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Terms of Reference for International Consultant for SAP Formulation “Environmental Protection of the Rio de la Plata and its Maritime Front: Pollution Prevention and Control and Habitat Restoration� (UNDP/GEF) Background The Rio de la Plata and its Maritime Front constitute a well-defined, globally important international waterbody which contains significant biodiversity, and supports a number of economic activities for its two riparian countries (Argentina and Uruguay), including commercial fisheries, tourism, and transportation. Situated at the terminus of the continents’ second largest drainage basin, Rio de la Plata is one of the largest fluvial-marine systems in the world. Its Maritime Front covering 215,900 km2, forms part of the South American Shelf Large Ecosystem. The economic and social importance of the Rio de la Plata and its Maritime Front and the value of holistic management of the fluvial-marine system, and the drainage basin is recognised by both riparian countries. As part of their national sustainable development programmes, Argentina and Uruguay, the riparian countries, are taking a number of initiatives to improve the management of this waterbody and particularly the problems of pollution. However, these initiatives focus primarily on national priorities and put heavy emphasis on fisheries as one of the main economic sectors of the area. There is limited knowledge about the pollution sources, local and transboundary, and their effects on the environment, resources and population in the area. The actions required to resolve the management and pollution problems in a waterbody of this size and complexity, exceed the capacities of the national entities acting independently. The strong coordination of policies, strategies and control programmes between both countries is essential. The present project has been developed to provide critical interventions to complement on-going action in the riparian countries and provide the capacity and mechanisms required to effectively manage this globally significant waterbody. It will contribute to the mitigation of current and emergent transboundary threats to the waterbody by assisting Argentina and Uruguay to prepare a Strategic Action Programme (SAP) as a framework for addressing the most imminent transboundary issues. Preparation of the SAP will precede the finalisation of a Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA), building on assessments already completed by prioritising issues, filling data gaps, and performing an in depth systems analysis of cause/effect variables, including socio-economic and ecological factors. Duties The International Consultant (IC) will assist the International Coordinator and the FREPLATA Project team to facilitate the SAP process in accordance with the GEF best practice guidelines. The IC will also assist in the preparation of materials for further key SAP/NAP workshops, if appropriate and will review all substantive outputs of the workshops, including the SAP and NAP documents. The IC will also facilitate the development of a Full Project Concept Paper for SAP implementation.


Qualifications • • • • • • •

Post graduate qualification in environmental management, environmental economics, international development, or related discipline; Demonstrated understanding of the socio-economic processes that lead to degradation of international waters; Demonstrated experience in international water project management and/or project design; Demonstrated experience in the TDA/SAP Processes, including familiarity with methodologies to be employed in multiple analyses and Best Practices of IWLearn; At least five years demonstrated and successful experience in preparing and implementing projects which have successfully conserved water ecosystems, with some of this experience in countries with economies in transition; Demonstrated ability to discuss, negotiate and facilitate inter-governmental consultations in the region; Full knowledge of GEF procedures and structures; and familiarity with UNDP operational procedures;

Tasks 1. Provide assistance and support to the International Coordinator and the FREPLATA Project team throughout the SAP formulation process 2. Development and review of Full Project Concept Paper for SAP implementation 3. In consultation with the International Coordinator and the FREPLATA Project team, through obtaining timely information, finalise the SAP and NAPs and submit to UNDP/GEF and all governments; 4. Provide support to incorporate the comments of the governments, CTMFM, CARP, UNDP/GEF, GEF Secretariat and Council, Steering Committee and other relevant committees into the SAP, NAPs and Full Project Concept Paper for SAP implementation Outputs • • • •

Workplans, TORs, comments on FREPLATA experts work; SAP and NAP workshop preparatory materials; Review of SAP and component NAPs Full Project Concept Paper for SAP Implementation

Duty Station Home office, Uruguay, Argentina and other offices as needed Duration 30 days over 7 month period between September 1st 2006 and 1st April 2007. Reporting The Consultant will report to the International Coordinator, FREPLATA Office, Montevideo, Uruguay.


FREPLATA - TOR for SAP Consultant