, a brutally honest encounter with past flames, exfriends and people who no longer like him, in an attempt to find out where he went wrong. Or learn how to be a Coin Operated Girl in this tell-all comedy exposing the truth about sex workers, their clients, and all the hilarious, heart-warming and often bizarre moments in a unique career. Bestival stalwart and intrepid bon viveur Howard Marks will share with us his brand new spoken word show; ‘Scholar, Smuggler, Prisoner, Scribe’. With trademark honesty and penetrating humour, Howard will look back at four extraordinary and action packed phases of his life. And Tayo3000 will be presenting The Gentlemans’ Junglist Club - an all-inclusive society of likeminded individuals, brought together by their love of the “golden age” of jungle. Save The Male is a spoken word, comedy and music showcase, raising awareness of the male suicide prevention charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). The showcase aims to encourage and inspire Bestivalgoers to engage in creative expression. As night falls, we’ll be turning to the silver screen. The Amphitheatre will be transformed into a glorious cinema with live

scores from the likes of Fake Blood, DJ Woody and East India Youth with cult classics, documentaries and short films all programmed by our friends from the Branchage and London Short Film Festivals. With a theme for each night – Musical Journeys, Rapper’s Delight, Fright Night and Outsiders – Films In The Forest offers up a programme of movies that’ll move you, amuse you and in some cases terrify you. And back by popular demand, you can start your day at The Amphitheatre with a very special ‘Chill’ session of meditation or

relaxation, presented by leading experts the David Lynch Foundation. And once you have cleared your mind, why not clear your lungs with a liberating choir session? Our singing maestros Funky Little Choir will help you sing your hearts out. So if you’re looking for some food for thought in amongst the hedonistic fun, head to The Amphitheatre and soak up the erudite pleasures! Keep on checking and our Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news. And don’t forget to tag your tweets #hmsbestival.

Kate Tempest

Credit: IW Council .

David Lynch

Howard Marks

Scroobius Pip


The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

Leading Island businesswoman appointed new role Prominent regional businesswoman and Finance Director at major Isle of Wight employer GKN Aerospace Sarah McCarthy-Fry has been appointed chair of the Solent Employment and Skills Board by the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). The voluntary role will see Sarah charged with delivering the Solent LEP’s ambitious employment and skills agenda. Local Enterprise Partnerships have been given a pivotal responsibility for setting local skills priorities and strategies specifically designed to meet the needs of their economy. Currently Finance Director at

GKN Aerospace, Sarah is well known in the Solent, where she was deputy leader of Portsmouth City Council for five years before becoming Portsmouth North MP between 2005 and 2010, and has considerable knowledge and experience of employment and skills issues. Sarah said: “The Solent has a strong pool of skilled workers, especially in the marine, aerospace and advanced manufacturing sectors. We are also lucky to have such fantastic universities and education institutions. It is important to recognise that we still face significant challenges in producing the skilled workforce

tomorrow’s Solent economy needs in order to thrive and I look forward to working in my role as ESB Chair to ensure local people have the skills required to take up the new job opportunities that colleagues at the Solent LEP are working to create.” Chris Allington, Solent LEP board director with responsibility for skills, said: “It is fantastic news for the region, its young people and its businesses that someone of Sarah’s experience and stature is on board. We have ambitious targets to deliver the skills business needs to grow. We want to work with enterprises, education and training providers and employers to help

ensure provision meets local needs and Sarah is the ideal choice to drive this crucial project.”

Boat tuition day at East Cowes marina boosts sailing skills Berth holders and their crews at East Cowes Marina brushed up on their boating skills when they attended an RYA Active Marina Own Boat Tuition workshop on the 29th June. The workshop is part of the RYA Active Marina Programme which aims to encourage boat owners to get more out of life with their boats by gaining the confidence and skills to leave their berths and get out on the water more often. It was also a great way for berth holders to get to know each other. Nine sailors in five sailing and motor yachts attended the workshops which were met with huge enthusiasm. Instructors Tim Griffin of Griffin Marine Services and Mike Acton from IYWAC (Island Youth Water Activities Centre) were on hand to give expert advice and plenty of tips, taking their students through various manoeuvres, on a sunny day in light winds. The focus was on improving boat handling skills during a two hour training session for each boat.

“The session was excellent and informative,” said one participant, Stuart Beardmore-Smith. “It was delivered in a calm and clear manner and I look forward to more training with the RYA.” After the event Tim Griffin said “The team at East Cowes Marina are a very happy, friendly bunch and nothing is too much hassle for them.” Mike Acton of IYWAC described the day: “The workshop session was very successful despite a lack of wind, and we were able to cover two practical topics - man overboard recovery drill and reversing into a pontoon berth. The partnership between East Cowes Marina and the RYA Training Centre at IYWAC offers a lot of scope for delivering short workshops on areas of interest to the boat owners, thus delivering training to people who may not consider taking a longer course.” A programme of Active Marina events is taking place in marinas across the south, and indeed the whole UK, to get boat owners and

crews fired up about their boating. East Cowes Marina has already planned some more Own Boat Training and a cruise between Haslar and East Cowes. The programme encourages and supports increased berth holder activity by partnering with marinas, RYA recognised training

Instructor Mike Acton (right) talks Chris Chadwick through manoeuvres as they reverse his sailing yacht into a berth

16th A4 Page Advert 01+ Issues @ £5.00 03+ Issues @ £4.50 06+ Issues @ £4.00 12+ Issues @ £3.50

listen online at

centres, berth holder groups and yacht clubs to establish or enhance a programme of training, cruising and social opportunities. For more information about the RYA Active Marina Programme visit Sign up to become an Active Marina email

HILL FARM STABLES 01983 752502 07748 253899


The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19 th July 2013

Yachtsman Shoulders Great Pain for Murray's Victory A yachtsman whose celebrations over Andy Murray's Wimbledon win went much too far, ended up with him in great pain and having to be rescued by Cowes RNLI lifeboat on Sunday, 7th July. The 45 year old man was aboard his friend's 39 foot yacht, Bliss, moored in Newtown Creek, when he decided to take a celebratory dive into the sea on news of Murray's championship victory. As he hit the water, however, his right shoulder became dislocated. Although his arm was now firmly stuck in the air he still somehow managed to swim to the boat's rear platform where he was helped back on board by the owner. After being alerted by Solent Coastguards of the incident, the lifeboat was launched just after 6 pm and was quickly on the scene. One of the lifeboat crew, Dr Will King, checked the man over before he was transferred to the lifeboat. He was then taken to Trinity Landing, Cowes, where an ambulance was waiting to convey him to Newport's St Mary's Hospital. On the way to Cowes the injured man told the crew that dislocation of his shoulder was a recurring problem for him. The last time was when he fell on the yacht while celebrating St Patrick's Day! But on that occasion he managed to put his shoulder back without the need of outside assistance. The lifeboat, helmed by Laurie O'Callaghan, returned to station at 7.15 pm.

Credit Isle of Wight Council

The injured man being helped along Trinity Landing, from the lifeboat, by ambulance personnel.


The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19th July 2013

Cowes Lifeboat Tows Boat Out of Harms Way A cabin cruiser with a couple and two children aboard was towed out of harms way by Cowes RNLI lifeboat on the 6th July, after being reported to be having engine trouble. The 20 foot Optumis was spotted by someone onshore near Gurnard Luck to have lost power from its main outboard engine, and was making little headway with a smaller auxiliary outboard. The lifeboat, launched just after 7 pm, found the boat was taken eastwards by the flood tide and was now off Egypt Point. It was towed by the lifeboat across the Solent, to off the Hampshire shore, where it was judged to be safe enough to continue with the auxiliary to its Southampton mooring at the entrance to the River Itchen. Lifeboat helm Laurie O'Callaghan, said: "Because the boat was so under-powered our initial concern was that it was in imminent danger of going aground on rocks off Egypt Point. We then did not want to see such a slow-moving craft crossing the main shipping lane."


Causes benefit from masonic grand charity awards

The Isle of Wight Festival Returns!

12th – 15th June 2014 Every year, the Isle of Wight Festival starts the season in style and 2014 will be no different as the iconic Festival returns from 12th – 15th June. To keep up to date with all the latest news, check out Steeped in history and famed for mixing legendary artists with the hottest up and coming acts, the Festival also plays host to some of the most stylish free-spirited festivalgoers around in the stunning setting of Seaclose Park. 2013 featured headline performances from the Likes of The Stone Roses, The Killers and Bon Jovi on the Main Stage, plus Ellie Goulding, Sub Focus (Live) and Blondie in the Big Top, creating one unforgettable weekend of sunshine and excitement! More information on what’s in store for 2014 will be announced soon, follow us on Twitter @IsleOfWightFest and visit the Facebook page at for all the action from this year and next!

Representatives from charities receiving grants from members of Island Masonic Lodges. The Hampshire and isle of Wight Masonic Grand Charity, ‘The Tom Langton Fund’, has approved grants totalling £3050.00 to worthy causes on the Island: Newport IW Boxing Club received £550 sponsored by West Wight Lodge. Headway IW received £500 sponsored by Spithead lodge. National Coast Watch received £500 sponsored by West Wight Lodge. T.S. Osborne Cowes Sea Cadets received £500 sponsored by Medina Lodge. Island Women’s Refuge received £500 sponsored by East Medina Lodge. Holy

Cross Church received £500 sponsored by Vectensian Lodge The award cheques were presented at the Cowes Masonic Centre Open Day on Saturday, 6th July, at 1.00 pm. All recipients and sponsoring Lodges were represented. The Tom Langton Fund has recently made grants totaling £17,500 to help numerous charities supporting vulnerable people, including those with disabilities, disadvantaged children, youth organisations, local churches and associations across the Masonic Province of

Hampshire and Isle of Wight. Since it was established in 1985, grants of £576,536 have been made to over 1200 charities and deserving causes. Hampshire and Isle of Wight Freemasons are always looking to help/support local charitable causes and organisations, if there are any small local charities or organisations who feel they might be worthy of an award then they should contact their Local Masonic Lodge details of which can be found on or contact Peter Tautz on 07966 157688.


The Isle of Wight Mail | Friday 19 th July 2013

NHS Health Trainer Service Volunteer Network Launched The NHS Health Trainer Service launched their new volunteer network on Monday 1st July at the Isobel Centre, Newport. The volunteers, Health Trainer staff and partnership organisation met for lunch. Kay Marriott HT service manager and Sara Ellis Community Action IoW development manager agreed “It was great to see the volunteers are now trained and supporting clients and it is good to have the support of IW Public Health, Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group, the NHS Trust and Isle of Wight Council at the launch.” There are currently four (4) Health Trainers. The support of the volunteers will enable the number of people able to access the service to substantially increase and help Islanders become healthier. The volunteer Health Trainer buddy service, based at Community Action IoW and in partnership with NHS Volunteers,

will extend the support available for people and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. This may include regular walking, swimming, gym activities, dancing/singing, and interest groups. The volunteer Health Trainer Champions support the service within their own organisations and workplace by brief intervention and signposting and refer to the service. Organisations include The Isobel Centre, Spectrum Housing, Nine Acres Primary School, Local, Fitness League, NHS Diabetics, Gibbs and Gurnell pharmacy and church groups. Sixteen volunteers undertook training, some accredited, to ensure they had the knowledge and skills needed for the role. The launch event was the first of the planned quarterly network meetings for the Champions and the Buddies. For further information about the Health Trainer Service visit the website

Ban sky lanterns, says CLA

Sky lanterns (Chinese lanterns) have been an accident waiting to happen for years and should now be banned in order to cut the risk of fires, and the threat to property and livestock – according to the CLA in the South East. The call follows a devastating blaze at a Midlands plastics recycling plant in which eleven firemen were injured – but CLA South East Director, Robin Edwards, says that the Government should have foreseen the threat and taken action earlier. “There is no doubt, these lanterns make an impressive sight lifting into the evening sky, but the risk of serious damage from what is, effectively, a minihot air balloon composed of flame, paper and wire being launched into the night sky over

which you have no control, is wholly reckless.” Mr Edwards said there seemed to be a sense of public denial about the potential danger to people, livestock, woodlands standing crops, moorland and buildings but, he added, there could be no further doubt in anybody’s mind that a ban would be in the public interest. “In the South East, we have been calling for action to outlaw these lanterns for the last four years, wild animals and cattle have been injured or killed and millions of pounds of damage has been caused by fires started by Chinese lanterns. There is no doubt that a ban is in the public interest. Other countries have seen fit to ban them, and it is high time this Government followed suit.”

CLA criticism of rural broadband deadline backed by new report The CLA has welcomed a report by the National Audit Office (NAO) backing the Association’s criticism of the rural broadband deadline. The report states that the rural broadband programme will deliver results 22 months late and confirms the CLA’s long held view that the original deadline of May 2015 was unrealistic. CLA President Harry Cotterell said: “For the past two years we have said there is no conceivable way 2015 targets would be met by rolling out superfast broadband through Broadband Delivery UK and Local Authorities. “What really concerns me is the lack of transparency in the procurement process. With BT the only bidder, the lack of competition brings into question the programme’s value

for money.” Under the rural broadband programme, the superfast network should be accessible by 90 percent of the population by May 2015. However, the NAO report has said that only 9 out of 44 local projects will be able to meet that deadline. Mr Cotterell added: “To have so few projects likely to complete by May 2015 is a shocking indictment of the way this has been carried out.” The CLA President is writing to Culture Secretary Maria Miller to request clarification of concerns that the Government’s other objective - ensuring there is access for all to at least two megabits per second (Mbps) by 2015 - may also be delayed to 2017.

Isle of Wight Sports

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