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Greeting to everyone, First I would like to wish you a successful and meaningful 2018! I am proud to say that we ended 2017 on a positive note. I’m totally overwhelmed and would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you for the tremendous support during your participation in our main fundraising activity - the 23rd Annual Charity Bazaar. Through our joint efforts this year’s event was by far the most successful one. Which respectively means that the donations and support for Bulgarian charity projects by the IWC will spread to many more worthy causes this year. During the bazaar day I could see the delight and smiles of the people, as they emerged themselves in the international atmosphere that the bazaar provides. We had questions and requests from the visitors why is this not a 2-3 day event, they wanted to come back and enjoy for more than a day the amazing “Round the World” journey that we created. Of course, this is a direct result from the beautiful execution from you - our Stallholders, as you keep coming back and supporting us year after year. Thank you for working extremely hard with your well established and wonderful stalls that keep the IWC Charity Bazaar going strong. We are extremely appreciative of your generosity our sponsors, donors and partners present here today. Also the irreplaceable help of the hundreds of volunteers who assisted on the day. A big thank you to Guest of Honor Bulgarian TV presenter Mira Dobreva for her warm words of support and for opening the event.

And finally it goes without saying that none of this would be possible without the IWC members, our hard working Bazaar team headed by the efficient and able Mihaela Dobre, who dedicated so many hours in preparation and planning for making this bazaar a success. I really enjoy working with each one of you and I’m inspired and proud to be the involved with such tremendous, charitable and giving organizations as yours. All of you have made a lasting foot print through your contribution to the fulfillment of the main IWC goal – to raise more money for the charitable projects in Bulgaria. Thank you, we couldn’t have done without you and we look forward to new endeavors together in 2018. Best wishes,

At end of the bazaar day I was so delighted when a few Stallholders told me that this has been the most satisfying and enjoyable bazaar ever, with them raising a few thousand leva more than usual.

Albena Jones IWC President


OPENING CEREMONY 23rd IWC CHARITY BAZAAR 3th December 2017 Our guest of honor was the Bulgarian TV presenter Mira Dobreva.



Dear friends, As it’s said “drop by drop makes an ocean” - represent perfectly the way the IWC Annual Charity Bazaar takes place every year. On behalf of International Women’s Club and Bazaar Team I would like to congratulate every one of you for the success of the 23rd Annual Charity Bazaar. I would also like to show my gratitude to you all for your support, encouragement and understanding shown and offered to me and the bazaar team while organizing this outstanding event. This would not have been possible without you! Special thanks to the Embassy of Romania, Embassy of Poland, Embassy of Russia and Inter Expo Center for hosting the Stallholders Meetings. The International Women’s Club Annual Charity Bazaar provides an excellent opportunity to bring together for one full day different nations and cultures under the motto “The World comes to You” and gives the chance to people who live in Bulgaria to enjoy a multitude of unique tastes and traditions, many of them hardly reachable on our rush through day to day life. The Bazaar in figures looks like this: HH 12 bazaar team members HH 86 stalls out of which 12 charity stalls HH 56 countries HH +1500 stalls volunteers HH 95 IWC volunteers HH 450+ performers on the entertainment stage HH 8.000+ visitors, not counting here kids up to 12 years old and people with disabilities who had free access to the event HH Over 500 sponsors, donors and partners. All of the above participate in escalating the success of the day, collecting over 373.000 leva (as of January 23, 2018). I take the chance to present you the 23rd Charity Bazaar Team, hardworking ladies, dedicated and remarkable: Albena, Angelina, Annamaria, Elisaveta, Ernesta, Iliana, Martina, Mary, Maya, Svetlana and Veronika. I will also name Borislav (logos movie editor) and Renel (photographer) as well as my son, Andrei for his unconditional help. Many thanks to Toi for sharing her experience from her two previous Charity Bazaars. As usual, the official venue of the event was Inter Expo Center and I would like to mention Margarita Vasileva as an amazing and professional woman, my real help and advisor during the preparation of this event. 4

This year we were happy to have Mrs. Mira Dobreva as IWC Charity Bazaar Guest of Honor, who after a great motivational speech declared the event officially open. One of our special guest on stage - Orlin Pavlov was the one who made happy three of our visitors who participated in IWC Ticket Tombola. This year many of the stalls organized tombola and other lucky games, having very attractive prizes. I would like to extend my appreciation to our strategic partners for offering their services and support for the last few years: M3 Communication, Allied Pickford, Matrix Relocation, Force Delta, Restaurant The View, British Council, Sofia Municipality, Inter Expo Center, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, NSO, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Riu Pravets Resort, Ecopack, Right Rental, Laura Catering, Sofia Brass Orchestra, Wonder Party, Dragoyna Water Ltd, Idea Comm JSC, Bulged Ltd. and Vezni Eood. Special thanks to Vitosha Park Hotel and 100 Grama Sladki for making the Thank You Cocktail a sweet enjoyable event. I praised every moment from this journey called Charity Bazaar and I sincerely hope at the end you all enjoyed it! I wish you everyone an amazing 2018 and hope you’ll stand by IWC side while achieving the scope of helping people that helps other to live a better life. Mihaela Dobre IWC Charity Coordinator 2017/2018

Dear Sponsors, Supporters, Volunteers, friends and IWC members, Thank you for your participation of the International women’s Club of Sofia for 23rd Annual Charity Bazaar. Bazaar is biggest and well known charity event of the year. So many people helped for this event to happen, it would have been impossible without the dedication and commitment of the IWC office staff, the Bazaar coordinator Mihaela Dobre, who did great job, the Bazaar team, the IWC executive board and the IWC members, together with all our volunteers, supporters and the generosity of you, our sponsors and partners who continue to promote our cause to the international and Bulgarian communities of Sofia. Thank you for all your efforts and for everything you do... I wish you a Happy and Prosperous year 2018 and hopefully we will work with all of you on the 24th Charity Bazaar on December 2nd 2018. With gratitude, Maya Metodieva Vice president 2017-2018


Dear friends, It was an honor to be a part of the 23rd Annual IWC Charity Bazaar. It was especially satisfying to see the overwhelming success of this year’s event which was the result of the hard work of so many selfless volunteers! A large part of the Bazaar’s success is also owed to the country stallholders and the dedicated IWC board. I would like to thank my Treasury Team; Kelsa, Elitsa, Christie, Nancy, Anne, Hongbing, Teodora, Vivi, Alexsandra, Dora and Terry. I personally appreciate your gift of time, energy, and enthusiasm as we filled out receipts and contracts, counted, sorted, and bundled all money collected – raising over 370,000 LEVA for many Bulgarian charities. Cheers to the start of a happy and healthy 2018! Best Wishes, Mary Gullett Treasurer, International Women’s Club of Sofia Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus 3% 4% 3% 4% Czech Republic 2% Dominican Republic 2% France USA 4% 3% Germany Turkey 3% 4% Great Britain Russia 3% 4% Greece Poland 9% 5% Nordic Hungary Ireland 2% 7% Lithuania Lebanon Italy 3% 2% 4% 7%

IWC Stalls 9%

Below 5,000 23%

COUNTRY Bazaar Day:

246 848,00

Charity Stalls 4%

I am really happy that once again I could be part of the Team that organize the Annual Charity Bazaar of the International Women’s Club. I thank to all the ladies with whom we were again a successful team. To make this organization is enormous work, and only with a good team the success comes.

The purpose of this bazaar to raise funds with which to finance more projects is a cause that makes me feel happy that we can help with open hearts and love to more children and people in need. Angelina Alexieva Charity Bazaar Sponsors/Fundraising Coordinator 2017

The Charity Bazaar is growing and growing every year. This can only make us feel proud.

Country Stalls 86%

MONETARY DONATIONS & POST SALES As of: Jan 23, 2018 74 666,73



Book Stall Patchwork Photo's with Santa Ticket Sales Tombola

1 616,60 740,00 122,33 26 813,00 3 166,60

Sub Total:

32 458,53

OTHER STALLS Bulgarian-Moroccan Association Sofia Municipality Stall Wondergroup Cedar Foundation UNHCR Sub Total:

Other Stalls 1%

Agapedia Caritas-Annunciation Children w/ONCO Down Syndrome Light for Life Pink Foundation Rojdestvo Hristovo Sdrujenie Usardie Star of Hope Tabitha Foundation Sub Total:

3 144,20 560,00 276,00 474,10 302,13 4 756,43

421,50 452,00 2 191,30 2 398,50 614,00 789,74 5 165,00 361,00 628,59 1 720,00 14 741,63 TOP 5 STALLS Greece Nordics Italy Poland Lebanon

GRAND TOTAL 373 471,32 BGN 6


Christmas Market An interesting feature that IWC team came up with on the 23rd Annual Charity Bazaar this year was the Open Air Christmas Market which was another great experience and a success. But this time the large tent which we had the previous year was replaced with wooden houses and a heated umbrella area. The wooden houses gave a Christmassy and festive mood to complement the season.

Еntertainment team This year again the guests of the bazaar enjoyed the Entertainment program - they participated in Russian and German workshops for making Christmas souvenirs, made chocolate figurines and Henna tattoos. Hundreds of singers, dancers and musicians representing more than 20 countries took part in the annual concert: America, Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, England, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Korea, Nordic, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Russia, Spain, the Philippines and Vietnam.


Our special guests: Orlin Pavlov, Ustata, Vesi Boneva, Haigashod Agasian and Artur Nadosyan. The entertainment program was organized by Svetlana Yanakieva with the help of Hristina Frantzelopoulou and the long-time masters of ceremonies Martina Mihaylova and Vladimir Panayotov. Next year we’ll enjoy again the concert “The world comes to you” and we hope that you’ll come again to us. 

Visitors were attracted to the outside area by the tasty smell of barbeque grilled meat and steamy spicy Spanish paella. There was a stand with hot Bulgarian and Belgium fries, salads to accompany the meat feast and of course Bulgarian and international bears and wines to be enjoyed. It goes without saying that it was the favorite place for most.

Besides the food, all had the opportunity to enjoy souvenirs and handmade crafts from the seven countries represented in the outside area - Armenia, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Lebanon, Nordics and Spain. The children who visited the Christmas Market had a horse riding experience, courtesy of Eva Kreuzer from the German stall who invited them again this year. We are grateful to Sofia Municipality for providing use of the wooden houses free of charge and to Right Rental for the umbrellas and heaters that wormed the visitors eager to enjoy fresh winter air in a sunny-rainy day.


Participating Stalls in the 2017 IWC Charity Bazaar


Algeria Belgium

Antigua and Barbuda




Bosnia and Herzegovina




Czech Republic

Bulgaria Dominican Republic






EspaĂą a




The Great British Stall





Premium Sponsors


Regular Sponsors





Islamic Republic of Iran


Republic of Iraq








Republic of Moldova Kingdom of Morocco Lithuania

Sovereign Order of Malta The Netherlands




Republic of the Philippines


Romania Russian Federation

Pakistan Republic of Seychelles

State of Palestine


South Africa




USA Switzerland Syrian Arab Republic

Venezuela Vietnam Turkey





Bulgarian-Moroccan Association

Caritas Sofia Children with Cancer

Cedar Foundation Children with Down Syndrome

Light for Life



Patchwork Group

Star of Hope Foundation

Tabitha Bulgaria

Pink Foundation


Pictures with Santa

Book Stall

Rojdestvo Hristovo Foundation


Sofia Municipality

Wonder Party UNCHR

Sdrujenie Usardie



Donors list 100% Lifestyle 100 Grama Sladki 10X & Asante 60K A2B tracking ABC Shipping Academy 360 Act Logistics Action Global Communications AEA AEC Kozloduy Aegean Air Aegean Paradise / Bridal House Airkona Alambra Alcomet Alias Group Allied Altagroup Ambassade de France Andarta Angeliki’s Taverna Antep Baklava Aphrodite Delights APS Bulgaria Arbat Ares Gas Argyris Art Studio DONA Association Bulgaro-Marhocaine Atelier Marabu Aurubis Austrian Airlines Auto Moto Design Avendi Aviation Services Bulgaria Axxon Baileys Bakalya Baker Tilly Balkanci Balkanika Wedding Expo Balkans International Wine Competition Bang & Olufsen Barcelo Baristo BE Beiersdorf Bella Belsma Furniture Berezka Bernard Beer Besst – Biodrinks ltd Best Foods Best Western Hotels BG On Air BG perfumes Bianchi BIAS-M Bilot – Intralot Binding Bioderma BirzuDuona 30

BLB BNP Paribas BNR Bodega Boleslawiec Bosch Bourgas Tug Services Brewforia British School of Sofia BTA Buba Relax Bulgaria Air Bulgaria Utre Bulstrad Butterfly Beauty and Spa Bwin Party Services Byzantine Icons Cafe Memento Caldo Bar and Disco Camera di Commercio Italiana in Bulgaria Campari Brand Group Cangaroo Carlsberg Castorland Casyopea CBA CCIFB Celestyal Cruises Central Park Hotel CEZ Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Charalambous Coffee Chez Fefe Chicolatti Chipita – 7 Days Christian of Rome Group Ciela Norma City Stage Cleves Coca Cola Bulgaria Colibri Commandaria Orchestra Confetti Confindustria Bulgaria Consul of Moldova in Bulgaria Consul of Moldova in Skopje Convoy Cordeel Costa Coffee Cote de Rhone Credihelp Crosstrade Balkan CS Trading Cypbul Cyprus in Your Heart Cyprus Wine Museum Danfoss Dat’s Tasty (Yomaks Yomax Eood) Degris Events Delivery Express Delta Textile

Devam Develoment Zone Devorex Die Alte Lampe Dimello Divo Pivo DM Dori Lux Douwe Egberts Vics Dragoynovo Water Druzhba Glassworks Dryzya DSK Bank Dunkin Donuts Dupissima DZI – Cibank Easy Facility care ECO Energy OOD EcoPack Ecovita Edit Creation Eduardo Miroglio Egmont Egnatia City Hotel & Spa Eko Bulgaria Eko Phone – Lstar Electrolux Elle Elle Bg Ellencheto Endorphin Energo-Pro Varna Equita Estee Lauder Estrella Damm ETEM Etralux Euphoria Hotel Euratek – Skoda Eurocatering Eurodrinks Euromaster F Style ltd Familia Tejeda Alcantara Farer Fatum Fayad ltd Fivepi Flocafe Force Delta Frey Wille Frudada Fusion Academy GB Invest Genetic Test Gmina Leszno Gmina Stare Babice Grand Hotel Sofia Grand Optics Grante – Naturalis Green Cat Gallery GTC (Georgiev Todorov Co Law offices)

GTT Guinness Happytoys Haribo Harper’s Bazaar Harvey Davidson HBCB Hellenic Business Council in Bulgaria Heineken Hellenica Cosmetics (Seventeen) Hill Clinic (Hill Aesthetics) Hilton Sofia HIT Holiday Inn Thessaloniki Home Gifts and Kids Hotel Dimitra Hotel Ellinis Hotel Vergina Hrankoop-Sofia HRC Culinary Academy HRISI 99 Ibeco ICAP Ice Watch Idea Comm Ikea Il Pirata iNews ING Bank Inglot Ingram Micro Institut Francais Instituto Cervantes IntelligGames Inter Business 91 Intercatering Interfoods Internations Intracom Ion – Nucrema Ishy ISS Facility Services iWoman Jameson Jeff de Bruges Jenite Joker Media JoVan Dutch Baker Joy Optics Jysk Kafene Kamenitza – Stella Artois Kammarton Kanaal Karpos Katarzyna Kauno Grudai Kaya Kaynardzha Winery Keen Acts Kelari Restaurant Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena Kids with Develpment Problems Foundation

Koh-I-Noor Hemusmark Korset Kostas Sladkarnitsa Kotanyi Kouroushis Krombacher Kwiat L’Instant Catering La Cave Ladies Club St Sofia Laikos Cosmos Trading Laura Catering Lavazza Lebanese Association Legia Les Papillons Lesaffre LGV International Transport Livian Loukoumia Geroskipou Loulou Lstar Lufthansa Technik Lukoil Lyuba Tours M&D M3 Macland Travel Maersk Maison de Beaute Maison Sofia Hotel Masterdent Mastropasqua International Matrix Relocations Matt’ D Maxxium Bulgaria (Jim Beam – Maker’s Mark) MBM Metalwork Med Tour Medisar Europe Medochemie Mehana Bulgarka Mehmet Efendi Melbon Melexis Mellon Menada Message – Bio Oils Metallotechnica Metaxa (Selected Brands) Metro Midalidare Minene Minerva Minno Druzhestvo Belogradchik Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort Mirkat Suzuki Miro & Stani Mistral Mistral Travel Mitsidis MJ Catering MM Montecanal Mouzenidis Mr Bricolage

Music Play Nature Supply (Chia) Naturel Health Products Nestle Nikis Niko 86 Nimar Notos Galleries Novatel Novo Nordisk Novotel Sofia NU Boyana Nursan Ofcay Oleastro Olimport Olympus Orbelus Orbit Orehite Organique by SPA 26 Boutique Oriflame Orsetti Ozarow Mazowiecki Pain d’Or Palascata Palirria Pashabahce Patricia & Amer Beauty Centre Paukstynas Pazari Yug Pergale Perla Pernod-Ricard Bulgaria Peter Justesen Petits Princes Peugeot Peuterey Philips Phoenicia Restaurant Piero Pierre Fabre Piraeus Bank Pirin Golf Country Club Pittas Planeta RTR Plastic Plomari (Selected Brands) Polpharma Porsche BG (Audi and VW) Postbank Powermark Powiat Warszawski Zachodni Premier Luxury Mountain Resort Premium Health Products – Benostan Bulgaria President Primavera Printamax Grand Hotel Bankso Marina Spa Rose Restaurant Pulse Pulsio Puratos Quell Water

Questomania Radeberger Raffy Bar Gelato Ranchero Redpoint Rent a Toy Revecca Spirits Right Rental Rikkos Riu Pravets Rockwool Roobar, Kookie Kat Rossana Labs Royal Paradise Beach Resort & Spa Rozali RSR Russia Beyond Russia Bulgaria Russia Dnes Russkiy Standart S17 Commercial Salonica Fish Saloon American Pub Sanitex Sano Santa FeRelo Santel Scania Schenker Schoefferhofer Schoenherr Selected Brands Seni & Bella Sentera Controls Shestaka Winery Shevitza Sirtaki Greek Restaurant SIS Industries (Cycle Wine) Sitovo Skal SKF Smarty Kids Sniezka Societe Generale Sofia Accueil Sofia Airport Sofia Hotel Balkan Sofia in Your Pocket Sofia Municipality Sofia Philarmonic Sofia Ring Mall Sofia Tour & Holiday Sofiyska Voda Sogelife SOK Kamchia Solvay Sodi Soroptimist Spa – Devin Spa Demetra Spanish Embassy Spectri Spisanie 8 Srednogorska Roza Staco Stad

Stanex-PL Steiff Stolichnaya Studio Symbol Svatba, Diplomatic Spectrum, Welcome to Greece Swiss Bel Hotel TBKDD Turkish and Bulgarian Women Friendship Association Tchibo Tea House Teramag Terna The MET Hotel The View Restaurant Thracia Hotel Ticket Portal Tmarket – Maxima Bulgaria TNT Toma Bakery Trakcja PRKil Trelleborg Triamvos Trud Tsarskaya Turkish Airlines Turquoise Turron Tymbark Bulgaria Unicredit Bulbank Unicredit Financing Unigel Vagabond Vandergeeten Vapreki VD Vertical Dimension Veder Vegastar Veni Cook & Dine Venus Legacy Via Celere Victor Hugo – AEFE (Agence pour l’enseignement français à l’étranger) Victoria Unique View Sofia Villa Melnik Vilniaus Duona Vinprom Troyan Vkusove Volvo VQF Whirlpool Wonderparty Wyborowa Zagreus Zaini Zeiss Vision Centre Zhivo Pivo Zindros Zorpas Zoya, Zoya Goes Pretty


BE A PART OF THIS WONDERFUL EVENT With this brochure, we would like to thank all our donors and partners for believing in our charity project. Lots of individuals and companies have supported us year after year because they know without any doubt that every contribution can make somebody’s life better. The smile of a child is just priceless. You can be in this brochure next year. Donations start now, through our bank account, through our website, just give us a call and you will see how easy it is to make a dream come true. For any kind of donations, financial or products to be sold at the bazaar you and your company get the opportunity to be present at this amazing event and share it with all the visitors who will know about you, but most importantly that you care about the community you live in. Be a part of this big family of donors, sponsors, volunteers and the thousands of visitors who join us when the world comes to you.

You cannot miss the biggest charity event in Bulgaria. Don’t hesitate, just donate!!!

Your small contribution can make a big difference See you at the 2018 IWC Charity Bazaar CHARITY FOUNDATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S CLUB OF SOFIA, BULSTAT: 131254108 BANK DETAILS: SOCIETE GENERALE EXPRESS BANK, IBAN: BG78 TTBB 9400 1525 1794 52; BIC TTBBBG22 WWW.IWC-SOFIA.ORG; TEL. +359 2 951 6117; POSTOYANSTVO, 67A, 1111 SOFIA

With special thanks to professional organizations: M3 Communication, Allied Pickford, Matrix Relocation, Force Delta, Restaurant The View, British Council, Sofia Municipality, Inter Expo Center, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, NSO, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Riu Pravets Resort, Ecopack, Right Rental, Laura Catering, Sofia Brass Orchestra, Wonder Party, Dragoyna Water Ltd, Idea Comm JSC, Bulged Ltd. and Vezni Eood. Professional Entertainment: singer and actor Orlin Pavlov, Sofia Brass Orchestra, rapper Ustata, Vesi Boneva, Haygashot Agasyan. And the Embassies of Algeria, Honorary Consulate of Antigua and Barbuda, Rebublic of Armenia, Austria, Republic of Azerbaijan, Kingdom of Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federative Republic of Brazil, People’s Republic of China, Cuba, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Arab Republic of Egypt, España, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, State of Kuwait, Lebanon, Honorary Consulate of Lithuania, Sovereign Order of Malta, Mexico, Republic of Moldova, Kingdom of Morocco, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Pakistan, State of Palestine, Republic of Philippines, Republic of Poland, Romania, Russia, Republic of Seychelles, Republic of South Africa, Republic of Sudan, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, Republic of Turkey, Ukraine, U.S. Embassy, Venezuela, Vietnam.


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Thank you - IWC Bazaar 2017  

Thank you - IWC Bazaar 2017  

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