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INVESTIGATE January 2009:

Sinner? or Saint the unauthorised

Obama – the unauthorised biography • Youth Crime • Bond of Brothers

biography of Barack Hussein Obama: Who is he, really?

Crime Youth What does it say about our society? $7.99 January 2009

Issue 96

A Bond Of Brothers Two men, separated by destiny

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Contents 44 24 FEATURES


24  Saint or Sinner?

On 20th January Barack Obama becomes the next president of the USA, but already he’s mired in a political scandal. IAN WISHART backgrounds the transition dramas unfolding around Obama

32  Unauthorised Biography

The news media have painted one portrait of Barack Obama, but it’s not the only one, TREVOR LOUDON details the people who’ve inspired and mentored Obama, and finds they’re a collection of hard-left radicals


46  Barbarians at the Gates

Crime may be out of control in New Zealand, but in Britain the savagery of youth crime is shocking and suggests something is seriously sick in our modern liberal outlook. HAL G.P. COLEBATCH reports on a civilisational crisis facing the UK, and those who follow not far behind

54  A Bond of Brothers


For eighty years they lived just six blocks apart. One even visited the other’s home once. But neither ever realised they were brothers, until a chance discovery just a few months ago. DON TERRY has the heartwarming story of one man’s quest for his roots

60  Forgive Us Our Debt

If there’s one way out of the world economic crisis, it’s cash. SIMON GEMMILL describes his own journey of personal economic discovery Cover: NZPA


Editorial and opinion 06 Focal Point

Volume 9, issue 96, ISSN 1175-1290


08 Vox-Populi

The roar of the crowd

16 Simply Devine


Miranda Devine on red tape

18 Mark Steyn On Muslim silence

20 Eyes Right

Richard Prosser on the new regime

22 Line 1

Chris Carter on Dick Turpin’s theory

18 66

Lifestyle 64 Money

66 Education

Amy Brooke on parent power

68 Science Mercury rising

70 Technology Surveillance society

72 Sport

Chris Forster wraps up 08

74 Health

Kids and antidepressants

76 Alt.Health

Mums and antidepressants

78 Travel

The lost elegance of Laos


NZ EDITION Advertising Sales

82 Food

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Contributing Writers: Melody Towns, Selwyn Parker, Amy Brooke, Chris Forster, Peter Hensley, Chris Carter, Mark Steyn, Chris Philpott, Michael Morrissey, Miranda Devine, Richard Prosser, Claire Morrow, James Morrow, Len Restall, Laura Wilson, and the worldwide resources of MCTribune Group, UPI and Newscom Art Direction Design & Layout

Peter Hensley on retirement


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92 Music

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James Morrow cooks lamb

86 Toybox

The latest and greatest

88 Pages

Michael Morrissey’s summer picks Chris Philpott’s CD reviews Frost Nixon, Day The Earth Stood Still

96 DVDs

Mad Men, season 1


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