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Apr/May 2015

08 Absolute Power

William and Kate won’t have the powers of old, but the British monarchy remains one of the most stable forms of government on the planet. MICHAEL MORRISSEY examines a little history


Fukushima Fallout


Vaccine Debate

Three years after the devastating meltdown, what’s changed?

An American family awarded millions of dollars for the vaccine damage of their child questions the demands to make immunisation compulsory

22 Images Of Conflict

A war photographer’s harrowing memoir



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By Miranda Devine

Attitude to mothers


eard the one about the radio boss whose idea as you can and somehow your children will adapt. of helping staff with work-life balance is giving The supposedly conservative Abbott government, them free condoms to stop them having babies? having dropped paid parental leave, is adding to Boom boom. this pressure by exhorting mothers to get back to Well actually it wasn’t a joke. work ASAP to boost GDP, using the bribe of heavilySouthern Cross Austereo’s Perth manager Linda subsidised childcare. Wayman told a conference last week that keeping “a The childcare industry has ramped it up further big jar of condoms at work” was her way to “advance by pushing expensive formalised “education” for gender equity”. tiny tots, instead of the stress-free play time most “I’m not lying, I’m not exaggerating. I do encour- beneficial for developing brains. age people regularly to have sex with condoms.” Pre-school has become an arms race, so even It’s just this kind of retrograde attitude towards mothers who want to rear their own children feel maternity which keeps ambitious women down and pressured to deposit them in an institution, for fear encourages others to neglect their children. the darlings will fall behind their peers. Of all the millions of words uttered this month Thus we have the situation where the taxpayer is for International Women’s Day, how many honour footing a $7 billion annual bill to subsidise childthe most important job women do, being mothers, care, with costs rising 8 per cent a year — and no and how many ignore, devalue, scorn or revile it? discernible benefit to children. I would dare say the ratio is 1:999. Yet one-third of mothers using childcare don’t No matter what her bosses said later, it was clear even work in a paid job and all that money has not from Wayman’s tone and follow-up comments she increased labour force participation one jot. was deadly serious. The state is telling women strangers can rear their Motherhood is simply a workplace nuisance. children better — so if they don’t work they may as “I’m not lying, I’m not exagwell go to lunch. gerating. I do encourage people Whichever way you look, regularly to have sex with conpowerful forces are conspiring doms. That is a big area of focus against women doing the job for me. Not sex, unfortunately, No childcare worker, they are designed for and which because I’m usually too tired, but is of priceless value to society: no matter how encouraging people to have sex bringing up a well-loved next with condoms.” generation. well educated, is There you have it. Out of the No childcare worker, no matter a substitute for mouth of a babe. So much for how well educated, is a substifemale bosses ushering in a soft loving parents. It’s tute for loving parents. It’s such new age of workplace flexibility. an obvious truth and yet we shy such an obvious If you are a mother with career away from acknowledging it. pretensions, then you just have to The guilt working mothers truth and yet we “go for it … There’s no such thing feel when they abandon their shy away from as work life balance. It’s bullshit”. children at the start of the day In other words, work as hard is there for a reason. acknowledging it


The maternal instinct is intense, but fragile. Push it aside and it will disappear. Your child will be fine and eventually you will wonder why you worried, because you don’t know what you don’t know. With my first baby 19 years ago, my career went on the back burner, but I was in the blissful situation of being able to work from home, thanks to a male boss who genuinely valued motherhood. He was regarded as a chauvinist pig by many female staff because he refused to pay lip service to the gender equity dogma of the times, but he was a far better feminist than women like Wayman. As Wayman finished speaking at the Mumbrella conference last week, a full-time working mother of a 13-month-old stood up in the audience to agree “there is no work-life balance” and complain about her lot. “I’m the mum who, when Gymbaroo is waiting to start, will be writing an email on my phone desperately or at the park answering phone calls while stopping (baby) eating dog poo”. Well, I’m sorry, that is work-life balance, but we all choose how little we tilt it towards family. If you outsource the bulk of your mothering responsibilities to strangers, your children may be

well-cared for, but they will know that your work took priority over them, and that will lead to deep insecurities. They will make allowances for financial necessity but it’s doubtful they will be as forgiving about your ambitions or consumerism. In a working life that, according to the Treasurer, will stretch into your 70s, throttling back for a decade or so for your children won’t kill you, or the GDP. The pleasures are immeasurable, as are the gluelike benefits to the community of active women unshackled, even briefly, from the full-time labour treadmill, able to volunteer at the tuckshop, make meals for a sick friend, or bring in the garbage bins of an elderly neighbour. Not to mention well-adjusted children and easier marriages. You can’t measure the benefits of motherhood done well in the GDP but it is the most precious resource we have. *And yes, most of this goes for fathers too, but it’s not International Men’s Day.



By Chloe Milne

Love actually is…


here is a great quote in my favourite Christmas movie, which goes; “If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.” Far from being a soppy Hugh Grant romantic comedy quote; I have found in my latest ventures that this idea couldn’t be truer. If we look for love, we will almost certainly find it. I’m not actually referring to romantic love, (although it’s almost certainly true for romance too) but the compassion and kindness that surround us, if we choose to see it. I am currently a couple of weeks away from movI have never felt so touched and in awe by the ing to yet another new country. I’ve already lived outpouring of compassion and kindness towards a in the States, Germany (for a briefer period than new venture. This kindness is mostly coming from expected) and the UK, but now I’m ready for a new New Zealanders, who I had previously thought to challenge. Those around me, far from being sick be terrible introducers and networkers – how wrong of hearing about travel and adventure, are more I seem to have been. supportive than ever of my decision to move to the While one person might know someone in vibrant city that is Hong Kong. recruitment, another knows someone who would Perhaps my willingness to keep trying new things, love to meet me for a coffee. Another has advice on or my ambition to gain further experience is appeal- where to live and which language to learn. While ing to them, or maybe they can see that I have never someone else makes recommendations on which been more contented in my life. companies I could be approaching. Through all Either way, even though people seem surprised these connections and introductions I feel as though that I am not interested in house buying, getting I have been welcomed to Hong Kong, and I haven’t a stable job, getting married and not interested in even arrived yet. having children, they are more I have come to the conclusion than willing to help me, with my that we get, not only what we nomadic style of life, in any way put out, but also what we search they can. for. If we are passionate, positive Far from telling me and that If we are passionate, and willing to help others when I will “change my mind” with need assistance, we will be positive and willing they regard to children or living in rewarded when we could use a to help others New Zealand, (with a few excephand. If we look for helpful peotions) they have passed me numple and act based on the assumpwhen they need bers of people they know, contion that helpful people are out assistance, we will there willing to help us; we will nected me with various groups, given advice about my new be rewarded when almost certainly find them. home and made all important we could use a hand introductions.


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